Female Characters You Fall In Love and/or Lust With

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The inspiration for this list was the Officer Karen Thompson character played by Cynthia Rhodes in the 1988 film "Runaway". The idea is to identify a character who simply dazzles the male viewer and from whose love and/or lust perspective effectively steals the film (or episode), sometimes by design and sometimes unexpectedly. This can be the main character, but is often a supporting character played by an actress who somehow brings a special combination of physical sizzle and personal charm to her good girl or bad girl that elevates the character to an unexpectedly memorable level. Of course in the case of several especially memoriable bad girls the physical sizzle can be the sole criteria. The performance usually rates as the most effective portrayal of their career. Interestingly, at least based on this list, is that there appears to be no set formula for achieving this; the character list has considerable diversity. This list will be slowly assembled as I select at least one such character for each year.

1. Natalia Dyer

Actress | Stranger Things

Natalia Dyer is an American actress known primarily for her role as "Nancy Wheeler" in the Netflix science fiction drama series Stranger Things (2016). Her career began around the age of twelve in 2009, in the family comedic drama Hannah Montana: The Movie (2009) starring Miley Cyrus. It was not ...

"2017 Stranger Things (2016) - Nancy Wheeler

The one thing not "stranger" in this series is the idea that Nancy would be the love interest of two boys. No need for any suspension of disbelief about this character, she is the ultimate straight-laced librarian type with a barely concealed smouldering hotness.

2. Karen Gillan

Actress | Selfie

Karen Sheila Gillan was born and raised in Inverness, Scotland, as the only child of Marie Paterson and husband John Gillan, who is a singer and recording artist. She developed a love for acting very early on, attending several youth theatre groups and taking part in a wide range of productions at ...

2017 Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017) - Martha / Ruby Roundhouse

An insecure nerd girl who suddenly finds herself in the body and attire of a typical comic book superheroine. If played right that makes for an irresistible character. Gillan pulls it off remarkably well and nicely alternates between kick-ass and extremely vulnerable.

3. Shannon Woodward

Actress | Westworld

Shannon Woodward was born on December 17, 1984 in Phoenix, Arizona, USA as Shannon Marie Woodward. She is an actress, known for Westworld (2016), Raising Hope (2010) and The Riches (2007).

2016 Westworld (2016) - Elsie Hughes

Elsie would actually be a good entry in a list of minor series characters that connect so strongly with the viewer that they over-shadow the rest of the cast. But until I start that list I will put her on this one. Sexy cute, quick-witted and attractively impulsive her segments quickly became my favorite moments of the series.

4. Erin Richards

Actress | Gotham

Erin Richards was born on May 17, 1986 in Penarth, Wales. She is an actress and director, known for Gotham (2014), Breaking In (2011) and Being Human (2008).

2016 Gotham (2014) - Barbara Kean

Richards carries the "man-jaw" look to its ultimate extreme. While this is normally not an appealing feature, in her case it nicely complements her incredible eyes; turning her face into a uniquely quirky package that is surprisingly appealing. She is that odd actress who looks far more compelling in extreme close-up than in wide master shots, the opposite of a "blocker".

I suspect that it is this which accounts for the power of Barbara's tortured and more deviant moments. The viewer is far more drawn to her in her extreme moments.

5. Alexandra Tyler

Self | Playboy Plus

Playboy Playmate of the Month April 2015.

2015 Playmate Playback (2015) - Herself-Bunny Alexandra

Breaking with the rules of this list a bit, because Tyler's face is the most interesting and expressive one out there this is all about her playing herself. You don't often get this kind of characterization in a Playboy Playmate, it is a pure three-way dynamic where the viewer brings as much to the character they are seeing as those playing the character and those writing the script.

Tyler is at heart a nerd, and when forced to dress as a Playboy Bunny her face says "out of her element"; much like a suppressed nerd girl who finds herself dressed as a Playboy Bunny. The incongruity is so genuine as to be totally engaging. So I am basically falling in love with with her portrayal of herself.

6. Odeya Rush

Actress | Lady Bird

Odeya Rush was born and raised in Haifa, Israel, along with her six brothers. She began acting at the age of 13 when she played Larry David's childhood friend in an episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm." Shortly after that she starred in The Odd Life of Timothy Green. She then went on to do "The Giver"...

2015 Goosebumps (2015) - Hannah It's a look that kind of grows on you. Rush's eyes are incredible and Hannah gets a lot of wide-eyed closeups in this film.

Hannah was a perfect role because she plays to what Rush needs to emphasize physically; wholesome, westernized, de-emphasis of her lips. Hannah nicely illustrates how when Rush's exotic qualities are understated they are far more powerful.

7. Willa Fitzgerald

Actress | Little Women

Willa Fitzgerald is an American actress, native of Nashville, Tennessee, United States. Fitzgerald graduated from the Harpeth Hall School, a private college-preparatory school for girls in Nashville in 2009, then got her BA in theater studies from Yale University in 2013. Her career in films ...

2015 Scream: The TV Series (2015) - Emma Duval

Although mildly flawed physically when each feature is examined individually, Fitzgerald's face is the most dazzling example of synergy I have ever noticed. Which is why she is more breathtaking in video than in stills. This brings an especially compelling dynamic to Emma that might be called an aura.

8. Elizabeth Olsen

Actress | Martha Marcy May Marlene

Elizabeth Chase "Lizzie" Olsen (born February 16, 1989) is an American actress. She is known for her roles in the films Silent House (2011), Liberal Arts (2012), Godzilla (2014), Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015), and Captain America: Civil War (2016). For her role in the critically-acclaimed Martha ...

2013 Oldboy (2013) - Marie Sebastian

The only way to get through this silly movie (which is Spike Lee trying to do Quentin Tarantino) is by focusing on Marie's face. Fortunately she is prominent in many scenes. Facially she resembles her older sisters who I never found especially attractive, but every point of variation from them favors Elizabeth.

9. Nicola Peltz

Actress | Transformers: Age of Extinction

Nicola Peltz is emerging as a force to be reckoned with, on both the big and small screen. Her most prominent roles include the series Bates Motel (2013), and the films The Last Airbender (2010) and Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014).

Nicola was born in Westchester County, New York, to Claudia (...

2014 - Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014) - Tessa Yeager

Ignore her recently acquired huge Bozo the Clown plastic lips (gag) and go back a few years to when she looked great. It is no mystery why Michael Bay cast Peltz to replace Megan Fox, both exude an unsurpassed degree of mean girl power. They are innately scary females, with hard rather than gentle beauty made more fearsome on screen because it is not offset by their relatively small size in real life. There is an incredible power this quality brings to their characters. Deep down you have an intense lust-hate thing going for Tessa and Mikaela (Fox's "Transformers" character), as you do for any of screen characters the two actresses have played - whether good girl or bad. This is what they innately bring to any role. They tap into every guy's intense memory of the gorgeous queen bee who bullied everyone in grade school, hence the many career opportunities out there for a qualified dominatrix.

Yet unlike Fox, Peltz also gives off a subtle insecure nurd girl vibe if you look for it, a quality that brings an almost cubist quality to Tessa. You get the feeling that there is a lingering bit of ugly duckling self-image looking out of this swan.

Tessa Yeager: Dad! There's a missile in the family room!

10. Emma Roberts

Actress | We're the Millers

Emma Roberts was born in Rhinebeck, New York. She was a baby when her parents separated, and she grew up living with her mother, Kelly Cunningham. She was educated at Archer School for Girls in Los Angeles, California.

Emma is the daughter of Oscar-nominated actor Eric Roberts, and the niece of ...

2013 We're the Millers (2013) - Casey Mathis

Roberts is always cute - but has trouble moving her characters off sterile. Casey works for Roberts because she is a parody of edgy; and she works for a lot of male viewers because you have to suspend disbelief to buy into the edgy. For them the edgy part amps up her voltage but in a safe and comfortable way. Robert's best films employ her unique gift for parody, she does it as well as it has ever been done.

Casey Mathis: [On airplane, sitting next to Kenny. David is trying to appear normal, while introducing his "family" to the flight attendant] Yeah. I'm going through all those typical teenage girl issues, like finals and college applications and am I gonna get asked to prom? [Smiles] Casey Mathis: [Conversationally] Plus, I haven't gotten my period in, like, two months, which is really weird, because I've mostly just been doing anal...

11. Scarlett Johansson

Actress | Her

Scarlett Johansson was born in New York City. Her mother, Melanie Sloan, is from a Jewish family from the Bronx, and her father, Karsten Johansson, is a Danish-born architect, from Copenhagen. She has a sister, Vanessa Johansson, who is also an actress, a brother, Adrian, a twin brother, Hunter ...

2012 The Avengers (2012) - Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow

OK, it's the costume, the banter in the face of danger, and maybe Black Widow's comic book mystique; but at least one superheroine has to make this list.

Natasha Romanoff: Hey, fellas. Either one of you know where the Smithsonian is? I'm here to pick up a fossil. Steve Rogers: That's hilarious.

Of course Scarlett's most "intriguing" character and best ever performance was book-ended by her Black Widow appearances. That would be:

2014 - Lucy (2014) - Lucy

12. Dakota Fanning

Actress | War of the Worlds

Hannah Dakota Fanning was born on the 23rd of February 1994, in Conyers, Georgia, USA, to Heather Joy (Arrington) and Steven Fanning. Her mother played professional tennis, and her father, now an electronics salesman, played minor league baseball. She is of German, Irish, English, French, and ...

2012 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 (2012) - Jane Volturi

Evilness becomes her, the power of contrast. Who would have imagined the erotic goth quality that little Dakota can bring to the screen with a mega-severe hair style and exaggerated makeup. You can't take your eyes off her, the rest of the screen is just a fuzzy blend when she is in the frame.

And her sister (with the all-time best smile award) gets a honorable mention this year for gently playing "Lily Miska" in "We Bought A Zoo".

13. Juliette Goglia

Actress | Fired Up!

Juliette Goglia was born on September 22, 1995 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Juliette Rose Goglia. She is an actress, known for Fired Up! (2009) and Easy A (2010).

2011 Match It Up (2011) - Savannah

When Goglia played teen vamp Savannah you got the impression that she had no idea the erotic voltage her character created, something that seems to just come with the package. I suspect that her seeming unawareness was a major factor in this dynamic. Had she been conscious of the effortless sizzle she was creating it might have taken something away from process. She has been disappointingly underutilized in this type of portrayal since this appearance, but I would still rate her the most naturally erotic actress of her generation.

14. Blake Lively

Actress | Gossip Girl

Blake Lively was born Blake Ellender Brown in Tarzana, California, to a show business family. Her mother, Elaine Lively (née McAlpin), is an acting coach and talent manager, and her father, Ernie Lively (born Ernest Wilson Brown, Jr.), is an actor and teacher. Her brother is actor Eric Lively, and ...

2011 - Green Lantern (2011) - Carol Ferris

An actress who actually seems to be physically improving with age, nicely showcased by the wardrobe people and by the variety of looks Carol Ferris assumes; looking great in everything from buttoned down business attire, party gown, and flight suit. Her second-to-none body has always been her best asset but her face and intelligent eyes are nicely featured in extensive close-ups; helping the viewer connect with the character.

15. Spencer Locke

Actress | Insidious: The Last Key

Born in 1991 in Winter Park, Florida, Spencer began to show an interest in the arts at a young age. When asked in school to draw what she would be when she got older, 6 year old Spencer drew herself on-stage with a star over her head. Two years later, she had enrolled in acting classes and ...

2011 - Detention (2011) - Ione

Having not viewed a lot of recent releases I am a little unsure about these years but am quite confident in selecting Locke's Ione character for 2011. It's not a performance with great range but Ione has a humorous charm and Locke is simply gorgeous in close-up.

Personally I find Locke's ability to move from sterile to erotic quite irresistible and I can't be remotely objective. In all her parts I spend a lot of the viewing wishing she had more screen time and that there were more extreme close-ups of her expressive face.

My theory is that I connect with her as a younger version of Kathie Browne's Deela character on a 1968 episode of Star Trek; with Deela's playful seduction of Captain Kirk now permanently imprinted on my mind as the one true to die for moment.

Wink of an Eye (1968)

16. Victoria Justice

Actress | Victorious

Victoria Justice is an American actress and singer. She was born on February 19, 1993 in Hollywood, Florida, USA. She is the daughter of Serene Reed and Zack Justice. Her mother has Puerto Rican ancestry, while her father is of English, German, and Irish descent. She has a younger half-sister, ...

2011 Victoria Justice: All I Want Is Everything (2011) - Herself Nobody said I couldn't put a music video on this list. And this is such a perfect pop song, such a perfectly edited music video with perfect production design, and perhaps the closest example ever of perfect beauty.

17. Marley Shelton

Actress | Planet Terror

Marley Eve Shelton was born in Los Angeles, California, and grew up in Eagle Rock, CA. She is the daughter of Carol (Stromme), a teacher and singer, and Christopher Shelton, who worked as a director and producer. She has three sisters: Koren Shelton, Erin Shelton and Samantha Shelton. Both of her ...

- 2009 Women in Trouble (2009) - Cora the Flight Attendent

The uniformed Shelton absolutely sizzles in this small role. Not much time to develop her character but this was such a dismal year that a little actual sizzle is enough to make the list.

18. Elizabeth McLaughlin

Actress | Hand of God

Elizabeth McLaughlin was born in Morgantown, West Virginia and raised in a small town outside of Tampa, Florida. Soon after moving to Los Angeles in 2007, she booked the role of 'Massie Block' in The Clique (2008). She is also known for her role 'Alicia' in Amazon's Hand of God (2015), Pretty ...

2008 The Clique (2008) - Massie Block

Massie's equestrian scene suggests that ultimate high school fantasy where for reasons unknown the stuck-up but very hot queen bee finds you irresistible. She doesn't want to be seen with you but can't stop seeking you out in private, where you both perversely get off on her shame.

19. Saoirse Ronan

Actress | Hanna

Saoirse Una Ronan was born in The Bronx, New York City, New York, United States, to Irish parents, Monica Ronan (née Brennan) and Paul Ronan, an actor. When Saoirse was three, the family moved back to Dublin, Ireland. Saoirse grew up in Dublin and briefly in Co. Carlow before moving back to Dublin ...

2008 - City of Ember (2008) - Lina Mayfleet

Earnest enthusiasm is what Lina is all about. Those are qualities I normally hate, but here it somehow comes together appealingly. Perhaps because the film is about a society that has become hopelessly burned out and Lina's vitality is a refreshing contrast. More likely it is because Ronan is able to somehow bring a nice balance of perkiness, wonder, and vulnerability to her character.

20. Evan Rachel Wood

Actress | Thirteen

Evan Rachel Wood was born September 7, 1987, in Raleigh, North Carolina. Her father, Ira David Wood III, is a theatre actor, writer and director, and her mother, Sara Wood, is an actress and acting coach. She has two older brothers--Dana Wood, a musician, and Ira David Wood IV, who has also acted. ...

2007 King of California (2007) Miranda

2007 was quite a year, it gave us two of the most "uniquely" captivating female characters in cinema history. I ended up falling in love with Miranda on several levels when viewing this film, she is one of those characters that leave you disappointed that she is fictional. The key story element is the film's focus on Miranda's adaptive qualities and her father Charlie's stubborn refusal to adapt; it is the only significant difference between the two characters and introduces a lot of poignancy into the story because the quality they admire the most in each other is the one they do not share.

Physically Wood has never looked better, like Audrey Hepburn she is more dazzling with minimal makeup and everyday fashions - including a McDonald's uniform. She simply glows in the final sequence's extreme close-ups, standing on a bluff above the beach as she processes the predicted illegal landing of a group of Chinese boat people. And in this moment she totally sells the story, which at its core is simply the story of a father and daughter with a unqualified love for each other. Interestingly, Wood is so effective in this final sequence that she turns what in normal screenplay structure would be the aftermath, into the film's climatic moment; then they go out with the credits.

21. Evanna Lynch

Actress | Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

Evanna Patricia Lynch is an Irish actress. Born in the town of Termonfeckin in Ireland, she is one of four children to Donal and Marguerite Lynch. Her acting career began in 2007 when she competed in an open audition against nearly 15,000 girls, and won the coveted role of Luna Lovegood in the "...

2007 - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007) - Luna Lovegood

Rowlings best character, a gently teased portrayal by Lynch. Quite irresistible, a nurturing airhead like Luna has by definition and design considerable depth and dimensionality.

Luna Lovegood: They're called Thestrals. They're quite gentle, really, but people avoid them, because they're a bit... Harry Potter: Different.

Harry Potter: How come you're not at the feast? Luna Lovegood: I've lost all my possessions. Apparently people have been hiding them. Harry Potter: That's awful! Luna Lovegood: Oh, it's all good fun. But as this is the last night, I really do need them back. Harry Potter: Do you want any help finding them? Luna Lovegood: I'm sorry about your godfather, Harry. [clasps his hand comfortingly] Harry Potter: Are you sure you don't want any help looking? Luna Lovegood: That's all right. Anyway, my mum always said things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end. [they look up and see a pair of her shoes hanging from the ceiling arch] Luna Lovegood: If not always in the way we expect.

22. Stella Maeve

Actress | The Runaways

Stella Maeve was born on November 14, 1989 in Nyack, New York, USA as Stella Maeve Johnston. She is an actress, known for The Runaways (2010), Brooklyn's Finest (2009) and Cloned: The Recreator Chronicles (2012).

2007 The Beautiful Ordinary (2007) - Lightly

In "Remember the Daze", Lightly (I love that character name) and Bailey have a sweet and believable romance that is nicely sold by the way the two actors gently tease their roles. Each year in high school I recall romances where an incoming freshman girl pulled an older but less mature upperclassman out of his shell, but for some reason the dynamic has been neglected in films.

23. Alison Lohman

Actress | White Oleander

Alison Lohman was born in Palm Springs, California, to Diane (Dunham), a patisserie owner, and Gary Lohman, an architect. She grew up in a family with no showbiz connections but she always wanted to perform. By age 9, she had landed her first professional, theatrical role playing "Gretyl" in "The ...

2006 - Delirious (2006) - K'Harma Leeds

In case you never noticed, 2006 was arguably the worst year in the history of cinema, 4000+ feature film releases with virtually no female character even remotely intriguing. "Pan's Labyrinth" and "Monster House" were the only relatively mainstream films that blazed any new territory in the heroine department. Check out the nominees for the 2007 Academy Awards to see just how profoundly low the industry sunk in 2006.

Lohman's "K'Harma Leeds" character makes the list by simple default, less because of the character than for the stretch it was to cast Lohman in the role. This was playing against type to almost the same extent Elizabeth Hartman did in Coppola's "You're a Big Boy Now". When it works (and it does for both Hartman and Lohman) it brings a surreal depth to the character.

24. Tamzin Merchant

Actress | Pride & Prejudice

Tamzin Merchant is a British born actor, writer and director. She grew up in Dubai and was cast in her first professional role as Georgiana Darcy in Joe Wright's Pride and Prejudice. She attended The University of Cambridge to read English Literature and continued to develop her career as an actor ...

2005 Pride & Prejudice (2005) - Georgiana Probably the smallest part of anyone on this list but it took just an instant with this twinkling character to captivate the male viewer.

25. Sophie Traub

Actress | Daltry Calhoun

Sophie Traub was born in 1989 in Canada. She is known for her work on Daltry Calhoun (2005), The Interpreter (2005) and God's Country (2017).

, 2005 Daltry Calhoun (2005) - June

June is Dove Cameron with minimal makeup; wearing glasses, high tops, and baggy overalls. Like Cameron, Traub delivers an incredibly videogenic character who nicely alternates between an in-your-face confidence and a subtle vulnerability. An irresistible and film stealing performance.

26. Fay Masterson

Actress | The Quick and the Dead

Fay Masterson was born on April 15, 1974 in Kent, England. She is an actress, known for The Quick and the Dead (1995), Eyes Wide Shut (1999) and The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra (2001).

2004 Pilot (2003) - Debra Wannamaker

It is probably a good thing very few women realize how sexy a woman who ruthlessly murders her husband can be. And Debra almost gets away with it. The classic scene is her on the witness stand giving testimony in court. Masterson is about as good as it gets, uniquely beautiful. For me at least a genuine game changer.

27. Nikki Berwick

Stunts | Die Another Day

Nikki Berwick was born on December 24, 1978 in Rochford, Essex, England. She is known for her work on Die Another Day (2002), Skyfall (2012) and The Bourne Ultimatum (2007).

2003 The Medallion (2003) - "The Kidnap Nurse"

Here we have the only perfect "10" on the lust scale (physical perfection - bad girl - nurse uniform - loser in a nicely choreographed cat fight). Meaning you've got to love the character. Too bad she doesn't get more scenes.

28. Rachael Leigh Cook

Actress | She's All That

Minneapolis native Rachael Leigh Cook began her career as a model at the tender age of 10, gracing Milk-Bone(R) boxes and Target(R) ads nationwide in the USA. She also appeared in a now-famous (in the USA) anti-drug TV spot in which, armed with a frying pan, she bashed her way through a kitchen to ...

2003 The Big Empty (2003) - Ruthie

Cook's characters have always been pretty and cute but mostly sterile. Ruthie requires her to go outside her range, going past flirtatious to erotic. In selling this character she is helped by a modern flower child hair style and wardrobe, along with some excellent dialogue which she delivers perfectly; all in the service of bringing out a side of her absent in her earlier portrayals. It is like the director carefully studied the actress and then crafted ways to coax out these qualities, even generating some of the two-way dynamic between film and viewer that characterizes most of the performances on this list.

29. Victoria Smurfit

Actress | Bulletproof Monk

Victoria Smurfit was born on March 31, 1974 in Dublin, Ireland. She is an actress and producer, known for Bulletproof Monk (2003), The Beach (2000) and About a Boy (2002). She was previously married to Douglas Baxter.

2003 - Bulletproof Monk (2003) - Nina

My Irish bias is showing. Nasty Nina is simply a guilty pleasure. never has a bad girl in a relatively small supporting role so effectively stolen a film, of course in this silly film she didn't have any significant competition.

[Nina shows Jade a picture of a refugee kneeling in front of a man with a rifle] Nina: Tell me, deep inside, at the bottom of your soul, who would you rather be? The man about to be shot? Or the man about to do the shooting?

30. Denise Richards

Actress | The World Is Not Enough

Denise Richards was born in Downers Grove, Illinois, the older of two daughters of Joni Lee, who owned a coffee shop, and Irv Richards, a telephone engineer. She has German, French-Canadian, Irish, English, and Welsh ancestry. She grew up in the Chicago area, until the family relocated to Oceanside...

2002 Undercover Brother (2002) - White She Devil

Richards' reality TV show and her increasingly plastic face hurt her ability to make this list as it is much more difficult to suspend disbelief regarding a full-on parody character like White She Devil. But her scenes in the white PVC outfit transcend the bubble bursting impact of her post 2002 career and get her on this list. This gentle and strangely classy parody of the fantasy elements of a decisive female catfight is quite a treat. Richards is so tightly squeezed into this costume that the viewer is quickly running on glands. There is even some bonus material of the sequence in the deleted scenes section of the DVD.

31. Natalie Portman

Actress | Black Swan

Natalie Portman is the first person born in the 1980s to have won the Academy Award for Best Actress (for Black Swan (2010)).

Natalie was born Natalie Hershlag on June 9, 1981, in Jerusalem, Israel. She is the only child of Avner Hershlag, a Israeli-born doctor, and Shelley Stevens, an American-born...

2002 - Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002) Padmé Amidala

Casting Portman as the bland Padmé Amidala was a waste, she is a horribly depressing and sterile character. But put her in that tight white costume and give her some action sequences and the whole dynamic gets an injection of synergy. It's all about contrast amping up hotness.

32. Robin Tunney

Actress | The Craft

Robin Tunney studied acting at the Chicago Academy for the Arts, spending her summer performing in such plays as "Bus Stop" and "Agnes of God". She moved to Los Angeles at the age of eighteen and shortly landed roles in such television shows as Life Goes On (1989), Class of '96 (1993) (recurring), ...

2002 Cherish (2002) - Zoe Adler

You kind of fall in love with every character Robin plays but Zoe's characterization is a little more personal and in the face of a viewer; the whole film is centered on her with close-ups of her expressive face throughout the story. Zoe is the quintessential steamy computer geek, I don't know why girls like this are so often our favorite sex objects, but they are. And Robin's freckles and the retainer she wears inexplicably up Zoe's vulnerability and with it her hotness.

33. Bridget Fonda

Actress | A Simple Plan

Bridget Jane Fonda was born in Los Angeles, California, to Susan Brewer and actor Peter Fonda. She is the granddaughter of Henry Fonda and niece of Jane Fonda, both famous actors. Bridget made her film debut at age five as an extra in Easy Rider (1969), but first became interested in acting after ...

2001 Kiss of the Dragon (2001) Jessica Kamen

The ultimate crack whore with a heart of gold. Fascinating dynamic as the more disheveled and strung out Jessica looks, the sexier her basic vibe. This at least made up for Fonda's "South of Heaven, West of Hell" complcity, you would have hated to see her end her career with something that awful.

34. Megan Fox

Actress | Transformers

Megan Denise Fox was born in Rockwood, Tennessee, to Gloria Darlene (Cisson) and Franklin Thomas Fox, a parole officer. Megan began her training in drama and dance at age 5 and, at age 10, moved to St. Petersburg, Florida where she continued her training and finished school. Megan began acting and ...

2001 - Holiday in the Sun (2001) - Brianna Wallace

For a few Brianna Wallace was their introduction to Fox. When they later found out she was only fifteen they had to rethink a lot of things. Those who view the film after seeing Fox in tamer roles (basically anything she has done since) will miss some of the intensity of the experience. If you have a weak heart seeing Fox for the first time as bad girl Queen Bee Brianna is not advised.

Brianna: Umm, excuse me. My name's Brianna Wallace, as in the Wallace department store Wallace.

35. Ziyi Zhang

Actress | Shi mian mai fu

Ziyi Zhang is a Chinese actress and model. She is best known for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000), Rush Hour 2 (2001), Hero (2002), House of Flying Daggers (2004), and Memoirs of a Geisha (2005).

She made her feature film debut in The Road Home (1999).

For her work in Memoirs of a Geisha she was...

2001 - Rush Hour 2 (2001) - Hu Li

With the Brianna Wallace selection already making 2001 the year of the mega-bitch, it is only fair to include Hu Li on the list. This bad girl being the best ever example of the power of erotic contrast, as Ziyl's gentle beauty is completely at odds with her character's second to none mad dog persona; thereby amping up her desirability to a epic level. You go to your doom falling for this girl but if you have a pulse there is no way to resist. The fake smiles are especially compelling.

Hu Li: [watching Isabella while carving an apple with a knife] I do not trust her. Triad: Our orders are to leave her alone. Hu Li: [puts on a fake smile for Isabella, still speaking in Cantonese] I want to slice those pretty lips off her face. Bury her in the desert with those two cops. [in English, to Isabella] Hu Li: Some apple?

36. Keri Lynn Pratt

Actress | A Single Man

Keri Lynn Pratt was born on September 23, 1978 in Concord, New Hampshire, USA. She is an actress, known for A Single Man (2009), America's Sweethearts (2001) and Drive Me Crazy (1999). She has been married to John Barneson since October 2011.

2000 - Cruel Intentions 2 (2000) - Cherie Claymon

Like "Flash Gordon", this is a film where two of the supporting actresses (Pratt and Amy Adams) made you forget that the actress with the biggest part was even in the movie. But Pratt's portrayal of airhead Cherie was inspired and the riding scene in the park more memorable than any movie segment over the past two decades. Although in fairness the riding scene was made even better by the reaction shots of Adams.

37. Calista Flockhart

Actress | Ally McBeal

Calista Kay Flockhart was born 11 November, 1964 in Freeport, Illinois. Her mother, Kay (Honohan), was a school teacher, and her father, Ronald Flockhart, worked for Kraft Foods Inc. She has Irish, Scottish, German, and English ancestry. Calista was named after two of her great-grandmothers, who ...

1999 A Midsummer Night's Dream (1999) - Helena

Helena quite possibly is the most challenging role out there for an actress. She is unrequited love on steroids who suddenly has her dreams come true. But on reflection cannot enjoy her good fortune because it is simply too good to be true. And she takes the knowing audience on a wild ride of sympathy as the declarations of love for her lead to resentment that her three friends have conspired to make sport of her. Flockhart absolutely nails it.

38. Kirsten Dunst

Actress | Spider-Man

Kirsten Caroline Dunst is an American actress, who also holds German citizenship. She was born on April 30, 1982 in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, to parents Inez (née Rupprecht), who owned an art gallery, and Klaus Dunst, a medical services executive. She has a younger brother named Christian Dunst, ...

1999 - Dick (1999) - "Betsy Jobs"

This character has come to represent the quintessential high school airhead "hippie chick" of the early 70's. "Betsy" differs very little from the "Amber Atkins" character Dunst played in "Drop Dead Gorgeous" the same year. But each of these little differences favors Betsy and allows Dunst to subtly steal the film, something she did not do in the other film even though her part was much bigger (it is Britney Murphy's supporting character who steals that film - in large part because she got the more endearing traits of Betsy).

Betsy nicely illustrates an interesting phenomenon of films and television, sometimes an actor will come to represent a point in time that is not their own, being more associated with it than those who actually participated.

Betsy Jobs: Hey, that guy has T.P. stuck to his shoe. Arlene Lorenzo: Hey, mister! Hey! Hey, you, hey turn around, mister! G. Gordon Liddy: Young lady, I am a VERY busy man. Arlene Lorenzo: Wait a minute, I know you. Betsy Jobs: Me too. But from where? [thinks for a second, then gasps] Betsy Jobs: Are you the guy who sells corndogs at the mall?

39. Jennifer Love Hewitt

Actress | I Know What You Did Last Summer

Jennifer Love Hewitt was born in Waco, Texas, to Patricia Mae (Shipp), a speech-language pathologist, and Herbert Daniel Hewitt, a medical technician. She has English, Scottish, and German ancestry. She got her first name from her older brother Todd Daniel Hewitt (b. November 8, 1970), who picked ...

1998 Can't Hardly Wait (1998) - Amanda Beckett

Amanda works as a slightly off-kilter version of your high school fantasy girl because at that age Hewitt worked as a slightly off-kilter version of your fantasy heartthrob leading lady. Physically Hewitt wasn't quite what you would expect from somebody raising male hormone levels but she had something and it was at its peak in 1998. Then a couple years later she lost her youthful glow and with it any special something, so much so that you have to suppress your knowledge of how poorly she has aged in order to properly appreciate her when she was younger. So we easily fall in love with Amanda with each viewing and if we need a reality check we ponder the transitory nature of Hewitt's kind of good girl beauty.

Jennifer you didn't have it for long but it was great while it lasted.

40. Heather Graham

Actress | Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

Heather Joan Graham was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to Joan (Bransfield), a schoolteacher and children's book author, and James Graham, an FBI agent. She and her sister, actress Aimee Graham, were raised by their strictly Catholic parents. They relocated often, as a result of their father's ...

1998 - Lost in Space (1998) - Dr. Judy Robinson

Incredible wholesome beauty combined with acerbic dialogue and placed in a nerd girl package; simply impossible to resist. Leaves her television series counterpart in the dust.

Dr. Zachary Smith: My dear child, your mind is too young to accept all the harsh realities of life, yet I believe you should know the truth! Judy Robinson: What truth? Dr. Zachary Smith: That was not a dog - at least not in the sense of which we think of a dog. It was an alien spy!

Graham should also be mentioned for her role as Mercedes Lane ten years earlier; the hot high school chick who passes out in the backseat of the grandfather's car. Nobody has ever looked better with their unconscious face pressed against the glass of a car window.

1988 License to Drive (1988) Mercedes Lane

Although most likely the reason that Mercedes captured so many hearts was because the film managed to uniquely bring plausibility to the unobtainable girl falling for the nerd. Through her alcohol haze it is reasonable that Mercedes believes their wild first date adventures were by the design of the nerd rather than chance events set in motion by his milquetoast nature.

41. Julianne Moore

Actress | The Hours

Julianne Moore was born Julie Anne Smith in Fort Bragg, North Carolina on December 3, 1960, the daughter of Anne (Love), a social worker, and Peter Moore Smith, a paratrooper, colonel, and later military judge. Her mother moved to the U.S. in 1951, from Greenock, Scotland. Her father, from ...

1997 The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997) - Sarah Harding

A profoundly horrible film, Sarah is absolutely the only reason to watch. Moore is dazzling as the brainy scientist, at least in part because they wisely choose to show her face in extreme close-up. She is dressed for lost world exploration, her make-up is minimal her hair is in a ponytail, and she absolutely glows in this role. Sarah is the best physical showcase of Moore's extensive career.

42. Katherine Heigl

Actress | One for the Money

Katherine Marie Heigl was born on November 24, 1978 in Washington, D.C., to Nancy Heigl (née Engelhardt), a personnel manager, and Paul Heigl, an accountant and executive. Her father is of German/Swiss-German and Irish descent, and her mother is of German ancestry. A short time after her birth, the...

1996 Wish Upon a Star (1996) - Alexia & Hayley Wheaton

Heigl didn't have it for long but she certainly had it here. It is difficult today to realize that she ever looked so luscious. What makes this unique is the erotic contrast created between the fashion conscious Alexia and the generally disheveled Alexia when inhabited by Hayley. Which seems to tap into some primal dynamic.

43. Kristina Wagner

Actress | General Hospital

Jack Wagner and Kristina flew to Lake Tahoe on a Lear jet that Jack had rented. On December 18, 1993, the long anticipated wedding finally took place. Children: Peter Wagner (9/4/90) & Harrison Wagner (12/1/94). Siblings: 2 older brothers: Dan (5 years older), Joe (3 years older)! TV: General ...

1994 - Double Dragon (1994) - Linda Lash

Whip me Linda Lash. But we need at least one former soap opera girl on the list. Wagner was horribly ill-matched physically for this bad girl role but that was probably why she was so appealing.

44. Paula Marshall

Actress | Gary Unmarried

Paula Marshall was born on June 12, 1964 in Rockville, Maryland, USA as Paula Marie Marshall. She is known for her work on Gary Unmarried (2008), Cupid (1998) and Californication (2007). She has been married to Danny Nucci since October 12, 2003. They have one child. She was previously married to ...

1993 A Perry Mason Mystery: The Case of the Wicked Wives (1993) - Debra Walters This was the first time I saw Paula Marshall and this bad girl character hit me like a ton of bricks. Nothing Marshall has done since has had the connective power that I experience when viewing her in this role. Nor have I experienced anything like the degree of protectiveness that I feel toward this character. I found it inexplicable at the time but cannot deny that I continue to feel this way with each viewing; it is something close to rapture and very pleasant.

45. Sadie Frost

Actress | Dracula

With over three decades in film, theatre and television, Sadie Frost is producer, actor, fashion designer and author, starring in such films as Bram Stoker's Dracula, Tv Drama's such as Uprising, and working with directors including Francis Ford Coppola and Paul W.S Anderson. In 1999, Frost set up ...

1992 - Dracula (1992) - Lucy Westenra

The list needs at least one vampire. Although I liked the character both before and after.

46. Emma Samms

Actress | General Hospital

Emma Samms was born on August 28, 1960 in London, England as Emma Elizabeth Wylie Samuelson. She is an actress and writer, known for General Hospital (1963), The Colbys (1985) and Dynasty (1981). She was previously married to John Holloway, Tim Dillon and Bansi Nagji.

1991 Delirious (1991) Rachel Hedison / Laura Claybourne

Her career best performance, a dual role in which her two characters are purposely indistinguishable. She seemed to have a lot of fun with it. There are two especially memorable erotic scenes, the first when she carefully gets out of her car wearing a tight yellow leather pencil dress and the second when she sighs after being rescued at the end of the chase segment.

There really seemed to be an effort made to contrast her 5'4" curvy frame with that of the more willowy Mariel Hemingway. Despite what is normally believed I think we are predisposed to prefer what Samms brings to the table, 5'4", curvy - muscular with a narrow waist. It has an unchallenged niche in the mega-sizzle department.

47. Jennifer Connelly

Actress | A Beautiful Mind

Jennifer Connelly was born in the Catskill Mountains, New York, to Ilene (Schuman), a dealer of antiques, and Gerard Connelly, a clothing manufacturer. Her father had Irish and Norwegian ancestry, and her mother was from a Jewish immigrant family. Jennifer grew up in Brooklyn Heights, just across ...

1991 - Career Opportunities (1991) - Josie McClellan

Perhaps the best ever rich girl love story, a girl like Josie is every boys' fantasy. And sticking it to the emasculating man the dream of everyman.

Josie: Big store. Jim Dodge: Huge.

48. Sydney Walsh

Actress | Point Break

Sydney Walsh was born on June 6, 1961 in New York City, New York, USA. She is an actress and director, known for Point Break (1991), A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge (1985) and Vietnam War Story: The Last Days (1989).

1989 Trenchcoat in Paradise (1989) - Mona Wiiliams

Mona Williams: Are we armed?

Eddie Mazda: My wit, your charm.

Mona Williams: Can I switch sides?

49. Joanne Whalley

Actress | Willow

British-born actress Joanne Whalley has graced the big and small screens for decades. Known for such films as Scandal and Willow, she was a firm fixture on British TV screens including the hit series, The Singing Detective and nuclear industry drama The Edge Of Darkness, for which she received a ...

1988 Willow (1988) - Sorsha

Sorsha was as captivating as any film character. Although a lot of that was what the then 27-year-old Whalley brought to the table physically, there was also a lot to like about the character herself. A wonderful synergy between actress and character. The combination was simply impossible to resist.

50. Lysette Anthony

Actress | Dracula: Dead and Loving It

Lysette Anthony was born on September 26, 1963 in Fulham, London, England as Lysette Anne Chodzko. She is an actress and producer, known for Dracula: Dead and Loving It (1995), Krull (1983) and Dark Shadows (1991). She was previously married to David Price and Luc Leestemaker.

1988 - Without a Clue (1988) - Leslie Giles

A young and utterly ruthless bad girl under a sweet and innocent exterior. Combine that with period fashions and Anthony's incredible beauty and you get an absolutely irresistible character.

51. Ishah Laurah Wright

Casting_department | Police Academy 6: City Under Siege

Ishah Laurah Wright was born as Laura Guillen. She was previously married to Nate Shelby, Nathan Dwight Shelby, Brian Swenk and Jason Robert Wright.

Mention must be made of Ishah Laurah Wright

1988 - Screwball Hotel (1988) - Miss Walsh

Buried throughout what is otherwise a moronic exercise in low-budget torture are short vignettes between the hotel manager and his secretary Miss Walsh (Laurah Guillen). These inspired scenes feature their active costume and fantasy sex life. Despite their almost nonstop silly coupling, the two characters never call each other by their first names; maintaining the executive - secretary formality as they do erotic takeoffs on "The Wizard of Oz", "Star Trek", "Raiders of the Lost Ark", "Snow White", and "Jaws".

Miss Walsh is arguably the most erotic character in movie history (Guillen being an irresistible combination of cute face, killer body, and self-knowing whimsy).

52. Mariel Hemingway

Actress | Manhattan

Mariel Hemingway was born on November 22, 1961 in Mill Valley, California, USA as Mariel Hadley Hemingway. She is an actress, known for Manhattan (1979), Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987) and The Sex Monster (1999). She was previously married to Stephen Crisman.

1987 Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987) - Lacy Warfield

Easily the best of 1987 and one of those rare cases where a single character redeemed a whole movie, where one unlikely casting choice made everything else about a bad movie irrelevant and turned it into a must see film. Although Hemingway was breathtakingly beautiful her acting was only slightly better than that of Kathy Ireland. What made her unusual was that she was uniquely without sex appeal - an amazing combination but one that made her perfect for this role.

Because Lacy is all about the erotic power of contrast; a gangly good girl geek poured into a sequined "come get me" dress (perhaps the hottest outfit in cinema history). Some odd synergy occurs from this contrast that takes Lacy past the maximum on any hotness scale, illustrating that not just bad girls can create this dynamic. Lacy renders Lois Lane dowdy and irrelevant. It must have been a painful process for Margot Kidder.

53. Helen Slater

Actress | Supergirl

Helen Slater was born in Bethpage, New York, to Alice Joan (Citrin), a lawyer and peace activist, and Gerald Slater, a television executive. She was raised in Massapequa, Long Island, New York, and is of Eastern European Jewish descent. Appearing in many shows as a child, she attended the New York ...

1986 - Ruthless People (1986) - Sandy Kessler

Sandy is simply dreamy perfect.

Sandy: I don't think he loves her. Ken Kessler: Well, let's face it, she's not Mother Teresa. Gandhi would have strangled her.

1985 Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer (1985) - The Dark Princess

Certainly the most beautiful animated female in history and as spoiled as Veruca Salt. Exactly the sort of woman most men are seeking.

The most interesting thing is how much she resembles Madison Stubbington - who wasn't even born at the time this was released.

55. Mare Winningham

Actress | Philomena

Mary 'Mare' Megan Winningham is an actress and songwriter who has appeared in nearly 100 TV shows and feature films. She began her career in 1976 as a singer, and starred in numerous and diverse film roles before hitting it big as one of the original Brat Pack in Joel Schumacher's St. Elmo's Fire (...

1985 St. Elmo's Fire (1985) - Wendy Beamish

This is my redemption pick. Falling for Wendy means that there is at least some substance to your soul. If you can't muster positive emotion about this character you are so shallow that your passing existence in the universe dynamic counts for less than that of a housefly.

Wendy: You wanna know what's great? Last night I woke up in the middle of the night to make myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich... and ya know, it was my kitchen, it was my refrigerator, it was my apartment... and it was the BEST peanut butter and jelly sandwich that I have had in my entire life

56. Holly Gagnier

Actress | Scandal

Holly Gagnier has established herself as a versatile actress on both coasts, appearing on stage, screen and television. She is best-known for her long stints on Days of Our Lives (1965), in the ground-breaking role of young teen mom "Ivy Jannings", for which she won the soap opera award for ...

1985 - Girls Just Want to Have Fun (1985) - Natalie Sands

Natalie is the ultimate masochist special, somehow the athletic Gagnier was able to pass for a teenager - the most cliche spoiled rich girl in cinema history. I was certainly hooked.

57. Kelli Maroney

Actress | Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Kelli Maroney began her career acting and studying at the Guthrie Theater in her native Minneapolis, MN., then went to New York to study at the National Shakespeare Company Conservatory. Two weeks after she arrived in Manhattan, Kelli was cast as evil adolescent "Kimberly Harris" on the daytime ...

1984 - Night of the Comet (1984) - Samantha

The availability of Valley Girl Samantha would be a considerable compensation for having to live in a post-apocalyptic world.

[When her MAC-10 jams while target shooting] Samantha: Daddy would have gotten us Uzis.

58. Cynthia Rhodes

Actress | Dirty Dancing

Cynthia Rhodes was born on November 21, 1956 in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. She is an actress, known for Dirty Dancing (1987), Flashdance (1983) and Runaway (1984). She was previously married to Richard Marx.

1984 Runaway (1984) - Karen Thompson Rhodes had a short career and a limited number of films; most notable being her dripping wet number in "Flashdance". She typically played the "taken for granted" good girl. "Runaway's" Officer Karen Thompson was such a character, but her combination of tight police uniform hotness and gritty toughness transcended the buddy picture dynamic and simply left you dazzled. "Runaway" is an entertaining action-adventure / sci-fi film with a great villain, a likeable hero, and a sexy bad girl; but good girl Officer Thompson is the film's most memorable element.

59. Corinne Wahl

Actress | Spring Break

Buxom, beautiful and charismatic brunette stunner Corinne Alphen was born on September 27, 1954 in Lynn, Massachusetts. She's the oldest of five children. Her father William was a Deputy Chief of Police in Lynn, Massachusetts, and her mother Marjorie worked as a secretary in the Commonwealth's ...

1983 - Spring Break (1983) - Joan

Not a huge part, not a huge amount of characterization, and not exactly a compelling performance. But you would have to look long and hard to find a woman who looked so good at her physical peak, the upper arms to bust ratio is captivatingly low. And her character's outfits didn't hurt either. So we have to include her simply for the second to none things she brought to the screen during her physical peak. Then credited as Corinne Alphen, and five years from her unforgettable Penthouse Pet of the Year days, she was simply radiant as rock singer Joan. Transcending the teen sex comedy genre and being mentioned positively in every review of the film.

60. Jayne Modean

Actress | Street Hawk

Jayne Modean is a model and actress who got her break as a fashion model in the late-1970s, appearing on three Seventeen covers in 1977. She was also a regular fashion print model in Penney and other catalogs in this same time frame. She was especially noticeable as the featured cover model on the ...

1983 - Spring Break (1983) - Susie

Who would have thunk-it, two characters in the same film and a B=movie at that. Modean was the queen of the "Seventeen Magazine" cover in those days and Susie was to scorchingly wholesome what Joan was to scorchingly hot. I suspect that the intention was to present the two idealized babe types that sincere guys are looking for during their "Spring Break" adventures. With that fantastic smile, Jayne was probably just playing herself and letting her effortless charm come through.

61. Stacey Nelkin

Actress | Halloween III: Season of the Witch

Stacey Nelkin was born on September 10, 1959 in New York City, New York, USA. She is an actress, known for Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982), Bullets Over Broadway (1994) and Yellowbeard (1983). She was previously married to Barry Bostwick.

1982 - Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982) - Ellie Grimbridge

Normally not an actress synonymous with sexy. But she was about 22 and looks hotter with each viewing of the film. Whether that is her feisty character, the situation, or simply an excellent job by the wardrobe people.

62. Phoebe Cates

Actress | Drop Dead Fred

Phoebe Belle Cates was born on July 16, 1963 in New York City, New York, and raised there. She is the daughter of Lily and Joseph Cates, who was a Broadway producer and television pioneer. Her uncle was director/producer Gilbert Cates. Phoebe is of Russian Jewish, and one quarter Chinese, descent. ...

1982 - Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982) - Linda Barrett

No need to explain, Linda was simply teen fantasy perfection. Cates was never again able to bring anything like that to the screen.

63. Jenny Agutter

Actress | The Avengers

Jenny Agutter was born on December 20, 1952, in Taunton, Somerset, England, UK. The daughter of an army officer, she spent her childhood traveling and living in different countries. Her film career began at the age of 12 in East of Sudan (1964), which was quickly followed by The Magical World of ...

1981 An American Werewolf in London (1981) - Nurse Alex Price I could just attribute it to the nurses uniform and the secret fantasy of most male viewers of being the patient with whom Nurse Alex falls in love. But Agutter at that age grabbed male viewers no matter what character she was playing (Jessica in "Logan's Run" also comes to mind). When watching her you spend a fair amount of time wondering why you are attracted and finally just have to accept that you simply are.

64. Diane Venora

Actress | Heat

Diane Venora was born Diana Venora in East Hartford Connecticut. She left Hartford for a full scholarship in the Drama Division of The Juilliard School. After graduating from Juilliard, she performed extensively on the stage and developed a reputation as a talented stage actress, particularly in ...

1981 - Wolfen (1981) - Rebecca Neff

When you are looking for someone accessible vs love Goddess inspirational, Verora's intellectual Rebecca Neff meets the bill in much the same way Karen Thompson did in "Runaway".

Rebecca Neff: South Bronx and Wall Street! What's the connection? Dewey Wilson: They're both dead!

65. Ornella Muti

Actress | Flash Gordon

Ornella Muti was born on March 9, 1955 in Rome, Lazio, Italy as Francesca Romana Rivelli. She is an actress, known for Flash Gordon (1980), The Most Beautiful Wife (1970) and Oscar (1991). She was previously married to Federico Fachinetti and Alessio Orano.

1980 - Flash Gordon (1980) - Princess Aura

Poor Dale Arden, she has to compete with young Princess Aura and the more mature Kala (played by Mariangela Melato) for viewer attention. And the deck is stacked against her by their second-to-none sexy costuming. Probably a miscalculation but no male member of the audience was complaining, they just left the theater unaware that Dale (played by Melody Anderson) had technically been the film's female lead - I suspect some were unaware that Dale had even been a character.

Klytus: Bring me... the bore worms! Princess Aura: No! Not the bore worms!

66. Mariangela Melato

Actress | Flash Gordon

Mariangela Melato was born on September 19, 1941 in Milan, Lombardy, Italy. She is known for her work on Flash Gordon (1980), Swept Away (1974) and Love & Anarchy (1973). She died on January 11, 2013 in Rome, Lazio, Italy.

1980 - Flash Gordon (1980) - Kala

I'm not sure that anyone exactly fell in love with Kala but she would be my choice for a walk on the wild side.

Kala: We are going to empty your memory, as we might empty your pockets... doctor.

67. Carrie Fisher

Actress | Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi

Carrie Frances Fisher was born on October 21, 1956 in Burbank, California, to singers/actors Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. She was an actress and writer known for Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977), Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980) and Star Wars: Episode VI - Return ...

1980 Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980) - Princess Leia

Leia deserves to be on this list more than anyone, with the only reservation being that most viewers fell in love with her as the spunky sister they wish they had. The wonderful give and take of Leia and Han's smoldering romance has no equal in cinema history.

68. Elizabeth McGovern

Actress | Ordinary People

Daughter of a law professor at Northwestern University, she moved with her family to Los Angeles when he transferred to the University of California at Los Angeles (U.C.L.A.). She began acting in school plays at North Hollywood High, graduated from The Oakwood School and then continued her stage ...

1980 - Ordinary People (1980) - Jeannine Pratt

Breaking (again) the "one" character per year rule, in the service of illustrating the diversity of characters who can qualify for a place on this list. Jeannine is the poster girl for the not flashy nurturing female character you fall in love with, in fact I would not be surprised to find that a higher proportion of male viewers fell in love with Jeannine when viewing the film for the first time than any other character in cinema history.

Jeannine: Conrad, I'm not a very good bowler, what I mean is, I'm a funny bowler. Conrad "Con" Jarrett: Oh, well we don't have to go bowling if you'd rather not. How funny are ya? Jeannine: On a scale of one to ten... about a ten. Conrad "Con" Jarrett: Oh... yeah, that's pretty funny.

69. Lisa Shure

Actress | Breaking Away

Lisa Shure was born as Lisa Roth. She is an actress, known for Breaking Away (1979), Charlie's Angels (1976) and A Man Called Sloane (1979).

1979 Sweethearts of Disaster (1979) - Vicki Bennett

There are rare occasions in the life of every heterosexual male where they encounter (in person or on screen) a female so erotic that it pushes past anything they have so far encountered in the universe, even past what they thought was possible. In my life Vicki Bennett was such a character, which is enough to get her on this list.

Lisa Shure was not around for long and is best remembered as the squeaky clean French exchange student Dave Stoller encounters at the very end of "Breaking Away", the one who instantly made Dave (and me) forget that Robyn Douglass had even been in the movie. Although the film was released the same year she appeared in this "Man Called Sloane" episode, I did not make the connection between them until recently. Lisa's breathtaking face is nicely featured in both roles, but Vicki is far higher voltage because of the erotic sparks that are generated by that kind of young ingenue in a bad girl role. And Vicki is about as ruthless a girl as you are likely to find.

I commend the series for casting Shure in this role and for giving the viewer some Vicki in bondage action, but I can't forgive their failure to feature her in a climatic catfight (to that point everything seemed to be working in that direction) and for confining the bondage to a wide master shot. With those kinds of missed opportunities it is easy to understand it's early cancellation.

70. Jo Ann Harris

Actress | Act of Vengeance

Jo Ann Harris was born on May 27, 1949 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Jo Ann Marcovitch. She is an actress, known for Act of Vengeance (1974), Most Wanted (1976) and The Beguiled (1971). She was previously married to Jerry Belson.

1979 - The Wild Wild West Revisited (1979) - Carmelita

I could just as well have selected Harris' performance eight years earlier as Carol in "The Beguiled" but I fell harder for Carmelita than for Carol. Carmelita was a bit more playful and somewhat deeper. Harris could be effortlessly "sultry hot" and both characters greatly benefited from this almost casual eroticism.

71. Leslie Ash

Actress | Men Behaving Badly

Leslie Ash was born on February 19, 1960 in Clapham, Lambeth, London, England. She is an actress, known for British Men Behaving Badly (1992), Quadrophenia (1979) and C.A.T.S. Eyes (1985). She has been married to Lee Chapman since 1988. They have two children.

1979 Quadrophenia (1979) - Steph

Flawed character in a flawless package. From your first view of her dancing in the club she lights up the frame.

72. Tatum O'Neal

Actress | Paper Moon

Tatum O'Neal was born on November 5, 1963 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Tatum Beatrice O'Neal. She is an actress and producer, known for Paper Moon (1973), The Runaways (2010) and The Bad News Bears (1976). She was previously married to John McEnroe.

1978 International Velvet (1978) - Sarah Brown

You can't keep Sarah off this list because she is probably the most important transitional character in the history of cinema. O'Neal had three great transitional years (1978 - 1980) in which she simply bloomed and "International Velvet" was her biggest role during this period. Throw in the riding outfits, the mud, and the gritty tomboy angst; it is hard to beat.

73. Veronica Cartwright

Actress | Alien

Born in Bristol, England, Veronica is the older sister of the popular child actress Angela Cartwright. In her early career, Veronica was cast in a number of popular movies such as The Children's Hour (1961), Spencer's Mountain (1963) and Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds (1963). As such, she was cast as...

1978 Goin' South (1978) - Hermine

Cartwright's skill at parody is nicely showcased with Hermine, who is simply luscious.

74. Jill Clayburgh

Actress | Bridesmaids

It came as no surprise to film aficionados when, in 1999, Entertainment Weekly named Jill Clayburgh on its list of Hollywood's 25 Greatest Actresses. For decades, she delivered stellar performances in a wide variety of roles.

Jill Clayburgh was born in 1944 in New York City, into a wealthy family, ...

1978 - An Unmarried Woman (1978) - Erica

Just to prove that I am not a complete boorish male lout I will overcome my impulse to select Martha Smith's "Animal House" character and go with Clayburgh's Erica for this year. It's a combination of her ethereal beauty, intelligence, and my connection to this story. I see this story as a modern day "Alice In Wonderland", with Erica, like Alice, on a quest for her identity.

75. Blair Brown

Actress | The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd

Blair Brown was born in Washington D.C. Her father, Milton Henry Brown, worked at the Central Intelligence Agency, while her mother Elizabeth Ann Brown worked as a teacher.

Brown graduated from the National Theatre School of Canada in 1969 and took to the stage, where she performed in the New York ...

1977 - Charlie Cobb: Nice Night for a Hanging (1977) - Charity

I probably fell harder for this character than for anybody since, incredibly beautiful face and acerbic dialogue. And there is just something about those period costumes. It was the first time I had seen Brown and she was at her absolute physical peak.

The character has lots of parallels to rancher's daughter Cat Ballou (Jane Fonda). Interestingly in these two films both Brown and Fonda convincingly played characters much younger than themselves, and both visually aged shortly after these portrayals, disappointing a lot of fans who took them to be relative newcomers. So check out "Captains and the Kings" and work backward from there.

76. Barbara Bach

Actress | The Spy Who Loved Me

Barbara Bach was born Barbara Ann Goldbach on August 27, 1947 in Queens, New York City, to Howard I. Goldbach, a policeman, Jewish from a family from Germany, Austria and Romania, and wife Marjorie ..., Irish Catholic. She met her first husband Augusto Gregorini in New York while she worked as a ...

1977 - The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) - Major Anya Amasova / Agent XXX

Bach was a great Bond girl, the Russian part just added the the sizzle. I liked her then - I like her better now.

James Bond: Oh, by the way, thanks for deserting me back there. Major Anya Amasova: Every woman for herself, remember? James Bond: Still, you did save my life. Major Anya Amasova: We all make mistakes, Mr. Bond.

77. Jane Hitchcock

Actress | Nickelodeon

Jane Hitchcock was born in Birmingham, Alabama in 1953 to Ray and Amelia Hitchcock. She was their fourth child. She grew up with three older brothers. Her father was a farmer, whose crops were wiped out by the beetle, so he ended up working at the local electric company. She studied ballet as a ...

1976 - Nickelodeon (1976) - Kathleen Cooke

Simply wow! Hitchcock was a model and was wise enough to underplay this heroine, who looks and acts so nice that the worship dynamic quickly kicks in.

78. Ronee Blakley

Actress | Nashville

Ronee Blakley came to prominence as the fictional country superstar Barbara Jean (a role that was originally offered to Susan Anspach), in Robert Altman's Nashville (1975). Her performance in the film won her a National Board of Review for Best Supporting Actress, and garnered Academy Award, BAFTA,...

1975 Nashville (1975) - Barbara Jean

1975 was an incredible year. This was the finest portrayal I have ever seen, and Adjani's was a close second - and they happened in the same year. And Barbara Jean's breakdown sequence (below) stands alone.

Barbara Jean: [she finishes singing a song at her concert] Thank you. I wanna tell you all a little secret which you might not know, and that is that last night I thanked my lucky stars that I could be here at all to sing for ya. I heard on the radio this little boy, nine years old. Sometimes a deejay'll play a tune and ask everybody to phone in and say how they like it. I was listenin', and this little nine-year-old called in. The song had voices in the background, like the way they use backup voices these days, soundin' like little munchkins. He called up, the deejay said, "How old are you, son?" The boy said, "I'm nine, and I think it's gonna be a hit. " The deejay said, "Why?" "Because it had those chipmunks in it. " And I thought that was so cute, because, well, I can sing like a munchkin myself. I'm real fond of The Wizard of Oz. Plus, I live out, you know, just a ways off of Interstate on the road to Chattanooga. So you can see why I kinda related to that. I think me and the boys are gonna strike up another tune for you now. Let's go, boys. I think there's a storm... seems like it's a-brewin'. That's what my grandaddy used to say before he lost his hearin'. Once he got deaf, he never talked much no more. 'Cept sometimes he'd say "Oh, gosh" or "Durn it" or "My word!" My granny'd go around clickin' her teeth to the radio all day. Boy, was she a lot of fun, and cooked my favorite, roast beef. She was a sweetheart. She raised chickens too. She, um... Did you ever hear a chicken sound? You know how chickens go? Here, chick, chick, chick. Here, chick, chick, chick. Anyway, I guess we'd better strike up this tune before it's too late. Okay, boys. The first job I ever really got... Grandma... She's the one who clacked her false teeth to the radio. She taught my mama how to sing, and my mama taught me. One time she took me, 'cause we was gonna get a new Frigidaire. She took me to the Frigidaire store where the man was advertisin'. This record was goin' 'round, and Mama told him I knew how to sing. He said, "If she learns this tune, I'll give y'all a quarter. " So Mama and I went home... And then what happened? Let's see, I think... Uh, yeah. We went home and I learned both sides of the record in half an hour. We went back and told him that I'd learned 'em, and he said, "Let me hear," so I sang both sides of the record instead of just one. So he gave us cents, and we went across the street and had us a soda. Ever since then I been workin'. I don't... I think ever since then I been workin' and doin' my... - Come on, come on. - Supportin'myself. Anyway... Barnett: [comes up on stage and starts to pull her from the microphone] Hey, hey. Hey, hey. Barbara Jean: Am I all right? Am I all right? Barnett: Oh, you're fine, darlin'. [he guides her offstage]

79. Isabelle Adjani

Actress | Possession

Isabelle Yasmine Adjani was born in Gennevilliers, Hauts-de-Seine, a suburb of Paris, to Emma Augusta "Gusti" (Schweinberger) and Mohammed Adjani. Her father was a Kabyle Algerian, from Iferhounène, and her mother was a Bavarian German. She grew up speaking German fluently. After winning a school ...

1975 - L'histoire d'Adèle H. (1975) - Adèle Hugo

Yes, it is an exercise in frustration to be in love with Adèle, as the world holds so many possibilities for someone this beautiful, intelligent, and passionate; if only she would give up her obsession. But rarely does a actress bring so intense a character to the screen, and even rarer do it so well that no suspension of disbelief by the viewer is necessary.

80. Lee Purcell

Actress | JL Ranch

Lee Purcell was born on June 15, 1947 in Cherry Point, North Carolina, USA as Lee Jeune Williams. She is an actress, known for JL Ranch (2016), Kids vs Monsters (2015) and Valley Girl (1983).

1974 - Mr. Majestyk (1974) -"Wiley"

Another bad girl with class, male viewers kept their eyes glued to the well-groomed Wiley and wished that she had more screen time. Part of the attraction was a feeling that you could reform her if you only had the chance.

A particularly interesting thing is how thin and delicate Wiley looks in her scenes, most times the camera makes female characters appear more imposing than the really are, but whoever handled the cinematography for this film got it right.

For me, the final shot of a chagrined Wiley in the back seat of a patrol car was simply the single most erotic three seconds in film history.

81. Kate Jackson

Actress | Scarecrow and Mrs. King

Lucy Kate Jackson was born in Birmingham, AL on October 29.1948. She attended the University of Mississippi but left during her sophomore year to begin studying at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. She was a supporting cast member on Dark Shadows (1966) (Daphne, 1970-1971) and on The Rookies (...

1974 Death Cruise (1974) Mary Frances Radney

For years I never really understood the attraction, but I had never seen Jackson in her early twenties; before she lost her youthful glow. But she still had it in 1974 and with it she was dazzling. Add in the bad girl vibe in this movie and you have something truly memorable.

82. Miranda Barry

Actress | The Brothers O'Toole

Miranda Barry is a writer and producer, known for The Brothers O'Toole (1973), Ghostwriter (1992) and The Famous Jett Jackson (1998).

1973 The Brothers O'Toole (1973) - Bonnie Lou MacClanahan

There are rare occasions (see Lisa Shure above) in the life of every heterosexual male where they encounter (in person or on screen) a female so delectably wholesome that it pushes past anything they have so far encountered in the universe, even past what they thought was possible. In my life Bonnie Lou MacClanahan was such a character, which is enough to get her on this list. She is the only character about whom I fantasize about marrying, not to mention an assortment of more carnal activities.

83. Heather Menzies-Urich

Actress | The Sound of Music

Beautiful, sunny, and engaging blonde actress Heather Menzies was born on December 3, 1949 in Toronto, Canada. Her family moved to the United States when Heather was eleven. She graduated from Hollywood High School and subsequently attended the Falcon Studio's University of the Arts in Hollywood. ...

1973 Sssssss (1973) - Kristina Stoner

Of note because Kristina's look and general quirkiness would account for much of the attraction of the girl I would ask to marry me roughly a year after first viewing the film, although it would be years before I made the connection between them.

84. Lynne Marta

Actress | Footloose

Lynne Marta was born on October 31, 1948 in Somerville, New Jersey, USA. She is an actress, known for Footloose (1984), Joe Kidd (1972) and Love, American Style (1969).

1972 Joe Kidd (1972) - Elma

Elma was not a deep characterization but she was playful enough to put a male viewer in overdrive. Perhaps because in 1972 Marta was about as effortlessly sensuous as any female you are likely to encounter. Physically appealing but not a flawless beauty her uniqueness simply amped up her erotic power.

85. Claudia Jennings

Actress | The Unholy Rollers

Born Mary Eileen "Mimi" Chesterton (nicknamed Mimi by her friends and family) in St. Paul, Minnesota, titian beauty Claudia Jennings was raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In 1966, she moved to Evanston, Illinois, the first suburb north of Chicago just south of the Wisconsin state line, where she ...

1972 The Unholy Rollers (1972) - Karen Walker

Karen was probably the best of a group remarkably influential female characters Jennings brought to the screen.

86. Marcia Strassman

Actress | Honey, I Blew Up the Kid

This tall, willowy brunette (frequently blonde) was born April 28, 1948, in New York City, one of four children. Raised in Passaic, New Jersey, she grew into a striking young teen and worked for a time as a model in a local children's department store. Trekking back to New York City equipped only ...

1972 M*A*S*H (1972) - Nurse Margie Cutler

Perhaps better appreciated in reruns as you realize that Margie was the most appealing character in the entire series. Strassman was one of those rare and wonderful women who look better the more you look at them.

87. Lynn Borden

Actress | Frogs

Most famous for her role in the 1972 low-budget shocker Frogs (1972), this talented actress has rarely received any large roles. She was originally going to play the lead in 1964's Roustabout (1964). She had a memorable role in the action film Dirty Mary Crazy Larry (1974), though small, and has ...

1972 - Frogs (1972) - Jenny Crockett

Trapped in a lousy marriage and surrounded by amphibians, Mrs. Baxter was finally free of Hazel's constant meddling. 1972 was a bad year for our type of character but Borden came into the film after playing the only TV mother hotter than any other female character on the medium , she even put Petticoat Junction's Bradley girls to shame. As Jenny she gets some nice scream queen "girl in distress" moments before becoming a giant snapping turtle's lunch. Who else can make that claim?

88. Antonia Ellis

Actress | The Boy Friend

Antonia Ellis was born on April 30, 1944 in Newport, Isle of Wight, England as Antonia Marie Ellis. She is an actress, known for The Boy Friend (1971), UFO (1970) and Mahler (1974).

1971 Percy (1971) - Rita La Rousse

Her striptease in the hospital room was the most erotically arousing sequence ever filmed, check it out.

89. Susan George

Actress | Straw Dogs

Susan George was born on July 26, 1950 in Surbiton, Surrey, England as Susan Melody George. She is an actress and producer, known for Straw Dogs (1971), Mandingo (1975) and Dirty Mary Crazy Larry (1974). She was previously married to Simon MacCorkindale.

1971 - Fright (1971) - Amanda

George was a worthy successor to Joey Heatherton in the erotic sizzle department, coming onto the entertainment scene about the time Heatherton was fading away. Both actresses glowed, raising blood pressures simply by drifting in front of the camera.

But in this memorable psychological thriller she is not just evocatively terrorized but evocatively terrorized while wearing an exceptionally hot outfit. Male viewers were quickly running on glands watching this one and forgot that the film also had a plot.

90. Madeleine Collinson

Actress | The Love Machine

Strikingly busty, adorable, and voluptuous brunette knockout Madeleine Collinson was born on July 22, 1952 in Malta. She's the identical twin sister of Mary Collinson. The Collinson sisters first arrived in Britain in April, 1969. Noted British glamor photographer Harrison Marks cast the duo as ...

1971 Twins of Evil (1971) - Frieda Gellhorn

For viewers seeing the Collinson Twins (Madeleine & Mary) playing twins Frieda and Maria was like winning the trifecta of erotica. Sweet 19-year-old faces and perfect bodies.

They looked great on the cover and centerfold of the October 1970 issue of Playboy, but wait till you see them in period costumes. In the film Frieda is bad and Maria is good, for a extremely nice twist on the dichotomy of human character, what man would not want to have such pair for his own.

91. Patricia Mattick

Actress | The Beguiled

Patricia Mattick was born on July 31, 1951 in Denver, Colorado, USA as Patricia Colleen Mattick. She was an actress, known for The Beguiled (1971), Mannix (1967) and Tales of the Unexpected (1977). She died on December 6, 2003 in Tallahassee, Florida, USA.

1971 Ransom for a Dead Man (1971) - Margaret Williams

1971 is getting a little crowded with examples, 1965 and 1971 being by far best years for the qualities we are looking for on this list. Mattick strongly resembled Blair Brown, falling just short of Brown's physical perfection but that made her more attainable and less sterile. They detune her with wire-framed glasses to get that librarian/computer nerd look and as often happens it works to amp up her hotness. And Margaret is extremely determined and feisty, which constrasts with her repressed appearance to produce even more erotic glow. My favorite example of this almost inexplicable phenomenon.

92. Pamela McMyler

Actress | Halloween II

Pamela McMyler was born on November 9, 1943 in South Carolina, USA as Pamela Jo McMyler. She is known for her work on Halloween II (1981), Chisum (1970) and The Waltons (1971).

1970 Chisum (1970) - Sallie Chisum

They got her at the right place at the right time and in the right picture.

93. Susan Sarandon

Actress | Thelma & Louise

Susan Sarandon was born Susan Abigail Tomalin in New York City, NY, to homemaker Lenora Marie (Criscione) and Phillip Leslie Tomalin, an advertising executive. She is of Italian descent on her mother's side and English, Irish, Welsh, and German on her father's.

After the 1968 Democratic convention ...

1970 - Joe (1970) - Melissa Compton

It wasn't that 1970 was a bad year for films but it was a bad year for dreamy or even vaguely desirable girls in films.

Fortunately Sarandon's Melissa is available for this list. Melissa arguably grabbed a higher proportion of viewing male hearts than any female in cinema history (excluding "Ordinary People's Jeannine Pratt). Of course most of those viewing the film were to some degree in tune with the "free love" theme she represented. "Joe" had one of film's all-time most powerful endings, one in which Melissa spookily evoked her 1970 contemporary - Kent State's Allison Krause.

94. Beba Loncar

Actress | Some Girls Do

Beba Loncar was born on April 28, 1943 in Belgrade, Serbia, Yugoslavia as Desanka Loncar. She is an actress, known for Some Girls Do (1969), The Birds, the Bees and the Italians (1966) and Ljubav i moda (1960). She is married to Stevan Marinkovic Knicanin. She was previously married to Josip ...

1969 - Some Girls Do (1969) Pandora

Thank God for Europe in this sterile year of counter-culture Hollywood movie-making. This was the start of a five-year period where Hollywood studios had lost control of the product and feature films were being made by people completely clueless about the power of dreamy heroines.

The strawberry blonde Pandora has a fondness for explosions and may be a nymphomaniac, the explosion part demonstrated early in the film when she and her assassin teammate blow up a test facility and she is shown to greatly enjoy the explosion. She kills numerous times during this tongue in cheek British secret agent film (a follow-up to "Deadlier Than the Male") and exhibits delight on screen when she gets to kill someone. She has enough airhead qualities to be absolutely charming.

It is one of those rare occasions in parody where just one supporting character can be credited for the entire fun tone of the film. Loncar is ideally cast as Pandora, while arguably the most physically appealing actress of her era, her face had a sweetness that none of her counterparts could match.

Conversely this year there was Annabella Incontrera

1969 - The Assassination Bureau (1969) - Eleanora Spado

Incontrera had a harder face than Loncar, but plenty of cleavage in period costume. There is considerable sizzle to this adulterous fatale and her seductive attempts at murder; and just enough of an amateurish quality to inspire a perverse sort of protectiveness in the male viewer.

95. Sharon Tate

Actress | Valley of the Dolls

Sharon's early life was one of constant moving as her father served in the military. When she lived in Italy, she was voted "Homecoming Queen" of her high school. After being an extra in a few Italian films, Sharon headed to Hollywood where she would again start as an extra. Her first big break ...

1968 - The Wrecking Crew (1968) - Freya Carlson

A completely unexpected but utterly stunning performance. Tate plays Freya, a curvy but bumbling secret agent who invokes all those fantasies about uptight librarians, eyeglasses, and airheads. And then has a lengthy Bruce Lee choreographed fight with her nemesis U-Rang (Nancy Kwan). What's not to like?

Freya Carlson: It just so happens that I know where Yu-Rang hangs her kimono. Matt Helm: I'll bet you do.

96. Janet Landgard

Actress | The Swimmer

Janet Landgard was born on December 2, 1947 in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, USA. She is an actress, known for The Swimmer (1968), Moonchild (1974) and Land Raiders (1970).

1968 The Swimmer (1968) - Julie Hooper

Cheating a little bit here with a second film from 1968, but Landgard's Julie simply can't be omitted. Well-scrubbed and fresh she is open to new experiences and imagination.

97. Elke Sommer

Actress | The Prize

This gorgeous Teutonic temptress was one of Hollywood's most captivating imports of the 1960s. Blonde and beautiful, Berlin-born Elke Sommer, with her trademark pouty lips, high cheekbones and sky-high bouffant hairdos, proved irresistible to American audiences, whether adorned in lace or leather, ...

1967 - Deadlier Than the Male (1967) - Irma Eckman

Miss Eckman is highly efficient in her work and may be psychotic, since she clearly has no qualms about killing; in the film's opening moments, she kills a man with a booby-trapped cigar, then blows up the plane he is on. Quite an introduction. Somehow her physical perfection and sophisticated glamour contrasted with her personality defects to produce a sort of twisted vulnerability that made her that much more irresistible. Sommer had physically peaked at age 26 when she made this film; two to three years later she had pretty much lost whatever had made her so special. But it was great while it lasted.

Irma Eckman: Well I have had men fall for me before but never like this.

98. Virginia North

Actress | On Her Majesty's Secret Service

The daughter of an American Army Officer and a British mother, Virginia Anne Northrop spent her childhood travelling and growing up in whatever country her father happened to be posted. By the age of twenty, she settled in London and became a fashion model with Europe's leading agency, Models 1. ...

1967 - Deadlier Than the Male (1967) - Brenda

If you haven't seen the film yet here is another reason to track it down. Brenda is simply the most delectable young ingenue in cinema history. Brenda was the 21 year-old North's first film role but she teases this portrayal with the skill of an crafty veteran. This appearance nicely contrasts with her underplayed role as Dr. Phibes decorative accomplice.

If I were looking to develop an unhealthy obsession with a deceased actress she would be my choice.

99. Elaine Dunn

Actress | The Wild Wild West

Elaine Dunn is an actress, known for The Wild Wild West (1965), The Jackie Gleason Show (1952) and The Bob Newhart Show (1961).

1966 The Night of the Infernal Machine (1966) - Vashti

Vashti is a watershed moment character in the history of erotic television. I attribute the extra voltage to her wild west era pink and black showgirl costume which is incredibly erotic. The producers wisely took every opportunity to showcase her in this outfit as bad girl Vashti performs a lengthy routine for the benefit of a group of federal judges she plans to blow up in a grand finale.

Dunn had to have been in her mid-thirties in 1966 but her career as a dancer had kept her face and body virtually ageless. She looks at least ten years younger.

100. Gayle Hunnicutt

Actress | Target

Gayle Hunnicutt was born on February 6, 1943 in Fort Worth, Texas, USA as Virginia Gayle Hunnicutt. She is an actress, known for Target (1985), Marlowe (1969) and The Legend of Hell House (1973). She was previously married to Simon Jenkins and David Hemmings.

1966 The Badgers Return (1966) - Emaline Fetty

One of my favorites since it was originally broadcast, in this two episode story Emaline passes herself off as a simple girl from back home who moves into the mansion. Jethro falls in love again. But she is really con artist Country Kate and tries to blackmail Jed and Mr. Drysdale with some risque photos.

Even at age 23 Hunnicutt had the hard features of a bored fashion model. Her looks of exasperation and disgust not only make her the perfect foil for Jethro but also provide an irresistible contrast to her sweet country girl facade.

The producers rather cluelessly gave the tuned-down version of Emaline heavy eye make-up. This doesn't do anything for her credibility but it gives Hunnicutt an incredibly erotic look, the mismatched country version of her character is simply irresistible, much more so than the sophisticated version.

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