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1. The Tribe (2014)

Unrated | 126 min | Crime, Drama

78 Metascore

A deaf boy joins a boarding school for similar children. Confronted by the violent and criminal antics of some of the other boys and girls, he struggles to conform and join the 'tribe'.

Director: Myroslav Slaboshpytskyi | Stars: Hryhoriy Fesenko, Yana Novikova, Rosa Babiy, Oleksandr Dsiadevych

Votes: 9,452 | Gross: $0.15M

2. Padal proshlogodniy sneg (1983 TV Short)

20 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

Surreal misadventures of a lazy drunkard with speech impediment trying to get a New Year tree on a short notice. Loosely based on folk fairy tales.

Director: Aleksandr Tatarskiy | Stars: Liya Akhedzhakova, Stanislav Sadalskiy

Votes: 1,486

3. Priklyucheniya domovyonka (1986 TV Short)

17 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

The story begins in one fairy forest. Baba-Yaga, losing control of her Izbushka on chicken legs, on the advice of the old Leshy decides to get a brownie: "to keep the house in his hands!". ... See full summary »

Director: Aida Zyablikova | Stars: Georgiy Vitsin, Tatyana Pelttser, Feliks Ivanov, Svetlana Travkina

Votes: 485

4. V poiskakh kapitana Granta (1986– )

455 min | Adventure

Lord and Lady Glenarvan found a bottle in the ocean. This bottle contained a letter from Captain Grant that he and two of his sailors had survived a disaster at sea and need help. ... See full summary »

Stars: Vladimir Smirnov, Lembit Ulfsak, Nikolay Eryomenko, Tamara Akulova

Votes: 760

5. Ironiya sudby, ili S legkim parom! (1975)

192 min | Comedy, Romance

An incredible story about a man who misplaced the cities and found his love during the one special night - New Year's celebration.

Stars: Liya Akhedzhakova, Aleksandr Belyavskiy, Barbara Brylska, Georgiy Burkov

Votes: 9,985

6. 12 stulev (1977– )

305 min | Adventure, Comedy, Mystery

Two scoundrels try to find the twelve chairs, in one of which their aunts has sewn jewelry into.

Stars: Andrey Mironov, Anatoliy Papanov, Rolan Bykov, Georgiy Vitsin

Votes: 4,011

7. Utomlennye solntsem 2 (2011– )

Drama, History, War

Surprising paths of repressed by Stalin's regime Soviet people during World War II.

Stars: Aleksandr Adabashyan, Nina Arkhipova, Sergey Bachurskiy, Aleksey Buldakov

Votes: 192

8. Law of the Lawless (2002)

TV-MA | 750 min | Action, Crime, Drama

Brigada is a group of four friends, who grew up together and formed a most powerful gang in Moscow. Initially they made business together, but an unplanned murder transformed them into a ... See full summary »

Stars: Sergey Bezrukov, Dmitriy Dyuzhev, Pavel Maykov, Vladimir Vdovichenkov

Votes: 8,935

9. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson (1980– )
Episode: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson: King of Blackmailers (1980)

63 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

Mycroft Holmes hands Sherlock Holmes the case of the Master Blackmailer.

Director: Igor Maslennikov | Stars: Vasiliy Livanov, Vitali Solomin, Rina Zelyonaya, Valentina Panina

Votes: 1,972

10. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson (1980– )
Episode: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson: The Hunt for the Tiger (1980)

65 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

Dr. Watson executes Sherlock Holmes' will, who faced death after exposing Moriarty and his gang in the previous episode.

Director: Igor Maslennikov | Stars: Vasiliy Livanov, Vitali Solomin, Rina Zelyonaya, Borislav Brondukov

Votes: 1,899

11. Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson: The Acquaintance (1980)
Episode: Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson: The Bloody Inscription (1980)

PG-13 | 67 min | Comedy, Crime, Mystery

When a murder happens with a bloody inscription and a ring left behind, puzzled Scotland Yard detectives go to Sherlock Holmes for help.

Director: Igor Maslennikov | Stars: Vasiliy Livanov, Vitali Solomin, Rina Zelyonaya, Borislav Brondukov

Votes: 2,195

12. Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson: The Acquaintance (1980)

67 min | Comedy, Crime, Mystery

Doctor Watson moves in with the eccentric Sherlock Holmes and they get a case to solve. A young heiress seeks Holmes' help when she feels threatened by her brutish stepfather after her sister dies under mysterious circumstances.

Stars: Vasiliy Livanov, Vitali Solomin, Rina Zelyonaya, Mariya Solomina

Votes: 3,101

13. Heart of a Dog (1988 TV Movie)

PG | 136 min | Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi

In the wake of the Russian revolution, Professor Preobrazhensky rescues a starving dog from the gutter, and attempts to transform him into a man. Based on Mikhail Bulgakov's novel of the same name.

Director: Vladimir Bortko | Stars: Evgeniy Evstigneev, Vladimir Tolokonnikov, Boris Plotnikov, Roman Kartsev

Votes: 5,993

15. Chistilishche (1998 TV Movie)

120 min | War

A military drama based on true events - a battle on the First Chechen War during the winter of 1994-1995. A story covers attacking a local hospital where Russian military forces placed. The film is full of violence scenes.

Director: Aleksandr Nevzorov | Stars: Aleksandr Baranov, Sergey Bogdanov, Zed Korshoonoff, Aleksandr Makarov

Votes: 568

16. Sem starikov i odna devushka (1970 TV Movie)

81 min | Comedy, Musical

A young graduate of the Institute of Physical Education Elena Velichko is sent to work as a coach in a sports club. But instead of promising athletes she is given six elderly men.

Director: Yevgeni Karelov | Stars: Anatoliy Adoskin, Boris Novikov, Nikolay Parfyonov, Aleksei Smirnov

Votes: 259

17. The Adventures of Buratino (1976 TV Movie)

130 min | Family, Adventure, Fantasy

Several adventurers - cruel and cunning, virtuous and brave - sets off on a quest for the Golden Key - a metaphor of happiness.

Director: Leonid Nechaev | Stars: Dmitriy Iosifov, Tatyana Protsenko, Roman Stolkarts, Thomas Augustinas

Votes: 1,481

18. Starshiy syn (1976 TV Movie)

140 min | Drama

Late for the last commuter train and reluctant to spend the night outdoors, two young men trick a family into letting them stay in their apartment: one of them insists that he's the illegitimate son of the man who owns the apartment.

Director: Vitaliy Melnikov | Stars: Evgeniy Leonov, Natalya Egorova, Vladimir Izotov, Nikolay Karachentsov

Votes: 877

19. Hello, I'm Your Aunt! (1975 TV Movie)

98 min | Comedy

Unemployed and homeless Babbs Baberley (Alexander Kalyagin) is being chased by the police who attempt to arrest him for vagrancy. Babbs finds himself in a rich house, where he encounters ... See full summary »

Director: Viktor Titov | Stars: Aleksandr Kalyagin, Tamara Nosova, Tatyana Vedeneeva, Valentin Gaft

Votes: 1,340

20. Sleva Napravo (1989)

4 min | Animation, Short

What is the philosophical meaning of the film "Right to Left"? The moon falls into a meat grinder, whimsical, but typically Maximovian creatures, entering or not entering into some kind of ... See full summary »

Director: Ivan Maksimov

Votes: 58

21. School Holidays in Prostokvashino (1980)

18 min | Animation, Short, Adventure

When his mom plans a vacation to a resort, little Fyodor runs away to family's cottage house instead, to visit his friends Matroskin the Cat and Sharik the Dog.

Director: Vladimir Popov | Stars: Oleg Tabakov, Valentina Talyzina, Mariya Vinogradova, Boris Novikov

Votes: 1,988

22. Junior and Karlson (1968)

19 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

A Soviet cult cartoon, so untypical for a Western viewer, especially, a little one. A boy named Malysh ("A Little One") suffers from solitude being the youngest of the three children in a ... See full summary »

Director: Boris Stepantsev | Stars: Klara Rumyanova, Vasiliy Livanov, Faina Ranevskaya

Votes: 2,244

23. Winter in Prostokvashino (1984)

16 min | Animation, Short, Adventure

Continuing adventures of little Fyodor and his talking cat friend.

Director: Vladimir Popov | Stars: Mariya Vinogradova, Valentina Talyzina, Zinaida Naryshkina, Oleg Tabakov

Votes: 1,988

24. Cheburashka idyot v shkolu (1983)

10 min | Animation, Short

After Cheburashka fails to meet him at the airport, Gena realizes that Cheburashka does not know how to read and decides to register Cheburashka for school.

Director: Roman Kachanov | Stars: Vasiliy Livanov, Klara Rumyanova, Yuri Andreyev, Georgiy Burkov

Votes: 759

25. Karlson Returns (1970)

20 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

In the continuation of the animation film "The Kid and Karlsson" in the house of the Kid appears "moccasin" Froken Bock. She becomes at once the sovereign owner of the apartment. The Kid is... See full summary »

Director: Boris Stepantsev | Stars: Faina Ranevskaya, Vasiliy Livanov, Klara Rumyanova

Votes: 1,912

26. Krokodil Gena (1969)

20 min | Animation, Short, Family

Cheburashka is a creature unknown to science. After the zoo rejects him, he becomes lonely and wants friends. Meanwhile, a crocodile named Gena is in the same boat and seeks friendship. The two meet and build a house for the lonely.

Director: Roman Kachanov | Stars: Vasiliy Livanov, Klara Rumyanova, Vladimir Rautbart, Vladimir Kenigson

Votes: 1,571

27. Shapoklyak (1974)

20 min | Animation, Family, Short

Crocodile Gena and Cheburashka go to sea rest by train, but Shapoklyak steals their tickets and wallet. Therefore, friends are disembarked at the first station 200 km from Moscow. Crocodile... See full summary »

Director: Roman Kachanov | Stars: Vasiliy Livanov, Irina Mazing, Klara Rumyanova, Vladimir Ferapontov

Votes: 874

28. The Ark (2007)

8 min | Animation, Short, Sci-Fi

An unknown virus has destroyed almost the entire human population. Oblivious to the true nature of the disease, the remaining survivors escape to the sea in great ships.

Director: Grzegorz Jonkajtys

Votes: 838

29. Hedgehog in the Fog (1975)

11 min | Animation, Short

A little hedgehog, on the way to visit his friend the bear, gets lost in thick fog, where horses, dogs and even falling leaves take on a terrifying new aspect.

Director: Yuri Norstein | Stars: Vyacheslav Nevinnyy, Mariya Vinogradova, Aleksey Batalov

Votes: 5,812

30. Po sledam bremenskikh muzykantov (1973)

19 min | Animation, Short, Family

Sequel to the cult Russian animation Bremenskie muzykanty (1969)

Director: Vasiliy Livanov | Stars: Muslim Magomayev, Elmira Zherzdeva, Gennadiy Gladkov, Anatoliy Gorokhov

Votes: 1,257

31. Three from Prostokvashino (1978)

17 min | Animation, Short, Adventure

Little Fedor brings a cat to home despite his mother's distaste for cats. He runs away with his talking cat, to make more friends on the way.

Director: Vladimir Popov | Stars: Oleg Tabakov, Valentina Talyzina, Mariya Vinogradova, Boris Novikov

Votes: 2,508

32. Father Frost and Summer (1969)

20 min | Animation, Short, Family

Father Frost has never witnessed summer, so he decides to travel to the big city during the hottest of the seasons.

Directors: Valentin Karavaev, Ivan Ivanov-Vano | Stars: Margarita Korabelnikova, Zinaida Naryshkina, Klara Rumyanova, Evgeniy Shutov

Votes: 261

33. Priklyucheniya Elektronika (1979– )

215 min | Adventure, Comedy, Crime

Professor Gromov constructs a robot called Electronic, which looks exactly like Sergey Syroezhkin, a 6-grader from one of Odessa (USSR) schools. The robot also acts a lot like a human, and ... See full summary »

Stars: Yuriy Torsuev, Vladimir Torsuev, Vasiliy Skromnyy, Oksana Alekseeva

Votes: 1,519

34. Sisters (2005)

16 min | Documentary, Short

Add a Plot

Director: Valeriya Gay Germanika

Votes: 40

35. Cheburashka (1971)

19 min | Animation, Short, Family

The Crocodile Gena have a birthday. Cheburashka congratulates him and presents him with a gift. Further friends are engaged in the fact that they are trying to build a birdhouse, but they ... See full summary »

Director: Roman Kachanov | Stars: Tamara Dmitrieva, Vasiliy Livanov, Klara Rumyanova, Vladimir Ferapontov

Votes: 1,817

36. Once Upon a Time there Lived a Dog (1982)

10 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

The action takes place on a Ukrainian farm. The elderly guard dog is not needed by anyone, and the owners decide to drive him away from the yard. The last straw that filled their cup of ... See full summary »

Director: Eduard Nazarov | Stars: Georgiy Burkov, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, Eduard Nazarov

Votes: 2,725

37. The Bremen Town Musicians (1969)

20 min | Animation, Short, Family

A loosely based story on the Brothers Grimm fairy tale, Town Musicians of Bremen about a donkey, a dog, a cat, and a rooster and their master Troubadour.

Director: Inessa Kovalevskaya | Stars: Elmira Zherzdeva, Oleg Anofriev, Anatoliy Gorokhov, Gennadiy Gladkov

Votes: 2,086

38. Vovka v Tridevyatom tsarstve (1965)

19 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

A schoolboy gets into a fairy tale with the help of a librarian and DIY book. But life in the magical land is not as easy as it seems.

Director: Boris Stepantsev | Stars: Rina Zelyonaya, Elena Ponsova, Klara Rumyanova, Emiliya Treyvas

Votes: 1,239

39. Winnie-the-Pooh and a Busy Day (1972)

21 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

Vinni-Pukh is trying to help his friend donkey with huge depression which happened to be on his birthday

Directors: Fyodor Khitruk, Gennadiy Sokolskiy | Stars: Vladimir Osenev, Evgeniy Leonov, Iya Savvina, Erast Garin

Votes: 2,470

40. Winnie-the-Pooh Pays a Visit (1971)

10 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

Winnie the Pooh and Piglet visit their friend the rabbit. After a hearty breakfast of honey, Pooh finds it hard to leave.

Director: Fyodor Khitruk | Stars: Evgeniy Leonov, Iya Savvina, Anatoliy Shchukin, Vladimir Osenev

Votes: 2,680

41. Winnie-the-Pooh (1969)

11 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

Long ago, it seems, last Friday, lived in one country a bear cub under the name of Winnie the Pooh. And why under the name? Because, above his door was the inscription: "Winnie the Pooh," ... See full summary »

Director: Fyodor Khitruk | Stars: Evgeniy Leonov, Iya Savvina, Vladimir Osenev

Votes: 3,361

42. Volshebnoe koltso (1979)

20 min | Animation, Short, Family

The tale that the house was not stoked throughout the century.

Director: Leonid Nosyrev | Stars: Evgeniy Leonov, Yuriy Volyntsev, Anatoliy Barantsev, Mariya Vinogradova

Votes: 450

43. Obsession (1965)

31 min | Short

Student Shurik has just two hours before the beginning of the exam and he has no lectures notes.

Director: Leonid Gaidai | Stars: Aleksandr Demyanenko, Natalya Seleznyova, Valeriy Nosik, Viktor Pavlov

Votes: 823

44. Kalambur (1996–2001)

25 min | Comedy

A cult Ukrainian sketch show which combines both slapstick humor and stand-up elements to create what is established by creators as a "video comics".

Stars: Yuri Stytskovsky, Aleksey Agopyan, Vadim Nabokov, Sergei Gladkov

Votes: 127

47. Serdtsa tryokh (1992– )

260 min | Adventure, Romance

A young millionaire Francis Morgan along with his distant cousin, a cowboy Henry Morgan and Henry's bride Leoncia are searching for the Maya treasures.

Stars: Vladimir Shevelkov, Sergey Zhigunov, Elena Khmelnitskaya, Dmitriy Kharatyan

Votes: 359