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Print Biographies (13)

Cecil B. DeMille. The Autobiography of Cecil B. DeMille. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1959.
Robert S. Birchard. Cecil B. DeMille's Hollywood. Lexington, KY: University Press of Kentucky, 2004. ISBN 0813123240
Charles Higham. Cecil B. DeMille. New York: Scribners, 1973.
Gene Ringgold, DeWitt Bodeen. The Films of Cecil B. DeMille. 1969.
G. Essoe. DeMille. 1970.
Phil Koury. Yes, Mr. DeMille. 1959.
Norman Zierold. Moguls. 1969.
Anne Edwards. The DeMilles: An American Family. New York: Abrams, 1988.
Simon Louvish. Cecil B. DeMille: A Life in Art. New York: Thomas Dunne Books, 2008. ISBN 0312377339
Scott Eyman. Empire of Dreams: The Epic Life of Cecil B. DeMille. New York: Simon & Schuster, 2010. ISBN 0743289552
Robert Hammond. Ready When You Are: Cecil B DeMille's Ten Commandments for Success. Walnut Creek: New Way Press, 2012. ISBN 9780615673707
Robert Hammond. C.B. DeMille: The Man Who Invented Hollywood. Walnut Creek: New Way Press, 2012. ISBN 9780615680552
Cecilia de Mille and Mark Vieira. Cecil B. DeMille: The Art of the Hollywood Epic. Philadelphia, PA: Running Press, 2014. ISBN 0762454903

Film Biographies (4)

Portrayals (1)

Articles (102)

The New York Times Book Review (US) June 15 2008, pg. 20, by: Andrew Sarris, "DeMille's Close-Up"
The Daily Telegraph (GB) December 22 2007, by: Christopher Bray, "Cecil B DeMille: Too much of the witchfinder-general"
The Independent (GB) December 5 2007, by: William Cook, "Cecil B Demille & The Golden Calf, by Simon Louvish"
The Guardian (GB) December 1 2007, by: Simon Callow, "Mad about the beast"
The Observer (GB) November 11 2007, by: Peter Preston, "Lights, camera, excess"
The Daily Telegraph (GB) October 25 2007, by: Catherine Shoard, "The epic life of Cecil B. Demille"
The Spectator (GB) October 17 2007, by: Bryan Forbes, "King Of The Lurid Spectacle"
The Washington Post (US) April 5 2004, pg. C01, by: Tom Shales, "New Testament to Genius: Turner's 'Cecil B. DeMille'"
The New York Times (US) April 4 2004, by: Stuart Klawans, "DeMille's Commandment: Honor Thy Dancing Girls"
Cult Movies (US) 1996, Iss. 18, pg. 56-60, by: Katherine Orrison, "DeMille's Hollywood"
Films in Review (US) August 1981, Vol. XXXII, Iss. 7, pg. 385 - 397, by: DeWitt Bodeen, "DeMille Centenary"
Hier, aujoud'hui et demain (FR) 1973, Iss. 14, pg. 2-6, by: Emile Verdi, "Cecil Billet de Mille : les "Hollywood's Follies" de Dieu"
Air Classics (US) September 1967, Vol. 4, Iss. 1, pg. 16-21, 66, 68, 70, 72, by: Art Ronnie, "That Great Extravaganza in the Sky"
Variety (US) January 28 1959, pg. 63:1, "DeMille: 'Founder' of Hollywood; Pioneered 'Rembrandt Lighting' When Sun Failed to Shine--Long, Unique, Creative Career"
New York Times (US) January 28 1959, pg. 31:1, "DeMille's Will Filed; Daughter Cecilia Gets Most of His Large Estate"
New York Times (US) January 24 1959, pg. 19:5, "DeMille Service Attended by 500; Short Religious Ceremony Held in Hollywood Church for Producer-Director"
The London Times (GB) January 22 1959, pg. 12:5, "Cecil B. DeMille"
New York Times (US) January 22 1959, pg. 1:4. 31:2, "Cecil DeMille, 77, Pioneer of Movies, Dead in Hollywood"
Le Film Français (FR) June 6 1952, Iss. # 409, pg. 5, by: anonymous, "Mercredi prochain 11 juin au Ministère de l'Industrie et du Commerce, remise des Victoires du Cinéma Français"
The Penguin Film Review (GB) August 1947, Iss. # 3, pg. pg. 25, by: Gassner, John, "Expressionism and Realism in Films"
Motion Picture Classic (US) June 1929, pg. 23, 76, by: Dunham Thorp, "Shouting from the Bathrubs; Cecil B. DeMille Thinks They Make Splendid Pulpits"
Moving Picture World (US) December 31 1927, pg. 5, "DeMille Defy to Hays Story Policy, Report"
Moving Picture World (US) December 10 1927, pg. 20, "'Propoganda Taboo' Says DeMille"
Cinema Arts (US) December 1927, pg. 19, 46, by: Burr C. Cook, "Cecil B. De Mille, A Super-Showman"
Moving Picture World (US) October 29 1927, pg. 555, "Players Honor Cecil B. DeMille"
Paris and Hollywood Screen Secrets (US) October 1927, pg. 10, "Flashes from Filmland"
Moving Picture World (US) September 17 1927, pg. 168, "Suratt Action Stirs DeMille; $1,000,000 Suit Names Many"
Moving Picture World (US) September 17 1927, pg. 153, "DeMille O'k's, Goudal Scotts at Story of a Split"
Moving Picture World (US) September 10 1927, pg. 85, "DeMille Is Spending $400,000 on Studio"
Moving Picture World (US) July 16 1927, pg. 170, ill, by: Cecil B. DeMille, "A message to Every Exhibitor"
Moving Picture World (US) June 18 1927, pg. 475, "DeMille Joins Hays Body"
Moving Picture World (US) June 4 1927, pg. 327, "DeMille Leads Race withM-G-M Over West Point"
Moving Picture World (US) May 14 1927, pg. 96, "DeMille to Serve New Combine Exclusively"
Moving Picture World (US) November 27 1926, pg. 3, "DeMille Denies Opposing Pathé-P.D.C. Merger Plan"
Moving Picture World (US) November 20 1926, pg. 144, "DeMille in Unique Deal with Players"
Moving Picture World (US) November 13 1926, pg. 4, "The Public Is Boxx"
Moving Picture World (US) October 9 1926, pg. 345, ill, by: Cecil B. DeMille, "Motion Pictures--An Aid to Peace"
Paris and Hollywood (US) October 1926, pg. 33, by: Joseph Jackson, "Things I Have Seen [Cecil takes capital 'D' in his name]"
Moving Picture World (US) June 19 1926, pg. 3, "The King of Kings"
Moving Picture World (US) June 12 1926, pg. 2, "Cecil B. DeMille Day"
Moving Picture World (US) May 29 1926, pg. 396-97, by: Cecil B. DeMille, "Box Office Value of Screen Personalities"
Moving Picture World (US) April 24 1926, pg. 593, "Where Was DeMille? at the Premiere?"
Moving Picture World (US) April 10 1926, pg. 3, "Cecil B. DeMille Off to New York"
Moving Picture World (US) March 20 1926, pg. 152, ill, by: Covarrubias, "Distinguished Picture People"
Moving Picture World (US) March 6 1926, pg. 26, ill, "Cecil B. DeMille in New York Planning Elaborate 1926 Program"
Moving Picture World (US) January 23 1926, pg. 4, "DeMille to Study Wisby Film Plan"
Moving Picture World (US) December 19 1925, pg. 662, "DeMille Returns"
Moving Picture World (US) December 19 1925, pg. 656, "DeMille Sees New Screen Favorites"
Movie Magazine (US) December 1925, pg. 47, 120-21, by: C.K. Barrett, "'They Kick Themselves Out of the Moives...,' Says Cecil B. De Mille, and He Proceeds to Tell Tales Out of School About Several Prominent Movie Stars"
Moving Picture World (US) November 7 1925, pg. 44, "Close-Ups of Greater Importance Than Big Ensembles, Says DeMille"
Motion Picture Classic (US) November 1925, pg. 29, 68, by: Barrett C. Kiesling, "The Boy Who Lived in the Haunted House"
Moving Picture World (US) September 5 1925, pg. 78, ill, by: Cecil B. DeMille, "What's Next in Motion Pictures?"
Moving Picture World (US) August 29 1925, pg. 928, ill, "Cecil B. DeMille Waited Twenty Years to Obtain Rights to 'Road to Yesterday'"
Moving Picture World (US) April 25 1925, pg. 813, "DeMille, Picture Bank Head, Reduces the Interest Rate"
Moving Picture World (US) April 18 1925, pg. 652, "DeMille Insured for $1,000,000"
Moving Picture World (US) April 4 1925, pg. 439, "Cecil DeMille Heads Bank"
Moving Picture World (US) February 28 1925, pg. 929, "Cecil B. DeMille Returns to Hollywood with Party"
Moving Picture World (US) February 28 1925, pg. 870, by: Cecil B. DeMille, "The Public Is the Boss"
Moving Picture World (US) February 21 1925, pg. 770-72, ill, "Cecil B. DeMille and Prod. Dist. Corp. Affiliate in New $10,000,000 Company"
Moving Picture World (US) January 31 1925, pg. 430, "DeMille's Plans"
Moving Picture World (US) March 15 1924, pg. 187, by: Cecil B. DeMille, "What Next in Motion Pictures?"
Moving Picture World (US) December 30 1923, pg. 808, "DeMille Bank Official"
Moving Picture World (US) December 29 1923, pg. 798, "DeMille in New York"
Moving Picture World (US) November 17 1923, pg. 294, "Again Director General"
Movie Weekly (US) May 12 1923, pg. 18, 29, by: Grace Kingsley, "Cecil de Mille--Director and Daddy"
Moving Picture World (US) November 11 1922, pg. 141, "Made Vice-President (of Hollywood Bank)"
Moving Picture World (US) May 27 1922, pg. 385, "DeMille Gets Degree"
Moving Picture World (US) February 11 1922, pg. 609, "Cecil B. DeMille and Paul Erbe [sic] Are Coming from Europe"
Moving Picture World (US) January 14 1922, pg. 167, "Cecil DeMille and Paul Iribe Introduced to the Pope"
Moving Picture World (US) December 10 1921, pg. 658, "Cecil B. DeMille Not to Make Pictures Abroad; His Trip Chiefly for Pleasure"
Moving Picture World (US) May 14 1921, pg. 197, "Era of All-Star Picture Is Here to Stay, Believes Cecil DeMille"
Moving Picture World (US) May 14 1921, pg. 157, "Cecil DeMille Tells Why He Buys Stories by Famous Authors and Then Re-Writes Them"
Moving Picture World (US) December 25 1920, pg. 1057, "DeMille Says Future of Pictures Lies in Establishment of a New Screen Literature"
Moving Picture World (US) December 25 1920, pg. 1077, "Paramount's Plan of Fewer and Better Films Gaining Favor, Says Cecil DeMille"
Moving Picture World (US) December 11 1920, pg. 755, "Cutting of Picture Ranks Close in Importance to the Directing, Says deMille, Telling His Method"
Moving Picture World (US) December 11 1920, pg. 704, "Deny Absurd Story of DeMille-Glaum Marriage"
Moving Picture World (US) December 4 1920, pg. 597, "Censorship's Greatest Evil Is Limiting of Artist's Creative Work, Says DeMille"
Moving Picture World (US) September 25 1920, pg. 469, "Will Costume Picture Return to Favor? Cecil DeMille Thinks So and Tells Why"
Moving Picture World (US) May 22 1920, pg. 1098, ill, "Cecil B. DeMille Renews Contract with Famous Players-Lasky; Rejects Big Offers"
Moving Picture World (US) May 22 1920, pg. 1069, "'Healthy Competition' Says DeMille of Famous Players' 'Legitimate Activities'"
Moving Picture World (US) May 22 1920, pg. 1058, "Cecil DeMille Tells Origin of His 'Old Wives for New'"
Moving Picture World (US) January 17 1920, pg. 402, by: Cecil B. DeMille, "The Day of the Director Has Come with the Advent of All-Star Casts"
Moving Picture World (US) December 27 1919, pg. 1132, "Combine Laughs and Half-Sobs and You Have Real Comedy, Says DeMille"
Moving Picture World (US) November 15 1919, pg. 329, "Keep Pictures Our of Stage Houses, Says DeMille"
Moving Picture World (US) September 27 1919, pg. 1998, "Cecil DeMille Says There Is No Plot Shortage But a Great Lack of Capable Scenario Writers"
Moving Picture World (US) April 19 1919, pg. 370, by: Cecil B. DeMille, "DeMille Tells Why He Makes Stills"
Moving Picture World (US) January 18 1919, pg. 314, "DeMille Grabs Selwyn Stage Plot for Screen"
Moving Picture World (US) December 21 1918, pg. 1357, ill, by: Edward Weitzel, "Talking It Over with DeMille"
Moving Picture World (US) September 21 1918, pg. 1748, "Cecil DeMille Talks of His Second 'Squaw Man'"
Moving Picture World (US) June 15 1918, pg. 1549, "DeMille Tells Why Trade Should Organize"
Moving Picture World (US) February 9 1918, pg. 832, "Lasky Chiefs Working on Color Process"
Moving Picture World (US) December 8 1917, pg. 1516, "Cecil DeMille Returns to California"
Moving Picture World (US) July 28 1917, pg. 617, "Hollywood Honors Cecil B. DeMille"
Moving Picture World (US) July 21 1917, pg. 374, ill, by: Cecil B. DeMille, "Photodrama a New Art"
Picture-Play Magazine (US) February 1917, pg. 111, by: Neil G. Caward, "Screen Gossip [he and brother William investigating sound]"
Moving Picture World (US) January 20 1917, pg. 347, "Cecil B. DeMille Returns to Coast"
Moving Picture World (US) December 23 1916, pg. 1787, ill, "DeMille to Produce Cohan Subject"
Moving Picture World (US) November 11 1916, pg. 875, ill, "Cecil DeMille Heads Morosco-Pallas"
Moving Picture World (US) July 10 1915, pg. 239-40, ill, "Cecil B. DeMille at Work"
Moving Picture World (US) March 27 1915, pg. 1938, ill, "Cecil B. DeMille"
New York Dramatic Mirror (US) March 17 1915, pg. 31:1, "Cecil B. De Mille"
Moving Picture World (US) August 29 1914, pg. 1224, "DeMille 'Talks Shop'"

Magazine Covers (2)

Films in Review (US) August 1981, Vol. XXXII, Iss. 7
Motography (US) May 25 1918, Vol. XIX, Iss. 21

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