Turkic History movie series Ottoman Golden Horde Seljuk Ancient Hun Scythian Turkish film show

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turkish and kazakh azerbaijan , turkic country history period (Movies about last 100 years aren't in this list)

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1. Tomiris (2019)

156 min | Drama, History

This is the story of the life of the great queen of of the steppe - legendary Tomiris. She is destined to become a skillful warrior, survive the loss of close people and unite the Scythian/Saka tribes under her authority.

Director: Akan Satayev | Stars: Almira Tursyn, Adil Akhmetov, Erkebulan Dairov, Berik Aytzhanov

Votes: 156

2. Elveda Rumeli (2007– )

Drama, History

Story of milkman Ramiz and his family begin in 1896 in a small village in Skopje, which the Ottoman Empire rule Balkans, telling the relationship of Turks with their neighbours as ... See full summary »

Stars: Filiz Ahmet, Salih Bademci, Recep Özgür Dereli, Suzana Akbelge

Votes: 912

3. Kurt Seyit ve Sura (2014)

46 min | Drama, History, Romance

The love story of Kurt Seyit, an army major, and Sura, a Russian woman.

Stars: Kivanç Tatlitug, Farah Zeynep Abdullah, Caglar Ertugrul, Demet Özdemir

Votes: 2,780

4. Yahsi Bati - The Ottoman Cowboys (2009)

112 min | Comedy, Western

In 1881, two Ottoman Secret Agents travel to the USA, at the Sultan's request, to deliver a valuable diamond as a gift for the President.

Director: Ömer Faruk Sorak | Stars: Cem Yilmaz, Ozan Güven, Zafer Algöz, Demet Evgar

Votes: 28,977

5. Büyük Sürgün Kafkasya (2015– )

60 min | Drama, History

Firat Sunel's the "Shadow of the Willow Bunch" and Gürsel Balci's "Border Secrets" is loosely adapted from the novel Great Banishment the Caucasus, Stalin's orders in 1944, which tells the ... See full summary »

Stars: Tolga Saritas, Elif Atakan, Melis Birkan, Nilüfer Açikalin

Votes: 135

6. Killing the Shadows (2006)

135 min | Comedy, Drama, History

A story about the tragedy and the danger of humor and the humorist - A comedy as grand as the Lands of Rome...

Director: Ezel Akay | Stars: Haluk Bilginer, Sebnem Dönmez, Beyaz, Güven Kiraç

Votes: 9,917

8. Crimean (2014)

114 min | Action, Drama, History

The human tragedy and the suffering of the Crimean Turks who were taken hostage as prisoners of war in German prison camps during World War II.

Director: Burak Arliel | Stars: Bülent Alkis, Ali Barkin, Baki Davrak, Sertaç Ekici

Votes: 1,127

9. Direnis Karatay (2018)

118 min | Action, History, Thriller

Guyaseddin passed on the throne when his father, Alaattin Keykubat, was poisoned and killed. But he is not a talented statesman like his father. This situation leads to the increase of ... See full summary »

Director: Selahattin Sancakli | Stars: Mehmet Aslantug, Fikret Kuskan, Yurdaer Okur, Alperen Duymaz

Votes: 1,166

10. Wounded Love (2016–2018)

120 min | Drama, History, Romance

Azize finds herself with her 3 children and mother-in-law in a difficult fight. She raises her children while fighting the difficulties of the war period and her husband's absence whom she ... See full summary »

Stars: Halit Ergenç, Bergüzar Korel, Boran Kuzum, Pinar Deniz

Votes: 3,406

11. Dirilis: Ertugrul (2014–2019)

120 min | Action, Adventure, Drama

The heroic story of Ertugrul Ghazi, the father of Osman (Uthman) who founded the Ottoman Empire.

Stars: Engin Altan Düzyatan, Hülya Darcan, Cengiz Coskun, Nurettin Sönmez

Votes: 19,896

12. Son Yaz - Balkanlar 1912 (2012)

100 min | Drama, War

The process from the Balkan War to the Canakkale War. The story of a people who fought to live brothers and sisters, resisted for the sake of their lands, and forced to emigrate from their hometowns.

Stars: Hazal Kaya, Tugçe Kazaz, Furkan Palali, Tardu Flordun

Votes: 45

13. Ustura Kemal (2012)

90 min | Action, Drama, History

The story of Ustura Kemal, tired but proud of Istanbul, is reflected in the struggle for the liberation of a nation. You will be deeply impressed when you observe the stories of the people ... See full summary »

Stars: Oktay Kaynarca, Naz Elmas, Emre Kinay, Ugur Kurul

Votes: 23

14. The Last Ottoman: Knockout Ali (2007)

126 min | Action, Comedy, Drama

Story about an ottoman WWI veteran, who resistances against the occupiers.

Director: Mustafa Sevki Dogan | Stars: Kenan Imirzalioglu, Cansu Dere, Emin Boztepe, Engin Senkan

Votes: 5,995

16. Çiragan Baskini (2014– )


Ciragan Palace Ciragan raid or Incidents, held on 20 May 1878, the Ciragan to recover from the former Ottoman Sultan Murad V is held at the Palace of the Revolution and attempts to relay board again.

Stars: Ceyda Ates, Engin Altan Düzyatan, Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan, Savas Özdemir

Votes: 35

17. Deli Dumrul (2017)

105 min | Comedy

Deli Dumrul is an epic character in Turkish literature. Dumrul fell in love with "Guncicek", one day Dumrul heard the Reaper took her soul. Dumrul wondered, who is the Reaper, then he challenged The Reaper.

Director: Burak Aksak | Stars: Sahin Irmak, Eda Ece, Cengiz Bozkurt, Zafer Algöz

Votes: 374

18. Kurt Kanunu (2012)

75 min | Adventure, Drama, History

This TV series adapted from the same title by Kemal Tahir is about the assassination of Izmir in the first years of the Republic, the turbulent contests and calculations of that period.

Stars: Ümit Acar, Ali Basar, Pelin Akil, Bahar Kerimoglu

Votes: 21

19. Salur Kazan: Zoraki Kahraman (2017)

97 min | Comedy, History

Will Salur save his loved ones captured by bad guys? Will the people of village taken captive be able to defeat the bad guys? Dede Korkut Stories, screenwriter and director Burak Aksak is ... See full summary »

Director: Burak Aksak | Stars: Mahir Ipek, Seher Devrim Yakut, Onur Atilla, Korhan Herduran

Votes: 471

20. Kesif (2018)

Action, Fantasy, War

Esma, Berk and Hasan are three people who try to escape the troubles of life with the help of a video game called Discovery. These three young people is sucked into the game in a mystical way. They find themselves in a war in World War 2.

Directors: Volkan Kocatürk, Metin Turguç, Özlem Koza | Stars: Sude Zulal Güler, Burak Can, Ibrahim Yildiz, Yurdaer Okur

Votes: 91

21. Karaoglan (2013)

116 min | Action, Comedy, History

Karaoglan is a Turkish historical comic book and drawn by Suat Yalaz.

Director: Kudret Sabanci | Stars: Müge Boz, Janbi Ceylan, Murat Gokay Dincaslan, Okitay Doganay

Votes: 559

22. Deliler (2018)

121 min | Action, History, War

The true story of 7 oddly dressed fearless men of ottoman army fight against cruel Vlad.

Director: Osman Kaya | Stars: Cem Uçan, Erkan Petekkaya, Nur Fettahoglu, Yetkin Dikinciler

Votes: 1,957

23. 7 Husbands for Hurmuz (2009)

122 min | Comedy

Remake of a well-known Turkish musical comedy loved by generations, the film is about the adventures of flirtatious Hurmuz in late 1800's Istanbul. Hurmuz who lives in Taskasap, Istanbul ... See full summary »

Director: Ezel Akay | Stars: Nurgül Yesilçay, Gülse Birsel, Haluk Bilginer, Erkan Can

Votes: 4,563

24. Harem (2012– )

90 min | Comedy

Series about Ottoman Empire

Stars: Murat Arkin, Serhan Arslan, Önder K. Açikbas, Belma Canciger

Votes: 183

25. Hürrem Sultan (2003– )


During the 8 episodes of this production where 'Ali Surmeli' and 'Gulben Ergen' had the leading roles, we watched how Hurrem Sultana became a character who influenced the Ottoman history ... See full summary »

Stars: Gülben Ergen, Ali Sürmeli, Yesim Aliç, Perim Amaç

Votes: 226

26. Veda - Atatürk (I) (2010)

114 min | Biography, Drama, History

Story based on the memoirs of Salih Bozok, which traces the life of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

Director: Zülfü Livaneli | Stars: Serhat Mustafa Kiliç, Dolunay Soysert, Burhan Güven, Sinan Tuzcu

Votes: 6,303

27. Kahpe Bizans (1999)

97 min | Comedy, History

Kahpe Bizans tells us the story of Yetis Bey(Cem Davran)and his struggle with Byzantian Emperor(Illetyus)in a humorous way.

Director: Gani Müjde | Stars: Mehmet Ali Erbil, Demet Sener, Cem Davran, Sümer Tilmaç

Votes: 6,241

28. Bizans oyunlari: Geym of Bizans (2016)

101 min | Comedy

After the death of Byzantium King III. Kilitor, difficult days start for the Mayalar. The new Queen V. Kilitorya attack to Mayalar and kidnap their women to break their DNA code.

Director: Gani Müjde | Stars: Gürkan Uygun, Tolgahan Sayisman, Gonca Vuslateri, Ünal Yeter

Votes: 2,413

29. Yüzyillik Mühür (2016– )

96 min | Biography, Drama, History

When World War I broke out in 1914, The ottoman Caliphate decided to take part in it to defend the islamic countries against the invading troops. This movie is telling about the bravery of ... See full summary »

Stars: Ali Akdal, Emir Benderlioglu, Nesrin Cavadzade, Serkan Kuru

Votes: 45

30. Hekimoglu (2003)

60 min | Action, Drama, History

Hekimoglu Omer, who has been struggling to rescue the Numan Valley from evil since the beginning, eventually pressed the Kahya thoroughly to the corner. But of course Kahya and Dündar Bey ... See full summary »

Stars: Ümit Acar, Erol Aksoy, Senay Aksoy, Fahri Aktürk

35. Broken Wings (2006– )

80 min | Drama, History, Romance

In Ankara, the Grand National Assembly chooses Mustafa Kemal as the President of the Assembly and the Commander-in-Chief. The country is about to enter the War of Independence. Young people... See full summary »

Stars: Ümit Acar, Tugba Akar, Ozan Akbaba, Yusuf Akgün

Votes: 550

38. Dede Korkut: Bamsibeyrek (2007 TV Movie)


Bamsi Beyrek and Baniçiçek are crib lizards, but they don't know each other. Baniçiçek Plays a game and the two try to get to know each other and the comedy begins.

Director: Cem Sürücü | Stars: Fuad Javadov, Demir Karahan, Lilie Lossen, Emre Mutlu

Votes: 57

39. 120 (2008)

114 min | Drama, History, War

During the Sarikamis Battle, the Ottoman army runs out of ammunition and appeals to the people of Van for help, who happen to have supplies. However, the First World War is on and all men ... See full summary »

Directors: Özhan Eren, Murat Saraçoglu | Stars: Özge Özberk, Cansel Elcin, Burak Sergen, Yasar Abravaya

Votes: 6,365

40. The Messenger (2008)

109 min | Fantasy, Mystery

The fantasy story of Mehmet the writer

Director: Çagan Irmak | Stars: Timur Acar, Kaya Akkaya, Melis Birkan, Haki Biçici

Votes: 4,318

42. The Ottoman Republic (2008)

100 min | Comedy, Drama

The life of Osman VII. who was the emperor of the Turkish republic.

Director: Gani Müjde | Stars: Ata Demirer, Vildan Atasever, Sümer Tilmaç, Ruhsar Öcal

Votes: 6,051

43. A.R.O.G (2008)

TV-G | 127 min | Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

Commander Logar fools Arif and sends him 1.000.000 years back in the time. He must civilize people from past to reach today.

Directors: Ali Taner Baltaci, Cem Yilmaz | Stars: Cem Yilmaz, Özge Özberk, Zafer Algöz, Nil Karaibrahimgil

Votes: 34,608

47. Dersimiz: Atatürk (2010)

92 min | Biography, Drama, History