Martial Artists In Movies: The Real Deal - Volume 15 (All Kickboxing Edition 2)

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This is a list of legitimate martial artists appearing in movies, accompanied by the styles they practice(d), the recognition they've received for them, and individual trivia.

This particular list EXCLUSIVELY includes individuals whose primary activities in the realm of martial arts include Kickboxing competition. Individuals who have competed in Kickboxing but are more authoritative in other sectors can be found in other lists.


  • the performer must be an actual practitioner of a martial art; simply portraying martial artists in film, no matter how well or how often, is not enough
  • the martial art(s) in question must be able to be identified and verified by a source other than hearsay
  • individual accomplishments (e.g. tournaments won, belts held) must likewise be verifiable
  • Mixed Martial Arts, Tai Chi, and weapons-based styles can only be credited if the person in question practices another style as well (I reserve the right to make exceptions)
  • Kickboxing is considered a martial art
  • Tae Bo, boxing, wrestling, and gymnastics are not considered martial arts
  • styles incorporating firearms usage (e.g. Systema) are not considered


I have begun crediting stunt performers for doubling others in fight scenes. I justify doing this for cases wherein the stunt performer is performing significant parts of the action themselves and is displayed on the screen as prominently or more than the actor or actress.


NOTE: a lot of the trivia listed here did originally come from IMDb pages, but I've only included information I was able to verify from other sources as well.


**Though I have done my utmost to ensure that all information below is factual and up-to-date, I may have made mistakes and therefore make no claims about this list's infallibility**


ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Many thanks to Animelovers for suggesting entrys #35-41.


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1. JuJu Chan

Actress | Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny

JuJu Chan is a Chinese American actress, best known for her fight action, who graduated with a Masters degree from the prestigious New York University-Tisch School of the Arts (Film/TV). She is an award winning actress, martial artist, Taekwon-Do (ITF) Hong Kong National athlete and medalist, and ...

Tae Kwon Do (2nd Dan; ITF Bronze medalist), Muay Thai (TOL Champion)

Trivia: also trains with the nunchaku


2. Howard Jackson

Stunts | The Last of the Mohicans

Howard Jackson was born on June 27, 1951 in Detroit, Michigan, USA as Howard E. Jackson. He is known for his work on The Last of the Mohicans (1992), The Delta Force (1986) and Hero and the Terror (1988). He died on March 7, 2006 in Duarte, California, USA.

Tang Soo Do, Chun Kuk Do (7th Dan; Top 10 Nationals Champion; 2-time Battle of Atlanta Champion), Muay Thai, Kickboxing (2-time WKA Champion; WKBA Champion; Black Belt Hall of Fame entry; record: 23-2-1)

Trivia: was also a professional boxer (record: 12-7-1) and Nevada State Champion

Best seen in FULL CONTACT

3. John Wayne Parr

Actor | The Violent

John Wayne Parr is known for his work on The Violent (2010), The Contender Asia (2008) and John Wayne Parr: Blessed with Venom (2011).

Tae Kwon Do, Kickboxing, Muay Thai (WKA, S-1 & IMF Champion; record: 75-29)

Trivia: was the first westerner ever featured on the cover of Muay Siam magazine

Best seen in THE VIOLENT

4. Luraina Undershute

Actress | Sometimes a Hero

Luraina Undershute was born on August 20, 1978 in Canada. She is known for her work on Sometimes a Hero (2003), G.O.D. (2001) and The Karate Dog (2005). She was previously married to Darren Shahlavi.

Kickboxing, Muay Thai (ISKA & IKF Champion; record: 14-0)

Trivia: trains at Peterec's Kickboxing and Martial Arts Center


5. David Anthony Buglione

Actor | 116 MacDougal

A native New Yorker, David started acting and practicing martial arts when he was only 5 years old. He studied Kenpo for many years and received his black belt at the age of 16. As a young actor, David appeared in many commercials and TV shows. He also began training for full contact kick-boxing ...

Kenpo, Kickboxing (USKBA & KWG Champion; WAKO National Team member)

Trivia: was one of the youngest kickboxers to turn pro, at age 18

Best seen in DUEL OF LEGENDS

6. Nick DeKay

Stunts | Furious Seven

Nick deKay is an expert martial artist, motorcycle racer, and car racer that has parlayed his athletic talents into a career in film and television. Nick started training martial arts at 6 years of age and went on to compete in professional Muay Thai boxing in the US and Thailand. Nick started ...

Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (purple belt), Tang Soo Do, Tae Kwon Do, Mixed Martial Arts

Trivia: is the founder of the Unit 2 Fitness facility of Atlanta, GA


7. Brett Sheerin

Stunts | Logan

Brett Sheerin is known for his work on Logan (2017), Unbroken (2014) and The Wolverine (2013).


Trivia: (?)

Best seen in THE HOBBIT

8. Gökhan Saki

Actor | Amsterdam Heavy

Gokhan Saki, sportsman, actor and trainer. Born on October 19, 1983, in Schiedam, The Netherlands, from Turkish origin. He became Glory Light Heavyweight World Champion kick-boxing in April 2014 and fought in the USA in 2013 for the Heavyweight Belt. Gokhan is two-time Dutch and European Muay Thai ...

Kickboxing, Muay Thai (United Glory & WFCA Champion), Mixed Martial Arts (record: 0-1)

Trivia: fought Alistair Overeem in a Kickboxing match while injured with a broken arm


9. Loi Kwan Kam

Stunts | The Big Hit

Loi Kwan Kam is known for his work on The Big Hit (1998), Voodoo (2007) and Flash Point (2007).


Trivia: competed professionally in kickboxing prior to becoming a stuntman


10. Ron Vreeken

Stunts | Red Planet

Ron Vreeken is known for his work on Red Planet (2000), Street Fighter (1994) and Mission: Impossible II (2000).

Aikido, Jujitsu, Kyokushin Karate, Judo, Kickboxing, Muay Thai (Blitz Hall of Fame entry)

Trivia: had 54 fights in his Kickboxing career

Best seen in DEATH FIGHT

11. Dennis Keiffer

Stunts | Furious Seven

Dennis Keiffer is a former K.I.C.K. Super Middleweight Kickboxing Champion. He took his skills to Television and Cinema as an actor and stuntman. Early in his career he worked on fight movies such as "Bloodfist", "Shootfighter", and "Die Trying". In the past 15 years Dennis has been a stunt actor ...

Kickboxing (KICK Champion)

Trivia: was nominated twice for SAG awards as part of a stunt ensemble


12. Angel Valerio

Actor | Wayunagu 2

Angel Valerio is an actor and producer, known for Wayunagu 2, Sleeper (2015) and Wayunagu (2017).

Hwa Rang Do, Kickboxing, Capoeira

Trivia: trained in the martial arts under Benny Urquidez

Best seen in RE-CUT

13. Damian Mavis

Stunts | Gong fu yu jia

Damian Mavis is a Canadian actor and stuntman based in Vancouver Canada, previously based in Bangkok Thailand, he's worked on over 100 productions including feature films, TV Commercials, TV shows, print ads and short films. Damian has played good guy roles from heroes, doctors, police and fathers ...

Tae Kwon Do (3rd Dan), Karate, Muay Thai

Trivia: also practices grappling and sword-fighting


14. Cengiz Dervis

Actor | Knightfall

Cengiz Dervis was born in England and trained as an actor initially in London followed by classes, courses and workshops in New York and LA.

Learning his craft working in student films along with fringe theatre before taking the lead in several award-winning festival short films and moving onto ...

Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Shen Chi Do, Karate, Hapkido, Kuk Sool Won, Wing Chun, Mixed Martial Arts

Trivia: is also a published author

Best seen in GREEN STREET 3

15. Micah Brock

Actor | Slug Street Scrappers: Beat Em Up

Micah Brock was born on August 1, 1985 in California, USA. He is an actor and producer, known for Slug Street Scrappers: Beat Em Up (2013), Johnny Owes (2008) and Slug Street Scrappers: Rise of Ryuken (2012).

Tae Kwon Do (1st Dan), Muay Thai

Trivia: is an instructor at the Fjellman Fight Club in Port Townsend, WA


16. Ray Wizard

Actor | Long hang tian xia

Ray Wizard is an actor, known for The Master (1992).

Kenpo (6th Dan; 20-time IKC Champion; 3-time NBL Champion; 2-time USA Nationals Champion), Kickboxing (WKA Champion; record: 11-2), Mixed Martial Arts (record: 0-1)

Trivia: is the founder of the Black Kenpo Karate Association

Best seen in THE MASTER

17. Mighty Mo

Actor | Pit Fight

Mighty Mo is an actor, known for Pit Fight (2004), Kunlun Fight (2014) and Bellator MMA Live (2013).

Muay Thai, Kickboxing (2-time K-1 GP Champion; record: 20-21), Mixed Martial Arts (UAGF Champion; record: 11-5)

Trivia: is also a professional boxer (record: 2-2)

Best seen in PIT FIGHT

18. Thunderwolf

Actor | Lionheart

Raised in Dover, Delaware and now living in Southern California, Thunderwolf comes from a family of nine which, like families of many Black Americans, is mixed with Indian blood.

"Wolf", as he is known by many, has always believed in following his dreams, and attributes his work ethics and strong ...

Kickboxing, Shotokan & Ukidokan Karate, Tae Kwon Do

Trivia: trained in the martial arts under Benny Urquidez


19. Semmy Schilt

Actor | Transporter 3

Semmy Schilt was born on October 27, 1973 in Zuidlaren, Drenthe, Netherlands. He is an actor, known for Transporter 3 (2008), Black Out (2012) and Nova Zembla (2011).

Kyokushin & Ashihara Karate (2-time DJH Champion; 5-time IBK Champion), Kickboxing (4-time K-1 World GP Champion; K-1 GP Champion; K-1 Champion; 2-time GLORY Champion; record: 43-6-1), Mixed Martial Arts (King of Pancrase Champion; record: 26-14-1)

Trivia: set a K-1 record for the fastest championship win, in 5:33 minutes

Best seen in TRANSPORTER 3

20. Igor Spanic

Actor | Life After Death

Igor Spanic is an actor, known for Life After Death (2006), Hollywood Confidential (2008) and Final Fu (2006).

Tae Kwon Do (Krapina 95 Champion), Muay Thai (Croatian National Champion), Kickboxing (3-time Croatian National Champion; WKA Champion; Croatian National Team member)

Trivia: is also an amateur wrestler, having won the Faculty for Physical Education Championship

Best seen in FINAL FU

21. Olando Rivera

Actor | The Forgotten Father

Olando Rivera is an actor, known for The Forgotten Father (2008) and The Martial Arts Kid (2015).

Tae Kwon Do, Kickboxing (ISKA, KICK, WWKA, PFK & WMMA Champion)

Trivia: is also a professional boxer (record: 15-6-2)


22. T.J. Quicksilver

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

TJ Quicksilver (aka T. Jon Cuenca) is an actor, martial artist, & stuntman based in Las Vegas, NV. A Level 18 Master Instructor in the Filipino Martial Art of Kali, his proficiency in bladed, blunt force, projectile and flexible weaponry is exceeded only by his love of the performing arts. His ...

Tae Kwon Do (3rd Dan), Muay Thai (US National Champion; record: 13-0-1), Escrima (FCS Champion)

Trivia: is also a professional knife-thrower and IKTHOF Champion

Best seen in MONEY FIGHT

23. Robert D. Parham

Actor | Jackson Bolt

Robert Parham (Robert Dennis Parham, Jr., born January 24, 1966) is a former five time World Kickboxing Champion and former four time Sport Karate Champion. His kickboxing record was 17-1 with 9 knockouts. In his last match, he was stopped by Patrick Barry

While enlisted in the Air Force, he won the...

Tae Kwon Do, Karate (3-time National Champion; 2-time NBL Champion; USKA & Mississippi State Champion), Kickboxing (5-time WKC Champion; record: 17-1; Masters, Universal Martial Arts & USA Hall of Fame entry)

Trivia: is also a boxer and former Mississippi Silver Gloves Champion

Best seen in JACKSON BOLT

24. Buakaw Banchamek

Actor | Thong Dee Fun Khao

Buakaw Banchamek was born as Sombat Banchamek. He is an actor, known for Thong Dee Fun Khao (2017), Yamada: Samurai of Ayothaya (2010) and Into the Fire (2011).

Muay Thai (2-time K-1 Champion; 2-time Omnoi Stadium Champion; S-1, WMC, TMTT & Thailand National Champion; record: 227-23-12), Mixed Martial Arts

Trivia: is also a soccer player and member of the RBAC Football Club


25. Yi Long

Actor | Captain America: Civil War

Yi Long is an actor, known for Captain America: Civil War (2016), China Peacekeeping Forces (2018) and Kunlun Fight (2014).

Sanshou, Kickboxing (record: 25-7-1)

Trivia: is often promoted as a Shaolin monk, though the Shaolin Temple of Henan Province has disputed his status


26. Anthony Elmore

Director | Iron Thunder

Anthony Elmore is a director and actor, known for Contemporary Gladiator (1989).

Kickboxing (PKA, KICK, STAR & WKC Champion)

Trivia: is the first professional kickboxer to have received corporate endorsement, from the Adolph Coors Company


27. Asanee Suwan

Actor | Beautiful Boxer

Asanee Suwan is an actor, known for Beautiful Boxer (2004), The Coffin (2008) and The Forest (2016).

Muay Thai (Nong Mon Chonburi Stadium Champion)

Trivia: competed in his first Muay Thai match at age 11


28. Pernilla Johansson

Stunts | Dyke Hard

Pernilla Johansson is known for her work on Dyke Hard (2014) and Fallet - Hagamannen (2009).

Karate, Tae Kwon Do (7-time Swedish National Champion; 2-time European Champion; 2-time WTC Bronze medalist), Kickboxing, Muay Thai (2-time Swedish National Champion; IFMA & WKA Champion; record: 14-0-1)

Trivia: has had 150 matches in Tae Kwon Do competition

Best seen in DYKE HARD

29. Néstor Varzé

Actor | Brigada cola

Néstor Varzé is known for his work on Brigada cola (1992), Los extermineitors (1989) and Extermineitors II: La venganza del dragón (1990).

Shotokan Karate (8th Dan, 2-time Argentinian National Champion), Kickboxing

Trivia: set a world record in 2007 by breaking 52 ice bars during a demonstration


30. Joseph Valtellini

Actor | Kickboxer: Vengeance

Joseph John Valtellini (born May 3, 1985) is a Canadian-Italian Muay Thai kickboxer who is the current world welterweight champion for Glory Promotions. Nicknamed "Bazooka Joe", Valtellini is a strong and explosive fighter possessing considerable punching power and powerful low kicks. After winning...

Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai, Kickboxing (GLORY, IKF, CASK & CAMTAO Champion; record: 12-2)

Trivia: is also a physical education teacher


31. Conrad Pla

Actor | Max Payne

Born in Madrid, Spain to nuclear physicist parents, Conrad came to Canada at the age of three. Between the ages of 18 and 32 he was a professional kickboxer and champion. After an injury, acting became his life. He studied with Danielle Schneider for one year and has been taking Ivana Chubbuck ...

Kickboxing (ISKA Champion)

Trivia: is the founder of the Tristar Gym of Montreal, Canada

Best seen in REGENESIS

32. Lafayette Lawson

The Third Society

Lafayette Lawson is known for his work on The Third Society (2002), Top Cop (1990) and Tha Eastsidaz (2000).

Tae Kwon Do, Kickboxing (KICK Champion)

Trivia: is also a professional boxer (record: 0-3)

Best seen in THE EASTSIDAZ

33. Kaoklai Kannorasing

Actor | Aukmen

Kaoklai Kannorasing is an actor, known for Down for the Count (2009).

Muay Thai (2-time Rajadamnern Stadium Champion; K-1 GP, IKKC & WBC Champion)

Trivia: at 175 lbs., he is the lightest competitor in the K-1 super-heavyweight division


34. Ritika Singh

Actress | Saala Khadoos

Ritika Singh is an actress, known for Saala Khadoos (2016), Guru (2017) and Tarzan's Daughter (2002).

Karate (1st Dan), Kickboxing (TOA Silver medalist, Indian National Champion), Mixed Martial Arts (record: 1-3)

Trivia: also studies boxing

Best seen in IRUDHI SUTTRU

35. Florina Petcu

Actress | Inside Man

Florina Petcu is an actress, known for Inside Man (2006), Fender Saves the World (2001) and Winter Solstice (2004).

Muay Thai (2-time WKA Champion; IKF Champion; IFMA Silver medalist; US National Team member)

Trivia: is also a soccer player and co-captain of the Brooklyn College team


36. Ken Zheng

Writer | Down by the River

Ken Zheng is a writer and actor, known for Down by the River, Brush with Danger (2015) and The Last Supper.

Sanshou (2-time Indonesian National Champion; Indonesian National Team member)

Trivia: won his first national championship at age 16, making him the youngest Indonesian Sanshou champion in history


37. Alain Ngalani

Actor | Man of Tai Chi

Alain Ngalani is an actor, known for Man of Tai Chi (2013), Naked Soldier (2012) and ONE Fighting Championship 13: Moment of Truth (2013).

Judo, Shotokan, Koshiki & Kyokushin Karate (4-time WMACE Champion; 2-time WKKF Champion), Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Savate, Kickboxing (4-time UFABA Champion; 2-time Battle Planet Champion), Muay Thai (WMC & WPMF Champion), Mixed Martial Arts (record: 2-3)

Trivia: is also a former bodyguard

Best seen in MAN OF TAI CHI

38. Kimko

Stunts | Blast

born Martin Kimko Luckhurst in Japan to Korean mother Ai Hyun Kim and American father former Darby's Ranger Sargent Judson Baker Luckhurst. Fourth child out of five siblings, soon they divorced when he was aged 3 and brought up at age 7 by his stepmother Ottillie Weinholdt who married his dad in ...

Jujitsu, Judo, San Soo, Tang Soo Do, Kenpo, Kickboxing (record: 14-2-1)

Trivia: is also a professional boxer (record: 0-1)

Best seen in SUPER DAVE

39. Julie Kitchen

Actress | Into the Fire

Julie Kitchen is an actress, known for Into the Fire (2011), The Shot (2012) and COC Elite (2009).

Muay Thai (3-time IKF, 2-time ISKA, 2-time WPMF, 2-time WIKBA & 2-time WPKL Champion; WBC, Backstreet Brawler & Top King, WMC, NMF/ITMF, Golden Belt, IMKO, Capital Punishment, BMBC, FIST, WKA & BKK Champion; ISKA & Fighters Hall of Fame entry; record: 52-9)

Trivia: is a 2-time ISKA Fighter of the Year

Best seen in THE SHOT

40. Naoko Kumagai

Jackass: The Movie

Naoko Kumagai was born on August 8, 1971 in Yamanashi, Japan.


Muay Thai, Kickboxing (2-time WKA Champion; UKF Champion; record: 31-4-1)

Trivia: reportedly defeated a male Marine in Muay Thai competition at age 19

41. Masaaki Satake

Actor | Ichi, ni no sanshiro

Masaaki Satake is an actor, known for Ichi, ni no sanshiro (1996), Fatal Fury: Legend of the Hungry Wolf (1992) and Gokudô kôshien (2004).

Karate (World Cup & UKF Champion), Kickboxing (2-time K-1 GP Champion; WKA & ISKA Champion; record: 28-11-5), Mixed Martial Arts (record: 1-8-1)

Trivia: is also a published author


42. Kevin Rosier

Self | UFC 1: The Beginning

Kevin Rosier was born to a family of farmers in Buffalo, New York. His introduction to combat sports began when he trained in boxing at the Boys & Girls Club in East Aurora, New York. Sensei William James Gallant awarded him his first black belt. At age sixteen, Rosier's massive stature earned him ...


Goju-Ryu, Isshin-Ryu & Roju-Ryu Karate (founder), Kickboxing (3-time WKA Champion; ISKA, WKKC & All-Japan Champion), Mixed Martial Arts (record: 2-6)

Trivia: was also a professional boxer (record: 7-17)

43. Hector Pena

Stunts | Rage and Honor

Hector Pena is known for his work on Rage and Honor (1992), Man Facing Southeast (1986) and Death Match (1994).

Ukidokan Karate, Muay Thai, Kickboxing (IKF Hall of Fame entry)

Trivia: was certified to teach Ukidokan Karate by Benny Urquidez

Best seen in BLOODMATCH

44. Francisco Filho

Actor | War on War

Francisco Filho is an actor, known for War on War, Lorenz Fractal (2018) and A Grande Luta (2016).

Kyokushin Karate (World Open Gold [2x] & Bronze medalist; 3-time South American Championships Gold medalist; 4-time Brazilian Open Gold medalist; Paulista Championships Gold [4x] & Silver [2x] medalist; Mundialito & Uruguayan Open Gold medalist), Kickboxing (K-1 GP Champion; record: 16-7-2)

Trivia: is also a martial arts trainer, having coached Nicholas Pettas and Vitor Belfort



Muay Thai, Kickboxing (IAMTF, IKF-PRO, WKO & IKO Champion; record: 63-8), Mixed Martial Arts (record: 0-1)

Trivia: is also a professional boxer (record: 28-9) and former BBofC, Commonwealth, EBU & WBU Champion

46. Scott Thorson

Actor | Baywatch

Scott Thorson is an actor, known for Baywatch (1989).

Kickboxing (California State Champion)

Trivia: is also an ordained minister

Best seen in BAYWATCH

47. Matt Diagostine

Writer | Enter the Blood Ring

Matt Diagostine is a writer and actor, known for Enter the Blood Ring (1995), Deadly Eyes (1994) and L.A. Task Force (1994).

Savate (silver glove)

Trivia: co-owned the Lomita Fighting & Fitness Academy in Los Angeles alongside Steve Crane and Barry Jahn

Best seen in LA TASK FORCE

Kickboxing, Muay Thai (5-time Swedish National Champion; IFMA & WMC Champion; record: 27-8-2)

Trivia: trains at the Vallentuna Boxing Camp in Stockholm


49. Pele Reid

Actor | On the Ropes

Pele Reid is an actor, known for On the Ropes (2011).

Kickboxing (2-time WAKO Gold medalist)

Trivia: is also a former pro boxer (record: 20-6-2) and WBO Champion

Best seen in ON THE ROPES

50. Sarah Howett

Actress | Wentworth

Sarah Howett is known for her work on Wentworth (2013), SheBorg (2016) and Gladiators (2008).

Kickboxing, Muay Thai

Trivia: is also a professional boxer (record: 5-1)

Best seen in FIGHT LIKE A GIRL

51. Ernesto Hoost

Actor | Vechtershart

Ernesto Hoost is known for his work on Vechtershart (2015), K-1 Star Wars '96 (1996) and Katana 6 'Rebellion' (2012).

Savate (World Cup Champion), Muay Thai (4-time WMTA Champion; WMTD & ISKA Champion), Kickboxing (4-time K-1 World Grand Prix Champion; 3-time K-1 Champion; 3-time WKA Champion; 2-time ISKA Champion; K-2 Grand Prix, K-2 Plus & WKO Champion; record: 99-21-1; Black Belt Hall of Fame entry)

Trivia: is one of only two four-time winners of the K-1 World Grand Prix


52. Rico Verhoeven

Actor | De Film van Dylan Haegens

Rico Verhoeven is an actor, known for De Film van Dylan Haegens (2018), Kickboxer: Retaliation (2018) and Vechtershart (2015). He is married to Jacky Duchenne. They have three children.

Kyokushin Karate, Muay Thai, Kickboxing (2-time GLORY Champion; record: 53-10-1), Mixed Martial Arts (record: 1-0)

Trivia: is also a professional boxer (record: 1-0)


53. Bahadir Sari

Actor | Kara Murat: Mora'nin atesi

Bahadir Sari is an actor, known for Kara Murat: Mora'nin atesi (2015) and Fatih'in Fedaisi Kara Murat (2015).

Muay Thai (2-time Kazakhstan National Champion; 2-time ISKA; IFMA, WMC, WKN & Tatneft Arena Champion; record: 35-6)

Trivia: currently competes under the name Turpal Tokaev


54. Kensaku Maeda

Tekken 5

Kensaku Maeda is known for his work on Tekken 5 (2004), Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection (2005) and Rokudenashi Blues II (1998).

Muay Thai (WKA & AJKF Champion)

Trivia: is the founder of the Dragon Dojo in Tokyo, Japan


55. Dustin Etan David Tanner

Stunts | Future Stakes

Dustin Etan David Tanner is known for his work on Future Stakes (2016) and Dating a Zombie (2012).

Kickboxing, Silat, Escrima

Trivia: is the founder of the Dynamic Fighting Science system

Best seen in DATING A ZOMBIE

56. Gregory C. Wilkinson

Actor | Blackbelt

Gregory C. Wilkinson is an actor, known for Blackbelt (1992) and Freddy's Nightmares (1988).

Karate, Kickboxing

Trivia: operates the American Freestyle Karate Dojo in West Los Angeles

Best seen in BLACKBELT

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