Précurseurs d'Ed Wood

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1. Robert J. Horner

Producer | The Kid from Arizona

Robert J. Horner was a prolific, if spectacularly untalented, producer/director in the late 1920s and early 1930s. He had only one eye and no legs (accounts differ as to whether he was born that way or lost them in a traffic accident in his youth), but that didn't stop him from producing quite a ...

Producteur et réalisateur d'une quarantaine de westerns de série Z entre 1921 et 1935.

2. Victor Adamson

Producer | Boss Cowboy

Someday a clever producer will tell the story of Hollywood's "Poverty Row" of the 1920s-'40s (although Hearts of the West (1975) was a valiant effort, it left a lot to be desired), which was centered on Gower Street. So many fly-by-night production companies--which cranked out mostly westerns, ...

A réalisé quantité de westerns de série Z entre 1922 et 1935. A ensuite travaillé jusqu'à la fin des années '60, d'abord dans des rôles de cow-boy, puis comme figurant.

Père d'Al Adamson

3. Al Adamson

Director | Blood of Ghastly Horror

Although it's very unlikely that his admittedly cheap-'n'-cheesy films will ever be acknowledged as true works of cinematic art, director/producer/screenwriter Al Adamson did nonetheless make a slew of entertainingly trashy low-budget exploitation features for the drive-in market throughout the ...


Fils de Victor Adamson

Ai vu de lui "Horror of the Blood Monsters" (début 1970) dans les meilleures conditions vers 2011 dans la salle Ledoux et avais coté 6. Je me demande quatre ans plus tard comment la cinémathèque belge peut posséder une copie 35mm en bon état de cette obscurissime série Z.

4. Dwain Esper

Producer | The Seventh Commandment

Dwain Esper was probably the most obscure of the 'Hollywood hack' filmmakers of the 1930s alongside Victor Adamson, Robert J. Horner and others whom directed low-budget Westerns feature films and serials. Esper's film career was focused on softcore exploitation features which have a hard, merciless...

Réalisateur pendant les années '30 de pseudo-documentaires d'exploitation sur des sujets sulfureux ("Narcotic" en 1933, "Sex Maniac" en 1934, "Marihuana" en 1936, "Sex Madness" en 1938.)

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