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  • (1938) Stage: Appeared (as "Secretary to Mr. Goodhue"; Broadway debut) in "Leave It to Me!" on Broadway. Musical comedy. Music / lyrics by Cole Porter. Material adaption by / based on the play Clear All the Wires" by Bella Spewack and Sam Spewack (also director). Musical Director: Robert Emmett Dolan. Music orchestrated by Don Walker (credited as Donald J. Walker). Imperial Theatre: 9 Nov 1938-15 Jul 1939 (291 performances). Cast: William Gaxton (as "Buckley Joyce Thomas"), Victor Moore (as "Alonzo P. Goodhue"), Mary Martin (as "Dolly Winslow"), Tamara (as "Colette"), Sophie Tucker (as "Mrs. Goodhue" / "April" / "Mrs. Goodhue's Daughter"), Walter Armin (as "French Conductor" / "French Ambassador" / "Stalin"), Alexander Asro, Monica Bannister, Vicki Belling, Dorothy Benson, Stanton Bier, Alexis Bolan, Ruth Bond, Evelyn Bonefine, Chet Bree, Charles Campbell, Dean Carlton, James W. Carr, Mildred Chenaval, Don Cortez, Ruth Daye, J. Colville Dunn, John Eliot, Michael J. Forbes, Hans Hansen, Pearl Harris, Eddie Heisler, Beverly Hosier, Ivan Izmailov, Dorothea Jackson, Thomas Jafollo, Adele Jergens (as "Guest"), Ruth Joseph, Joseph Kallini, Evelyn Kelly, Maurice Kelly, June Le Roy, Nancy Lee, William Lilling, Walter Long, Peter Lopoukin, George E. Mack (as "Photographer" / "Japanese Ambassador"), Walter Monroe, Evelyn Moser, Audrey Palmer, John Panter, Mary Ann Parker, Kay Picture, Barbara Pond, Edward H. Robins, Roy Ross, Jean Scott, Veva Selwood, Jack Seymour, Lawrie Shevlin, Eugene Sigaloff, Zynaid Spencer, Jack Stanton, Frances Tannehill (as "Guest"), Marie Vanneman, Marie Vaughan, Matthew Vodnoy. Replacement actors: Paul Bartels (as "Secretary to Mr. Goodhue"), Dorothy Compton (as "Guest"), Mildred Fenton (as "Dolly Winslow"), Joel Friend (as "Secretary to Mr. Goodhue"), Grace Gillen (as "One of Les Girls"). Produced by Vinton Freedley.
  • (1939) Stage: Appeared (as "Friend" / "Ensemble" / "Mr. Gordon" / "The Best Man" / "Reporter" / "Singer" / "Western Union Boy") in "One For the Money" on Broadway. Musical revue. Musical. Staging by Robert Alton. Sketches Staged by Edward C. Lilley. Scenic Design/Costume Design by Raoul Pene Du Bois. Directed by John Murray Anderson. Booth Theatre: 4 Feb 1939-27 May 1939 (132 performances). Cast: William Archibald, Maxine Barrat (as "Friend" / "Ensemble" / "Secretary" / "Lucy Timpkin" / "The Archduchess" / "A Client"; Broadway debut), Philip Bourneuf (as "The Father" / "Mr. Marbury" / "Fifth King" / "Mr. Lippencott" / "Mr. Ernest Sprockett" / "Dick McQuade"), Frances Comstock, Alfred Drake (as "The Brother" / "Mr. Fuller" / "Singer" / "Orson Welles" / "The Groom" / "The Manager" / "Reporter"), Brenda Forbes, Nadine Gae, Nancy Hamilton, Ray Kavanaugh and His Orchestra, Don Loper (as "Friend" / "Ensemble" / "Bebe's Manager" / "Third King" / "The Archduke" / "Officer in Charge of Bureaus of Missing Persons" / "Western Union Boy"), Ruth Matteson (as "Friend" / "Sylvia Turnbridge" / "Mrs. Jamison" / "Singer" / "Barbara McQuade" / "A Client"), Grace McDonald (as "Friend" / "Ensemble" / "Secretary" / "The Princess" / "Singer" / "Bridesmaid" / "A Client"), Nell O'Day, Robert Smith, Keenan Wynn (as "Friend" / "Ensemble" / "First King" / "W.P.A. Worker" / "Mike" / "Customs Inspector" / "The Emperor" / "Reporter" / "Western Union Boy"). Produced by Gertrude Macy and Stanley Gilkey. Produced by arrangement with Robert F. Cutler.
  • (1939) Stage: Appeared (as "Harry") in "The Time of Your Life" on Broadway. Comedy. Co-directed (w/Eddie Dowling) / written by William Saroyan. Scenic Design by Watson Barratt. Booth Theatre: 25 Oct 1939-6 Apr 1940 (185 performances). Cast: Edward Andrews (as "Tom"), Ainsworth Arnold (as "Society Gentleman"), Ross Bagdasarian (as "Newsboy"), Cathie Bailey (as "Elsie"), Reginald Beane (as "Wesley"), William Bendix (as "Krupp"), Eva Leonard Boyne (as "Society Lady"), Mme. Michelette Burani (as "Nick's Ma"), Grover Burgess, Mary Cheffey, Curt Conway, Charles De Sheim (as "Nick"), Len Doyle (as "Kit Carson"), John Farrell (as "Drunkard" / "Another Cop"), Evelyn Geller (as "Killer"), Julie Haydon (as "Kitty Duval"), Celeste Holm (as "Mary L."), Will Lee (as "Willie"), Houseley Stevenson (as "Arab"), Tom Tully, Nene Vibber, Randolph Wade. Produced by The Theatre Guild. NOTE: Bendix would appear (in a different role) in the film version The Time of Your Life (1948).
  • (1940) Stage: Appeared (as "Harry") in "The Time of Your Life" on Broadway. Comedy [return engagement]. Written by William Saroyan. Scenic Design by Watson Barratt. Booth Theatre: 23 Sep 1940-19 Oct 1940 (32 performances). Cast: Eddie Dowling (as "Joe"), Celeste Holm (as "Mary L."). Replacement cast: Edward Andrews (as "Tom"), Ainsworth Arnold (as "Society Gentleman"), Ross Bagdasarian (as "Willie"), Reginald Beane (as "Wesley"), Eva Leonard Boyne (as "Society Lady"), Ann Brody (as "Nick's Ma"), Grover Burgess (as "Blick"), Leo Chalzel (as "Nick"), John Farrell (as "Another Cop" / "Drunkard"), Evelyn Geller (as "Killer"), Seymour Gross (as "A Cop" / "Sailor"), Julie Haydon (as "Kitty Duval"), Arthur Hunnicutt (as "Kit Carson"), Henry Jones (as "Dudley"), Fred Kelly (credited as Fredric N. Kelly; as "Harry"; role significantly increased from original run), Frances McHugh (as "Killer's sidekick"), Marylin Monk (as "Elsie"), Blackie Shackner (as "Newsboy"), Houseley Stevenson (as "Arab"), Tom Tully (as "McCarthy"), Nene Vibber (as "Lorene"). Produced by The Theatre Guild. NOTES: (1) Filmed s The Time of Your Life (1948). (2) William Bendix would appear in the film as "Nick (the Bartender") and his original stage role as "Krupp (a bewildered policeman)" would be played by Ward Bond.
  • (1940) Stage: Appeared (as "Joey Evans"; final Broadway credit as an actor; subsequently replaced by George Tapps) in "Pal Joey" on Broadway. Musical comedy. Music by Richard Rodgers. Lyrics by Lorenz Hart. Material by John O'Hara. Music orchestrated by Hans Spialek. Costume Design by John Koenig. Scenic Design / Lighting Design by Jo Mielziner. Choreographed by Robert Alton. Directed by George Abbott. Ethel Barrymore Theatre (moved to The Shubert Theatre from 1 Sep 1941-21 Oct 1941 then moved to The St. James Theatre from 21 Oct 1941-to close): 25 Dec 1940- 29 Nov 1941 (374 performances). Cast: Vivienne Segal (as "Vera Simpson"), Claire Anderson, Adrian Anthony, Sondra Barrett, John Benton, Jean Casto (as "Melba Snyder"), Milton Chisholm, John Clarke, Alice Craig, Louise de Forrest, Stanley Donen (as "Albert Doane" / "Dancer"), Clifford Dunstan, Jack Durant, Wnez Early, Leila Ernst, Jane Fraser, Tilda Getz, Charlene Harkins, Averell Harris, June Havoc (as "Gladys Bumps"), Henning Irgens, Van Johnson (as "Victor" / "Dancer"), Frances Krell, James Lane, Janet Lavis, Howard Ledig, June Leroy, Michael Moore, Amarilla Morris, Robert J. Mulligan, Olive Nicolson, Shirley Paige, Mildred Patterson, Dorothy Poplar, Nelson Rae, Edison Rice, Albert Ruiz, Diane Sinclair, Mildred Solly, Dummy Spelvin, Jeanne Trybom, Marie Vanneman, Jerry Whyte, Vincent York. Produced by George Abbott. NOTE: Filmed as Pal Joey (1957).
  • (1941) Stage: "Best Foot Forward" on Broadway. Musical. Book by John Cecil Holm. Music/lyrics by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane. Music orchestrated by Don Walker and Hans Spialek. Overture by Robert Russell Bennett. Scenic Design / Lighting Design by Jo Mielziner. Costume Design by Miles White. Directed / produced by George Abbott. Ethel Barrymore Theatre: 1 Oct 1941-4 Jul 1942 (326 performances). Cast: Buddy Allen, June Allyson (as "Minerva"), Van Atkins, John Balian, Wilbur Baron, Eileen Barton, Kenny Bowers, Frances Bryan, Kenneth Buffett, Maureen Cannon, Marianne Cude, Danny Daniels (as "Junior" / "Dancing Boy"; Broadway debut), Richard Dick, Tommy Dix, Stanley Donen (as "Ensemble" / "Dancing Boy"), Dorothy Eden, Peggy Anne Ellis, Bee Farnum, Mary Ganley, Harvey Gould, Barbara Grant, Robert Griffith, Ann Guier, Kay Guier, Bobby Harrell, Roger Hewlett, Rhoda Hoffman, Carol Horton, Beverly Hosier, Gil Johnson, Jack Jordan Jr., Perry Jubelirer, Terry Kelly, Rosemary Lane (as "Gale Joy"), Stuart Langley, Norma Lehn, Eugene Martin, Marty May, Betty McCloskey, Elaine Miller, Betty Anne Nyman, Billy Parsons, Kaye Popp, Penny Porter, Lee Roberts, Renee Rochelle, Marilyn Ross, Rosemary Schaefer, Rose Marie Schiller, Victoria Schools, Audrey Sperling, George Staisey, Gil Stratton, Buddy Styles, Lenore Thomas, Elmer Vernon, Nancy Walker (as "Blind Date"; Broadway debut), Fleming Ward (as "Dr. Reeber"), Art Williams, Lou Wills Jr., Doris York, Vincent York.
  • (1958) Stage: Directed "Flower Drum Song" on Broadway. Musical comedy. Book by Oscar Hammerstein II (also lyrics) and Joseph Fields. Based on the novel by C.Y. Lee. Music by Richard Rodgers. Music orchestrated by Robert Russell Bennett. Musical Director: Salvatore Dell'Isola. Dance arrangements by Luther Henderson Jr. Costume Design by Irene Sharaff. Lighting Design by Peggy Clark. Hair Design by Ronald De Mann. Choreographed by Carol Haney. St. James Theatre: 1 Dec 1958-7 May 1960 (600 performances). Cast: Larry Blyden (as "Sammy Fong"), Pat Suzuki, Miyoshi Umeki (as "Mei-Li"), Juanita Hall, Arabella Hong [Broadway debut], Ed Kenney, Keye Luke (as "Wang Chi Yang"), Patrick Adiarte, Jose Ahumada, Fumi Akimoto, Peter Chan (as "Prof. Cheng"), Paula Chin, Victor Duntiere, Anita Ellis, Helen Funai, Pat Griffith, Luis Robert Hernandez, Mary Huie, Marion Jim, Betty Kawamura, Susan Lynn Kikuchi, Baayork Lee, Jon Lee, Chao Li, George Li, David Lober, Robert Lorca, Harry Shaw Lowe, Wonci Lui, George Minami, Jo Anne Miya, Eileen NaKamura, Denise Quan, Rose Quong [Broadway debut], Victoria Racimo (credited as Vicki Racimo), Linda Ribuca, Yvonne Ribuca, Shawnee Smith, Jack Soo (as "Frankie Wing"; Broadway debut), Maureen Tiongco, David Toguri, Mabel Wing, Conrad Yama, George Young, Yuriko. Produced by Rodgers & Hammerstein. Produced in association with Joseph Fields. NOTES: (1) Nominated for 1959 Tony Award (with Hammerstein) for Best Book (Musical) and Best Musical. (2) Filmed as Flower Drum Song (1961).
  • (11/24/68) TV special: "The Peggy Fleming Show"
  • (1/8/89) TV special: "Tappin'"
  • (4/3/57) TV special: "Salute to Baseball" (Host)
  • (1939) Stage: Appeared (as "Harry") in "The Time of Your Life" by William Saroyan on Broadway.
  • (2005) TV commercial: Appeared (via computer graphics) in commercial for the Volkswagan Golf automobile.
  • (5/26/46) Radio: Appeared on "The Theatre Guild on the Air", episode "Boy Meets Girl"
  • (5/6/48) Radio: Appeared in "Family Theater of the Air", episode "Mother's Halo was Tight"
  • (1/6/49) Radio: Appeared on "Suspense", episode "To Find Help"
  • (1960) Release of the Spoken-Word Album, "Nursery Songs and Stories," spoken-word recordings on Columbia Records (CL-1063).
  • (12/29/47) Radio: Appeared in a "Lux Radio Theater" broadcast of "Anchors Aweigh".
  • (01/27/49) Radio: Appeared in the "Burns & Allen" series episode "Gracie Plans a Unique Birthday Present for George."
  • (1/6/49) Radio: Appeared (as "Howard") on CBS Radio's series "Suspense" in a broadcast of "Beware My Lovely".
  • (12/30/40) Stage: Choreographer for William Saroyan's (also co-director) musical comedy, "The Time of Your Life," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, OH, with Eddie Dowling (also co-director), Julie Haydon, Fred Kelly (as "Harry"), Blackie Shackner, John Farrell, Ross Bagdasarian, Leo Chalzel, Edward Andrews, Henry Jones, Reginald Beane (also composer), Nene Vibber, Grover Burgess, Houseley Stevenson, Hene Damur, William Bendix, Tom Tully, Arthur Hunnicutt, Ann Brody, Howard Barnhart, Marilyn Monk, Evelyn Geller, Frances McHugh, Eva Leonard Boyne, Tony Albert and Ainsworth Arnold in the cast. Watson Barratt was set designer. Produced by The Theatre Guild.
  • (January 2018 - February 2018) TV commercial, "Rain," featuring the song "I'm Singin' in the Rain" (archive sound voiceover) sung by Gene Kelly, for Citi.
  • (Summer 1974) He acted in Bob Merrill's musical, "Take Me Along" in a Kenley Players production at the Packard Music Hall Theatre in Warren; the Veterans Memorial Theatre in Columbus and Memorial Hall in Dayton, Ohio. John Kenley was artistic director.

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