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Print Biographies (15)

Donald Richie. The Films of Akira Kurosawa. 3rd edition. 1996. ISBN 0520200268
Donald Richie. The Films of Akira Kurosawa. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 1971.
Stuart Galbraith IV. The Emperor and the Wolf: The Lives and Films of Akira Kurosawa and Toshiro Mifune. Faber,.
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Film Biographies (4)

Interviews (7)

Positif (FR) January 1996, Iss. 419, "Conversation entre Akira Kurosawa et Hiroshi Miyazaki"
Cahiers du cinéma (FR) June 1991, Iss. 445, by: Jousse, Thierry
Télérama (FR) May 16 1990, by: Claude-Marie Trémois, "La ligne blanche"
Positif (FR) October 1985, Iss. 296, by: Watanabe, Kiyoshi
Positif (FR) October 1980, Iss. 235, by: Tassone, Aldo
Positif (FR) November 1971, Iss. 132, "Dits"
Cahiers du cinéma (FR) September 1966, Iss. 182, by: Yamada, Koichi & Shibata, Hayao, "L'empereur"

Articles (21)

Seven (GR) 2006, Iss. 60, pg. 24,25, "Akira Kurosawa"
The Economist (GB) February 2 2002, pg. 76, "Dynamic duo"
Cinema (GR) February 1999, Iss. 98, pg. 104-109, by: Babis Aktsoglou, "oi skinothetes pou agapisame"
Film Comment (US) January 1999, Vol. 35, Iss. 1, pg. 18-21, by: Michael Wilmington, "Akira Kurosawa 1910-1998"
Film Comment (US) January 1999, Vol. 35, Iss. 1, pg. 21-25, by: Peter Hogue, "The Kurosawa Story"
Newsweek (US) September 21 1998, pg. 65, by: Kroll, Jack, "Tolstoy With a Camera. Remembering director Akira Kurosawa"
Entertainment Weekly (US) September 18 1998, Iss. 450, pg. 18-19, by: Troy Patterson, "Father Film"
Correio da Manhã (PT) September 14 1998, "35 mil despedem-sede Akira Kurosawa"
Diário de Notícias (PT) September 14 1998, pg. 51, by: António Carvalho, "O último e triste adeus a Kurosawa"
Diário de Notícias (PT) September 7 1998, pg. 32, by: Eurico de Barros, "Partida rumo ao sol nascente"
Correio da Manhã (PT) August 7 1998
Séquences (CA) 1998, Iss. 199, pg. 5, by: Luc Chaput, "Salut l'artiste : Akira Kurosawa (1910-1998)"
TV Filmes (PT) 1997, Iss. 7, pg. 34, by: Manuel Pereira
Positif (FR) November 1991, Iss. 369, by: Bourguignon, Thomas, "Kurosawa et l'Occident : le Meiji en cinéma"
Radio Times (GB) October 27 1990, pg. 29, by: Barry Norman, "Master Craftsman"
L'Avant-scène du Cinéma (FR) June 1990, Iss. # 393, pg. pg. 79, "Bio-filmographie d'Akira Kurosawa"
American Film (US) April 1989, pg. 80-82, by: Gerald Peary, "'Video Classics:' Akira Kurosawa: Japan's existential cowboy looks West and thinks East"
Cahiers du cinéma (FR) March 1977, Iss. 274, by: Daney, Serge, "Un ours en plus (Dersou Ouzala)"
Positif (FR) November 1971, Iss. 132, pg. 46-58, by: Niogret, Hubert, "Notes sur quelques films d'Akira Kurosawa"
Cahiers du cinéma (FR) September 1966, Iss. 182, by: Yamada, Koichi, "Destin de samouraï"
Positif (FR) March 1957, Iss. 22, by: Gaffary, Farrokh, "Les deux visages d'Akira Kurosawa"

Pictorials (1)

Cinema (HU) May 1995, Iss. 42, pg. 9, by: Roland Huschke

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