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‘Law & Order: SVU’ Renewed For Record-Breaking 21st Season By NBC As Dick Wolf & Mariska Hargitay Write TV History

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‘Law & Order: SVU’ Renewed For Record-Breaking 21st Season By NBC As Dick Wolf & Mariska Hargitay Write TV History
Law & Order: SVU and its star Mariska Hargitay have cemented their places in television history. NBC has renewed Dick Wolf’s series for a record-setting 21st season, making it TV’s longest-running primetime live-action series, surpassing the previous mark of 20 seasons set by mothership series Law & Order (1990-2010) and Gunsmoke (1955-75).

The renewal also marks a milestone for Hargitay’s Lt. Benson as the longest-running character in a primetime live-action series. Hargitay surpassed Gunsmoke‘s James Arness and Milburn Stone as well as Kelsey Grammer who have all portrayed the same character for 20 consecutive seasons..

“We tip our cap to Dick Wolf, Mariska Hargitay and the amazing cast and crew of SVU, who now all go into the record book,” said Paul Telegdy and George Cheeks,
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The Thing From Another World (1951) Now Available on Blu-ray From Warner Archives

Exciting news for fans of classic sci-fi! Kenneth Tobey and James Arness in The Thing From Another World (1951) is available on Blu-ray from Warner Archives. Ordering information can be found Here

Howard Hawks’ production of The Thing From Another World, adapted from the classic story “Who Goes There?” by Science Fiction Grandmaster John W. Campbell, is a pitch perfect example of genre filmmaking at its finest and, much like his entire oeuvre – from screwball comedy to melodrama to hardboiled detective to western – a treasure that makes movie magic. Under Christian Nyby’s lean direction, Charles Lederer’s rapid-fire dialogue and a cast of fine journeymen performers, this tale of scientists and servicemen confronting the unknown above the Arctic Circle shines with crisp atomic-age radiation in this scintillating HD presentation in all its glorious Black and White wonder.

Arctic researchers discover a huge, frozen spaceling inside a crash-landed UFO, then fight
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The Thing From Another World

Intrepid soldiers and scientists battle a bloodsucking alien invader at the top of the world! The Warner Archive Collection releases Howard Hawks’ incomparable Science Fiction thriller, a long-desired favorite. Long handicapped by missing scenes, this Rko classic is intact again, complete with its nerve-rattling bombastic Dimitri Tiomkin music score.

The Thing from Another World


Warner Archive Collection

1951 / B&W / 1:37 Academy / 87 min. / Street Date December 18, 2018 / 21.99

Starring: Margaret Sheridan, Kenneth Tobey, Robert Cornthwaite, Douglas Spencer, James R. Young, Dewey Martin, Robert Nichols, William Self, Eduard Franz, James Arness, Paul Frees, George Fenneman, John Dierkes.

Cinematography: Russell Harlan

Art Direction: Albert S. D’Agostino, John J. Hughes

Film Editor: Roland Gross

Original Music: Dimitri Tiomkin

Written by Charles Lederer from a short story by John W. Campbell Jr.

Produced by Howard Hawks

Directed by Christian Nyby

Still one of the all-time favorites of 1950s science fiction filmmaking, Howard Hawks’ The Thing from Another World
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New HD Master of The Thing From Another World (1951) is Coming to Blu-ray from Warner Archive

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One of John Carpenter's favorite horror movies (and one that he also remade as 1982's classic The Thing), 1951's The Thing from Another World is coming to Blu-ray with a new HD master from Warner Archive.

A specific release date for The Thing from Another World Blu-ray has not yet been announced, but Blu-ray.com reveals that the new home media release is expected to come out later this year, and Amazon has it listed for a November 20th release.

According to Blu-ray.com, The Thing from Another World Blu-ray will include the following special features and specs:

Original Theatrical Trailer (Sd) Theatrical Re-Release Trailer (HD) Optional English Sdh subtitles for the main feature

Stay tuned to Daily Dead for more updates, read on for additional details from Warner Archive, and check out the Blu-ray cover art and theatrical trailer for The Thing from Another World:

From Warner Archive:
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5 Actors Who Regretted Being On Iconic TV Shows (And 15 Who Adored Them)

It's always nice to think that our favorite TV stars are having just as much fun playing their well-known characters as we have watching them. With countless icons who make us cheer and laugh (like any of the multiple versions of Britain's favorite Time Lord in Doctor Who) or tremble in fear and anger (such as Jeffrey Dean Morgan's chillingly brutal portrayal of Negan in The Walking Dead), we sometimes believe that there's no reasons why TV actors wouldn't enjoy their jobs.

However, with that said, they are still jobs, and not all jobs are pleasant. From harsh shooting schedules to snobby co-stars, there's a long list of reasons why an actor may like to forget their time on a show, no matter how famous their characters have become in the world.

Thankfully, though, not all shows are like this. While it's still a job, portraying a TV character
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Mariska Hargitay Looks Back At 20 Years Of 'Law & Order: Svu'

As Law & Order: Svu begins its 20th season on the air, it joins the ranks of only two other live action shows that have lasted as long — the James Arness Western series Gunsmoke (1955-1975), and the original Law & Order (1990-2010). But the exceptional thing about Svu that allows it to stand apart from the others is the fact that, after two decades, it's still going strong. This is not a show limping across any sort of ratings finish line, much to the joy of actress Mariska Hargitay, who has been there since day one. "There are no words for this sort of moment," offers Mariska, who plays Lieutenant Olivia Benson. "And this is an accomplishment that we're still all taking in. I think me the most, and I'm so humbled by the fact that I'm doing this for what seems like a lifetime." Focusing on sex crimes, when the series debuted two decades ago,
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The Farmer’s Daughter

A solid mainstream hit for 1947, Loretta Young and Joseph Cotten’s political fairy tale maintains its charm despite the usual populist dodges — a spirited young woman finds both romance and The American Dream when she runs for Congress. But will the political system accept her?

The Farmer’s Daughter


Kl Studio Classics

1947 / B&W / 1:37 flat Academy / 97 min. / Street Date September 25, 2018 / available through Kino Lorber / 29.95

Starring: Loretta Young, Joseph Cotten, Ethel Barrymore, Charles Bickford, Rhys Williams, Harry Davenport, Tom Powers, William Harrigan, Keith Andes, Harry Shannon, Lex Barker, Thurston Hall, Art Baker, Don Beddoe, James Arness, Anna Q. Nilsson, Charles McGraw, John Gallaudet, William B. Davidson, Cy Kendall, Frank Ferguson, William Bakewell, Charles Lane Forrest J. Ackerman, Robert Clarke.

Film Editor: Harry Marker

Original Music: Leigh Harline

Written by Allen Rivkin, Laura Kerr, from a play by Juhani Tervapää

Produced by Dore Schary

Directed by H.C. Potter

This year
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‘Law & Order: Svu’ Guns For ‘Gunsmoke’s Record With Season 20 Renewal As Dick Wolf & Mariska Hargitay Write TV History

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‘Law & Order: Svu’ Guns For ‘Gunsmoke’s Record With Season 20 Renewal As Dick Wolf & Mariska Hargitay Write TV History
Law & Order: Svu star and executive producer Mariska Hargitay summed it up best on Twitter on Wednesday night. “Season 20. #History,” she wrote after NBC’s announcement that the long-running crime drama has been renewed for a 20th season. That ties the record for longest-running drama series currently shared by Law & Order and Gunsmoke.

Just an hour or so earlier, Hargitay had broken the pickup news to the cast and crew during Law & Order: Svu’s Season 19 wrap party.

Season 20. It’s happening. #TheMarathonContinues #History

— Mariska Hargitay (@Mariska) May 10, 2018

In May 2010, Wolf was denied a shot at breaking Gunsmoke‘s record when, in a surprising move, NBC’s previous regime canceled the mothership Law & Order series after 20 seasons. Setting a new all-time longevity mark had meant a lot to the uber-producer, who was very upset by the abrupt cancellation. He now has a second shot at history and likely won’t be denied again.
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The Simpsons Just Set Another All-Time TV Record

Fox’s staple animated comedy series The Simpsons has broken yet another record, taking the title of most episodes produced for a prime time scripted TV show from the classic Western drama series Gunsmoke. The cartoon celebrated with an opening parody in which Maggie has a showdown with Gunsmoke‘s hero Marshal Matt Dillon (who was played by the late James Arness in the TV series). Maggie gets the draw on Dillon, and The Simpsons takes the record.
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‘The Simpsons’ Taunts ‘Gunsmoke’ Ahead Of Record-Breaking 636th Episode

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‘The Simpsons’ Taunts ‘Gunsmoke’ Ahead Of Record-Breaking 636th Episode
Second Amendment or not — someone needs to keep handguns away from Maggie Simpson.

The eternal baby who once shot down Springfield’s richest man is trigger-happy again in a new custom animation for The Simpsons that marks the Fox stalwart’s 636th episode this Sunday. It’s the one that will break the tie with CBSGunsmoke for the longest-running primetime scripted series in U.S. history. Check out the whip-crackin’ clip below.

The Simpsons noted the looming historic airing at the end of last week’s episode, when Homer went meta and told the children that their series was about to pass Gunsmoke. But Bart, of course, played Captain Bringdown by noting all those radio episodes the Dodge City-set Western did. D’oh!

Come to think of it, didn’t The Simpsons start out as a radio show back in the late-’40s? Guess it just seems like it’s been around that long.
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Hangover Square

No, it’s not a the-day-after sequel to The Lost Weekend, but a class-act mystery-horror from 20th-Fox, at a time when the studio wasn’t keen on scare shows. John Brahm directs the ill-fated Laird Cregar as a mad musician . . . or, at least a musician driven mad by a perfidious femme fatale, Darryl Zanuck’s top glamour girl Linda Darnell.

Hangover Square


Kl Studio Classics

1945 /B&W / 1:37 Academy / 77 min. / Street Date November 21, 2017 / available through Kino Lorber / 29.95

Starring: Laird Cregar, Linda Darnell, George Sanders, Faye Marlowe, Glenn Langan, Alan Napier.

Cinematography: Joseph Lashelle

Film Editor: Harry Reynolds

Original Music: Bernard Herrmann

Written by Barré Lyndon

Produced by Robert Bassler

Directed by John Brahm

Here’s a serious quality upgrade for horror fans. Although technically a period murder thriller, as a horror film John Brahm’s tense Hangover Square betters its precursor The Lodger in almost every department. We don
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The Thing's missing blow-up doll and other deleted scenes

Ryan Lambie Nov 9, 2017

Character deaths, screwdrivers and blow-up dolls: John Carpenter’s The Thing had some fasinating scenes cut before release...

Nb: The following contains spoilers for The Thing.

See related The Twilight Zone: reboot in the works with Jordan Peele 31 scary TV episodes that truly terrified us Top 50 terrifying TV characters

Critically mauled on release and largely overlooked in cinemas, John Carpenter’s The Thing has only grown in stature since 1982. What were once condemned as deficiencies - its graphic gore and violence, icy tone and low-key characterisation - are now generally regarded as positives. Its simple story about a group of scientists and misfits who encounter a shape-shifting alien in their Antarctic outpost, The Thing has aged remarkably well for a 35-year-old film: Rob Bottin’s practical effects are still extraordinarily imaginative, and fans still debate the finer points of its action today. Who sabotaged the fridge full of blood samples?
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Ben Bates Dies: ‘Gunsmoke’ Stunt Double was 84

Stunt double Ben Bates, best known for his work substituting for Gunsmoke star James Arness for more than 25 years, died Oct. 4 in Sun City, California, according to his family. He was 84. Bates’s long career included doubling spots for the television series How the West Was Won (for which he was also a stunt coordinator), McClain’s Law, Bosom Buddies, The Fall Guy and Matt Houston. He also appeared in the film The Legend of the Lone Ranger and the TV movies The Alamo: Thi…
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Giant Insects Attack Coachella in Insane Dead Ant Trailer

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Giant Insects Attack Coachella in Insane Dead Ant Trailer
The trailer for Dead Ant is here and it looks like a classic monster movie mixed with Spinal Tap. The movie is a comic reimagining of the sci-fi classic of Them!. The B-movie vibe is laid on extra thick in the new trailer that features Sean Astin tripping out on Peyote and Tom Arnold pulling out a gun to shoot a giant ant after explaining that he carries the gun because he's in the music business. If that doesn't make you want to watch the movie, who knows what will. The impressive cast looks like they had a blast making Dead Ant and the soundtrack is stuffed with fake 80s metal adding to the fun.

The story starts when the "one-hit-wonder" glam-metal band "Sonic Grave" embark on a trip to Coachella in hopes of a comeback, but end up in No-Chella since their manager couldn't book them for the official
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The Sea Chase

John Wayne plays a German sea captain in a film that goes out of its way to create a favorable image of our former enemy, with hardly a Nazi flag or even a German accent in sight. Wayne and his co-star Lana Turner are as Teutonic as Blondie and Dagwood, yet the film works as a basic adventure – we like the charismatic star, and the sea chase format guarantees extra interest.

The Sea Chase


Warner Archive Collection

1955 / Color / 2:55 widescreen / 117 min. / Street Date July 11, 2017 / available through the WBshop / 21.99

Starring: John Wayne, Lana Turner, David Farrar, Lyle Bettger, Tab Hunter, James Arness, Richard Davalos, John Qualen, Paul Fix, Alan Hale Jr., Peter Whitney, Claude Akins, John Doucette, Tudor Owen, Adam Williams.

Cinematography: William Clothier

Film Editors: William Ziegler, Owen Marks

Original Music: Roy Webb

Written by James Warner Bellah, John Twist from a novel by Andrew Geer

Produced and Directed
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The 10 Manliest Male Characters on TV Right Now

Since television began, America has had a love affair with manly men on the small screen. In the early days, most of them were cowboys like Chuck Connors in “The Rifleman” and James Arness in “Gunsmoke”. Now we’ve evolved quite a bit and our favorite manly men often wear suits and even eyeglasses like Tom, Kiefer, and Michael. But, more about them later. Ok, let’s face it, many of us still love seeing a manly man shirtless, like Justin Hartley who never seems to get a single role that doesn’t write him into the script as shirtless in multiple scenes,

The 10 Manliest Male Characters on TV Right Now
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Warner Archive Collection

1949 / B&W / 1:37 flat Academy / 118 min. / Street Date January 10, 2017 / available through the WBshop / 21.99

Starring: Van Johnson, John Hodiak, Ricardo Montalban, George Murphy, Marshall Thompson, Don Taylor, James Whitmore, Douglas Fowley, Leon Ames, Guy Anderson, Denise Darcel, Richard Jaeckel, James Arness

Cinematography: Paul Vogel

Art Direction: Cedric Gibbons, Hans Peters

Film Editor: John D. Dunning

Original Music: Lennie Hayton

Written by: Robert Pirosh

Produced by: Dore Schary

Directed by William A. Wellman

“The Guts, Gags and Glory of a Lot of Wonderful Guys!”

— say, what kind of movie is this, anyway?

Action movies about combat are now mostly about soldiers that fight like killing machines, or stories of battle with a strong political axe to grind. WW2 changed perceptions completely, when a mostly civilian army did the fighting. With the cessation of hostilities combat pictures tapered off quickly, and Hollywood gave the subject a break for several years.
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Review: "Gun The Man Down" (1956) Starring James Arness And Angie Dickinson; Blu-ray Release From Olive Films

  • CinemaRetro
By Lee Pfeiffer

"Gun the Man Down" is yet another Poverty Row low-budget Western shot during an era in which seemingly every other feature film released was a horse opera. Supposedly shot in nine days, the film is primarily notable for being the big screen directing debut of Andrew V. McLaglen, who would go on to be a very respected director who specialized in Westerns and action films. The movie also marked the final feature film for James Arness before he took on the role of Marshall Matt Dillon in TV's long-running and iconic "Gunsmoke" series. After failing to achieve stardom on the big screen, Arness found fame and fortune in "Gunsmoke" when John Wayne recommended him for the part. Wayne had been championing Arness for years and provided him with roles in some of his films. Following "Gunsmoke"'s phenomenal run, Arness seemed content to stay with TV and had another successful series,
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Gun the Man Down

This almost completely forgotten '50s western couldn't compete with the big productions, but it has a good cast -- James Arness, Robert J. Wilke, Emile Meyer, Harry Carey Jr. Plus early work by writer Burt Kennedy, and the debuts of actress Angie Dickinson and director Andrew V. McLaglen. Gun the Man Down Blu-ray Olive Films 1956 / B&W / 1:37 flat Academy / 76 min. / Street Date July 19, 2016 / available through the Olive Films website / 29.98 Starring James Arness, Angie Dickinson, Emile Meyer, Robert J. Wilke, Harry Carey Jr., Don Megowan, Michael Emmet, Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez. Cinematography William H. Clothier Film Editor A. Edward Sutherland Original Music Henry Vars Written by Burt Kennedy, Sam Freedle Produced by Robert E. Morrison Directed by Andrew V. McLaglen

Reviewed by Glenn Erickson

When the 1950s rolled in John Wayne stopped being merely an actor and graduated to institution status, starting his own production company, Batjac, and promoting his own group of talent.
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Sci-fi Weekend, Ahrya Fine Art, Los Angeles, April 15-17

  • CinemaRetro
By Todd Garbarini

The Ahrya Fine Arts Theater in Los Angeles will be presenting a fun-filled weekend of six science fiction classics from Friday, April 15th to Sunday, April 17th. Several cast members from the films are scheduled to appear in person at respective screenings, so read on for more information:

From the press release:

Anniversary Classics Sci-Fi Weekend

Part of our Anniversary Classics series. For details, visit: www.laemmle.com/ac.

Re-visit the Golden Age of the Science Fiction Film as Laemmle Theatres and the Anniversary Classics Series presents Sci-fi Weekend, a festival of six classic films April 15-17 at the Ahrya Fine Arts Theatre in Beverly Hills.

It was dawn of the Atomic Age and the Cold War, as Communist and nuclear war paranoia swept onto the nation’s movie screens to both terrify and entertain the American public. All the favorite icons are here: Robby the Robot from Forbidden Planet,
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