Old Comedy Shorts with a bit of Horror

by emertens | created - 01 Oct 2015 | updated - 01 Oct 2015 | Public
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1. Haunted Spooks (1920)

Passed | 25 min | Short, Comedy

After numerous failed attempts to commit suicide, our hero (Lloyd) runs into a lawyer who is looking for a stooge to stand in as a groom in order to secure an inheritance for his client (... See full summary »

Directors: Alfred J. Goulding, Hal Roach | Stars: Harold Lloyd, Mildred Davis, Wallace Howe, Marie Benson

Votes: 1,069

2. Do Detectives Think? (1927)

19 min | Short, Comedy

An escaped convict is out to kill the judge who sentenced him. Two inept detectives are hired to guard the judge.

Director: Fred Guiol | Stars: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Chester A. Bachman, Wilson Benge

Votes: 723

3. Habeas Corpus (1928)

20 min | Short, Comedy

Loony scientist (Carle) hires Laurel and Hardy to raid the cemetery to keep him supplied with dead bodies for his experiments.

Directors: James Parrott, Leo McCarey | Stars: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Richard Carle, Charley Rogers

Votes: 623

4. The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case (1930)

Approved | 30 min | Short, Comedy, Crime

It looks like the boys won't need to fish off the end of the pier to feed themselves any longer when Stanley's rich uncle Ebenezer Laurel dies, leaving a large estate. But when he and ... See full summary »

Director: James Parrott | Stars: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Frank Austin, Stanley Blystone

Votes: 1,307

5. Oliver the Eighth (1934)

Passed | 27 min | Short, Comedy

Keen on climbing the social ladder by marrying a rich widow, Oliver finds the nerve to cheat on his partner, Stanley, unbeknownst to him that her favourite hobby is murder. Now, it seems that he is next. Who can save Oliver the Eighth?

Director: Lloyd French | Stars: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Mae Busch, Jack Barty

Votes: 1,207

6. The Live Ghost (1934)

Passed | 21 min | Short, Comedy

A gruff sea captain, who absolutely detests the word "ghost," is having trouble manning his ship because of the rumor it's...well...haunted. He inveigles Stanley and Oliver into helping him... See full summary »

Director: Charley Rogers | Stars: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Mae Busch, Walter Long

Votes: 1,125

7. Dr. Pyckle and Mr. Pryde (1925)

Not Rated | 21 min | Short, Comedy, Horror

In Victorian London the esteemed Dr. Pyckle uses himself as a guinea pig when he experiments with a new drug that changes him into a compulsive prankster.

Directors: Scott Pembroke, Joe Rock | Stars: Stan Laurel, Julie Leonard, Pete the Dog, Syd Crossley

Votes: 282

8. Go and Get It (1920)

70 min | Comedy, Drama, Horror

An intrepid newspaper reporter attempts to solve a series of murders committed by a gorilla carrying the transplanted brain of a human.

Directors: Marshall Neilan, Henry Roberts Symonds | Stars: Pat O'Malley, Wesley Barry, Agnes Ayres, J. Barney Sherry

Votes: 12

9. The Haunted House (1921)

Unrated | 21 min | Short, Comedy, Horror

A bank clerk ends up in a seemingly haunted house that is actually a thieves' hideout.

Directors: Edward F. Cline, Buster Keaton | Stars: Buster Keaton, Virginia Fox, Joe Roberts, Edward F. Cline

Votes: 2,319

10. The Spook Speaks (1940)

Approved | 18 min | Short, Comedy

A magician hires Buster as a housekeeper while he's away.

Director: Jules White | Stars: Buster Keaton, Elsie Ames, Don Beddoe, Dorothy Appleby

Votes: 95

11. The Gold Ghost (1934)

Not Rated | 20 min | Short, Comedy, Western

Dumped by his girlfriend, Buster drives west and winds up in a ghost town called Vulture City, where he appoints himself sheriff.

Director: Charles Lamont | Stars: Buster Keaton, Warren Hymer, Dorothy Dix, Roger Moore

Votes: 186

12. Lonesome Ghosts (1937)

9 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

Four bored ghosts in a haunted house who've scared everyone away call up Ghost Hunters Mickey, Donald, and Goofy in hopes to have a little fun scaring them off.

Director: Burt Gillett | Stars: Billy Bletcher, Pinto Colvig, Walt Disney, Clarence Nash

Votes: 1,604

13. Help! (1924)

18 min | Short, Comedy, Horror

Max accepts a wager that he cannot remain in a haunted castle for one hour (11 PM to midnight) without crying for help. As soon as he arrives he encounters strange and nightmarish visions, ... See full summary »

Director: Abel Gance | Stars: Max Linder, Jean Toulout, Gina Palerme, Gaston Modot

Votes: 316

14. The Rummy (1933)

20 min | Short, Comedy

After Billy gets discharged for wrecking his Taxi, he takes a job at a Taxidermy business. Ben brings in his flea to be stuffed & loses it. They get locked in at night and are frightened.

Director: Del Lord | Stars: Ben Blue, Billy Gilbert, John Aasen, Gladys Blake

Votes: 31

15. Boo (1932)

10 min | Short, Comedy, Horror

A wisecracking narrator mocks footage featuring Frankenstein's monster and Count Dracula.

Director: Albert DeMond | Stars: Morton Lowry, Mae Clarke, Lawrence Grant, Raymond Hackett

Votes: 561

16. The Skeleton Dance (1929)

Approved | 6 min | Animation, Family, Short

The clock strikes midnight, the bats fly from the belfry, a dog howls at the full moon, and two black cats fight in the cemetery: a perfect time for four skeletons to come out and dance a bit.

Director: Walt Disney

Votes: 3,741

17. Hair-Raising Hare (1946)

Approved | 7 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

A sneaker-wearing, hairy monster chases Bugs through a castle belonging to an evil scientist.

Director: Chuck Jones | Star: Mel Blanc

Votes: 2,223

18. The Mad Doctor (1933)

Approved | 7 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

Mickey must save Pluto from a mad doctor's lair.

Director: David Hand | Stars: Pinto Colvig, Walt Disney

Votes: 983

19. The Haunted House (1929)

7 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

Mickey seeks shelter from a storm in a house that turns out to be haunted. The skeletons command him to play the organ; they dance and play along.

Director: Walt Disney | Star: Walt Disney

Votes: 806

20. Jeepers Creepers (II) (1939)

9 min | Horror, Family, Animation

Police officer Porky is called to investigate strange noises at a house that might be haunted. Before he arrives, we tour the house and hear some evil-sounding cackles, which, it turns out,... See full summary »

Director: Robert Clampett | Stars: Mel Blanc, Pinto Colvig

Votes: 198

21. Spooks (1931)

9 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

Flip the Frog finds himself in a house haunted by crazy skeletons.

Director: Ub Iwerks

Votes: 156

22. Betty Boop's Museum (1932)

7 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

Koko takes Betty to the museum, where she's locked in overnight and forced to sing at the skeletons' dance.

Director: Dave Fleischer | Stars: Billy Murray, Mae Questel

Votes: 159

23. Murder in 3-D (1941)

8 min | Short, Comedy, Crime

A man tells his harrowing story of one evening at midnight being alerted by a telephone call from his Aunt Tilly in distress at the old deserted Smith mansion. The man drove the two hours ... See full summary »

Director: George Sidney | Stars: Ed Payson, Pete Smith

Votes: 115

24. The Haunted Mouse (1941)

Approved | 6 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

A hungry cat makes his way into a ghost town and finds nothing but a spectral mouse.

Director: Tex Avery | Stars: Mel Blanc, Walter Tetley

Votes: 103

25. The Phantom Ship (1936)

Approved | 8 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

Uncle Beans and the kids are off to visit a haunted ship ('The Phantom') trapped in the ice, hoping to find pirate treasure. They encounter all manner of ghosts and goblins, but eventually ... See full summary »

Director: Jack King | Stars: Tommy Bond, Bernice Hansen

Votes: 87

26. Midnight Blunders (1936)

Approved | 17 min | Short, Action, Comedy

The evil Dr. Wong abducts prominent scientist Dr. Edwin Millstone. Bumbling bank guards Tom and Monte search through Chinatown to find Dr. Wong and rescue the professor.

Director: Del Lord | Stars: Tom Kennedy, Monte Collins, Phyllis Crane, Val Duran

Votes: 35

27. King Klunk (1933)

9 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

Pooch the Pup, his camera, and his girlfriend go to Africa to make a movie of a giant gorilla. Things proceed roughly as in King Kong (1933), though with various comic twists.

Director: Walter Lantz

Votes: 82

28. Ghost Town Frolics (1938)

Passed | 7 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

In an abandoned hotel, idle ghosts get drunk, play slot machines and line up for their relief checks. Two chimpanzees and their big mopey dog venture inside. The ghosts are thrilled at this new opportunity for mischief.

Director: Les Kline

Votes: 8

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