Made for TV Westerns from the 70s, 80s, and 90s

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1. The Over-the-Hill Gang Rides Again (1970 TV Movie)

Unrated | 75 min | Comedy, Family, Western

Retired Texas Ranger Nash Crawford re-assembles his former Ranger outfit from the old days to fight crime in his hometown.

Director: George McCowan | Stars: Walter Brennan, Fred Astaire, Edgar Buchanan, Andy Devine

Votes: 323

2. Cutter's Trail (1970 TV Movie)

100 min | Western

Marshal returns home to find his town almost wiped out by Mexican bandits, enlists the help of a young Mexican boy and his mother to track them down.

Director: Vincent McEveety | Stars: John Gavin, Manuel Padilla Jr., Marisa Pavan, Beverly Garland

Votes: 27

3. The Intruders (1970 TV Movie)

100 min | Western

The James and Younger outlaw gangs ride into town, and it is up to the local marshal, who has lost both his nerve and his gun skills, to stop them.

Director: William A. Graham | Stars: Don Murray, Anne Francis, Edmond O'Brien, John Saxon

Votes: 129

4. The Young Country (1970 TV Movie)

Unrated | 74 min | Western

An adventurous young gambler searches for the owner of a mysterious fortune.

Director: Roy Huggins | Stars: Walter Brennan, Joan Hackett, Wally Cox, Pete Duel

Votes: 59

5. The Last of the Mohicans (1971)

344 min | Adventure, Drama, War

Three trappers protect a British colonel's daughters in the midst of the French and Indian War.

Stars: Andrew Crawford, Tim Goodman, Kenneth Ives, John Abineri

Votes: 182

6. Lock, Stock and Barrel (1971 TV Movie)

90 min | Western

A young frontier couple elope, are chased by the girl's father and brothers, join up with an escaped convict and get mixed up with a charlatan preacher.

Director: Jerry Thorpe | Stars: Tim Matheson, Belinda Montgomery, Claude Akins, Jack Albertson

Votes: 25

7. The Trackers (1971 TV Movie)

TV-PG | 73 min | Western

When a rancher's daughter is kidnapped by Apaches, he forms a posse and sends for the U.S. Marshal but an African-American Deputy Marshal shows up instead.

Director: Earl Bellamy | Stars: Sammy Davis Jr., Ernest Borgnine, Julie Adams, Connie Kreski

Votes: 208

8. Yuma (1971 TV Movie)

PG | 73 min | Western

A tough marshal is sent to clean up a lawless western town.

Director: Ted Post | Stars: Clint Walker, Barry Sullivan, Kathryn Hays, Edgar Buchanan

Votes: 377

9. The Bravos (1972 TV Movie)

TV-PG | 100 min | Western

The commander of an isolated frontier cavalry post tries to stop an Indian war and find his son, who has been kidnapped.

Director: Ted Post | Stars: George Peppard, Pernell Roberts, Belinda Montgomery, L.Q. Jones

Votes: 173

10. The Daughters of Joshua Cabe (1972 TV Movie)

73 min | Western

Due to a home-steading law, a fur trapper schemes to keep his land by hiring a hooker, a pickpocket, and a thief to pose as his family.

Director: Philip Leacock | Stars: Buddy Ebsen, Karen Valentine, Lesley Ann Warren, Sandra Dee

Votes: 145

11. Hardcase (1972 TV Movie)

Not Rated | 74 min | Western

Man comes home to find that his wife has sold their ranch and run off with a Mexican revolutionary.

Director: John Llewellyn Moxey | Stars: Clint Walker, Stefanie Powers, Pedro Armendáriz Jr., Alex Karras

Votes: 47

12. Pioneer Woman (1973 TV Movie)

TV-PG | 74 min | Western

In 1867, a family from the East, despite some initial hesitations, decides to try its luck by settling in the harsh and dangerous West.

Director: Buzz Kulik | Stars: Joanna Pettet, William Shatner, David Janssen, Lance LeGault

Votes: 228

13. The Red Pony (1973 TV Movie)

Unrated | 101 min | Drama, Family, Western

A young farmboy who can't seem to communicate with his father develops an attachment to a young red pony.

Director: Robert Totten | Stars: Henry Fonda, Maureen O'Hara, Ben Johnson, Jack Elam

Votes: 202

14. The Gun and the Pulpit (1974 TV Movie)

TV-PG | 74 min | Western

A young gunslinger on the lam impersonates a preacher, brings hope to his parishioners and law-and-order to a town terrorized by a strongman's bunch.

Director: Daniel Petrie | Stars: Marjoe Gortner, Slim Pickens, David Huddleston, Geoffrey Lewis

Votes: 232

15. The Hanged Man (1974 TV Movie)

Not Rated | 73 min | Western

Miraculously still alive after his hanging, gunfighter James Devlin defends a young widow's farm from a vicious land grabber.

Director: Michael Caffey | Stars: Steve Forrest, Dean Jagger, Will Geer, Sharon Acker

Votes: 255

16. Mrs. Sundance (1974 TV Movie)

TV-PG | 75 min | Western

The girlfriend of the Sundance Kid is on the run with a price on her head, when she hears rumors that the Sundance Kid may still be alive.

Director: Marvin J. Chomsky | Stars: Elizabeth Montgomery, Robert Foxworth, L.Q. Jones, Arthur Hunnicutt

Votes: 236

17. Shootout in a One Dog Town (1974 TV Movie)

78 min | Western

A small town banker is forced to protect his town against a vicious gang of bank robbers determined to get the two hundred thousand dollars stored in his bank.

Director: Burt Kennedy | Stars: Richard Crenna, Stefanie Powers, Jack Elam, Arthur O'Connell

Votes: 52

18. Sidekicks (1974 TV Movie)

75 min | Comedy, Western

Travelling through the West right after the Civil War, two con men hatch a scheme to try to collect the fifteen thousand dollar bounty offered for the capture of an outlaw.

Director: Burt Kennedy | Stars: Larry Hagman, Louis Gossett Jr., Blythe Danner, Jack Elam

Votes: 70

19. This Is the West That Was (1974 TV Movie)

90 min | Comedy, Western

Wild Bill Hickok has to fight off not only a gang of gunfighters out to kill him, but also Calamity Jane, who has designs on him.

Director: Fielder Cook | Stars: Ben Murphy, Kim Darby, Jane Alexander, Anthony Franciosa

Votes: 36

20. The Daughters of Joshua Cabe Return (1975 TV Movie)

74 min | Comedy, Western

A crusty old rancher hires three young women to pose as his daughters. However, the real father of one of the daughters finds out about it, and kidnaps her to hold her for ransom--which the rancher can't pay.

Director: David Lowell Rich | Stars: Dan Dailey, Dub Taylor, Ronne Troup, Christina Hart

Votes: 22

21. The Honorable Sam Houston (1975 TV Movie)

60 min | Biography, History

The life of Sam Houston, the founding father of the Republic of Texas.

Director: Richard T. Heffron | Stars: Charles Aidman, Norman Alden, Brian Andrews, Jim Antonio

22. I Will Fight No More Forever (1975 TV Movie)

Not Rated | 105 min | Action, Drama, History

In a period when many thought that "the only good Indian is a dead Indian," Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce won the admiration of the American public.

Director: Richard T. Heffron | Stars: James Whitmore, Sam Elliott, Ned Romero, Linda Redfearn

Votes: 586

23. The Last Day (1975 TV Movie)

100 min | Western

A retired gunman is forced to take up his weapons again when an outlaw gang robs the town banks.

Director: Vincent McEveety | Stars: Richard Widmark, Barbara Rush, Robert Conrad, Richard Jaeckel

Votes: 144

24. Banjo Hackett: Roamin' Free (1976 TV Movie)

Not Rated | 100 min | Western

A traveling horse trader and his young nephew travel the west in search of the boy's prize Arabian horse, who has been stolen by a bounty hunter.

Director: Andrew V. McLaglen | Stars: Don Meredith, Jeff Corey, Gloria DeHaven, L.Q. Jones

Votes: 36

25. Bridger (1976 TV Movie)

100 min | Western

The story of famous frontiersman Jim Bridger, who is given 40 days to cut a trail through the Rocky Mountains to the California coast and told that if he can't do it, the territory will be lost to England.

Director: David Lowell Rich | Stars: James Wainwright, Ben Murphy, Dirk Blocker, Sally Field

Votes: 43

26. The Captive: The Longest Drive 2 (1976)

R | 80 min | Western

While seeking their sister, Quentin and Morgan Beaudine come across Charlotte Ross, a white woman living with the Indians. Against her will, they take her back into town where she and her ... See full summary »

Director: Lee H. Katzin | Stars: Susan Dey, Joaquin Garay III, Tim Matheson, Kurt Russell

Votes: 56

28. Last of the Mohicans (1977 TV Movie)

120 min | Action, Adventure, War

During the French and Indian War in colonial America, a white scout, with two of his Indian brothers, helps a British officer escort two women through dangerous territory, with both French ... See full summary »

Director: James L. Conway | Stars: Steve Forrest, Ned Romero, Andrew Prine, Don Shanks

Votes: 179

29. Law of the Land (1976 TV Movie)

100 min | Western

A frontier sheriff and his young deputies search for a serial killer who is murdering prostitutes.

Director: Virgil W. Vogel | Stars: Jim Davis, Don Johnson, Cal Bellini, Nicholas Hammond

Votes: 84

30. The New Daughters of Joshua Cabe (1976 TV Movie)

73 min | Comedy, Western

Three young women who posed as the daughters of an elderly homesteader find out that he has been falsely accused of murder, convicted, and sentenced to hang. They hatch a plot to smuggle him out of prison.

Director: Bruce Bilson | Stars: John McIntire, Jack Elam, Jeanette Nolan, Louise Williams

Votes: 33

31. The Quest (1976 TV Movie)

PG | 93 min | Western

Two brothers search the west for their sister, who was kidnapped as a child and is now living with a tribe of Indians.

Director: Lee H. Katzin | Stars: Kurt Russell, Tim Matheson, Brian Keith, Keenan Wynn

Votes: 212

32. The Quest: The Longest Drive (1976 TV Movie)

89 min | Adventure, Western

The two Beaudine brothers refuse rancher Hatcher's offer to go on his cattle drive but change their minds when he is shot. So they head out with six other riders, a cook and a recuperating ... See full summary »

Director: Bernard McEveety | Stars: Kurt Russell, Tim Matheson, Dan O'Herlihy, Keenan Wynn

Votes: 82

33. Wanted: The Sundance Woman (1976 TV Movie)

TV-14 | 100 min | Drama, Western

The Sundance Kids widow Etta Place joins up with Pancho Villa.

Director: Lee Philips | Stars: Katharine Ross, Steve Forrest, Stella Stevens, Michael Constantine

Votes: 145

34. Charlie Cobb: Nice Night for a Hanging (1977 TV Movie)

TV-14 | 100 min | Western

A California rancher hires a private detective to deliver the rancher's long-lost daughter to him. However, several people, including the rancher's new wife, his foreman and a crooked ... See full summary »

Director: Richard Michaels | Stars: Clu Gulager, Ralph Bellamy, Blair Brown, Christopher Connelly

Votes: 49

35. Incredible Rocky Mountain Race (1977 TV Movie)

100 min | Adventure, Comedy, Drama

An old man observes a boy bullying his playmates and treats him to a morality lesson. The man tells the story of the epic cross-country race between a young Mark Twain and his rival, Mike ... See full summary »

Director: James L. Conway | Stars: Christopher Connelly, Forrest Tucker, Larry Storch, Jack Kruschen

Votes: 49

36. Kit Carson and the Mountain Men (1977 TV Movie)

90 min | Adventure, Family, Western

The legendary frontiersman and hero of boyhood paperbacks joins forces with Captain John Fremont as chief scout on a secret expedition to Mexico. The disobedient Randy tries to rejoin his ... See full summary »

Stars: Christopher Connelly, Robert Reed, Gary Lockwood, Ike Eisenmann

Votes: 15

37. Peter Lundy and the Medicine Hat Stallion (1977 TV Movie)

85 min | Western

A teenage boy gets a job as a Pony Express rider in the Nebraska Territory not long before the Civil War breaks out.

Director: Michael O'Herlihy | Stars: Leif Garrett, Milo O'Shea, Bibi Besch, John Quade

Votes: 58

38. Ransom for Alice! (1977 TV Movie)

Not Rated | 78 min | Thriller, Western

In 1890s Seattle, a deputy marshal and his female partner set out to bust up a ring that kidnaps teenage girls and sells them into prostitution.

Director: David Lowell Rich | Stars: Gil Gerard, Yvette Mimieux, Charles Napier, Laurie Prange

Votes: 8

39. Desperate Women (1978 TV Movie)

95 min | Western

Three unjustly convicted female prisoners are being transported to prison. Their guards die of water poisoning and a former contract killer helps them survive.

Director: Earl Bellamy | Stars: Ronee Blakley, John Crawford, Michael DeLano, Rudy Diaz

Votes: 28

40. Donner Pass: The Road to Survival (1978 TV Movie)

Unrated | 100 min | Adventure, Drama, History

A grim incident from American pioneer history is recreated as a determined group of settlers, facing almost insurmountable odds, struggles to reach California in 1846. Already divided by ... See full summary »

Director: James L. Conway | Stars: Robert Fuller, Andrew Prine, Michael Callan, Diane McBain

Votes: 46

41. Go West, Young Girl (1978 TV Movie)

90 min | Comedy, Romance, Western

A female New England reporter and the widow of a cavalry officer team up to go out West, and wind up trying to evade outlaws, gamblers and the law.

Director: Alan J. Levi | Stars: Karen Valentine, Sandra Will, Stuart Whitman, Richard Jaeckel

Votes: 57

42. Kate Bliss and the Ticker Tape Kid (1978 TV Movie)

90 min | Comedy, Western

Comedy-Western about a turn-of-the-century lady investigator named Kate Bliss who goes to the wide-open spaces of the wild west to capture a gang of outlaws led by a charming Robin Hood ... See full summary »

Director: Burt Kennedy | Stars: Suzanne Pleshette, Deborah Sahagun, Don Meredith, Harry Morgan

Votes: 28

43. The New Maverick (1978 TV Movie)

100 min | Western

Gambling brothers Bret (James Garner) and Bart Maverick (Jack Kelly) are, as usual, hot on the trail of a fast buck when they find themselves partnered with the eager-but-inexperienced Ben ... See full summary »

Director: Hy Averback | Stars: James Garner, Charles Frank, Jack Kelly, Susan Blanchard

Votes: 193

44. True Grit: A Further Adventure (1978 TV Movie)

100 min | Western

The further adventures of 'True Grit' Rooster Cogburn which has him battling injustice in his own unorthodox way while contending with a teenage girl bent on reforming him.

Director: Richard T. Heffron | Stars: Warren Oates, Lisa Pelikan, Lee Meriwether, James Stephens

Votes: 168

45. The Young Pioneers (1978– )

60 min | Western

Short lived (3 episodes) series about Molly and David Beaton, two teenage newlyweds, in the Dakota Territory in the early 1870s.

Stars: Linda Purl, Roger Kern, Robert Hays, Robert Donner

Votes: 24


47. The Last Ride of the Dalton Gang (1979 TV Movie)

142 min | Action, Western

A light-hearted view of the Dalton Gang's legendary raid on Coffeyville, Kansas and the years leading up to it as the brothers form themselves into a gang of horse thieves, train and bank ... See full summary »

Director: Dan Curtis | Stars: Cliff Potts, Randy Quaid, Larry Wilcox, Sharon Farrell

Votes: 159

48. The Legend of the Golden Gun (1979 TV Movie)

Unrated | 100 min | Fantasy, Western

During the American Civil War, after his family is killed by Confederate raider William Quantrill, a young farmer seeks the help of a famous gunfighter in order to exact revenge on Quantrill.

Director: Alan J. Levi | Stars: Jeff Osterhage, Carl Franklin, Robert Davi, Keir Dullea

Votes: 235