Japanese Male Actors to remember

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1. Chishû Ryû

Actor | Tôkyô monogatari

What an amazing career! Few can boast a longer one (64 years of activity). Few have been able to have to relate to three generations. And it is pretty sure that no one can compare with him in terms of faithfulness to a director: Chishu Ryu indeed appeared in no fewer than fifty-two out of ...

(May 13, 1904 - March 16, 1993) Tokyo Story, Late Spring, Dreams, Ososhiki, Akahige, Sanma no aji, Late Autumn, Rickshaw man

2. Takashi Shimura

Actor | Shichinin no samurai

Japanese character actor Takashi Shimura was one of the finest film actors of the 20th century and a leading member of the "stock company" of master director Akira Kurosawa. A native of southern Japan, Shimura was a descendant of the samurai warrior class. Following university training, he founded ...

(March 12, 1905 - February 11, 1982) Seven Samurai, Ikiru, Akahige, Kagemusha, Kaidan, Yojimbo, Rashomon, Scandal

3. Toshirô Mifune

Actor | Yôjinbô

Toshiro Mifune achieved more worldwide fame than any other Japanese actor of his century. He was born in Tsingtao, China, to Japanese parents and grew up in Dalian. He did not set foot in Japan until he was 21. His father was an importer and a commercial photographer, and young Toshiro worked in ...

(April 1, 1920 - December 24, 1997) Seven samurai, Shogun, Akahige, Scandal, Rashomon, The Rickshaw man, Yojimbo, Throne of Blood, Samurai Rebellion, Life of Oharu

4. Ken Takakura

Actor | Black Rain

Ken Takakura was a Japanese actor best known for his brooding style and the stoic, honorable presence he brought to his roles.

Known as the "Clint Eastwood" of Japan, Takakura gained his streetwise swagger and tough guy persona watching yakuza turf battles over the lucrative black market and ...

(February 16, 1931 - November 10, 2014) Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles

5. Shintarô Katsu

Actor | Zatôichi to Yôjinbô

Shintarô Katsu was born on November 29, 1931 in Fukagawa, Tokyo, Japan as Toshio Okumura. He was an actor and director, known for Zatoichi Meets Yojimbo (1970), Zatoichi Meets the One-Armed Swordsman (1971) and Kaoyaku (1971). He was married to Tamao Nakamura. He died on June 21, 1997 in Kashiwa, ...

(November 29, 1931 - June 21, 1997) Zatoichi monogatari

6. Tatsuya Nakadai

Actor | Seppuku

Japanese leading man, an important star and one of the handful of Japanese actors well known outside Japan. Nakadai was a tall handsome clerk in a Tokyo shop when director Masaki Kobayashi encountered him and cast him in The Thick-Walled Room (1956). Nakadai was subsequently cast in the lead role in...

(December 13, 1932) Ran, Harakiri, Ame agaru, Yojimbo, Kagemusha, Zatoichi, Kaidan, Samurai Rebellion

7. Jûzô Itami

Writer | Osôshiki

A tragic end belies a life led with purpose. The son of a successful filmmaker, Juzo Itami made his name acting in television and films before making a late career shift into screenwriting and directing at age 50. Known to choose the subjects of his films through everyday observations, he often ...

(May 15, 1933 - December 20, 1997) Lady Snowblood II

8. Tsutomu Yamazaki

Actor | Kagemusha

Tsutomu Yamazaki was born on December 2, 1936 in Chiba, Japan. He is an actor, known for Kagemusha (1980), Departures (2008) and Space Battleship Yamato (2010).

(December 2, 1936) Okuribito, Ososhiki; Sekai no shushin de, ai wo sakebu; Marusa no onna, Go, Tampopo, Akahige

9. Ken Ogata

Actor | Hokusai manga

Ken Ogata was born on July 20, 1937 in Tokyo, Japan as Akinobu Ogata. He is known for his work on Edo Porn (1981), The Catch (1983) and The Ballad of Narayama (1983). He died on October 5, 2008 in Tsurumi, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan.

(July 20, 1937 - October 5, 2008) Zatoichi, Mishima, Gonin 2, Izo

10. Renji Ishibashi

Actor | Rônin-gai

Renji Ishibashi was born on August 9, 1941 in Tokyo, Japan. He is an actor, known for Rônin-gai (1990), Audition (1999) and Ware ni utsu yoi ari (1990).

(August 9, 1941) Audition, Dead or Alive I, Outrage, Parade, Tokyo!, Closed Note, Sukiyaki Western Django, Hero, For those we love, Shinobi, Izo, One missed call, Gozu, The Bird People of China, Big bang love, Umi wa miteita, Ryomaden

11. Takeshi Kitano

Actor | Zatôichi

Takeshi Kitano originally studied to become an engineer, but was thrown out of school for rebellious behavior. He learned comedy, singing and dancing from famed comedian Senzaburô Fukami. Working as a lift boy on a nightclub with such features as comic sketches and striptease dancing, Kitano saw ...

(January 18, 1947) Takeshis`, Zatoichi, Brother, Sonatine, Violent Cop, Aquilles to Kame, Outrage, Glory to the Filmmaker!, Izo, Battle Royale I, Battle Royale II, Gohatto, Hana-bi, Kikujiro no natsu, Gonin, Boiling Point, Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence

12. Akira Terao

Actor | Ran

Akira Terao is the son of the famous actor Jukichi Uno. After graduating from Bunka Gakuin University, he formed a rock band "The Savage" which experienced brief success thanks to their hit 'Itsumademo, Itsumademo'. In 1967, Kei Kuma hired him to play alongside his father in his film 'Tunnel of ...

(May 18, 1947) Ame agaru, Satorare, Madadayo, Dreams, Ran

13. Akira Emoto

Actor | Zatôichi

Akira Emoto was born on November 3, 1948 in Ginza, Tokyo, Japan. He is an actor and director, known for The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi (2003), Dr. Akagi (1998) and Dôtonborigawa (1982).

(November 3, 1948) Ryusei no Kizuna, Unagi, Unmei no Hito, Akunin, Ichi, Ikigami, Tokyo Tower, Nihon chinbotsu, Doppelganger, Zatoichi, Waterboys, Kaza-hana, Love Letter, Shall we dance?

14. Denden

Actor | Tsumetai nettaigyo

Denden was born on January 23, 1950 in Fukuoka, Japan. He is an actor, known for Cold Fish (2010), Godzilla 2000 (1999) and Sake-Bomb (2013).

(January 23, 1950) Shinya Shokudo, Cold Fish

15. Kaoru Kobayashi

Actor | Sorekara

Kaoru Kobayashi was born on September 4, 1951 in Kyoto, Japan. He is an actor, known for And Then (1985), Tales from Earthsea (2006) and Love Letter (1985).

(September 4, 1951) Carnation, Dr. Kotô Shinryôjo, Osôshiki

16. Ren Osugi

Actor | Hana-bi

Ren Osugi was born on September 27, 1951 in Komatsushima, Japan as Takashi Osugi. He was an actor and producer, known for Fireworks (1997), Audition (1999) and Inu hashiru (1998). He died on February 21, 2018 in Japan.

(September 27, 1951) MPD Psycho, Peter no soretsu, Oyaji no senaka, Aquilles and the tortoise, Glory to the filmmaker!, Takeshis', About love, Dolls, The twilight samurai, Persona, Dead or alive II, Brother, Monday, Dead or Alive I, Himitsu, Audition, Uzumaki, Nihon Kuroshakai, Love Letter, Cure, Kids Return, Hana-bi, Maboroshi no hikari, Shall we dance?, Shinjuku Kuro Shakai, Sonatine

17. Tomokazu Miura

Actor | Shiosai

Tomokazu Miura was born on January 28, 1952 in Enzan, Yamanashi, Japan as Minoru Miura. He is an actor and writer, known for Shiosai (1975), M/Other (1999) and Always: Sunset on Third Street 2 (2007). He has been married to Momoe Yamaguchi since November 19, 1980. They have two children.

(January 28, 1952) Outrage, N no tameni, Ryusei no Kizuna, Adrift in Tokyo, Tokyo Dogs; Sekai no chuchin de, ai wo sakebu; Cha no aji, Rampo

18. Fumiyo Kohinata

Actor | Autoreiji: Biyondo

Fumiyo Kohinata was born on January 23, 1954 in Mikasa, Hokkaido, Japan. He is an actor, known for Beyond Outrage (2012), Fullmetal Alchemist (2017) and The Outrage (2010).

(January 23, 1954) Oyaji no senaka, Big Money, Akumu-chan, Outrage:Beyond, JIN, Outrage, Ototo, Goemon, K-20, The Magic Hour, Hero, Niji no megami, Udon, Always san chome no yuhi, 69, Kaza-hana, Ringu 2, Dark Water, Hospitality Department, Orange Days

19. Jun Kunimura

Actor | Kill Bill: Vol. 1

Jun Kunimura was born on November 16, 1955 in Kumamoto, Japan. He is an actor, known for Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003), The Wailing (2016) and Ichi the Killer (2001).

(November 16, 1955) Oyaji no senaka, Alice no toge; Soshite, chichi ni naru to; My darling is a foreigner, K-20: Kaijin nijû mensô den, Ando natsu, Team Batista no eiko, Nihon Chinbotsu, Vital, 69, Ichi the Killer, Audition, Hard Boiled, Dr. Koto Shinryojo

20. Kôji Yakusho

Actor | Jûsan-nin no shikaku

Yakusho Koji is an acclaimed and famed Japanese actors who has appeared in many notable films, including Tampopo, Unagi and Babel, but may be best known internationally for his role in Shall We Dance, which at the time of its release was Asia's biggest film export. He was born in the southern city ...

(January 1, 1956) Doppelganger, Unagi, The Cure, Onaji no senaka, 13 Assassins, Shall we dance?, Tokyo Sonata, Memoirs of a Geisha, Kairo, Eureka, Bounce Kogals, Tampopo,

21. Naoto Takenaka

Actor | Muno no hito

Naoto Takenaka was born on March 20, 1956 in Yokohama, Japan. He is an actor and director, known for Muno no hito (1991), 119 (1994) and Quartet for Two (2001).

(March 20, 1956) Shall we dance?, Rampo, By player, Nodame Cantabile, Judge!, XXXHOLiC, Tokyo!, Swing girls, Waterboys, Azumi, Ping Pong, The Happiness of the Katakuris, Agitator, Akakage, Nihon Kuroshakai

22. Ryo Ishibashi

Actor | Ôdishon

Ishibashi Ryo (Ryo Ishibashi) was born on July 20, 1956, in Fukuoka City, Kyushu, Japan. Being a multi-talented star, and an international celebrity, Ryo Ishibashi has starred in many TV programs, and movies both within his native Japan, and abroad. He began his celebrity career when he started his...

(July 20, 1956) Audition, Moon Child, Ryomaden

23. Ken Watanabe

Actor | The Last Samurai

Ken Watanabe was born on October 21, 1959 in Uonuma, Niigata Prefecture, Japan. Both of his parents were teachers: his mother taught general education and his dad taught calligraphy. He became interested in acting at the age of 24, when a director of England's National Theatre Company, where he was...

(October 21, 1959) Oyaji no senaka, Tampopo, Welcome back Mr. McDonalds, Memoirs of a Geisha, Ikebukuro West Gate Park

24. Toshirô Yanagiba

Actor | Space Battleship Yamato

Toshirô Yanagiba was born on January 3, 1961 in Akita, Japan. He is an actor, known for Space Battleship Yamato (2010), Bayside Shakedown (1998) and Bayside Shakedown 2 (2003).

(January 3, 1961) Odoru Daisousasen, Unmei no Hito; Sore wa, totsuzen, arashi no you ni; Hachiko monogatari

25. Katsumi Takahashi

Actor | Êsu o nerae!

Katsumi Takahashi was born on April 1, 1961 in Sanjô, Niigata, Japan. He is an actor, known for Êsu o nerae! (2004), Suika (2003) and Chibi Maruko-chan (2006).

(April 1, 1961) Hula Girls, Ryomaden (Satsuma, Saigo), Oyaji no senaka, Nobuta wo produce

26. Shô Aikawa

Actor | Zebraman

Shô Aikawa was born on May 24, 1961 in Kagoshima, Japan. He is an actor, known for Zebraman (2004), Gozu (2003) and Eyes of the Spider (1998).

(May 24, 1961) Rainy Dog, Dead or Alive I, Dead or Alive II, Kairo, Gozu, Unagi, Ley Lines

27. Ken'ichi Endô

Actor | Serbuan Maut 2: Berandal

Ken'ichi Endô was born on June 28, 1961 in Tokyo, Japan. He is an actor and writer, known for The Raid 2 (2014), Nobody Knows (2004) and Visitor Q (2001).

(June 28, 1961) Visitor Q, Crows Zero

28. Kiichi Nakai

Actor | Mibu gishi den

Kiichi Nakai was born on September 18, 1961 in Tokyo, Japan. He is an actor, known for When the Last Sword Is Drawn (2002), 47 Ronin (1994) and Warriors of Heaven and Earth (2003). He has been married to Mayu Yoshitani since September 2000.

(September 18, 1961) Priceless, Saigo kara nibanme no koi

29. Yutaka Matsushige

Actor | Shurayukihime

Yutaka Matsushige was born on January 19, 1963 in Fukuoka, Japan. He is an actor, known for The Princess Blade (2001), Shinobi: Heart Under Blade (2005) and Dear Doctor (2009).

(January 19, 1963) Shinya Shokudo, Unmei no hito, Mr. Brain, Instant Numa, Crows II, K-20: Kaijin nijû mensô den...

30. Lily Franky

Actor | Manbiki kazoku

Lily Franky was born on November 4, 1963 in Fukuoka, Japan as Masaya Nakagawa. He is an actor and writer, known for Shoplifters (2018), Like Father, Like Son (2013) and The Devil's Path (2013).

(November 4, 1963) Soshite, chichi ni naru; Lucky Seven, Ryomaden, All around us

31. Susumu Terajima

Actor | Brother

Susumu Terajima is a Japanese actor. He is best known for his portrayal of Yakuza figures, most notably in the films of Takeshi Kitano. He is normally cast in supporting roles.

Terajima was born in Tokyo, Japan, where he still resides. He made his acting debut in 1986's A-Homance, and has been ...

(November 12, 1963) Hana-bi, Ryusei no Kizuna, Ichi the Killer, After Life, Brother, Zatoichi, Moonchild, Air doll, Goemon, Aquilles and the Tortoise, The magic hour, Still Walking, Glory to the Filmmaker!, Tokyo Tower, Hula Girls, Funky Forest, Takeshis', The taste of tea, Izo, Nobody Knows, Gohatto, Distance, Monday, Dead or Alive I, Gonin 2, Kids Return, Sonatine, A scene at the sea, Ran, Violent Cop

32. Riki Takeuchi

Actor | Dead or Alive: Hanzaisha

Riki Takeuchi was born on January 4, 1964 in Oita, Japan as Chikara Takeuchi. He is an actor and producer, known for Dead or Alive (1999), Blood (1998) and Battle Royale II (2003).

(January 4, 1964) Dead or Alive I, Dead or Alive II, Last life in the universe, Gokusen: the movie, Sukeban Deka, Battle Royale II, Ichi

33. Hiroshi Abe

Actor | Gojira ni-sen mireniamu

Hiroshi Abe was born on June 22, 1964 in Kanagawa, Japan. He is an actor, known for Godzilla 2000 (1999), Still Walking (2008) and Thermae Romae (2012).

(June 22, 1964) At home dad, Team Batista no eiko (movie), Still walking

34. Shin'ichi Tsutsumi

Actor | Always san-chôme no yûhi

Tsutsumi Shinichi is known primarily as a stage actor. It appears after Yamato nadeshiko (2000) he has gained much attention in Japan, though his performance in _"Pure" (1996)_, in 1996, garnered good attention for his sensitive portrayal of the orphaned journalist Sawatari Toru. Tsutsumi trained ...

(July 7, 1964) Risk no kamisama, Always san-chôme no yûhi, One missed call, Maiko haaan, Monday, Our little sister

35. Kippei Shîna

Actor | Autoreiji

An actor's actor whose versatility allows him to deftly assume a wide range of characters, Shiina's first true breakthrough performance was in the 1993 film A Night in Nude (1993) opposite 'Jinpachi Netzu'. His portrayal of a young yakuza enamored with his boss led to a Best New Actor Award at the ...

(July 14, 1964) Outrage, Shinjuku Triad Society, Rinne, Shinobi, Akakage, Gonin, Kaza-hana

36. Masahiro Kômoto

Actor | Supêsutoraberâzu

Masahiro Kômoto was born on June 26, 1965 in Okayama City, Okayama, Japan. He is an actor, known for Space Travelers (2000), Love's Stoppage Time (2019) and Memories of Matsuko (2006).

(June 26, 1965) Memories of Matsuko, The Magic Hour, Carnation, Smile, 'Linda, linda, linda', JIN

37. Tetta Sugimoto

Actor | Okuribito

Tetta Sugimoto was born on July 21, 1965 in Chigasaki, Kanagawa, Japan. He is an actor, known for Departures (2008), White Snake Enchantment (1983) and Samurai Resurrection (2003).

(July 21, 1965) Ichi, Ryomaden, Okuribito, Unmei no hito, Outrage, Tokyo Dogs, Mr. Brain, Osen, Dororo, Rinne, Sekai no chushin de ai wo sakebu, Waterboys, Sukeban Deka, All about Lily chou-chou, I give my first love to you

38. Tôru Nakamura

Actor | Bi bappu haisukuru

Tôru Nakamura was born on September 5, 1965 in Tokyo, Japan. He is an actor, known for Bee Bop High School (1985), Bee Bop highschool; Koko yotaro elegy (1986) and 2009: Lost Memories (2002).

(September 5, 1965) Team Batista, Tokyo Dogs

39. Arata Furuta

Actor | Jûsan-nin no shikaku

Arata Furuta was born on December 3, 1965 in Hyogo, Japan as Takefumi Furuta. He is an actor, known for 13 Assassins (2010), Harlock: Space Pirate (2013) and Samurai Resurrection (2003). He is married to Yayoi Nishihaa. They have one child.

(December 3, 1965) Seaside Motel, Hero, Tiger & Dragon

40. Teruyuki Kagawa

Actor | Out

Teruyuki Kagawa was born on December 7, 1965 in Tokyo, Japan. He is an actor, known for Out (2002), Sway (2006) and Pickpocket (2000).

(December 7, 1965) Tokyo Sonata, Rurouni Kenshin, Priceless, Dear Doctor, Mr. Brain, The magic hour, Tokyo!, Sukiyaki Western Django, Hero, Rampo, Hanzawa Naoki, Ryomaden

41. Masahiro Motoki

Actor | Okuribito

Masahiro Motoki was born on December 21, 1965 in Okegawa, Saitama, Japan as Masahiro Uchida. He is an actor, known for Departures (2008), The Bird People in China (1998) and Sumo Do, Sumo Don't (1992). He has been married to Yayako Uchida since July 1995. They have three children.

(December 21, 1965) Okuribito, The bird people of China, Style!, The last night in Shanghai, Unmei no hito, Gonin

42. Yûji Oda

Actor | Odoru daisosasen

Oda Yuji's career in Japanese entertainment began in the late 80s when he released two record singles that went largely unnoticed. He also played supporting roles in a few films and tv shows. Yuji began to garner attention when he appeared in a 1989 tv romantic comedy called "Mama Haha Boogie", ...

(December 13, 1967) Odoru Daisousasen, Jodan ja nai!

43. Yôsuke Eguchi

Actor | Rurôni Kenshin: Kyôto taika-hen

Yôsuke Eguchi was born on December 31, 1967 in Tokyo, Japan. He is an actor, known for Rurouni Kenshin Part II: Kyoto Inferno (2014), Rurouni Kenshin Part I: Origins (2012) and Goemon (2009). He has been married to Chisato Moritaka since June 1999. They have two children.

(December 31, 1967) Goemon, Hitotsu yane no shita, Rurouni Kenshin

44. Takao Ohsawa

Actor | Ookami kodomo no Ame to Yuki

Takao Ohsawa was born on March 11, 1968 in Tokyo, Japan. He is an actor and producer, known for Wolf Children (2012), Metro ni notte (2006) and Ichi (2008).

(March 11, 1968) JIN, JIN 2, Goemon, Ichi

45. Masaharu Fukuyama

Actor | Soshite chichi ni naru

Fukuyama Masaharu is a musician, singer-songwriter, music producer, actor, radio personality and photographer from Japan. In 1987 at the age of 18, he left his hometown Nagasaki for Tokyo. The next year, artist management and entertainment company Amuse Inc. celebrated their 10th anniversary with ...

(February 6, 1969) Like Father, Like Son; Hitotsu Yane no Shita 1, Midsummer Equation, Galileo 1 and 2, Ryomaden, Rurouni Kenshin 3

46. Kazuki Kitamura

Actor | Kill Bill: Vol. 1

Kazuki Kitamura was born on July 17, 1969 in Osaka, Japan as Yasushi Kitamura. He is an actor, known for Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003), Godzilla: Final Wars (2004) and Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004).

(July 17, 1969) Hirugao, Sky High, Galileo I, Galileo II, Midsummer Equation, Azumi, Ley Lines

47. Mitsuhiro Oikawa

Actor | Bokudake ga inai machi

Mitsuhiro Oikawa was born on October 24, 1969 in Tokyo, Japan. He is an actor, known for Erased (2016), Super Hero War GP: Kamen Rider #3 (2015) and Cutie Honey: Live Action (2004). He has been married to Rei Dan since July 27, 2011.

(October 24, 1969) Hanzawa Naoki, Izo, Nodame Cantabile, Nihon chinbotsu

48. Taizô Harada

Actor | Atsuhime

Taizô Harada was born on March 24, 1970 in Hiroshima, Japan. He is an actor, known for Atsuhime (2008), Jump (2003) and Neptune in Dotsuki-Dotsukare (1998).

(March 24, 1970) Big Money, Ryomaden (Shinsengumi)

49. Sadao Abe

Actor | Maiko haaaan!!!

Sadao Abe was born on April 23, 1970 in Chiba, Japan as Takashi Abe. He is an actor, known for Maiko haaaan!!! (2007), Kisarazu Cats' Eye: Sayonara Game (2006) and Kisarazu Cat's Eye (2002).

(April 13, 1970) Tiger & Dragon, Ikebukuro West Gate Park, Odoru Daisousasen, Uzumaki, Kamikaze Girls, Maiko Haaaan!!!, After Life, The Apology King

50. Hidetaka Yoshioka

Actor | Otoko wa tsurai yo: Boku no ojisan

Hidetaka Yoshioka was born on August 12, 1970 in Saitama, Japan. He is an actor and writer, known for Otoko wa tsurai yo: Boku no ojisan (1989), Always: Sunset on Third Street (2005) and Always: Sunset on Third Street 2 (2007). He was previously married to Yuki Uchida.

(August 12, 1970) Wakamonotachi, The little house, Always san-chome no yuuhi, Dr. Koto Shinryojo, Umi wa miteita, Ame agaru, Madadayo, Rapsody in August

51. Yutaka Takenouchi

Actor | Reisei to jônetsu no aida

Yutaka Takenouchi was born on January 2, 1971 in Tokyo, Japan. He is an actor, known for Reisei to jônetsu no aida (2001), Proof of the Man (2004) and Shin Godzilla (2016).

(January 2, 1971) Rondo, Long Vacation, Nishino Yukihiko no Koi to Boken, The Apology King

52. Kôtarô Yoshida

Actor | Makai tenshô: The Armageddon

Kôtarô Yoshida was born on January 26, 1971 in Okayama, Japan. He is an actor, known for Makai tenshô: The Armageddon (1999), The Brothers Karamazov (2013) and Kids Return (1996).

(January 26, 1971) Ouroboros, Karamazov no kyodai, Hanzawa Naoki

53. Yûsuke Santamaria

Actor | Kôshônin: Mashita Masayoshi

Yûsuke Santamaria was born on March 12, 1971 in Oita, Oita, Japan as Yusuke Nakayama. He is an actor and director, known for Negotiator: Mashita Masayoshi (2005), Bayside Shakedown (1998) and R246 Story (2008).

(March 12, 1971) Udon, Binbo Danshi, Odoru Daisousasen"

54. Masayuki Sakamoto

Soundtrack | Gokusen

Masayuki Sakamoto was born on July 24, 1971 in Tokyo, Japan. He is an actor, known for Gokusen (2002), Hold Up Down (2005) and Hard Luck Hero (2003).

(July 24, 1971) Gokusen

55. Masato Hagiwara

Actor | Kyôso tanjô

Masato Hagiwara was born on August 21, 1971 in Kanagawa, Japan. He is an actor, known for Kyôso tanjô (1993), A Class to Remember (1993) and Marks (1995). He was previously married to Emi Wakui.

(August 21, 1971) Cure

56. Nao Ohmori

Actor | Koroshiya 1

Nao Ohmori was born on February 19, 1972 in Tokyo, Japan. He is an actor, known for Ichi the Killer (2001), From Up on Poppy Hill (2011) and Akame 48 Waterfalls (2003). He has been married to Yuriko Ono since March 14, 2012.

(February 19, 1972) Ichi the Killer, Ryomaden, Unmei no Hito, Fish Story, Aquilles and the tortoise, Tokyo!; Sekai no chushin de, ai wo sakebu; Dolls, Monday, Boku to kanojo to kanojo no ikiru michi, Dr. Shinryojo, Always san chome no yuuhi, Tokyo Playboy Club

57. Shôsuke Tanihara

Actor | Gokudô sengokushi: Fudô

Shôsuke Tanihara was born on July 8, 1972 in Kanagawa, Japan. He is an actor, known for Fudoh: The New Generation (1996), Hana yori dango (1995) and Godzilla: Final Wars (2004). He has been married to Emi Miyake since March 14, 2007. They have three children.

(July 8, 1972) Ryomaden, Lucky Seven (TV Detective), Nodame Cantabile, The magic hour, Sky High, Love Shuffle, Pride

58. Naohito Fujiki

Actor | G@me

Naohito Fujiki was born on July 19, 1972 in Kurashiki, Japan. He is an actor, known for G@me (2003), Hana yori dango (1995) and GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka (1998).

(July 19, 1972) Slow Dance, Priceless, Proposal Daisakusen

59. Shidô Nakamura

Actor | Huo yuanjia

Shidô Nakamura was born on September 14, 1972 in Tokyo, Japan as Mikihiko Ogawa. He is an actor and director, known for Fearless (2006), Letters from Iwo Jima (2006) and Death Note (2006). He was previously married to Yûko Takeuchi.

(September 14, 1972) Ichi, Ima ai ni yukimasu

60. Takuya Kimura

Actor | 2046

Takuya Kimura was born on November 13, 1972 in Tokyo, Japan. He is an actor, known for 2046 (2004), Love and Honour (2006) and Space Battleship Yamato (2010). He has been married to Kudo, Shizuka since 2000. They have two children.

(November 13, 1972) Hero, 2046, Beautiful Life, Mr. Brain, Priceless, Pride

61. Yô Ôizumi

Actor | Omoide no Mânî

Yô Ôizumi was born on April 3, 1973 in Ebetsu, Hokkaido, Japan. He is an actor and writer, known for When Marnie Was There (2014), Spirited Away (2001) and Howl's Moving Castle (2004). He has been married to Kumiko Nakajima since May 2, 2009.

(April 3, 1973) Lucky Seven, Oyaji no senaka

62. Gackt

Actor | Moon Child

Gackt was born Gakuto Oshiro in Okinawa, Japan. His father was a music teacher, and his mother also a teacher. He is the second of three children, with an older sister and younger brother.

His musical education began early, and he started learning classical music theory and piano from the age of ...

(July 4, 1973) Moon Child, Akumu-chan, Mr. Brain

63. Takeshi Kaneshiro

Actor | Shi mian mai fu

The 1/2 Taiwanese and 1/2 Japanese Takeshi Kaneshiro may have started out as a puerile teen idol in the Chinese entertainment scene, but he's since become a proper film star in his own right. Whether by his own design or not, the boyishness that marked his first steps into showbiz has evolved into ...

(October 11, 1973) Red Cliff, K-20, Returner, House of Flying Daggers, Kamisama mou sukoshi dake, Fallen Angels, Chungking Express, Lavender

64. Masato Sakai

Actor | Kuraimâzu hai

Masato Sakai was born on October 14, 1973 in Miyazaki, Japan. He is an actor, known for Climbers High (2008), After School (2008) and The Two in Tracksuits (2008). He has been married to Miho Kanno since April 2, 2013. They have one child.

(October 14, 1973) Hanzawa Naoki, Sukiyaki Western Django, Sky High

65. Tadanobu Asano

Actor | Mongol

Asano Tadanobu is a Japanese film actor. His father, an actors' agent, suggested he take on what became his first role, in the TV show "Kimpachi Sensei," at the age of 16. His film debut was in the 1990 Swimming Upstream (Bataashi kingyo (1990)), though his first major critical success was in ...

(November 27, 1973) Ichi the Killer, Zatoichi, Lupin III, Kiki's delivery service, Tokyo Zombie, Funky Forest, The taste of tea, Takeshis', Café Lumière, Kaza-hana, Distance, Gohatto, Swallowtail Butterfly, Picnic, Maboroshi

66. Arata Iura

Actor | Kûki ningyô

Arata Iura was born on September 15, 1974 in Tokyo, Japan. He is an actor, known for Air Doll (2009), Sheidî gurôvu (1999) and Like Father, Like Son (2013).

(September 15, 1974) After Life, Ping pong, Rich Man Poor Woman

67. Ryo Kase

Actor | Letters from Iwo Jima

Ryo Kase was born on November 9, 1974 in Kanagawa, Japan.

Shortly after birth his family moved to Washington, United States, where he spent most of his childhood.

Kase began his acting career in 2000 and gained his first starring role in Kazuyoshi Kumakiri's Antenna (2004). He then went on to work ...

(November 9, 1974) Funky Forest, 69, Judge!, Tokyo!, Like someone in love, Instanto Numa, Restless, Outrage, Arifureta kiseki, All around us

68. Masanobu Andô

Actor | Batoru rowaiaru

Masanobu Andô was born on May 19, 1975 in Kanagawa, Japan. He is an actor, known for Battle Royale (2000), Kids Return (1996) and Sukiyaki Western Django (2007). He has been married to unknown since 2014. They have one child.

(May 19, 1975) 69, Sukiyaki Western Django, Strawberry Shortcakes, Kids Return, Big Bang Love, Petal Dance

69. Hideaki Itô

Actor | Brave Hearts: Umizaru

Hideaki Ito was born in 1975 in Gifu, Japan. His father was an official in the Japan Self Defense Force and his mother is a housewife. As a child, he became very sick and was hospitalized for about three years. During this time he said that he wanted to become a pilot because he felt isolated in ...

(August 3, 1975) Buzzer beat (Kawasaki coach), First kiss, Onmyouji, Sukiyaki Western Django, Odoru Daisousasen

70. Joe Odagiri

Actor | Shinobi

Joe Odagiri was born on February 16, 1976 in Tsuyama City, Okayama, Japan. He is an actor and director, known for Shinobi: Heart Under Blade (2005), Adrift in Tokyo (2007) and Azumi (2003). He has been married to Yû Kashii since February 16, 2008.

(February 16, 1976) Shinobi, Adrift in Tokyo, Air doll, Dream (Korean Movie), Tokyo Tower, Azumi, Satorare, Shinya Shokudo, Alice no toge

71. Yûsuke Iseya

Actor | Blindness

Yûsuke Iseya was born on May 29, 1976 in Tokyo, Japan. He is an actor and director, known for Blindness (2008), 13 Assassins (2010) and Kakuto (2002).

(May 29, 1976) Rurouni Kenshin, Ryomaden, 13 assassins, Closed Note, Sukiyaki Western Django, Distance, After Life, Densen Uta

72. Ken'ichi Takitô

Actor | Gojira tai Mosura tai Mekagojira: Tôkyô S.O.S.

Ken'ichi Takitô was born on November 2, 1976 in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan. He is an actor, known for Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S. (2003), Bullet Ballet (1998) and Rurouni Kenshin Part II: Kyoto Inferno (2014).

(November 2, 1976) Rurouni Kenshin II and III (Hoji, Juppon Gatana), Hanzawa Naoki, Ouroboros, Karamazov no kyodai

73. Kôtarô Koizumi

Actor | Gekijouban Kamen raidâ Hibiki to 7-nin no senki

Kôtarô Koizumi was born on July 10, 1978 in Yokosuka, Japan. He is an actor, known for Kamen Rider Hibiki & the Seven Fighting Demons (2005), Slow Dance (2005) and Yoshitsune (2005).

(July 10, 1978) Peter no soretsu, Carnation

74. Gô Morita

Actor | Himeanôru

Gô Morita was born on February 20, 1979 in Saitama, Japan. He is an actor, known for Himeanole (2016), Hard Luck Hero (2003) and Hold Up Down (2005).

(February 20, 1979) Lunch Queen, Risk no Kamisama"

75. Yôsuke Kubozuka

Actor | Silence

Yôsuke Kubozuka was born on May 7, 1979 in Yokosuka, Japan. He is an actor, known for Silence (2016), Go (2001) and Samurai Resurrection (2003). He has been married to Pinky since December 16, 2015. He was previously married to Non Chan.

(May 7, 1979) Ichi, Go, Ikebukuro West Gate Park, For those we love, Ping-pong, Himizu

76. Hiroshi Tamaki

Actor | Rokkazu

Hiroshi Tamaki was born on January 14, 1980 in Nagoya, Japan. He is an actor, known for Rokkazu (2003), Taira no Kiyomori (2012) and MW (2009). He has been married to Haruka Kinami since June 26, 2018.

(January 14, 1980) Nodame Cantabile, Tada kimi wo aishi teru, Love shuffle, Guilty: Akuma to keiyakushi ta onna

77. Munetaka Aoki

Actor | Rurôni Kenshin: Kyôto taika-hen

Munetaka Aoki was born on March 14, 1980 in Yao, Osaka, Japan. He is an actor, known for Rurouni Kenshin Part II: Kyoto Inferno (2014), Silence (2016) and Rurouni Kenshin Part I: Origins (2012). He has been married to Yûka since June 27, 2016.

(March 14, 1980) Ryomaden, Rurouni Kenshin (Sanosuke), Ichimei, Battle Royale II

78. Jun'ichi Okada

Actor | Kokuriko-zaka kara

He's a singer of the Jpop group V6 (6 members) since 1995 at the age of 14 years (the year of creation). This group are two subgroups: 20th Century (the seniors of them) and Coming Century (the juniors, and Okada's subgroup). He's the most younger of them. He's too a three martial arts instructor, ...

(November 18, 1980) Tokyo Tower, Tiger & Dragon

79. Satoshi Tsumabuki

Actor | Ikari

Satoshi Tsumabuki was born on December 13, 1980 in Fukuoka, Japan. He is an actor, known for Rage (2016), The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006) and Josee, the Tiger and the Fish (2003).

(December 13, 1980) Akunin, Wakamonotachi 2014, 69, Tokyo Family, Judge!, Dororo, Ikebukuro West Gate Park, The Little House, Orange Days, Slow Dance

80. Gen Hoshino

Actor | Jigoku de naze warui

Gen Hoshino is an actor, known for Why Don't You Play in Hell? (2013), Blindly in Love (2013) and Nigeru wa haji daga, yaku ni tatsu (2016).

(January 28, 1981) Akihabara@deep, Tiger & Dragon, Water Boys, 69

81. Jun Kaname

Actor | Casshern

Jun Kaname was born on February 21, 1981 in Kagawa, Japan. He is an actor, known for Casshern (2004), Kamen Rider Agito: Project G4 (2001) and Kamen Rider Agito (2001).

(February 21, 1981) Unubore Deka, Ryusei no kizuna, Goemon, K-20, Untouchable, Boku to kanojo to kanojo no ikiru michi, Udon, Ryomaden

82. Shûgo Oshinari

Actor | Batoru rowaiaru II: Chinkonka

Shûgo Oshinari was born on March 5, 1981 in Chiba, Japan. He is an actor, known for Battle Royale II (2003), Returner (2002) and Lorelei: The Witch of the Pacific Ocean (2005).

(March 5, 1981) All about Lily Chou-chou, Battle Royale 2: Requiem, Returner, Smile, Aoi haru, Sayonara kabukichou, hana yori dango

83. Nobuaki Kaneko

Actor | Tôkyô Mukokuseki Shôjo

Nobuaki Kaneko is an actor and composer, known for Nowhere Girl (2015), Bandage (2010) and No More Heroes III (2020). He has been married to Saori Nakamura since 2013.

(June 5, 1981) Crows II, Buzzer Beat, Shinjuku swan, Risou no musuko

84. Takumi Saitoh

Actor | Blank 13

Saitoh Takumi, born in Tokyo. He started modeling and became actor, filmmaker and photographer. Saitoh is not only an acknowledged actor but a well-known director, making his directorial debut with the short, "Sakurairo" in 2012. In 2014 "Hannbun no Sekai" won the Identity Award at the ...

(August 22, 1981) 13 assassins, Hirugao, Hana-kimi, Karamazov no kyodai, Sukitomo

85. Gô Ayano

Actor | Ikari

Gô Ayano is an actor, known for Rage (2016), The Light Shines Only There (2014) and Lupin the 3rd (2014).

(January 26, 1982) Carnation, Lupin III, Saigo no Rikkon, S-Saigo no Keikan, Rich Man Poor Woman, Ouroboros, Usagi Drop, Crows, Love Exposure, Yokomichi Yonosuke

86. Osamu Mukai

Actor | Naruto: Shippûden

Osamu Mukai was born on February 7, 1982 in Kanagawa, Japan. He is an actor, known for Naruto: Shippûden (2007), S: Saigo no Keikan - Dakkan: Recovery of Our Future (2015) and The Fable (2019). He has been married to Ryôko Kuninaka since December 28, 2014. They have one child.

(February 7, 1982) Osen, Hachimitsu to Kuroba, Nobunaga no Concerto, S-Saigo no keikan

87. Tsuyoshi Abe

Actor | Tau man ji D

Tsuyoshi Abe was born on February 13, 1982. He is an actor, known for Initial D (2005), Boys Over Flowers (2005) and Boys Over Flowers: Final (2008).

(February 13, 1982) Hana yori dango

88. Tatsuya Fujiwara

Actor | Batoru rowaiaru

Tatsuya Fujiwara was born on May 15, 1982 in Chichibu, Japan. He is known for his work on Battle Royale (2000), Battle Royale II (2003) and Death Note (2006).

(May 15, 1982) Battle Royale, Parade, Rurouni Kenshin

89. Masaki Nishina

Actor | Urutoraman Mebiusu ando Urutora kyôdai

Masaki Nishina was born on September 2, 1982 in Kyoto, Japan. He is an actor, known for Ultraman Mebius and Ultra Brothers (2006), Shinobi: Heart Under Blade (2005) and Devilman (2004). He was previously married to Hanako Takigawa.

(September 2, 1982) Shinobi

90. Hiroki Narimiya

Actor | Gyakuten saiban

Hiroki Narimiya was born on September 14, 1982 in Tokyo, Japan. He is an actor, known for Ace Attorney (2012), Nana (2005) and Kisarazu Cat's Eye (2002).

(September 14, 1982) Tokyo Dogs, Orange Days, Hachimitsu to Kuroba, Last Quarter, Gokusen, Nana 2, Gokusen: The Movie, Azumi, Nana

(October 27, 1982) Tiger & Dragon, Stand Up!!, Tokyo Dogs, Ikebukuro West Gate Park, Onmyouji, Gokusen, The Longest Night in Shanghai, About Love

92. Eita

Actor | Dia dokutâ

Eita was born on December 13, 1982 in Tokyo, Japan as Eita Nagayama. He is an actor, known for Dear Doctor (2009), No More Cry (2009) and April Bride (2009). He has been married to Kaela Kimura since September 1, 2010. They have two children.

(December 13, 1982) Last Friends, Wakamonotachi 2014, Dear Doctor, Saikou no Rikkon, Lucky Seven, Nodame Cantabile, Memories of Matsuko, Orange Days

93. Shun Oguri

Actor | Kyaputen Hârokku

Shun Oguri was born on December 26, 1982 in Tokyo, Japan. He is an actor and director, known for Harlock: Space Pirate (2013), Crows Zero (2007) and Lupin the 3rd (2014). He has been married to Yû Yamada since March 14, 2012.

(December 26, 1982) Hana yori dango, Binbo Danshi, Crows Zero, Hana Kimi, Lupin III, Oyaji no senaka, Kitsutsuki to ame, Tokyo Dogs, Gokusen, Crows Zero 2, Sukiyaki Western Django, Rinne, Densha Otoko, Azumi, Ikebukuro West Gate Park, Nobunaga no Concerto, Rich Man Poor Woman

94. Ryûhei Matsuda

Actor | Fune wo amu

The uniquely beautiful and talented Ryuhei Matsuda was born May 9, 1983, in Tokyo, to Miyuki Matsuda and Yûsaku Matsuda. Six years later, Ryuhei's life took a tragic turn when his father died from bladder cancer at the age of 40. Ryuhei and his mother persevered, and unlike most offspring of famous...

(May 9, 1983) Izo, Gohatto, Nightmare Detective, Big bang love, The Great Passage

95. Kazunari Ninomiya

Actor | Letters from Iwo Jima

Kazunari Ninomiya was born on June 17, 1983 in Tokyo, Japan. He is an actor, known for Letters from Iwo Jima (2006), Gantz (2010) and Assassination Classroom (2015).

(June 17, 1983) Ryusei no kizuna

96. Shunsuke Kazama

Actor | Kokuriko-zaka kara

Shunsuke Kazama was born on June 17, 1983 in Tokyo, Japan. He is an actor, known for From Up on Poppy Hill (2011), Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters (2000) and Yu-Gi-Oh! Bonds Beyond Time (2010).

(June 17, 1983) Akihabara@deep

97. Jun Matsumoto

Actor | Tokyo Tower

Matsumoto was born in Toshima, Tokyo, as the youngest child in his family. He has an older sister whose support of KinKi Kids influenced his decision to join Johnny & Associates in 1996. Thinking it might bode good luck, he sent his application to the agency on his elementary school graduation day ...

(August 30, 1983) Lucky seven, Hana yori dango

98. Takayuki Yamada

Actor | Jûsan-nin no shikaku

Japanese actor, born on 20th October 1983, teen heartthrob Yamada Takayuki, first started out co-starring in a handful of Jdoramas before making a big splash on Waterboys (2003). He followed with Fireboys (2004), his award winning performance in Crying Out Love, in the Center of the World (2004), ...

(October 20, 1983) 13 assassins, Byakuyakou, Crows Zero, Crows Zero II, Ikigami, Maiko-han; Sekai no chushin de, ai wo sakebu; Waterboys

99. Atsushi Itô

Actor | Ao no toki

Atsushi Itô was born on November 25, 1983 in Chiba, Japan. He is an actor, known for Fifteen (2001), The Bayside Shakedown the Final (2012) and Umizaru (2004).

(November 25, 1983) Fish Story, Densha Otoko, Team Batista

100. Keisuke Koide

Actor | Boku no kanojo wa saibôgu

Keisuke Koide was born on February 20, 1984 in Tokyo, Japan. He is an actor, known for Cyborg Girl (2008), Shin Godzilla (2016) and Sky of Love (2007).

(February 20, 1984) Parade, JIN, JIN 2, Nodame Cantabile, N no tameni

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