BG: Bulgarian cinema before 1989

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Bulgarian movies released during the communist regime.

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1. Opasen char (1984)

90 min | Comedy, Thriller

He is well educated, charming, and gallant - a dream for each lonely lady. In reality he is a skillful swindler, who robs naive women. Cheating merchants with guilty consciences are his ... See full summary »

Director: Ivan Andonov | Stars: Todor Kolev, Nevena Kokanova, Stefan Mavrodiyev, Lyuben Chatalov

Votes: 1,509

2. A Nameless Band (1981)

G | 112 min | Comedy, Drama, Music

The misfortunes of a couple of guys who form a music group and think they can get rich and famous easy.

Director: Lyudmil Kirkov | Stars: Velko Kynev, Filip Trifonov, Pavel Popandov, Georgi Mamalev

Votes: 1,926

3. Lyubimetz 13 (1958)

89 min | Comedy

The main heroes are twin brothers. The first is responsible young fellow and excellent footballer. The second one is an undependable gambler. The police are after him. A pretty girl stands ... See full summary »

Director: Vladimir Yanchev | Stars: Apostol Karamitev, Ginka Stancheva, Lyubomir Bobchevski, Elena Hranova

Votes: 485

4. Prebroyavane na divite zaytzi (1973)

69 min | Comedy

This satirical comedy with grotesque situations ridicules the socialist bureaucracy.

Director: Eduard Sachariev | Stars: Itschak Fintzi, Nikola Todev, Georgi Rusev, Yevstati Stratev

Votes: 160

5. Bon shans, inspektore! (1983)

94 min | Comedy

A country town gets excited because of a bank robbery - eight million levs have been stolen from the local bank. A sensational piece of news jolts a small provincial town out of his ... See full summary »

Director: Peter Donev | Stars: Velko Kynev, Georgi Kaloyanchev, Tatyana Lolova, Iossif Surchadzhiev

Votes: 199

6. Vasko da Gama ot selo Rupcha (1986– )

372 min | Adventure, Family

The adventures of a boy who dreams of the sea... A sailor's son flees from school and his home and secretly sails with his father's ship. News and discoveries are coming - both on the ship and on the shore.

Stars: Ivan Laskin, Iliya Lingurski, Georgi Markov, Irena Minkova

Votes: 308

7. Dvoynikat (1980)

98 min | Comedy

Prof. Denev is a talented scientist, but he cannot divide his time between the social and the scientific life. Suddenly he gets the idea to bring his cousin Ivan from the village. They look... See full summary »

Director: Nikolai Volev | Stars: Todor Kolev, Pavel Popandov, Yordanka Kuzmanova, Radosveta Vassileva

Votes: 565

8. Love Is Madness (1917)

56 min | Comedy

The university student and a girl are in love. They make dates, visit a party shop. The girl's aunt opposes their love. She has decided to marry her off to a rich suitor from whose uncle ... See full summary »

Director: Vassil Gendov | Stars: Vassil Gendov, Zhana Gendova, Maria Toromanova-Hmelik, Manol Kirov

9. The Bulgarian Is Gallant (1915)

60 min | Comedy

The elegant and fun-loving Bulgarian meets a young lady in the street and begins to flirt with her.She decides to teach the stranger a lesson and suggests that he should accompany her round... See full summary »

Director: Vassil Gendov | Stars: Vassil Gendov, Mara Miyateva-Lipina, Angelov, Metodi Stanoev

Votes: 54

10. The Past-Master (1970 TV Movie)

65 min | Comedy, Family

A research worker Robespier Galabov (Yakovlev) lives with his family in a small communal flat with shared kitchen and dreams about a self-contained home. Galabov meet Rangel Lelin (... See full summary »

Director: Petar B. Vasilev | Stars: Kiril Gospodinov, Yuriy Yakovlev, Valentina Borisova, Vladimir Davcev

Votes: 210

11. Bash maystorat na ekskurziya (1980)

71 min | Comedy

Bash mastorat went on an organized trip to Hungary. In Budapest finds a way to get out of the group, feigning injury to earn money from the sale of brandy. Meeting with his brother, who is ... See full summary »

Director: Petar B. Vasilev | Stars: Kiril Gospodinov, Todor Todorov, Nataliya Zubareva, Svetla Stoeva

Votes: 157

12. Bash maystorat fermer (1981)

75 min | Comedy

Bash mastorat has a pig farm, which employs four keepers - former buyer Raphael hiding from authorities, alcoholic poet Tcanko and beautiful gypsy Rose with her husband. Once again bash ... See full summary »

Director: Petar B. Vasilev | Stars: Kiril Gospodinov, Silviya Avramova, Mariana Alamancheva, Inna Simeonova

Votes: 142

13. Bash maystorat nachalnik (1983)

74 min | Comedy

Bash maystorat buys a high school degree. He was appointed to the job by starting to take advantage. First started an affair with his secretary, and then enticed all his friends to ... See full summary »

Director: Petar B. Vasilev | Stars: Kiril Gospodinov, Maria Stefanova, Stoyanka Mutafova, Yuri Angelov

Votes: 130

14. 100 tona shtastie (1978)

72 min | Comedy

In a small town begins an "Anti - alienation week". Due to this a hundred married couples get together before the official of the social state. The official is not in a good mood. He is ... See full summary »

Director: Petar B. Vasilev | Stars: Ivan Yanchev, Kiril Gospodinov, Todor Kolev, Diana Hristova

Votes: 14

15. Prizemyavane (1987)

113 min | Drama, Romance

A young lady - a famous writer - is enjoying her favorable life. A tragic accident makes her revise her busy life and a semi-love, a semi-marriage, and a semi-friendship come to the surface.

Director: Rumyana Petkova | Stars: Plamena Getova, Detelina Lazarova, Vassil Mihajlov, Ivaylo Hristov

Votes: 10

16. A sega nakade? (1988)

93 min | Drama

This film is about an imaginary actors exam. In order to choose the best one the exam jury uses even immoral ways of selecting - spying, making conflicts, humiliating the applicants, taking... See full summary »

Director: Rangel Vulchanov | Stars: Albena Stavreva, Ani Vulchanova, Antoaneta Stancheva, Georgi Enchev

Votes: 96

17. Which Way Today (2007)

90 min

In the once cult film "Where Do We Go From Here?", (A Sega Nakade?) twenty-six novice actors are left to the mercy of an invisible examining board. An anonymous power grinds them down with ... See full summary »

Director: Rangel Vulchanov | Stars: Albena Stavreva, Ani Vulchanova, Antoaneta Stancheva, Genadi Nikolov

Votes: 33

18. Rhapsody in White (2002)

86 min | Comedy, Drama

This is a story about a woman, but not completely a woman, because she is funny and plump, because she is a comedienne and being a female comedienne is very difficult work. During the whole... See full summary »

Director: Tedi Moskov | Stars: Maya Novoselska, Filip Trifonov, Samuel Finzi, Irina Marinova

Votes: 125

19. Shturetz v uhoto (1976)

95 min | Comedy

Two young people living in the country decide to move to the big city by all means. They set off hitch-hiking, but on the road uncertainty and remorse seize them. Is that the right decision... See full summary »

Director: Gueorgui Stoyanov | Stars: Stefan Mavrodiyev, Pavel Popandov, Itschak Fintzi, Tatyana Lolova

Votes: 112

20. Royalat (1979)

101 min | Comedy

In order to shorten the completion period of a new work area, the director promises that he will organize a grand concert of famous opera singers at the opening of the new hall. There is an... See full summary »

Director: Borislav Punchev | Stars: Georgi Kaloyanchev, Ivan Grigorov, Georgi Partsalev, Naum Shopov

Votes: 37

21. Spetzialist po vsichko (1962)

90 min | Comedy

A dentistry student, graduating with honor, does not get the desired job and has to start working as a MASTER OF ALL TRADES in a construction company. He has to paint walls, clean chimneys,... See full summary »

Director: Petar B. Vasilev | Stars: Apostol Karamitev, Georgi Kaloyanchev, Ginka Stancheva, Katya Chukova

Votes: 305

22. Neveroyatna istoriya (1964)

90 min | Comedy

It all started with a small misunderstanding. A young journalist writes a feuilleton and submits it to the editor-in-chief together with a request for a leave of absence. The editor wants ... See full summary »

Director: Vladimir Yanchev | Stars: Georgi Cherkelov, Rangel Vulchanov, Georgi Popov, Georgi Kaloyanchev

Votes: 72

23. Adio, Rio (1989)

88 min | Comedy, Horror

The authors of the film discuss the question where the limits of moral compromise lie.

Director: Ivan Andonov | Stars: Filip Trifonov, Vania Tzvetkova, Petar Popyordanov, Georgi Mamalev

Votes: 184

24. Yesterday (1988)

84 min | Drama

The 1960s was the time of Beatles and Rolling Stones, the time of sexual revolution. These events have their echo in Bulgarian English-learning school. The school order provokes a protest of the students due to the narrow-minded teachers.

Director: Ivan Andonov | Stars: Hristo Shopov, Georgi Staykov, Sofiya Kuzeva, Svetla Todorova

Votes: 3,037

26. Dami kanyat (1980)

95 min | Comedy

A couple of young ladies decide to obtain a driving license. The film is a true comedy of relations, caused between the driving-teacher and the beginner-drivers.

Director: Ivan Andonov | Stars: Stefan Danailov, Tzvetana Maneva, Mariana Dimitrova, Nevena Kokanova

Votes: 716

28. Samodivsko horo (1976)

86 min | Comedy

The local painter in a small provincial town becomes the main attraction after opening an exhibition. The event is commemorated festively, the elite of the town is there and everyone wants ... See full summary »

Director: Ivan Andonov | Stars: Mariana Dimitrova, Pavel Popandov, Katya Chukova, Petar Slabakov

Votes: 34

29. Vampiri, talasami (1992)

105 min | Drama

In the spring of 1945 the war is still going on, but in Bulgaria the communists have already seized the power. The new rulers do justice according to their personal interests. This is the ... See full summary »

Director: Ivan Andonov | Stars: Ilka Zafirova, Pepa Nikolova, Petya Silyanova, Eli Skorcheva

Votes: 43

30. Nyama nishto po-hubavo ot loshoto vreme (1971)

129 min | Drama, Thriller

This is a typical story from the 'cold war' era. A Bulgarian secret service agent is sent to a big Western European company. He works under cover using a false name and finds that company ... See full summary »

Director: Metodi Andonov | Stars: Georgi Georgiev-Getz, Elena Rainova, Kosta Tsonev, Georgi Partsalev

Votes: 117

32. Wilna Zona (1975)

79 min | Comedy

A common Bulgarian family spends a warm afternoon in the fall in a country house. The preparations for a dinner party are in full swing. The formal reason is that the son enlists in the ... See full summary »

Director: Eduard Sachariev | Stars: Katya Paskaleva, Itschak Fintzi, Naum Shopov, Stefka Berova

Votes: 164

33. A Peasant on a Bicycle (1974)

102 min | Drama

Born in a small village, Yordan has to live and work in the nearby town. Only on the weekends can he return to his native village. He travels by a bike and observes the nature and the ... See full summary »

Director: Lyudmil Kirkov | Stars: Diana Chelebieva, Georgi Georgiev-Getz, Lili Eneva, Georgi Rusev

Votes: 112

34. Detza igrayat van (1973)

96 min | Family

Three thematically related novels. The first is "Mother, father and me". The adults have hard time answering the kid's questions. Young Yulian sees that his parents are arguing. He cannot ... See full summary »

Director: Ivanka Grybcheva | Stars: Dimitar Ganev, Nikolay Danailov, Ognyan Atanasov, Nevena Kokanova

Votes: 36

35. Chernite angeli (1970)

139 min | Drama

The film is based on the memoir 'In the name of the People' by Mitka Grybcheva, an activist in the anti-fascist resistance. The action takes place during the WWII and reveals the sharp ... See full summary »

Director: Vulo Radev | Stars: Stefan Danailov, Dorotea Toncheva, Violeta Gindeva, Iossif Surchadzhiev

Votes: 79

37. Neochakvana Vakancia (1981– )

Comedy, Family

In the mid 40's, under the sinking Fascist Invasion, a police squad tries to suppress Communist movement in a remote village.

Stars: Nikola Anastasov, Albena Chakyrova, Kiril Gospodinov, Ivan Grigorov

Votes: 46

40. Lyubovnoto lyato na edin lyokhman (1990)

78 min | Drama

Four friends and three girls spend a summer on a desolated beach, living in an abandoned hut.

Director: Lyudmil Todorov | Stars: Emil Cotev, Petar Popyordanov, Aleksandr Morfov, Hristo Shopov

Votes: 73

41. Momcheto si otiva (1972)

101 min | Drama

The action centers on Ran and his schoolmates who are in the last year of school. They are only a few days away from the day when they will have to make a decisive choice: what are they ... See full summary »

Director: Lyudmil Kirkov | Stars: Nevena Kokanova, Filip Trifonov, Sashka Bratanova, Kiril Gospodinov

Votes: 389

42. Monday Morning (1988)

106 min | Drama

Frivolous girl falls in love with a young construction worker. He trusts her and decides to include her in his team of workers. In the beginning, she is happy, but soon starts to feel the ... See full summary »

Directors: Irina Aktasheva, Hristo Piskov | Stars: Pepa Nikolova, Asen Kisimov, Kiril Gospodinov, Petar Slabakov

Votes: 94

43. Kashtata (2004)

27 min | Drama, Short

Once you have stepped on a slippery road decisions are hard to take... In a labyrinth of memories and expectations a woman finds her way back to her only home - the child.

Director: Andrey Koulev | Stars: Linda Russeva, Ekaterina Georgieva, Tanya Shahova, Yordanka Lyubenova

44. Shelter (2010)

88 min | Comedy, Drama

This is a story of a family and two intruders.

Director: Dragomir Sholev | Stars: Tzvetan Daskalov, Silvia Gerina, Irena Hristoskova, Jurii Rahnev

Votes: 273

45. Lazhovni istorii (1977)

66 min | Comedy

First novel is "Five plus one". In a small provincial town the 65 year old Dancho wins 15 000 from the lottery. He decides to "buy some love". For the night with the sales girl at the ... See full summary »

Director: Maya Vaptzarova | Stars: Katya Paskaleva, Petar Petrov, Ivan Grigorov, Anton Karastoyanov

46. With Nobody (1975)

77 min

The central character is emerging from his childhood and standing on the threshold of maturity. At 13 he is asked to make his first important choice: with which one of his parents (who are ... See full summary »

Director: Ivanka Grybcheva | Stars: Stoycho Mazgalov, Djoko Rosic, Petar Petrov, Ani Bakalova

Votes: 5

47. Petak vecher (1987)

117 min | Drama