Worst Italian comedies ever!

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1. Chicken Park (1994)

98 min | Comedy

A disgraced Italian fighting-cock breeder moves to the Dominican Republic only to discover a secret compound where a mad scientist wants to use the breeder's best rooster to create a perfect race of genetically modified giant chickens.

Director: Jerry Calà | Stars: Jerry Calà, Demetra Hampton, Rossy de Palma, Lawrence Steven Meyers

Votes: 1,126

2. Grunt! (1983)

90 min | Comedy, Fantasy

A tribe of primitive men worship an egg, which when struck by lightning has acquired magic powers. A rival tribe succeeds in stealing the egg.

Director: Andy Luotto | Stars: Andy Luotto, Gianni Ciardo, Giorgio Faletti, Roberto Della Casa

Votes: 100

4. Il cosmo sul comò (2008)

100 min | Comedy

The story is divided into four episodes, which frames the story of the Master Tsu'Nam.

Director: Marcello Cesena | Stars: Aldo Baglio, Giovanni Storti, Giacomo Poretti, Sergio Bini Bustric

Votes: 1,838

5. Sbamm! (1980)

80 min | Comedy

Pallone is not good at keeping jobs as in ten days he managed to get fired seven times .His big dream is to direct a large symphony orchestra and, as chance would have it, he has a ... See full summary »

Director: Franco Abussi | Stars: Ezio Greggio, Valeria D'Obici, El Pasador, Cristina Moffa

Votes: 34

7. Biancaneve & Co... (1982)

93 min | Comedy

The king and the queen conceive Snow White during a sexual relationship in the snow.

Director: Mario Bianchi | Stars: Michela Miti, Franco Bracardi, Aldo Sambrell, Damianne Saint-Clair

Votes: 95

9. È nata una star? (2012)

95 min | Comedy

Mother find out from her neighbours, that her teen son is a pornstar with really big tool. This comedy shows how mother and how father deal with this problem.

Director: Lucio Pellegrini | Stars: Luciana Littizzetto, Rocco Papaleo, Pietro Castellitto, Michela Cescon

Votes: 452

10. Quello strano desiderio (1979)

92 min | Comedy

Two aliens on the planet "Alpha 4" win in competition of the local television "Cripto-Tivvu", a prize travel on Earth. They arrive in Bari, where they enter the bodies of two poor accountants.

Director: Enzo Milioni | Stars: Nico Salatino, Gianni Ciardo, Vanni Materassi, Antonella Antinori

Votes: 29

12. Stormtroopers II (1982)

95 min | Comedy, War

A group of misfits form an army in an absurd war.

Director: Salvatore Samperi | Stars: Massimo Boldi, Teo Teocoli, Giorgio Ariani, Bonvi

Votes: 62

13. I carabbimatti (1981)


It is a non-sense succession of vulgar jokes about the Carabinieri (one of the Italian police corps). Basically the plot should be around two fools that are eventually Carabinieri, and jump... See full summary »

Director: Giuliano Carnimeo | Stars: Andy Luotto, Giorgio Ariani, Daniele Formica, Licinia Lentini

Votes: 28

14. La fidanzata di papà (2008)

100 min | Comedy, Romance

A man falling in love with a beautiful manager who live on Miami.

Director: Enrico Oldoini | Stars: Massimo Boldi, Simona Ventura, Bruno Arena, Alessandra Barzaghi

Votes: 309

17. Natale in Sudafrica (2010)

105 min | Comedy

Carlo and his second wife Susanna meet Giorgio, Carlo's brother, with his wife Marta, who is also Carlo's first wife.

Director: Neri Parenti | Stars: Christian De Sica, Massimiliano Tortora, Barbara Tabita, Serena Autieri

Votes: 614

18. Napoletans (2011)


In a small town in southern Italy lives the family Di Gennaro. Gennaro, the father, is a noted dentist, he is married to Anna, a housewife and a convert to Buddhism. They have two sons: ... See full summary »

Director: Luigi Russo | Stars: Maurizio Casagrande, Massimo Ceccherini, Nando Paone, Andrea Roncato

Votes: 59

19. Che casino... con Pierino! (1982)

83 min | Comedy

After leaving school and failing various work experiences, Pierino decides to go to work as a helper at the bar run by his uncle Nino. He comes across different situations, sometimes ... See full summary »

Director: Bitto Albertini | Stars: Roberto Gallozzi, Nino Terzo, Antonella Prati, Italo Vegliante

Votes: 24

20. Suddenly Paradise (2003)

93 min | Comedy

Lorenzo (Leonardo Pieraccioni) is a single man who refuses to believe in love. One day he meets Amaranta, a beautiful woman who almost makes him change his mind and fall in love. Altough, ... See full summary »

Director: Leonardo Pieraccioni | Stars: Leonardo Pieraccioni, Angie Cepeda, Alessandro Haber, Rocco Papaleo

Votes: 1,086

21. Panarea (1997)

100 min | Comedy

During a summer weekend in the island of Panarea, a series of stories of love between the vacationers are intertwined.

Director: Giuseppe Moccia | Stars: Alessia Merz, Andrea Livio, Alessandro Mascali, Massimo Bulla

Votes: 293

23. Paparazzi (II) (1998)

100 min | Comedy

This Italian comedy takes an affectionate look at a montley group of free-lance photographers desperate to grab a good shot of a celebrity, with a host of Italian TV personalities appearing as themselves.

Director: Neri Parenti | Stars: Christian De Sica, Massimo Boldi, Diego Abatantuono, Roberto Brunetti

Votes: 849

24. Puro cashmere (1986)

89 min | Comedy, Crime

Giuliano, kindergarten teacher, goes to his ex's birthday, meets Liliana and falls in love with her.

Director: Biagio Proietti | Stars: Mauro Di Francesco, Paola Onofri, Anna Galiena, Antonio Cantafora

Votes: 37

25. Ti amo in tutte le lingue del mondo (2005)

99 min | Comedy

Gilberto, a teacher in Pistoia, falls in love with Margherita.

Director: Leonardo Pieraccioni | Stars: Leonardo Pieraccioni, Giorgio Panariello, Marjo Berasategui, Rocco Papaleo

Votes: 1,623

27. Teste di quoio (1981)

87 min | Comedy

A group of clumsy terrorists hold a strange group of inhabitants of a compartment block hostage.

Director: Giorgio Capitani | Stars: Paolo Baroni, Ken Clark, Roberto Della Casa, Christian De Sica

Votes: 36

28. The Santa Claus Gang (2010)

100 min | Comedy

On Christmas Eve in Milan, three friends dressed in Santa Claus costumes are arrested by the police during an apparent robbery attempt and taken to a police station, where the Chief ... See full summary »

Director: Paolo Genovese | Stars: Aldo Baglio, Giovanni Storti, Giacomo Poretti, Angela Finocchiaro

Votes: 2,305

29. Ci vuole un gran fisico (2013)

90 min | Comedy

Forced to deal with the impending menopause Eve has to relive his life up to that point. With the 'help of Angelo (a real and clumsy guardian angel) she is also going be able to take off a few pebbles from her shoes.

Director: Sophie Chiarello | Stars: Angela Finocchiaro, Giovanni Storti, Raul Cremona, Elio

Votes: 217

30. La cameriera nera (1976)

99 min | Comedy, Romance

Major Galeazzo, Chancellor Enea, the goalkeeper Placido, journalist Antenor and others living in a building of the city. All are drawn to the morbid fascination of Mariolina, exuberant ... See full synopsis »

Director: Mario Bianchi | Stars: Carla Brait, Femi Benussi, Gianni Dei, Magda Konopka

Votes: 38

31. Keys in Hand (1996)

94 min | Comedy

In medieval northern Italy, Baccello from Stimigliano loses the key to his wife's chastity belt while on his way back from the Crusades. He soon discovers that his wife, Ubalda, has been ... See full summary »

Director: Mariano Laurenti | Stars: Martufello, Cinzia Roccaforte, Angela Cavagna, Sergio Vastano

Votes: 80

32. Venni vidi e m'arrapaoh (1984)

Musical, Comedy

Young members of a pop band seek their first sexual experience.

Director: Vincenzo Salviani | Stars: Giziana Spatrisano, Alessandro Cerquetti, Athena Minglis, Giancarlo Capo

Votes: 274

33. Body Guards - Guardie del corpo (2000)

94 min | Comedy

Fabio Leone and Paolo Pecora are two police officers of Rome which, together with the careless Neapolitan Ciro Marmotta, are fired from the barracks to have scuppered the plan to capture a secret agent.

Director: Neri Parenti | Stars: Christian De Sica, Carlos Alberto Valles, Massimo Boldi, Biagio Izzo

Votes: 740

36. Banzai (1997)

83 min | Comedy

Business man Sergio Colombo is on his way to Canada to close a million dollar business deal but ends up in the wrong airplane which takes him to Bangkok and Tokyo where he get involved in a series of awkward situations.

Director: Carlo Vanzina | Stars: Paolo Villaggio, Giada Albanese, Stefano Antonucci, John Armstead

Votes: 189

37. Ragazzi della notte (1995)

102 min | Comedy, Romance

A TV crew on Lake Garda follows a bunch of young people through discos, exposing their rebellious lives.

Director: Jerry Calà | Stars: Jerry Calà, Gabriele Girelli, Francesca Rettondini, Alessandra Di Sanzo

Votes: 78

38. A spasso nel tempo - L'avventura continua (1997)

95 min | Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi

The back-in-time misadventures of Walter and Ascanio are not finished! The defective time travel machine will bring them from prehistory 'till space, in a funny and light-hearted trip across the time.

Director: Carlo Vanzina | Stars: Massimo Boldi, Christian De Sica, Marco Messeri, Mariangela D'Abbraccio

Votes: 444

40. A spasso nel tempo (1996)

94 min | Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi

While visiting Universal Studios in Hollywood along with their respective families, two Italian tourists get on a real time machine and got lost in time. Professor Mortimer effort to rescue... See full summary »

Director: Carlo Vanzina | Stars: Christian De Sica, Massimo Boldi, Dean Jones, Marco Messeri

Votes: 731

43. Saint Tropez, Saint Tropez (1992)

104 min | Comedy

Four stories of love are interwoven on the beautiful, coastal paradise of Saint Tropez.

Directors: Franco Castellano, Giuseppe Moccia | Stars: Jerry Calà, Debora Caprioglio, Serena Grandi, Demetra Hampton

Votes: 160

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