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McG offers True Lies TV series update, now at Disney+

If you recall back in 2017, it was announced that Fox had given a put pilot commitment to a TV reboot of James Cameron’s 1994 action comedy blockbuster True Lies, with McG (Charlie’s Angels) set to direct the project and produce with Cameron and Marc Guggenheim (Arrow).

It’s be all quiet on the True Lies TV front since then, but during an interview with Collider, McG has confirmed that he is still working on the potential series, although it is now set up at Disney for the upcoming Disney+ streaming service.

“Well, right now my new thing for television is I’m doing True Lies at Disney… which is exciting. I’m writing that one, which is very exciting, because I’m so passionate about that story where you think you know your partner but you don’t.”

McG went on to tease a potential cameo from Arnold Schwarzenegger,
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Jason Blum Says He’s Working On Making A Halloween Sequel Happen

Last October, Blumhouse rebooted the Halloween franchise – well, kind of, booting everything but John Carpenter’s original – and ended up making the most successful film following Michael Myers’ seasonal serial killings to date. Naturally, fans have been waiting for official confirmation that a sequel will be happening ever since. Things had gone a little bit quiet on that front lately, but Jason Blum has just confirmed he’s working on making it a reality.

With Blumhouse’s The Invisible Man reboot landing a release date in March 2020, one fan questioned the producer on Twitter about when Halloween 2 – or, technically, Halloween 12 – will be getting an announcement of some kind. The horror studio’s founder replied with a brief but encouraging: “Working on it.”

Of course, Blum has never been shy about talking about his own personal wish to continue the eternal battle between Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode and her masked tormentor,
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Nick Castle Details His Involvement In Halloween (2018)

Over the years, there have been many men to have played the iconic role of Michael Myers in the Halloween franchise. But what you may not know is that very few of them have done it more than once. Tyler Mane may be the most obvious because he’d previously made a name for himself as a pro wrestler and as Sabretooth in the first X-Men flick before playing the villain in both of Rob Zombie’s contributions to the brand.

As it turned out, the filmmakers behind 2018’s (sort of) reboot actually managed to acquire the services of Nick Castle. If his name rings a bell, it should, because he was credited as the Shape in the 1978 original. And though James Jude Courtney was under the mask more often than not in the most recent picture, Castle did indeed suit up.

When I had the chance to speak with Mr.
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True Lies TV Series In The Works From Terminator: Salvation Director

From Star Wars to The Muppets to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Disney has a solid line-up of shows in development for its upcoming streaming service Disney Plus. Now, it looks like we can add an adaptation of James Cameron’s 1994 action-comedy True Lies to that list, and Terminator: Salvation director McG will be the one to help usher it onto the small screen.

McG, who honest-to-god got his start as the original singer of the band Sugar Ray, is known for his high-octane style of action directing, which seems perfectly suited for a True Lies follow-up. Speaking on Collider Live, the director revealed his involvement with the Disney Plus show, saying:

“Well, right now my new thing for television is that I’m doing True Lies, at Disney+. I guess I’m announcing it, which I don’t mean to do. So, True Lies at Disney+, which is exciting. I
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True Lies TV series shifts to Disney+

Kirsten Howard May 21, 2019

Terminator: Salvation's McG is still very much at the center of bringing True Lies to the small screen.

Back in 2017, it was announced that McG was about to produce and direct a True Lies TV series for Fox. These plans were evidently shelved for a time, but it looks like the combined interests of Fisney are working in the proposed show's favor.

Collider sat down recently for a chat with the Charlie's Angels director about what exactly is going on with the TV version of True Lies, and he revealed that it's now set for the Disney+ streaming service. "Well right now my new thing for television is I’m doing True Lies at Disney+," he confirmed. "Which is exciting. I’m writing that one, which is very exciting, because I’m so passionate about that story where you think you know your partner but you don’t.
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McG now developing True Lies TV series for Disney+

  • JoBlo
James Cameron's True Lies starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as Harry Tasker, a secret agent who leads a double life as he struggles to find the balance between work and family. Jamie Lee Curtis also starred as Harry's wife, Helen, who has no idea of her husband's true occupation and is desperately seeking a more adventurous life. There had been talk of a True Lies sequel…
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James Cameron's True Lies is Being Adapted Into a Series For Disney+ By McG

James Cameron’s True Lies is in my opinion one of the best action comedies ever made. I love that movie because it’s got a solid story, awesome action, and no matter how many times I’ve seen it, it still makes me bust up laughing.

Well, that film is now being adapted into a series for Disney+ and it’s being developed by McG, who already worked on a James Cameron property with Terminator: Salvation. But, that didn’t turn out very well. McG has always been good with the TV shows that he’s been a part of, like Chuck, so maybe there’s a chance that this True Lies series could be decent.

McG talked about the project when talking to Collider saying, “So, True Lies at Disney+, which is exciting. I’m writing that one, which is very exciting, because I’m so passionate about
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5 Of The Best: Female Cops In The Movies

Credit: Annapurna Pictures

Out on the home formats from this week is the brilliant Destroyer, a crime drama featuring a stunning performance from Nicole Kidman, who is virtually unrecognisable in the movie. The story revolves around Erin Bell, a hardened Los Angeles cop, who is haunted by her past, and on the hunt for an old nemesis who has suddenly resurfaced. What follows is a relentless pursuit of the criminal, Erin looking to bring down him down while finally laying to rest her own personal demons before it is too late. To celebrate the release, we take a look at five of the best female cops from the movies, past and present.

Nicole Kidman stars as Erin Bell in Karyn Kusama’s Destroyer, an Annapurna Pictures release.Credit: Sabrina Lantos / Annapurna Pictures

Anne Lewis (Nancy Allen), Robocop (1987)

One of the greatest sci-fi movies of modern times, Robocop is a masterclass from filmmaker Paul Verhoeven.
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Tim Conway Remembered by Carol Burnett, Judd Apatow and More: ‘One in a Million’

Tim Conway Remembered by Carol Burnett, Judd Apatow and More: ‘One in a Million’
Colleagues and former co-stars of Tim Conway came forward to pay tribute the “Carol Burnett Show” and “McHale’s Navy” star following his death on Tuesday at age 85.

“I’m heartbroken,” Burnett said in a statement to CNN. “He was one in a million, not only as a brilliant comedian but as a loving human being. I cherish the times we had together both on the screen and off. He’ll be in my heart forever.”

“The man was pure comedy. Riotously funny,” writer and producer Judd Apatow tweeted. “I finally got to see him work when he guest starred on The Larry Sanders show and he was all I dreamed he would be. As kind as he was funny. He will be missed.”

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The Emmy-winning actor died Tuesday morning in Los Angeles, and his
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Critters Attack! Trailer: Dee Wallace Returns to Battle the Krites

Critters Attack! Trailer: Dee Wallace Returns to Battle the Krites
The first trailer for Critters Attack is here. The little deadly creatures have been away from the pop culture landscape for nearly three decades now. However, in the modern age of Hollywood, everything old is new again. As such, this particular franchise is getting revived in a big way this year as we're not only getting the recently revealed Critters: A New Binge series over on Shudder, we're also getting this brand new movie, which brings back original franchise star Dee Wallace.

It's a trailer that should delight fans of the series. It starts off with a familiar premise, as the little creatures crash land on Earth and quickly begin devouring unsuspecting humans. Dee Wallace seems to be playing a role similar to that of Jamie Lee Curtis from the most recent Halloween, waiting and preparing for these aliens to return. Based on what we see here, she's more than ready for them.
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‘Someone Great’ Is the Music-Critic Comedy We Had No Idea We Needed

Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez shines in her totally delightful Netflix comedy Someone Great, written and directed by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson. In addition to everything else Someone Great is — a break-up comedy, a killer soundtrack, a girls-together-outrageously romp — it’s a movie about music fans, people who live their lives and suffer and fuck up and bond and grieve while obsessing over their favorite songs. It finds clever ways to crush your soul with Mitski or Phoebe Bridgers tunes. A moment in a bodega where you hear a Selena
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Missing Halloween 5 Massacre Footage Details Revealed by Michael Myers Actor

Missing Halloween 5 Massacre Footage Details Revealed by Michael Myers Actor
Halloween 5:The Revenge of Michael Myers actor Don Shanks, the man under the mask in the 1989 sequel, has detailed a massacre filmed for the movie but never before seen. In a recent interview, Shanks recalls shooting footage of a scene featuring Michael totally decimating an entire Swat team in incredibly brutal ways.

The footage was intended to be shown in snippets to coincide with the screams of the officers heard on the radio, but ultimately, none of the video was used. Because not a second of this footage has been seen by fans, all we know about it comes from the description by Don Shanks in his new interview.

"They took place at the hospital, the place where Danielle's character left from. If you remember, the police get on the radio (in the film) and they say, 'He's here,' and the whole Swat team (which is stationed) at the
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Chad Michael Murray Reveals Jamie Lee Curtis Once Made Out With Him to Prove a Point on the Freaky Friday Set

Chad Michael Murray Reveals Jamie Lee Curtis Once Made Out With Him to Prove a Point on the Freaky Friday Set
Plot twist! Back in 2003, fans watched Chad Michael Murray's Freaky Friday character fictionally pine after Lindsay Lohan's mom on-camera. But in this revelatory clip from Thursday's Busy Tonight, the Riverdale actor reveals things got a little freaky behind-the-scenes too. Replying to a question from host Busy Philipps (who's also his former Dawson's Creek costar) about a notable piece of advice someone gave him during the earlier part of his acting career, Chad dives headfirst into a play-by-play retelling of that fateful day on set when Jamie Lee Curtis planted one on him unexpectedly—for real! Wondering how this delightfully meta offscreen make out sesh came to fruition?...
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Spotlight: Shane's Inspiration's Celebrity Supporters

Shane’s Inspiration is an organization that aims to eliminate bias against children with disabilities by creating Universally Accessible Playgrounds and programs that integrate children of all abilities socially, physically and emotionally, fostering acceptance, friendship and understanding.

The organization’s celebrity supporters over the years include Mike O’Malley, Kevin McHale, Paris Barclay, Steve Valentine, Ravi Kapoor, Dakota Fanning, Halle Berry, Paula Abdul, Michael Chiklis, Jamie Lee Curtis, Sean Hayes, Laura SanGiacomo, Wallace (Wally) Langham, Jerry O'Connell, Rebecca Romjin, Maria Shriver, Jill Hennessey and Kathryn Hahn.

Celebrity supporters

Shane's Inspiration has 22 known supporters, including Halle Berry, Jason Mraz, and Julia Roberts

Areas of work ChildrenPhysical Challenges Read more about Shane's Inspiration's work and celebrity supporters. Related articles Join The Shining Stars At Shane's Inspiration GalaLTTS Exclusive: Shane's Inspiration Shooting Stars GalaLTTS Exclusive: NBA and Nascar Legend Derek StrongStars To Attend Wheelchair Art Event For CharityStars To Come Out For Shane's
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Ex. Jamie Lee Curtis, David Harbour and Ana de Armas Interviews at CinemaCon

  • JoBlo
While at CinemaCon this year, I had the opportunity to talk to quite a few stars, but you don't always get the chance to chat with a legend. In this case, the ultimate Scream Queen herself, Jamie Lee Curtis, who was there to talk about her involvement in Rian Johnson's Knives Out. Of course, it's not always the first time meeting a big-screen hero for press, but also for fellow stars on the red carpet and that's just what happened when Hellboy star David Harbour bumped…
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Small Movies, Big Profits: 2018 Most Valuable Blockbuster Tournament

  • Deadline
When Deadline runs its Most Valuable Blockbuster film profitability countdown each year, readers often ask about certain wildly profitable films that didn’t crack our top list. So we’ve once again had five overachievers (pics with production budgets under $40 million) broken down by the experts.

With the Disney-Fox merger now sealed, and event movies more prevalent, there are those low- to mid-budgeted films that can win out at the box office. Here’s proof of that from 2018.

The Film

The Nun

New Line/Warner Bros

Total Profit: $155M

The horror film’s success is a throwback to when popcorn films were able to succeed thanks to a strong brand and with great timing on the calendar, despite bad reviews. The tale — about a priest with a haunted past and a novice on the threshold of her final vows who are sent to Romania to investigate the death of a young nun,
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Blood on Black Wax: Horror Soundtracks on Vinyl Drops on Record Store Day

Blood on Black Wax: Horror Soundtracks on Vinyl Drops on Record Store Day
If you got your hands on Ad Nauseam: Newsprint Nightmares from the 1980s you know how exciting it is that 1984 Publishing is doing it all again. The rich genesis and unique history and artwork of horror movie soundtracks is being celebrated in a new book, Blood on Black Wax: Horror Soundtracks on Vinyl. A 1984 Publishing (1984publishing.com) title presented by Toronto-based horror periodical Rue Morgue (Rue-Morgue.com), the hardbound, full-color, 240-page book spotlights the intricate (and often rare) artwork on the LP sleeves, as well as album reviews, release details, and wild backstories.

"I still remember with fondness coming across a copy of John Carpenter's Escape from New York in San Francisco, and discovering the first Death Waltz reissue Zombi 2 in Las Vegas," said co-author Aaron Lupton, Rue Morgue 's Music Editor. "With so much excitement out there today over beautiful reissues, colorful variants, and increasingly rare original pressings,
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Rian Johnson Shows Off First Footage From His Murder Mystery Film Knives Out

Rian Johnson’s upcoming film project has been shrouded in mystery, but during the Lionsgate presentation at CinemaCon he pulled back the curtain and shared some of the first footage from the movie.

Johnson explained that his new movie is a tribute to the kind of murder mysteries that Agatha Christie gave the world and mixed it up with a Hitchcockian-type thriller. It’s a who-dunnit story that is filled with suspense, twists and turns, and it’s set in Modern Day America.

Daniel Craig stars in the film as Detective Benoit Blanc and he is looking to find a murderer within a family. He also sports a southern accent. Jamie Lee Curtis also stars in the film and she explained that the movie is a family gathered together in a mansion and this family does not get along with each other. She also teased that by the end of the film,
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Rian Johnson Brings Knives Out Trailer to CinemaCon

Rian Johnson Brings Knives Out Trailer to CinemaCon
The first trailer for Rian Johnson's Knives Out just wowed the crowd at CinemaCon. Lionsgate decided to surprise those in attendance with the first look at Johnson's follow-up to Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which is a decidedly very different kind of movie. This time around, the filmmaker has decided to tackle a whodunit-style murder mystery with an impressive ensemble cast in a thriller coming from Mrc. Apparently, based on the reactions to the footage on social media, that all makes for a winning combination.

Rian Johnson was on hand to present the first trailer for Knives Out. He described the movie as his own take on Agatha Christie, while also saying it has a "Hitchcock thriller-type twist." Jamie Lee Curtis and Ana De Armas were also on hand to present the footage, which went over like gangbusters. Digging around online, there isn't a single negative reaction in the bunch to what was shown.
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Jamie Lee Curtis, Ana de Armas Debut Footage of Whodunit Murder Mystery ‘Knives Out’

  • The Wrap
Jamie Lee Curtis, Ana de Armas Debut Footage of Whodunit Murder Mystery ‘Knives Out’
Daniel Craig is on the case in Lionsgate and Mrc’s “Knives Out,” which was prominently featured during the studio’s presentation with footage introduced by writer-director Rian Johnson and stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Ana de Armas.

Heavily inspired by Agatha Christie’s murder mystery novels, the film follows a stately Southern investigator named Benoit Blanc and his partner Troy Archer — played respectively by Craig and Lakeith Stanfield — as they investigate the murder of a wealthy 85-year-old (Christopher Plummer) on his birthday. And everyone in the victim’s extremely dysfunctional family is a suspect.

Also Read: Jamie Lee Curtis Joins Daniel Craig, Chris Evans in Rian Johnson's 'Knives Out'

Stealing the show in the footage is Chris Evans in what will be his first major post-Captain America performance. He plays the spoiled, smartass son of Jamie Lee Curtis, who at one point rapidly tells each member of
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