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Print Biographies (1)

Parker Posey. You're on an Airplane: A Self-Mythologizing Memoir. London: Virago Press, 2018. ISBN 0349010056

Interviews (36)

USA Today (US) July 24 2018, Vol. 36, Iss. 218, pg. 3D, by: Patrick Ryan, "Lean into Posey's self-mythology: Indies actress gives us a peek. 'Speed'? Really?"
New York Post (US) July 20 2018, Vol. 217, Iss. 247, pg. 34, by: Barbara Hoffman, "One of a knd: Parker Posey, queen of the indies, gets personal in a new memoir"
TV Guide (US) March 10 2008, Vol. 56, Iss. 10, pg. 62, by: Brantley Bardin, "Q&A with Parker Posey"
Washington Post (US) May 18 2007, pg. WE35, by: Ellen McCarthy, "Parker Posey: A Reliably Independent Woman"
Boston Globe (US) May 13 2007, by: Lynda Gorov, "Parker Posey: Not your average indie queen"
Movies Online (CA) May 9 2007, by: Sheila Roberts, "Hal Hartley & Parker Posey Interview, Fay Grim"
Los Angeles Times (US) May 8 2007, by: Deborah Netburn, "Parker Posey on Parker Posey"
New York Times (US) May 6 2007, by: David Carr, "An Indie Star Whose Life Is an Indie Film"
Moving Pictures Magazine (US) April 2007, Iss. 16, pg. 48-54, by: Elliot V. Kotek, "Parker Posey: Almost a Vegetarian"
Moving Pictures Magazine Cannes (US) 2007, Iss. Festival de Cannes I, pg. 74-80, by: Elliot Kotek, "Parker Posey: Almost a Vegetarian"
Premiere (US) November 2006, Vol. 20, Iss. 3, pg. 86-87, by: Ryan Devlin, ""Parker's People""
New York Magazine (US) July 10 2006, by: Dave Itzkoff, "It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's . . . Parker Posey!"
iF Magazine (US) July 7 2006, by: Sean Elliot, "Exclusive Profile: Parker Posey laughs her way out of being truly evil in Superman Returns"
Comic Book Resources (US) May 5 2006, by: Arune Singh, "Superman Returns" Set Visit (Part 8): Parker Posey Interview"
Next Magazine (US) February 2005, by: Craig Chester, "GirlyBurly, Craig Chester chats with Parker Posey about cocaine, narcissism and her new play, Hurlyburly."
SciFiWire (US) July 27 2004, "Posey Gets Grim In Frankenstein"
Toronto Star (CA) October 4 2003, by: Richard Ouzounian, "The world of Parker Posey:Indie film star plays a chilly D.A. in The Event:`There's something scary about playing someone that hard'"
Village Voice (US) September 29 2003, by: Michael Musto, "La Dolce Musto"
Newsday (US) September 14 2003, pg. D03, by: Steve Dollar, "Fast Chat: Parker Posey"
Metro Cafe (GB) August 26 2003, by: Tanis Taylor, "60 Second Interview: Parker Posey"
Sydney Morning Herald (AU) July 18 2003, pg. 7, by: Sacha Molitorisz, "Strike A Posey"
The Age (AU) July 11 2003, by: Craig Mathieson, "Posey blooms"
LA Times (US) June 22 2003, by: Bob Baker, "Independent spirit : Parker Posey, who has made a specialty of playing women on the edge, remains on the outside looking in at mainstream success."
Salon (US) April 22 2003, by: Amy Kroin, ""When I'm happy I'm sad -- when I'm angry I'm funny""
Chud (US) April 14 2003, by: Devin Faraci, "Interview: Bob Balaban and Parker Posey"
Seattle Post-Intelligencer (US) December 16 2002, pg. C6 , by: Steve Murray, "Parker Posey sees irony in 'Queen Of The Indies' title."
San Francisco Examiner (US) December 9 2002, by: Jeffrey M. Anderson, "Hold that Posey"
Sacramento Bee (US) December 8 2002, pg. TK28, "Hail to the 'queen'"
Instinct (US) December 2002, by: Craig Chester, "The Chick We'd Switch For: Parker Posey"
Reeltime (US) November 28 2002, by: Steve Warren, "Interview: Parker Posey"
About (US) November 22 2002, by: Marcy Dermansky, "Parker's Velocity "
New York Daily News (US) November 18 2002, pg. K0487 , by: Rebecca Louie, "Parker Posey is queen of the indies, but studio stardom eludes her."
Next Magazine (US) November 2002, by: Craig Chester, "Central Parker"
UGO:UnderGroundOnline (US) November 2002, by: Daniel Robert Epstein, "Interview With Parker Posey of Personal Velocity"
Evening Standard Hot Tickets (GB) July 18 1998, pg. 4+5, by: Marianne Gray, "The Big Switch"
Edmonton Sun (CA) September 13 1996, by: Louis B. Hobson, "Posey making friends"

Articles (126)

TV Guide (US) July 16 2012, Vol. 60, Iss. 30, pg. 62, by: Oriana Schwindt, "Sceen Stealer: Parker Posey"
The New York Times (US) August 27 2009, Vol. 158, Iss. 54,780, pg. C2, by: Dave Itzkoff, "Parker Posey, Ailing, Withdraws From Show"
Moving Pictures Magazine (US) April 2007, Iss. 16, pg. 48-54, by: Elliot V. Kotek, "Parker Posey: Almost a Vegetarian"
TV Guide (US) May 8 2006, Vol. 54, Iss. 19, pg. 58, by: Damian J. Holbrook, "Guest Stars We Love: Parker Posey"
Gay City News (US) June 2 2005, Vol. 4, Iss. 22, by: Joe Birdsong, "Two Lovers' Comic Collisions:Potential New Festival break-out co-stars Parker Posey as gal pal"
NY Times (US) January 28 2005, by: Ben Brantley, "Theater Review; Getting Higher But Sinking Lower"
Associated Press (US) January 27 2005, "Review: Boys of 'Hurlyburly' Entertaining"
People (US) December 13 2004, pg. 31, "Picks & Pans/Movies: Blade Trinity"
Daily Variety (US) December 3 2004, pg. 34, by: Dennis Harvey, "Blade Trinity"
Hollywood Reporter (US) December 3 2004, by: Frank Sheck, "Blade Trinity"
Business Wire (US) November 10 2004, "The Possible Films Collection, a new distribution company founded by filmmaker Hal Hartley and his long-time editor Steve Hamilton, unveils its premiere DVD release: "Short Works By Hal Hartley 1994-2004.""
Daily Variety (US) September 17 2004, pg. 4, by: Dana Harris, "Indy queen flows to 'OH'"
Daily Trojan (US) April 28 2004, by: Melissa Olson, "All is fair in love and divorce court"
Variety (US) April 16 2004, pg. 10, by: Scott Foundas, "Laws of Attraction"
Guardian (GB) April 2 2004, pg. 6, by: Parker Posey, "Friday Review: The Movie That Changed My Life: Parker Posey: Harold And Maude: The movers and shakers of Hollywood pick their favourite films - and describe what it is that makes them so special"
Daily Variety (US) March 23 2004, pg. 06, by: Denise Martin, "Monster deal for Posey in USA's 'Frankenstein'"
New York Observer (US) January 5 2004, pg. 19, by: John Heilpern, "At The Theater:The Good, the Bad and The Foot-in-Mouth"
San Antonio Express-News (US) December 12 2003, pg. 6H, by: Larry Ratliff, "Actors build quality 'Event'"
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (US) December 5 2003, by: Barry Paris, "'The Event' Is A Life-Affirming Death Story"
Phoenix New Times (US) December 4 2003, by: David Ehrenstein, "Event Full: An all-star indie cast dramatizes the new face of AIDS death"
DVD Talk (US) December 3 2003, by: Adam Tyner, "Review: Henry Fool DVD"
Seattle Post-Intelligencer (US) November 17 2003, by: Bill White, "Mighty Wind cuts a comic swath"
Seattle Times (US) November 14 2003, by: Patrick MacDonald, "Concert Preview: Fake folkies of 'A Mighty Wind' blow into town for night of fun"
The Washington Times (US) November 13 2003, "Movie Minis: The Event"
Vancouver Sun (CA) November 12 2003, by: Marke Andrews, "Movie spinoff a hootenanny of howls:Cast of folk-music mockumentary create a comic cacophony for the stoked crowd,which clapped and sang along during the live concert"
Boston Herald (US) November 12 2003, by: Stephen Schaefer, "Indie comedy actress Parker Posey takes on seriously nasty role"
Alameda Times (US) November 11 2003, by: Jim Harrington, "These folk singers are for real! THE long-awaited "A Mighty Wind" concert Sunday night at the Warfield Theatre provided undeniable proof that the public has been duped."
The Times (London) (GB) October 31 2003, pg. 16, by: David Sinclair, "Yesterday man"
Metro Weekly (US) October 24 2003, by: Sean Bugg, "The Event"
The Oregonian (US) October 24 2003, by: Kim Morgan, "Assisted suicide, the movie"
NY Times (US) October 3 2003, by: Stephen Holden, "Movie Review: The Event: The Mysterious Death of an Aids Patient"
Salon (US) October 3 2003, by: Stephanie Zacharek, ""The Event" : In a potent dark comedy that never flinches and never smirks, Parker Posey must investigate an assisted suicide case that turned into a fabulous party."
Toronto Star (CA) October 3 2003, pg. C04, by: Peter Howell, "Light touch on a heavy topic"
LA Times (US) October 3 2003, pg. 10, by: Kevin Thomas, "Exploring life in the face of death; The Event provokes thought about assisted suicide:It's a best effort by filmaker Thom Fitzgerald"
Indiewire (US) October 3 2003, by: Scott Foundas, "Thom Fitzgerald's "The Event"; A Gallows Humor AIDS Drama With Some Tender Moments"
New York Post (US) October 3 2003, pg. 44, by: Megan Lehmann, "Portent of Being Earnest: The Event"
Newsday (US) October 3 2003, pg. B10, by: Jan Stuart, "AIDS Whodunit?; An event that is so last millenium"
Texas Monthly (US) October 2003, pg. 118, by: John Spong, "The spirit of '76: do you know the inside story of Dazed and Confused, one of the greatest movies ever made about high school"
Hollywood Reporter (US) September 25 2003, by: Josh Spector, "Posey sinks her teeth into 'Trinity'"
The Washington Times (US) September 24 2003, by: Scott Galupo, "Mighty convincing"
The Baltimore Sun (US) September 24 2003, by: Michael Ollove, "Acting in concert:The Mighty Wind players conspire to bring a movie parody to life as they take the stage at the 9:30 Club."
The Washington Post (US) September 23 2003, pg. C8, by: Pamela Murray Winters, "A Mighty Wind at 9:30: Kitschy-Kitschy-Goo"
RTE Interactive (IE) September 16 2003, "October release date for Ryan Adams LP"
MetroSource (US) September 2003, Vol. 14, Iss. 4, by: Jody O'Neil, "Spotlight: Parker Posey"
NY Post (US) August 26 2003, by: Megan Lehmann, "Fake Bands Come Alive"
The Oregonian (US) August 15 2003, pg. 43, by: Marty Hughley, "Dandy Warhols Show Human Side"
Rotten Tomatoes (US) July 22 2003, by: Harvey S. Karten, "The Event"
Sydney Morning Herald (AU) July 17 2003, by: Sandra Hall, "Personal Velocity "
The Age (AU) July 12 2003, "Three portraits:Personal Velocity is a low-budget marvel that will leave you wanting more, and it's graced by three of the finest performances you're likely to see all year."
Daily Variety (US) July 10 2003, pg. A2, by: Kathy A. McDonald, "Fitzgerald's drama stacks up as an 'Event' of the season"
Windy City Media Group (US) July 9 2003, by: Romeo San Vicente , "Deep Inside Hollywood Catch Me If You Glam : Kattan and Posey Meet Adam & Steve"
The Advocate (US) June 25 2003, " Parker Posey and Chris Kattan sign on for Craig Chester's Adam & Steve"
Reuters (GB) June 24 2003, by: Ian Mohr and Chris Gardner, "Kattan, Posey Get Romantic for 'Steve' Comedy "
Austin American-Statesman (US) May 31 2003, by: Chris Garcia, " 10 years of confusion:Those were the 'Dazed':We get older, but this high school classic stays the same joyful age"
AP (Associated Press) Wire Service (US) May 24 2003, by: Anthony Breznican, "'A Mighty Wind' fictional folkies perform live at Getty Center"
Variety (US) May 21 2003, by: Dana Harris, "New Line, Intermedia pick Posey for 'Law' :Tale of two lawyers to begin lensing in June "
The Daily Northwestern (US) May 5 2003, by: Drew Austin, "Parker Posey guides filmmakers at annual Flicker: Actress' advice ignites student festival judging 50 works from around world "
Playboy (US) May 1 2003, Vol. 50, Iss. 5, pg. 28, by: Leonard Maltin, " Reviews; Movie Review: A Mighty Wind"
Premiere (US) May 2003, Vol. 16, Iss. 9, pg. 18-20, by: Glenn Kenny, "A Mighty Wind"
AARP: The Magazine (US) June 2003, pg. 42-51, by: William R. Newcott, "Best Movies For Grownups 2003: Best TV Movie, Hell on Heels"
Christianity Today (US) April 24 2003, by: Jeffrey Overstreet , "Film Forum: A Mighty Wind stirs up only a slight breeze"
Time (US) April 21 2003, by: Richard Corliss, "Outfolking the Folkies: Richard Corliss reviews A Mighty Wind"
Entertainment Weekly (US) April 18 2003, Iss. 705, pg. 70-71, by: Chris Willman, "Soundtracks: A Mighty Wind: The Album"
Metro Silicon Valley Weekly Newspaper (US) April 23 2003, by: Richard von Busack, "Inherit Their Wind: 'A Mighty Wind' scores with hilarity and poignancy "
San Jose Mercury News (US) April 16 2003, by: Glenn Lovell, "A Mighty Wind"
The Washington Post (US) April 16 2003, pg. C01, by: Ann Hornaday, "Improv Comedy, Finely Tuned; 'A Mighty Wind' Musters A Motley Folk-Song Army"
Salon (US) April 16 2003, by: Stephanie Zacharek, "A Mighty Wind"
NY Times (US) April 16 2003, pg. 1, by: A. O. Scott, "Nostalgic Sounds of Old Folkies Who Never Were"
Los Angeles Times (US) April 16 2003, pg. 1, by: Manohla Dargis, "Mockument to the past;Christopher Guest turns his loving but ruthlessly satirical eye on aging folkies."
The Atlanta Journal and Constitution (US) April 16 2003, pg. 1E, by: Eleanor Ringel Gillespie, " Lovable pranksters poke gentle fun at folk music"
Toronto Star (CA) April 16 2003, pg. F01, by: Peter Howell, "Guest mellows out with mockumentary"
IndieWire (US) April 15 2003, by: Tommy Nguyen, "Guest Crafts Another Ode To Performance Anxiety, "A Mighty Wind"
Newark(NJ) Star-Ledger (US) April 13 2003, by: Stephen Whitty, "A special guest : Music and comedy carry improvisational genius and pals to 'A Mighty Wind.'"
NY Times (US) April 13 2003, by: David Hajdu, "'A Mighty Wind': 'Spinal Tap' for Folkies?"
Newark Star Ledger (US) April 13 2003, by: Stephen Whitty, "A special guest : Music and comedy carry improvisational genius and pals to 'A Mighty Wind."
Long Beach Press Telegram (US) April 12 2003, by: Bob Strauss, "Extended play: Christopher Guest would have it known that making improvisational comedies like 'A Mighty Wind' is no breeze"
Dallas Voice (US) April 11 2003, by: Steve Warren, "Screen - Folkin' A! : Guest gets mighty laughs with folk music spoof"
The Tufts Daily (US) April 9 2003, Vol. LXV , Iss. 51, by: Marc Frost, "'A Mighty Wind' soars with laughter"
Sunday Business Post (IE) April 6 2003, by: Sandra Hurley, "Cinema: Personal Velocity"
Variety (US) April 3 2003, by: Charles Isherwood, "'Somme' tops Lortel noms: Play leads with 6; 'Avenue Q,' 'Fifth of July' follow with 5"
Catholic News Service (US) April 2003, by: David DiCerto, "A Mighty Wind"
Financial Times (GB) March 26 2003, by: Nigel Andrews, "Cinema: Escape on the last train to salvation: Personal Velocity"
The Nation (US) March 24 2003, Vol. 276, Iss. 11, pg. 32, by: David Kaufman, "Talkin' 'bout my generation;Fifth of July; Ma Rainey's Black Bottom"
NY Times (US) March 19 2003, by: Elvis Mitchell, "Christopher Guest, Plucking Strings for the Camera Again"
The Seattle Times (US) March 16 2003, pg. K3, by: Misha Berson, "ROP ZONE"
San Antonio Express-News (US) March 14 2003, by: Jim Kiest , "Packed house finds laughs at SXSW "
The Ottawa Sun (CA) March 7 2003, pg. 36, by: Jim Slotek, "Trio Of Tales Explore Sex And Female Empowerment"
Current Biography (US) March 2003, Vol. 64, Iss. 3, pg. 53(6), by: Cullen F. Thomas, "Parker Posey"
Playbill (US) February 28 2003, by: Kenneth Jones, "Fifth of July Extends to Sixth of April; Michael Cerveris Joins Cast"
Orlando Sentinel (US) February 28 2003, pg. 20, by: Jay Boyar, "Lofty Pretensions Mire 'Velocity'; Parker Posey's turn as a ruthless Editor is the best of Director Miller's "Portraits"
The Stage (US) February 20 2003, pg. 9, by: Clive Barnes, " New York Notebook"
The Guardian (London) (GB) February 17 2003, pg. 10, by: Edward Karam, "Lady mutters the blues "
NY Times (US) February 14 2003, by: Ben Brantley, "Theater Listings: Fifth of July"
Entertainment Weekly (US) February 14 2003, pg. 42, "Spring Movie Preview: A Mighty Wind"
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (US) February 14 2003, pg. W-1, by: Barry Paris, "Personal Velocity is up to speed"
Hatfield Valley Advocate (US) February 13 2003, by: Amy Kroin, "Film Clips:Personal Velocity"
Variety (US) February 10 2003, pg. 38, by: Dennis Harvey, " The Event"
The Times (London) (GB) February 10 2003, pg. 17, by: Charles Isherwood, "Broadway beats the blues"
Backstage (US) February 7 2003, by: Julius Novick , "Fifth of July "
Village Voice (US) February 5 2003, by: Michael Feingold, "Old Tales Retangled"
New York Sun (US) February 4 2003, by: Jeremy McCarter, "Destiny's Tots: Leonard, Posey Play Ex-Radicals in Late-Breaking 'Fifth of July'"
NY Daily News (US) February 4 2003, pg. 32, by: Robert Dominguez, "Drama's Too Dated"
NY Post (US) February 4 2003, by: Donald Lyons, "Radical Cheek"
Variety (US) February 4 2003, by: Charles Isherwood, "Fifth of July"
NY Times (US) February 4 2003, by: Ben Brantley, "60s Radicals Reunited, This Time as Ensemble"
The Austin American-Statesman (US) February 3 2003, by: Michael Kuchwara, "'Fifth of July' a Reminder of Vietnam War "
NY Times (US) February 2 2003, by: DON SHEWEY , "An Outsider Plays an Outsider, Blown on the Wind"
Playboy (US) February 1 2003, Vol. 50, Iss. 2, pg. 27-28, by: Leonard Maltin, "Reviews; movies"
Film Threat (US) January 22 2003, by: Eric Campos, "The Event"
Canadian Press Newswire (CA) January 20 2003, by: Jim Holt, "Halifax filmmaker Thom Fitzgerald debuts The Event at Sundance"
Variety (US) January 8 2003, by: KRIS WEINBERG, "The distaff dark side"
Roanoke Times & World News (US) January 4 2003, pg. 2, by: Neil Harvey, "'Personal Velocity' Mighty Slow"
The Virginian-Pilot(Norfolk, Va.) (US) January 4 2003, pg. E7, by: Mal Vincent, "Narration Slows Down "Velocity""
Slate (US) December 31 2002, by: Roger Ebert and David Edelstein and Sarah Kerr and, "The Year in Movies"
NY Times (US) December 29 2002, pg. Late Edition - Final, Section 2, Page 15, Column 2, by: Elvis Mitchell, "Film: The Year In Review - The Critics/The 10 Best"
Boston Globe (US) December 6 2002, pg. E9, by: Ty Burr, "Haughty 'Velocity' is not up to speed"
Washington Post (US) December 6 2002, pg. C1, by: Stephen Hunter, "The Quiet, Dynamic Force Of 'Velocity'"
NY Times (US) November 22 2002, pg. Final, Section E, Column 1, Page 11, by: Elvis Mitchell , "Film Review; Turning the Big Screen Into the Small Screen "
Entertainment Weekly (US) November 15 2002, Iss. 682, pg. 86-88, by: Allison Hope Weiner, "Women's Movement"
Catholic News Service (US) November 2002, by: Debbie Mills, "Personal Velocity"
Film Comment (US) December 2002, by: Alissa Quart, "Who's Afraid Of Parker Poset?"
Mademoiselle (US) April 2001, Vol. 107, Iss. 4, pg. 112-116, by: Suzan Colon, "What's on Parker Posey's mind?. "
Elle (US) February 2000, Vol. 15, Iss. 6, pg. 74, by: Rachel Abramowitz, "Queen Indie and the Movie of Doom"
Filmink (AU) November 1998, Vol. 2, Iss. 14, pg. 33, by: Erin Free, "Who's That Girl"
New York Times (US) October 12 1997, Vol. 146, Iss. 285, pg. section 9, pST1(L), by: Jennifer Steinhauer, "Life's a ball: dress for it"
Premiere (US) 1997, Vol. 10, Iss. 9, pg. 76-79, by: Bruce Wagner, "Day in the life"

Pictorials (7)

Moving Pictures Magazine (US) April 2007, Iss. 16, pg. 48-54, by: Elliot V. Kotek, "Parker Posey: Almost a Vegetarian"
Playbill (US) January 23 2003, by: Christine Ehren, "Photo Call: Fifth of July: Ken and Gwen and Friends"
Flaunt (US) November 2002, Iss. 39, pg. 68-71
Cinema (HU) April 2001, Iss. 113, pg. 19, "Posey pórázon"
Celebrity Skin (US) December 1999, Vol. 21, Iss. 82, pg. 44, by: staff, "Sexy Scream Queens: Sleep With Us"
Playboy (US) August 1997, Vol. 44, Iss. 8, pg. 168, by: Pauline St. Denis, "Grapevine: Posey Coming Up Rosey"
Celebrity Sleuth (US) 1996, Vol. 9, Iss. 8, pg. 42-43, by: staff, "The Top Ten List: Party Girl"

Magazine Covers (15)

Paste (US) June 2007, Iss. 32
Moving Pictures Magazine (US) April 2007, Iss. 16
Lucky Magazine (US) April 2007
Bust (US) January 2007
Time Out New York (US) January 13 2005
MetroSource (US) September 2003, Vol. 14, Iss. 4
IFCRant (US) November 2002, Iss. 16
Mademoiselle (US) April 2001
Time Out New York (US) April 27 2000, Iss. 240
Out (US) February 1999
Evening Standard Hot Tickets (GB) July 18 1998
Interview (US) March 1998
Buzz (US) May 1997
Time Out New York (US) January 30 1997
Index (US) November 1996, Iss. 5

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