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1. The Save-Ums! (2003– )


The Save-Ums live in a fantastical universe made up of deep sea worlds and remote islands. They keep watch over the universe from the headquarters at Save-Ums Central and rescue those in ... See full summary »

Stars: Mitchell Eisner, Aaryn Doyle, Dolly Reno, Melanie Tonello

Votes: 57

2. Hi-5 (2003–2009)

TV-Y | 22 min | Family, Comedy, Music

A high-energy kids show full of song and dance and action starring 5 exciting (and ethnically-diverse) perfomers.

Stars: Jenn Korbee, Kimee Balmilero, Curtis Cregan, Karla Mosley

Votes: 484

3. Peep and the Big Wide World (2004– )

TV-Y | 22 min | Animation, Short, Adventure

Peep, Chirp, and Quack explore the "Big Wide World" around them, leading to mischief and adventures.

Stars: Jamie Watson, Joan Cusack, Maxwell Uretsky, Scott Beaudin

Votes: 491

4. ToddWorld (2004– )

TV-Y | 22 min | Animation

ToddWorld is an animated children's TV program about the adventures of a boy named Todd and his friends. The show is notable for its bold lines and bright colors. Each episode conveys a message about tolerance, diversity and acceptance.

Stars: Ryan Hirakida, Peter Kelamis, Maggie Blue O'Hara, Chantal Strand

Votes: 33

5. Bigfoot Presents: Meteor and the Mighty Monster Trucks (2006– )

Animation, Family

Young Monster Trucks go to school to learn how to race and along the way they also learn life lessons

Stars: Cameron Ansell, Mitchell Eisner, Rosa Laborde, Brian Froud

Votes: 92

6. Mister Maker (2007–2009)


A childs entertainment show that teaches you numerous easy arts and crafts for anybody watching. Great for holidays.

Star: Phil Gallagher

Votes: 85

7. Fishtronaut (2009– )

12 min | Animation, Family

The series tells the story of Fishtronaut, a fish in a spacesuit, similar to reverse scuba gear, which allows him to fly and breathe out of water. He is a secret agent who, along with his ... See full summary »

Stars: Dawn Ford, Holly Gauthier-Frankel

Votes: 37

8. My Big, Big Friend (2011– )

TV-Y | 12 min | Animation, Comedy, Family

How can three preschool friends climb a mountain, star in a circus, fly an airplane or hide inside their own paintings? Why it's easy! With a little imagination, that is. Your imagination ... See full summary »

Stars: Addison Holley, Nissae Isen, Tajja Isen, Scott McCord

Votes: 80

9. Word World (2007– )

TV-Y | 28 min | Animation, Family

In Word World, words actually become the objects they represent in an innovative, educational and entertaining adventure for your kids.

Stars: H.D. Quinn, Lenore Zann, George Bailey, Daryl Ekroth

Votes: 232

10. The Adventures of Chuck & Friends (2010– )

Animation, Action, Family

Chuck is a dump truck him and his freinds have fun together and with the world famous monster truck rally. Chucks brother

Stars: Stacey DePass, Fab Filippo, Darren Frost, Gabriel Giammaria

Votes: 85

11. Animal Mechanicals (2008– )

TV-Y | 11 min | Animation

Meet the Animal Mechanicals - Rex, Unicorn, Komodo, Sasquatch and Mouse. The Animal Mechanicals team explores fantastic worlds, complete cool quests, and work together to solve puzzles. ... See full summary »

Stars: Jim Fowler, Shannon Lynch, Ian MacDougall, Abigail Gordon

Votes: 55

12. The Wotwots (2009– )

10 min | Animation, Family

A mix of live-action and computer animation to follow a pair of inquisitive, creative alien siblings as they learn about life on Earth.

Stars: Martin Baynton, Nathalie Boltt, Janet Roddick, Nicholas Parsons

Votes: 79

13. Maryoku Yummy (2010– )

TV-Y | Animation

Say hello to Maryoku, Ooka, Fij Fij, Bob, and the rest of the Yummy bunch, squeezably adorable creatures who care for our wishes before they come true! From the team that created the Care Bears, so you know it??s cotton-candy sweet!

Stars: Maryke Hendrikse, Shannon Chan-Kent, Brian Drummond, Donny Lucas

Votes: 7

14. In the Night Garden... (2007–2009)

TV-Y | 30 min | Adventure, Comedy, Family

A toddler/infant adventure garden which tip-toes between the twilight state of a child being awake and moving through to a state of sleep. It is somewhat psychedelic, yet to a child it is ... See full summary »

Stars: Derek Jacobi, Nick Kellington, Andy Wareham, Rebecca Hyland

Votes: 597

15. Artzooka (2010– )

TV-G | Family

Artzooka shows parents, teachers &/or daycare providers how to create useful art projects using recycled materials.

Star: Jeremie Saunders

Votes: 43

16. Rob the Robot (2010– )

Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Join Rob, the galaxy's most curious and adventurous robot as he explores the wondrous planets with his friends Ema, the alien linguist, TK the walking toolkit, and Orbit the quirky artist, ... See full summary »

Stars: Stacey DePass, Camden Angelis, Jake Beale, Jordie Mand

Votes: 30

17. LazyTown (2002–2016)

TV-Y | 30 min | Adventure, Comedy, Family

In this Nick Jr. television show, a pink-haired girl named Stephanie moves to LazyTown with her uncle (the mayor of LazyTown), where she tries to teach its extremely lazy residents that physical activity is beneficial.

Stars: Magnús Scheving, Stefán Karl Stefánsson, Julianna Rose Mauriello, Julie Westwood

Votes: 5,607

18. It's a Big Big World (2006– )

TV-Y | 30 min | Animation, Family

From the creator of "Bear in the Big Blue House," "It's a Big Big World" features Snook the sloth. He lives in the World Tree with various animal friends including marmosets, a tree frog and an anteater.

Stars: Tim Lagasse, Melissa Creighton, Peter Linz, Carol Binion

Votes: 225

19. Jelly Jamm (2011– )

Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Jelly Jamm celebrates music, fun and friendship. Join Bello and his friends in their comedic adventures as they learn to live in harmony on the magical Planet Jammbo - origin of music in the universe.

Stars: Isabella Blake-Thomas, Beth Chalmers, Maria Darling, Lizzie Waterworth

Votes: 54

20. Guess with Jess (2009– )

10 min | Animation, Family

Follow along with Jess, the curious black and white cat, and his farmyard friends, as they explore the everyday world around them and learn that finding the answers to their questions can be fun.

Stars: Daniel Anthony, Maria Darling, Charlie George, Jo Wyatt

Votes: 31

21. The Busy World of Richard Scarry (1993–1997)

TV-G | 30 min | Animation, Family

An entertaining and educational show for children about cartoon animals living in a small town, and the friendship between a cat and an earthworm.

Stars: Peter Wildman, Denis Akiyama, Carl Banas, George Buza

Votes: 1,478

22. My Friend Rabbit (2007– )

TV-Y7 | 30 min | Animation, Family

Mouse works together with his best friend Rabbit and a group of animals to solve problems.

Stars: Peter Oldring, Richard Binsley, Jeremy Harris, Hannah Endicott-Douglas

Votes: 48

23. I Spy (2003– )

TV-Y | Animation

Spyler and CeCe join the fun to search for missing items.

Stars: Tara Sands, Ellen Lee, Cindy Creekmore, Big Al

Votes: 43

24. Doki Adventures (2013– )

TV-G | Animation, Adventure, Family

Doki and his friends explore the world and learn how things work.

Stars: Katie Grant, Sarah Sheppard, Lucas Kalechstein, Tara Emo

Votes: 41

25. Raggs (2006– )

TV-Y | 30 min | Family

Raggs stars five colorful canine characters and their wisecracking pet cat, Dumpster, who hang together in their own cool clubhouse. However, Raggs and his friends are not average canines, ... See full summary »

Stars: Di Adams, Thomas Bromhead, Paula Morrell, Jamie Oxenbould

Votes: 25

26. Dragon (2004– )

12 min | Animation

One of Dav Pilkey's popular children's book series comes to life in this clay animation series.

Star: Frank Meschkuleit

Votes: 42

27. The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog (2010)

TV-Y7 | 13 min | Animation, Family

An animation series for children, which encourages participation in solving the puzzles and problems of Alfred's marvelously mysterious world.

Stars: Carolina Bartczak, Angela Galuppo, Emma Taylor-Isherwood, Lisa Norton

Votes: 90

28. 64 Zoo Lane (1999–2013)

TV-Y | 11 min | Animation, Family

64 Zoo Lane is a kid show about a girl who goes outside her house at night to play with her zoo friends including a giraffe, zebra and more. The show is definitely a show for the whole family to watch.

Stars: Adrienne Posta, Keith Wickham, Dan Russell, Bob Saker

Votes: 511

29. Bo on the GO! (2007– )


In this creative animation about a girl and her dragon best friend they go on adventures where they have to move all around to get to the next door. This series is great if you want your kids to keep moving while watching TV.

Stars: Andrew Sabiston, Catherine O'Connor, Jim Fowler, Jim Fowler

Votes: 79

30. Busytown Mysteries (2007–2010)

30 min | Animation, Family

Childrens' show based on the classic works of author and illustrator Richard Scarry centers on six characters solving the mysteries of everyday life in an imaginary place called Busytown.

Stars: Kevin Dennis, Julie Lemieux, Joanne Vannicola, Paul Wensley

Votes: 106

31. Dirtgirlworld (2009–2010)

TV-Y | 11 min | Animation, Family

Dirtgirl is a gumboot-wearing girl who grows awesome tomatoes, knows cloud names and drives a big orange tractor. It's a place of bizarre insects, underground tunnels, vaudevillian trained chickens and performing stunt bugs.

Stars: Jabba, Michael Balk, Gibson Nolte, Krew Boylan

Votes: 91

33. Chirp (2015–2016)


Three young birds go on adventures using their imagination. Solving problems with everyday items and having fun all the while. Intended for young children, without all the innuendo that so ... See full summary »

Stars: Jacob Ewaniuk, Brianna Daguanno, Adrian David Lloyd, Elana Catherine

Votes: 14

34. Wibbly Pig (2009– )

TV-G | 30 min | Animation, Comedy, Family

Wibbly Pig is an animated preschool comedy series that takes the daily routine of a young child and finds humour and fun in every part of it. Wibbly simply does what children do. From day ... See full summary »

Stars: Zoe Fraser, Deo Simcox, Liam Tully, Truth Angus

Votes: 73

36. Maggie and the Ferocious Beast (1998– )

TV-Y | 22 min | Animation, Comedy, Family

A six year old girl has endless adventures with a tame beast and somewhat fussy pig in Nowhere Land meeting new friends and going to new places.

Stars: Kristen Bone, John McGrath, Tamara Bernier, Dan Chameroy

Votes: 1,200

37. Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends (2004– )

TV-Y | 30 min | Animation, Drama, Family

A young green spider named Squirt - one of the many children of the caring arachnid, Miss Spider - experiences life from a bug's perspective.

Stars: Kristin Davis, Rebecca Brenner, Scott Beaudin, Mitchell Eisner

Votes: 292

38. Monster Math Squad (2012– )

30 min | Animation

Monster Math Squad stars MAX, LILY and GOO. The Squad love nothing better than to put their monster minds together and use their math skills to overcome any obstacle they face.

Stars: Julie Sype, Jenna Warren, Cory Doran, Annick Obonsawin

Votes: 20

39. Oswald (2001–2003)

TV-Y | 30 min | Animation, Family, Musical

A story of a blue octopus and his dog that looks like a hotdog, named Weenie, and their friends like Daisy the daisy, and Henry the penguin. They go on adventures in their town that usually... See full summary »

Stars: Fred Savage, Debi Derryberry, Crystal Scales, David L. Lander

Votes: 1,198

40. Pirates: Adventures in Art (2010–2011)

TV-Y | 11 min | Animation

Captain Leonardo and his crew of art-loving pirates continue their daring missions to restore the creative arts lost to the communities under Conformia's sway.

Stars: Paul Essiembre, Damon Papadopoulos, Ivan Sherry, Nicole Stamp

Votes: 12

41. Bubu and the Little Owls (2018– )


Three young owls (Bubu, Bonie and Beil) explore the forest and face new discoveries, all while making friends, singing songs, and discovering the beauty of nature along the way.

Stars: Mariana Elizabetisky, Clarice Espíndola, César Marchetti, Luciana Ramanzini

Votes: 9

42. Bob the Builder (1998–2004)

TV-Y | 10 min | Animation, Family

Bob the Builder and his machine team are ready to tackle any project. Bob and the Can-Do Crew demonstrate the power of positive thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and follow-through. The ... See full summary »

Stars: Rob Rackstraw, Kate Harbour, Lorelei King, Neil Morrissey

Votes: 3,431

43. Rainbow Ruby (2016– )

11 min | Animation, Comedy, Family

Rainbow Ruby comes to the rescue whenever a doll friend needs help! When Choco's heart starts to glow, she knows it's time for a magical journey into Rainbow Village. With the help of her ... See full summary »

Stars: Johnny Yong Bosch, Shannon Chan-Kent, Brian Drummond, Kate Higgins

Votes: 31

44. Fireman Sam (1987–2020)

TV-Y7 | 10 min | Animation, Crime, Family

The adventures of a community fireman, Sam.

Stars: Steven Kynman, David Carling, Tegwen Tucker, Andrew Hodwitz

Votes: 1,225

45. Zerby Derby (2013– )

TV-Y | Family

The adventures of remote-controlled cars and trucks in a forest, where they cross streams, build dams and explore meadows.

Stars: Ron Pardo, Stacey DePass, Jason Hopley, Phil McCordic

Votes: 19

46. Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends (1984– )

TV-Y | 11 min | Animation, Comedy, Family

This popular series follows the adventures of Thomas the Tank Engine and all of his engine friends on the Island of Sodor.

Stars: Michael Angelis, Michael Brandon, Keith Wickham, Kerry Shale

Votes: 3,160

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