The Best Looking Women on Film w/o Pics

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The best looking women on film, without pictures, of all time in my opinion.

1. Dalene Kurtis

Actress | Grind

Gorgeous, buxom, and slender 5'5" blonde bombshell Dalene Kurtis was born on November 12, 1977 in Apple Valley, California. Dalene grew up as an only child in Bakersfield, California. After attending business college, Kurtis went on to work for an insurance firm for three and a half years. Dalene ...

2. Stacy Sanches

Actress | On the Line

Strikingly tall (5' 10"), buxom, and shapely brunette knockout Stacy Elizabeth Sanches was born on September 4, 1973 in Dallas, Texas to an Irish-American mother and Mexican-American father. She's the sister of model Kim Sanches. Stacy graduated from Lakeview Centennial High School in 1991. Sanches...

3. Petra Verkaik

Actress | Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV

Stunningly gorgeous, buxom and voluptuous brunette knockout, Petra Charlotte Verkaik, was born to a Dutch family in Los Angeles, California. She was first featured in "Playboy" in the February 1989 Great Playmate Hunt special edition and was the Playmate of the Month in the December 1989 issue. She...

4. Cori Nadine

Self | Garage Girls: The Video

Cori Nadine first appeared in the mid-1990s, and soon became the most famous fitness model on the internet. She appeared in magazines, even Playboy, countless of hundreds and hundreds of pictures. Cori was essentially famous for showing that a woman could not only have a fit and strong body, with ...

5. Sophie Howard

Self | Girls of FHM

Sophie Howard was born on February 24, 1983 in Southport, England.

6. Emily Scott

Actress | Solstice

Emily Scott is an actress, known for Solstice (2010).

7. Buffy Tyler

Actress | Frostbite

Buxom, gorgeous, and voluptuous blonde bombshell Buffy Tyler was born Buffy Yvonne Pribyl on April 18, 1978 in Fredericksburg, Texas. She's of German descent. Buffy grew up in the small rural community of Blanco and was a cheerleader in high school. Moreover, Tyler briefly worked in a salon as a ...

8. Laura Cover

Actress | Playboy's Girlfriends

Buxom, curvy, and sexy well-built blonde bombshell Laura Lee Cover was born on May 6, 1977 in Bucyrus, Ohio. Laura stems from a Christian background. Her mother is a registered nurse. She did gymnastics and played soccer in high school. One day Cover walked into an open call audition at a "Playboy"...

9. Roberta Vasquez

Actress | Hard Hunted

Gorgeously buxom, sultry and voluptuous brunette looker Roberta Vasquez was born on February 13, 1963 in Los Angeles, California. She's of Spanish descent. Roberta was the Playmate of the Month in the November, 1984 issue of "Playboy." Vasquez subsequently appeared in a handful of "Playboy" videos ...

10. Anna Marie Goddard

Actress | Austin Powers in Goldmember

Stunningly gorgeous and voluptuous blonde knockout Anna Marie Goddard was born Anna Marie Lampe on January 13, 1970 in Ysbrechtum, the Netherlands. Anna was raised in a small fishing village in the Netherlands. During her senior year in high school Goddard sent a picture to a magazine that was ...

11. Traci Adell

Actress | Dumb and Dumber

Tall (5'11"), buxom, and shapely brunette knockout Traci Adell Sikkink was born on February 17, 1969 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Traci has four siblings. Adell and her siblings were raised by their mother after her father left when she was only ten. Traci attended Germantown High School in ...

12. Tawnni Cable

Actress | The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Lovely, buxom and shapely brunette stunner Tawnni Cable was born on May 1, 1967 in Salem, Oregon. Tawnni grew up in Oregon and was a cheerleader at Central High School. Following high school graduation, Cable briefly worked as an agency fashion model in New York City. Tawnni was the Playmate of the...

13. Wendy Hamilton

Actress | The Dallas Connection

Tall (5'10"), busty and voluptuous brunette knockout Wendy Hamilton was born on December 20, 1967 in Detroit, Michigan. Wendy grew up on Florida's Gulf Coast. Her father raced Corvette sports cars and was a test pilot for speed boats while her mother was a fashion model. Hamilton started out ...

14. Jennifer Lavoie

Self | Edenquest: Sandra Taylor

Luscious and voluptuous brunette knockout Jennifer Lavoie was born on February 25, 1971 in Nashua, New Hampshire. She has an older brother. Jennifer's parents divorced when she was eight. Lavoie lived with her mother until she was sixteen. She moved in with her mechanic father at age seventeen. ...

15. Lisa Matthews

Actress | Hudson Hawk

Tall (5' 9"), busty and shapely blonde stunner Lisa Matthews was born Lisa Reich on September 24, 1969 in Peoria, Illinois. Because her father was a corporate nomad, Matthews' family kept moving all over America before eventually settling in Los Angeles, California. Lisa was a tomboy growing up who...

16. Jacqueline Sheen

Actress | Silk Stalkings

Gorgeous, busty and shapely blonde stunner Jacqueline Sheen was born on March 3, 1963 in Dallas, Texas. Jacqueline was the Playmate of the Month in the July, 1990 issue of "Playboy." She went on to appear in several "Playboy" videos and posed for a whole slew of "Playboy" special edition ...

17. Kalin Olson

Actress | Guo zhong nu sheng

Buxom, svelte, and leggy blonde knockout Kalin Olson was born on December 29, 1975 in Hot Springs, Arkansas. She's of Norwegian descent. Her great grandfather Culbert Olson was a former governor of California. Kalin was a tomboy growing up. Olson graduated from Lake Hamilton High School in Pearcy, ...

18. Miriam Gonzalez

Editorial_department | Miami Vice

Lovely, busty, and shapely brunette stunner Miriam Gonzalez was born on July 8, 1977 in Queens, New York City. She's a Roman Catholic of Puerto Rican descent. Gonzalez moved to Florida at age eleven after her parents got divorced. She not only was a cheerleader and acted in theater productions in ...

19. Jennifer Walcott

Actress | Band Camp

Gorgeous, buxom, and shapely brunette knockout Jennifer Walcott was born on May 8, 1977 in Youngstown, Ohio. She's of mixed Irish, Polish, and Italian descent. Walcott has an older sister and two younger brothers. Jennifer attended Wilson High School in Youngstown, Ohio and Lowellville High School ...

20. Danelle Folta

Actress | Snow Dogs

Tall (5'10"), buxom, and ravishing redhead stunner Danelle Marie Folta was born on April 16, 1969 in Hammond, Indiana. The youngest of six children, Danelle was raised in Dyer, Indiana. Folta worked as a model for six years in Asia, Europe, and America prior to being chosen as the Playmate of the ...

21. Tylyn John

Actress | Rising Sun

Gorgeous, buxom and voluptuous redhead knockout Tylyn John was born on July 31, 1966 in Encino, California. An avid motorcyclist, John is the daughter of motocross champion Tom John. Tylyn was the Playmate of the Month in the March, 1992 issue of "Playboy." She was featured in numerous "Playboy" ...

22. Echo Johnson

Actress | Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV

Tall, slim, and busty blonde stunner Echo Leta Johnson was born on January 11, 1974 in Austin, Texas. She grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Echo was discovered by photographer Greg Gorman. She graduated from Santa Fe High School in 1992. That same year she was named Miss Santa Fe in a beauty pageant...

23. Jami Ferrell

Actress | Boat Trip

Beautiful, buxom and exquisitely full-figured blonde bombshell Jami Ferrell was born on June 20, 1974 in Muncie, Indiana. Jami hopped a plane to Los Angeles, California shortly after graduating from high school. Ferrell then got a job as a nanny in Malibu. Jami was still working as a nanny when she...

24. Melissa Holliday

Actress | Ms. Metaverse

Busty and luscious blonde bombshell Melissa Deanne Holliday was born on October 30, 1969 in Greenwood, South Carolina. Melissa competed in numerous beauty contests, acted in stage productions of everything from "Annie" to "Capricious Pearls," and did radio commercials as a kid. Holliday was the ...

25. Shae Marks

Actress | Day of the Warrior

Shae Marks was born on June 1, 1972 in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA as Christy Shae Marks. She is an actress, known for Day of the Warrior (1996), Black Scorpion (2001) and L.E.T.H.A.L. Ladies: Return to Savage Beach (1998).

26. Carrie Westcott

Actress | Erotic Confessions

Luscious, busty, and shapely blonde bombshell Carrie Westcott was born on December 12, 1969 in Mission Hills, Kansas. Carrie grew up in Mission Viejo, California and graduated from Canyon County High School in 1988. She began modeling professionally in her teens. In late 1992 she sent test photos ...

27. Christy Carrera

Self | Hot Body Video Magazine: Treasure Chests

Christy Carrera was born as Koryie Jameson.

28. SaRenna Lee

Actress | Evil Streets

Extremely busty and voluptuous blonde bombshell SaRenna Lee was born on February 17, 1971 in Winchester, Virginia. Lee grew up in Jacksonville, Florida and eventually moved to Houston, Texas. SaRenna did some of her earliest modeling work for catalogs at age 13. After toiling away at a series of ...

29. Traci Topps

Actress | Big Boob Mamathon

Traci Topps was born on December 10, 1971 in Houston, Texas, USA. She is an actress.

30. Tishara Cousino

Actress | Las Vegas

Lovely, busty, and voluptuous brunette stunner Tishara Lee Cousino was born on June 16, 1978 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Tishara attended a private Lutheran school that emphasized Christian spirituality and was a cheerleader in high school. Cousino eventually moved to Los Angeles, California and was ...

31. Barocca

Actress | Orgazmo

Barocca was born on August 24, 1972 in Bethesda, Maryland, USA. She is an actress, known for Orgazmo (1997).

32. Adara Michaels

Actress | Erotic Dancer World Championship

Adara Michaels was born on December 6, 1963 in Sandusky, Ohio, USA. She is an actress.

33. Julie K. Smith

Actress | The Bare Wench Project

Julie K Smith was born in Nuremberg, West Germany. Began acting at the age of 9. She is one of four girls to do both Playboy & Penthouse Magazine. She is considered the B-movie Parody Queen. She has worked w/ all the great B-movie Directors including the late great Russ Meyer. She continues to star...

34. Jennifer Miriam

Actress | The Newton Boys

Cute, slim and sultry brunette looker Jennifer Miriam was born on May 2, 1972 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The daughter of an oilman, Jennifer grew up in Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, Colorado, and Texas. Miriam was the Playmate of the Month in the March, 1997 issue of "Playboy." Jennifer was featured in ...

35. Alesha Oreskovich

Actress | Going to California

Busty, sultry, and slender brunette stunner Alesha Marie Oreskovich was born on May 21, 1972 in Tampa, Florida. She's of Serbian descent. Her mother worked as a model in the 70s. Alesha was a cheerleader in high school. At age sixteen she spent a summer modeling in Paris, France. Oreskovich ...

36. Amy Miller

Actress | Black Scorpion

Deliciously buxom, curvy, and luscious blonde bombshell Amy Miller was born on July 13, 1973 in Dallas Town, Pennsylvania. Miller has a degree in fashion design. Amy designed dance uniforms for both NFL and NBA cheerleaders prior to embarking on a modeling career. Amy was discovered at a nightclub....

37. Carrie Jean Yazel

Actress | Death Becomes Her

Lovely, busty and shapely blonde stunner Carrie Jean Yazel was born on November 30, 1969 in Huntington Beach, California. Carrie played volleyball in high school and graduated from Los Gatos High School in 1988. She moved from Northern California to San Diego, California following graduation from ...

38. Brooke Richards

Self | Howard Stern

Exquisitely buxom and voluptuous blonde stunner Brooke Richards was born Debra Brooke Krout on October 17, 1976 in York, Pennsylvania. She's the youngest of fourteen children. Richards attended West-Oak High School in Westminster, South Carolina, where she was president of the National Honor ...

39. Lonny Chin

Actress | Fever Pitch

Buxom, gorgeous and voluptuous brunette stunner Lonny Chin was born on August 12, 1960 in Liverpool, England. She's of mixed Welsh, Swedish, Chinese, and Jamaican descent. At age six Lonny moved along with her family to Canada. Chin grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia. Lonny was the Playmate of ...

40. India Allen

Actress | Silk Degrees

India Allen was born on June 1, 1965 in Portsmouth, Virginia, USA as India Juliana Orban. She is an actress and producer, known for Silk Degrees (1994), The Rowdy Girls (2000) and Wild Cactus (1993).

41. Penny Baker

Actress | Real Genius

Tall (5' 8"), buxom and shapely blonde bombshell Penny Baker was born on October 5, 1965 in Buffalo, New York. Baker grew up on her family's farm in Buffalo. Moreover, she attended modeling school in Buffalo and at age thirteen began doing free modeling jobs to build up her portfolio. Penny entered...

42. Patty Farinelli

Self | Playboy Video Playmate Review

Gorgeous and buxom brunette knockout Patricia Farinelli was born on March 18, 1960 in Los Angeles, California. Patty was raised by her mother after her father died when she was only sixteen. Farinelli worked as a cashier, a waitress, a hostess, and a saleslady at in a clothing store following ...

43. Angela Melini

Actress | Silk Degrees

Exotic, buxom, and shapely brunette beauty Angela Jane Melini was born to a Vietnamese mother and an Italian-American soldier father on July 25, 1969 in Saigon, South Vietnam. Her father was killed in action during the Vietnam war prior to the birth of Angela and her twin brother. In 1975 both ...

44. Kerri Kendall

Self | Playboy: Wet & Wild II

Lovely, busty and voluptuous blonde knockout Kerri Kendall was born on September 25, 1970 in San Diego, California. Her parents divorced when she was only three. Kerri wanted to be a "Playboy" Playmate since she was six years old and dressed up as a Playboy Bunny numerous times for Halloween. ...

45. Donna Edmondson

Self | Playboy Video Centerfold: Playmate of the Year Donna Edmondson

Tall (5' 10"), buxom and voluptuous brunette beauty Donna Edmondson was born on February 1, 1966 in Greensboro, North Carolina. Donna played first base on her high school softball team. She attended the University of North Carolina and received a real estate license. On a whim Edmondson sent ...

46. Karen Velez

Self | Playboy: Wet & Wild

Strikingly buxom, shapely and sensuous well-built brunette knockout Karen Velez was born on January 27, 1961 in Rockville Centre, Long Island, New York. Karen was the Playmate of the Month in the December, 1984 issue of "Playboy." She was named Playmate of the Year in 1985. Velez appeared in ...

47. Morena Corwin

Actress | Spy TV

Lithe and lovely brunette stunner Morena Corwin was born on October 24, 1969 in Seoul, South Korea. Her father was an American serviceman of Swiss and German ancestry and her mother is Korean. Moreover, her great, great grandfather was an emperor in Korea. Corwin has four siblings. Morena and her ...

48. Sydney Moon

Actress | Helpless Heroines in Double Jeopardy!

Sydney Moon was born on January 5, 1975 in Berkeley, California. She grew up in the Bay Area, her favorite part of the world. After high school, Sydney decided she wanted to see more of what the country had to offer so she moved all the way across it, to the Big Apple. Like a city girl at heart, ...

49. Stephanie Heinrich

Actress | Marauders

Stephanie Heinrich was born on November 13, 1979 in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. She is an actress, known for Marauders (2016), Dead Horse (2004) and 18.15 Uhr ab Ostkreuz (2006).

50. Danni Ashe

Actress | Busty Bombshells

Reputed to be the "most downloaded woman on the net". Danni is an ex-stripper who combined brains, energy, an idea, and an inherent notion that men like to see women with large breasts on video, picture stills, and internet sites. She has been written up in Playboy, Penthouse, and even Forbes ...

52. Julia Parton

Actress | Good Girls Don't

Julia Parton was born on July 4, 1964 in Kentucky, USA as Julia Margaret Parton. She is an actress, known for Good Girls Don't (1993).

53. Jennifer Lynn Allan

Self | Playboy: California Girls

Ravishing redhead beauty Jennifer Lynn Allan was born on May 14, 1974 in Las Vegas, Nevada. She's of Irish and Swedish ancestry and originally planned on being an elementary school teacher. Jennifer worked as a cigarette girl in one of the casinos in her hometown before getting a job as a swimsuit ...

54. Patti McGuire

Actress | Starsky and Hutch

Patti McGuire was born in Dexter, Missouri. Patti grew up in St. Louis with her younger brother and two younger sisters. She was her high school's Homecoming Queen. McGuire studied history and political science at Southern Illinois University. She worked as a Bunny at the Playboy Club in St. Louis ...

55. Gianna Amore

Actress | Nothing But Trouble

Ravishing brunette beauty Gianna Amore was born on April 5, 1968 in Warwick, Rhode Island. She's of Italian descent. Gianna was the Playmate of the Month in the August, 1989 issue of "Playboy." Amore has appeared in many "Playboy" videos and special editions. Moreover, Gianna Amore portrayed Mary ...

56. Natalia Sokolova

Actress | Swordfish

Tall (5'11"), busty, and statuesque blonde bombshell Natalia Sokolova was born on October 15, 1976 in Moscow, Russia. Her grandfather was a renowned inventor. Both of her parents are PhD academics (her mother is an award-winning scientist). Sokolova represented Russia in Japan as a Peace Child and ...

57. Samantha Dorman

Actress | The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Tall (5' 10"), buxom and voluptuous brunette looker Samantha Leah Dorman was born on March 21, 1968 in Lakeland, Florida. Samantha attended Keswick Christian High School in St. Petersburg, Florida. Dorman began modeling after she was discovered on the popcorn line at a local movie theater by a ...

58. Laura Richmond

Self | Playboy: Sexy Lingerie

Luscious redhead knockout Laura Richmond was born on August 23, 1966 in Fort Dix, New Jersey. Laura was the Playmate of the Month in the September, 1988 issue of "Playboy." She was featured on the cover of the November, 1988 issue of "Playboy" as Jessica Rabbit. Richmond has appeared in a few "...

59. Alley Baggett

Actress | Unhappily Ever After

Alley Baggett was born on July 14, 1973 in Houston, Texas, USA. She is an actress, known for Unhappily Ever After (1995), Sin City Spectacular (1998) and Entertainment Tonight (1981).

60. Tanya Beyer

Actress | Fantasy Women

Busty, gorgeous and voluptuous brunette stunner Tanya Beyer was born on June 4, 1971 in St. Paul, Minnesota. Tanya was the Playmate of the Month in the February, 1992 issue of "Playboy." Beyer went on to pose for many "Playboy" special edition publications and was featured in a bunch of "Playboy" ...

61. Heather Carolin

Actress | We Live Together

Petite and lovely redhead stunner Heather Marie Carolin was born on August 15, 1982 in Harbor City, California. She's of Irish and Scottish descent. Carolin grew up in Yosemite, California and received her GED at age fifteen. Heather started modeling at age eighteen. Shortly after turning eighteen,...

62. Marilyn Cole

Actress | Thirty-Three

Luscious and voluptuous brunette stunner Marilyn Cole was born on May 7, 1949 in Portsmouth, Essex, England. Cole started out as a Bunny at London's Playboy Club. Marilyn was romantically pursued by both Hugh Hefner and Playboy Enterprises executive Victor Lownes. She was the Playmate of the Month ...

63. Tina Bockrath

Actress | Totally Exposed

Lithe and lovely blonde knockout Tina Bockrath was born on June 30, 1967 in Dayton, Ohio. Tina was raised by her mother and was a cheerleader in junior high school. Bockrath majored in theatre at St. Edward's University in Austin, Texas. She worked at Taco Bell, Wal-Mart, in the mail room for the ...

64. Candy Loving

Actress | Stardust Memories

Gorgeous brunette stunner Candy Loving was born Candis Loving on September 4, 1956 in Oswego, Kansas. Candy grew up in Oklahoma after her family moved from Kansas to Oklahoma when she was three years old. She graduated from Ponca City High School in Ponca City, Oklahoma. Loving was the Playmate of ...

65. Terri Welles

Actress | The Firm

Strikingly buxom, gorgeous and statuesque 5' 9" blonde knockout Terri Welles was born Terri Knepper on November 21, 1956 in Santa Monica, California. Welles was working as a stewardess for United Airlines when she graced the cover of the May, 1980 issue of "Playboy." Terri was the Playmate of the ...

66. Marianne Gravatte

Actress | Mike Hammer

Busty, luscious and voluptuous blonde stunner Marianne Gravatte was born on December 13, 1959 in Hollywood, California. Marianne graduated from Arcadia High School in 1978. Gravatte was the Playmate of the Month in the October, 1982 issue of "Playboy." She was named Playmate of the Year in 1983. ...

67. Monica Leigh

Actress | War of the Dragon

Slim, sexy, and buxom brunette stunner Monica Leigh was born on December 19, 1981 on Long Island, New York. Leigh worked as a bartender and dental assistant, prior to being encouraged by her childhood friend and fellow "Playboy" Playmate, Courtney Culkin, to try out for "Playboy". Monica started ...

68. Athena Lundberg

Actress | Kissing Strangers

Slim, lovely, and shapely blue-eyed blonde bombshell Athena Lundberg was born on April 12, 1986 in Mountain View, California. Her parents are Donald and Melodie Lundberg. She's named after the Greek goddess of war. Athena's family moved from Sunnyvale, California to Lathrop, California when she was...

69. Alison Waite

Actress | Deep in the Valley

Gorgeous, buxom, and voluptuous brunette knockout Alison Waite was born on November 10, 1981 in Los Altos, California. Waite was a cheerleader in high school. Alison majored in Gerontology at San Diego State University; she earned college tuition money by working as a waitress at Hooters and ...

70. Stephanie Larimore

Self | The Bachelorette

Lovely, busty, and shapely brunette stunner Stephanie Eve Larimore was born on April 21, 1981 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Stephanie attended Carroll High School. She worked in a plastic surgeon's office and did some modeling prior to being discovered by "Playboy" magazine. She was the "Playboy" Cyber ...

71. Cassandra Lynn

Self | Bikini Destinations

Gorgeous, buxom, and shapely blonde bombshell Cassandra Lynn Jensen was born on August 15, 1979 in Price, Utah. Cassandra lived in both Huntington, Utah and Ferron, Utah as a little girl prior to moving with her mother to the Salt Lake Valley in Utah. She was a competitive diver in high school. ...

72. Amanda Paige

Actress | The Legend of Igoe Road

Tall (5' 8"), busty, and slender blonde knockout Amanda Paige was born Amanda Blair on October 28, 1984 in North Carolina. She's of mixed German, Swedish, and English descent. Paige attended Fayetteville Academy in Fayetteville, North Carolina and was a JV cheerleader in high school. Amanda majored...

73. Christine Smith

Actress | Bad Teacher

Buxom and shapely redhead stunner Christine Smith was born on April 6, 1979 in San Dimas, California. Christine was discovered by "Playboy" magazine when she accompanied a friend to a casting. Veteran photographer Stephen Wayda took some test photos of Smith, who was subsequently chosen by Hugh ...

74. Cher Butler

Actress | Crack House

Busty, lovely and shapely blonde stunner Cher Butler was born on March 6, 1964 in Garland, Texas. Butler grew up in a vagabond family who traveled all over the country on a regular basis. Cher attended high school in New Mexico. She was the Playmate of the Month in the August, 1985 issue of "...

75. Alicia Rickter

Actress | Buying the Cow

Alicia Rickter, one of Hollywood's newest and brightest ingénues to hit television, joined the "Baywatch Hawaii" (aka Baywatch (1989)) cast as lifeguard trainee "Carrie Sharpe". Alicia's previous television credits include a principal role on the CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless (1973) ...

76. Bonnie Marino

Actress | Side Show

Tall (5'8"), leggy, and buxom brunette knockout Bonnie Marino was born on December 20, 1961 in Cleveland, Ohio. Bonnie has four brothers and a sister. She grew up in Lodi, California. Marino befriended Playboy Playmate Katherine Hushaw (Miss October 1986), who suggested to Bonnie that she try out ...

77. Rhonda Adams

Actress | Any Given Sunday

Buxom and shapely blonde bombshell Rhonda Adams was born on November 27, 1971 in Columbus, Georgia. Adams moved with her mother to Florida when she was two years old. She was raised in West Palm Beach, Florida. Rhonda dabbled in flute, baseball, dance, ballet, baton, and cheerleading while growing ...

78. Rebekka Armstrong

Actress | Angel 4: Undercover

Rebekka Armstrong was born on February 20, 1967 in Bakersfield, California, USA as Rebekka Lynn Armstrong. She is known for her work on Angel 4: Undercover (1994), Instant Karma (1990) and Hider in the House (1989). She has been married to Anthony Dispirito since June 9, 2012. She was previously ...

79. Nichole Van Croft

Self | Playboy Video Playmate Calendar 2002

Busty, lovely, and well-built blonde stunner Nichole Van Croft was born on Novermber 5, 1973 in Jacksonville, Florida. She hails from a conservative Christian background. An only child, Nichole was a tomboy as a kid: She not only played both varsity volleyball and basketball in high school, but ...

80. Fawna MacLaren

Actress | Dragonfight

Tall (5'10"), slim, and buxom brunette stunner Fawna MacLaren was born on December 18, 1965 in Santa Monica, California. Fawna graduated from Beverly Hills High School in 1983. She was discovered by "Elle" magazine while in Paris, France and worked as a model throughout Europe in such places as ...

81. Neriah Davis

Actress | Married with Children

On October 12, 1972, Neriah Davis was born in Southern California to two fun- loving "hippie" parents from the 60's. Raised in a simple lifestyle in Northern California until the age of 18, Neriah did not have a TV in the town of 300 where she grew up. A simple farming life with no electricity was ...

82. Cady Cantrell

Actress | The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Lovely, busty and curvaceous blonde stunner Cady Cantrell was born on September 12, 1972 in Lanett, Alabama. Cady was a cheerleader in high school in both Lanett, Alabama and Norcross, Georgia. She worked as a waitress at Hooters prior to moving to Atlanta, Georgia. Cantrell was the Playmate of the...

83. Saskia Linssen

Self | Playboy: Playmate Profile Video Collection Featuring Miss June 1997, 1994, 1991, 1988

Tall (5' 9"), buxom and curvaceous brunette knockout Saskia Linssen was born on February 16, 1970 in Venlo, Limburg, Netherlands. She's the only child of a sailor and his wife. Linssen worked briefly as a model on a Dutch TV game-show. Saskia was the Playmate of the Month in the June, 1991 issue of...

84. A.J. Alexander

Actress | Q. Pidd

Slim, buxom, and sexy auburn-haired brunette stunner A.J. Alexander was born Amanda Jane Herrmann on September 16, 1980 in Evansville, Indiana. She's of mixed German, English, and Native American descent. A.J. was a tomboy growing up: At age four she became active in sports and participated in such...

85. Sandra Nilsson

Self | Beach Goers Exposed

Playboy Playmate of the Month January 2008.

86. Sasckya Porto

Self | The Girls Next Door

Sasckya was born on October 31 in Pernambuco, Brazil and was raised in Campina Grande near Recife. She began competing in beauty pageants at age fifteen and won Miss Paraiba for her state, then moved on to come in 5th place for Miss Brazil in the Miss World pageant. She soon after moved to the US ...

87. Cara Michelle Meschter

Actress | Bedazzled

Slim, comely, and leggy brunette knockout Cara Michelle Meschter was born on February 1, 1978 in Hawaii. She's of German descent. Cara grew up on the small Hawaiian island of Molokai. Meschter began her modeling career at age fourteen in New York. Cara went on to subsequent modeling gigs in Milan, ...

88. Cathi O'Malley

Self | The N.Y. Friars Club Roast of Hugh Hefner

Cathi O'Malley was born on July 27, 1981 in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

89. Kelly Tough

Self | Playboy: Playmates at Play

Gorgeous brunette Kelly Ann Tough was born on October 16, 1961 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Tough was encouraged by childhood friend and fellow Vancouver native Dorothy Stratten to pose for "Playboy." Kelly was the Playmate of the Month in the October, 1981 issue of "Playboy." She was ...

90. Kimberly McArthur

Actress | Slumber Party Massacre II

Gorgeously buxom and voluptuous brunette stunner Kimberly McArthur was born on September 16, 1962 in Fort Worth, Texas. The youngest of three children, McArthur and her siblings were raised by her mother after their parents divorced. Kimberly studied dance, song and dramatic art at a university in ...

91. Erika Michelle Barré

Self | Playboy Cyber Girls

Erika Michelle Barré was born on March 1, 1979 in Montréal, Québec, Canada.

92. Paulette Myers

Self | Playboy Cyber Girls

Tall (5'8"), busty, and shapely blonde bombshell Paulette Myers was born on June 8, 1970 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Myers was the Playboy Cybergirl of the Week for January 22, 2001. Paulette was subsequently voted Playboy's Cybergirl of the Month for May, 2001. Myers enjoys watching sports, playing ...

93. Natasha Podkuyko

Self | Playboy Cyber Girls

Tall (5'11"), buxom, and shapely brunette knockout Natasha Podkuyko was born on October 27, 1974 in Ukraine. Podkuyko studied fashion at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Natasha was the Playboy Cybergirl of the Week for April 30, 2001. Podkuyko was subsequently voted Playboy's ...

94. Merritt Cabal

Self | Playboy Cyber Girls

Tall (5'8"), busty, and slender brunette Merritt Cabal was born on July 14, 1977 in Harahan, Louisiana. Cabal worked as a bartender prior to attending a casting call for Playboy in New Orleans in 2001. Merritt was the Playboy Cybergirl of the Week for February 6, 2001. Cabal was voted Playboy's ...

95. Patty Duffek

Actress | Picasso Trigger

Lovely, busty and shapely brunette stunner Patty Duffek was born on August 27, 1963 in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California. Duffek graduated Magnu Cum Laude from college. She was working at a Pioneer Chicken outlet in Phoenix, Arizona when she was discovered by "Playboy" magazine through their ...

96. Brandi Brandt

Actress | Ticker

Brandi Brandt was born on November 2, 1968 in Santa Clara, California, USA as Brandi Angela Brandt. She is an actress, known for Ticker (2001), Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV (2000) and Wedding Band (1989). She was previously married to Nikki Sixx.

97. Kirsten Fi-Fi Imrie

Actress | The Rainbow Thief

Kirsten Fi-Fi Imrie was born on October 26, 1967 in Chelsea, London, England as Kirsten Fi Fi Imrie. She is an actress and writer, known for The Rainbow Thief (1990), FiFi's Friends (2018) and Playboy Celebrity Special: Kirsten Imrie (1999).

98. Teresa May

Actress | Nude & Naughty

Teresa May was born on December 15, 1966 in Surrey, England as Teresa Betteridge. She is an actress.

99. Linsey Dawn McKenzie

Actress | Passenger 69

Linsey Dawn McKenzie was born on August 7, 1978 in Harrow, Middlesex, England. She is an actress. She has been married to Mark Williams since January 5, 2006. They have one child. She was previously married to Terry Canty.

100. Adele Stephens

Actress | Babes Abroad

Adele Stephens was born on July 29, 1969 in Wakefield, Yorkshire, England. She is an actress.

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