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  • (1957- ). Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1957) Stage Play: Rumple. Musical comedy. Music by Ernest G. Schweikert. Lyrics by Frank Reardon. Book by Irving Phillips. Music orchestrated by Ted Royal. Musical Director: Frederick Dvonch. Dance arrangements by Robert Atwood. Choreographed by Bob Hamilton. Directed by Jack Donohue. Alvin Theatre: 6 Nov 1957- 14 Dec 1957 (45 performances). Cast: Milo Boulton, Bill Carter, Sari Clymas, Clayton Coots, Jerome Cowan (as "Dr. Wellington Winslow"), Stephen Douglass, Eddie Foy Jr. (as "Rumple"), Elliott Gould (as "Photographer/Weird One/He Who Gets Slapped/Ensemble") [Broadway debut], Claire Gunderman, Ken Harvey, Larry Howard, Gail Kuhr, Doris Lorenz, George Martin, William Milié, Lois O'Brien, Roy Palmer, Ginny Perlowin, Barbara Perry, Lila Popper, Larry Stevens, Janyce Wagner, Jackie Warner, Bonnie West, Eddie Weston, Patricia White, Sally Wile, Gretchen Wyler. Produced by Paula Stone and Michael Sloane.
  • (1958) Stage Play: Say, Darling. Comedy. Music by Jule Styne. Lyrics by Betty Comden and Adolph Green. Based on material by Richard Bissell, Abe Burrows and Marian Bissell. Dances by Matt Mattox. Directed by Abe Burrows. ANTA Playhouse (moved to The Martin Beck Theatre from 8 Dec 1958 to close): 3 Apr 1958- 17 Jan 1959 (332 performances). Cast: Vivian Blaine (as "Irene Lovelle"), Johnny Desmond, David Wayne, (as "Jack Jordan"), Wana Allison, Gordon B. Clarke, Steve Condos, Jerome Cowan (as "Richard Hackette"), Marcella Dodge, Robert Downing, Constance Ford (as "Frankie Jordan"), Elliott Gould (as "Earl Jorgeson"), Mitchell Gregg, Peter Howard, Barbara Hoyt, Walter Klauvun, Eileen Letchworth, Jack Manning, Julie Marlowe, Wendell Marshall, Virginia Martin, Jean Mattox, Horace McMahon (as "Schatzie Harris"), Charles Morrell, Robert Morse (as "Ted Snow"), Jack Naughton, Colin Romoff, Richard Tone, Calvin von Reinhold. Replacement actor: Eddie Albert (as "Jack Jordan" from 3 Apr 1958- 6 Dec 1958). Produced by Jule Styne and Lester Osterman, Jr. Associate Producer: George Gilbert.
  • (1960) Stage Play: Irma La Douce. Musical comedy. Music by Marguerite Monnot. Original lyrics by Alexandre Breffort. Original book by Alexandre Breffort. English lyrics by Julian More, David Heneker and Monty Norman. English book by Julian More, David Heneker and Monty Norman. Music orchestrated by Andre Popp. Additional orchestrations by Robert Ginzler. Dance music by John Kander. Vocal arrangements by Bert Waller and Stanley Lebowsky. Musical Director: Stanley Lebowsky. Choreographed by Onna White. Directed by Peter Brook. Plymouth Theatre (moved to The Alvin Theatre from 30 Oct 1961- close): 29 Sep 1960- 31 Dec 1961 (524 performances + 2 previews). Cast: Keith Michell (as "Nestor-Le-Fripe, a Law Student"), Elizabeth Seal (as "Irma-La-Douce, a Puole"), Stuart Damon, Fred Gwynne (as "Polyte-Le-Mou, a Mec"), George S. Irving, Aric Lavie, Zack Matalon, Osborne Smith, George Del Monte, Michael Fesco, Rico Froehlich, Eddie Gasper, Elliott Gould (as "An Usher/First Warder/A Priest/Gendarme, Prisoner and Irma's Admirer"), Byron Mitchell (as "Court Gendarme/Gendarme, Prisoner and Irma's Admirer"), Joe Rocco, Rudy Tronto. Produced by David Merrick. Produced in association with Donald Albery and H.M. Tennent, Ltd. Produced by arrangement with Henry Hall. Note: Filmed as Irma la Douce (1963) for United Artists.
  • (1962) Stage Play: I Can Get It for You Wholesale. Musical comedy. Book by Jerome Weidman. Music by Harold Rome. Lyrics by Harold Rome. Based on the novel by Jerome Weidman. Musical Director: Lehman Engel. Vocal arrangements by Lehman Engel. Music orchestrated by Sid Ramin. Dance and incidental music arranged by Peter Howard. Musical Staging by Herbert Ross. Directed by Arthur Laurents. Shubert Theatre (moved to The Broadway Theatre from 1 Oct 1962- close): 22 Mar 1962- 8 Dec 1962 (300 performances + 2 previews). Cast: Lillian Roth (as "Mrs. Bogen"), Marilyn Cooper, Elliott Gould (as "Harry Bogen"), Jack Kruschen, Harold Lang, Ken Le Roy, Bambi Linn, Sheree North (as "Martha Mills"), Barbra Streisand (as "Miss Marmelstein"), Francine Bond Velma"), Kelly Brown, Ed Collins, Wilma Curley, Steve Curry, Marion Fels, Martha Gathright, Don Grilley, James Hickman, Luba Lisa, Barbara Monte, Jack Murray, William Reilly, Stanley Simmonds, William Sumner, Pat Turner, Edward Verso. Produced by David Merrick.
  • (1965) Stage Play: Drat! The Cat! Musical comedy. Music by Milton Schafer. Lyrics by Ira Levin. Book by Ira Levin. Musical Director: Herbert Grossman. Vocal arrangements by Herbert Grossman. Music orchestrated by Hershy Kay and Clare Grundman. Dance music by Genevieve Pitot. Choreographic associate: James Moore. Choreographed by Joe Layton. Directed by Joe Layton. Martin Beck Theatre: 10 Oct 1965- 23 Oct 1965 (8 performances + 11 previews). Cast: Jeri Barto, Leo Bloom, Lillian Bozinoff, Jane Connell, Jacque Dean, Mariana Doro, Charles Durning (as "Pincer, Superintendant of Police"), Sandy Ellen, Ralph Farnworth, Jack Fletcher, Ian Garry, David Gold, Elliott Gould (as "Bob Purefoy, the Purefoy's son, a patrolman"), Margery Gray, Marian Haraldson, Beth Howland, Barney Johnston, Al Lanti, Lu Leonard, William Lutz, Nancy Lynch, George Marcy, Carmen Morales, Larry Moss, Harry Naughton, Ron Paré, James Powers, Dan Siretta, Alfred Spindleman, Bill Starr, Gene Varrone, Meg Walter, Lesley Ann Warren (as "Alice Van Guilder, daughter of Mathilde and Lucius Van Guilder"), Mary Zahn. Produced by Jerry Adler and Norman Rosemont.
  • (1967) Stage Play: Little Murders. Written by Jules Feiffer. Directed by George Sherman [credited as George L. Sherman] (earliest Broadway credit). Broadhurst Theatre: 25 Apr 1967- 29 Apr 1967 (7 performances + 16 previews). Cast: Heywood Hale Broun (as "Carol Newquist") [final Broadway role], Barbara Cook (as "Patsy Newquist"), Elliott Gould (as "Alfred Chamberlain"), Phil Leeds (as "Lieut. Miles Practice"), Richard Schaal (as "Reverend Henry Dupas"), David Steinberg (as "Kenny Newquist"), Ruth White. Produced by Alexander H. Cohen. Associate Producer: Sidney Lanier. Note: Filmed as Little Murders (1971).
  • (1983) Stage Play: The Guys in the Truck. Comedy. Written by Howard Reifsnyder. Directed by David Black. New Apollo Theatre: 19 Jun 1983 (1 performance + 22 previews). Cast: Harris Laskawy, Lloyd Battista (as "Nick Caruso"), Geoffrey C. Ewing, James Gleason, Laurence Guardino, Gary Klar, Bobbi Jo Lathan, Mike Starr, Robert Trumbull. Note: Elliott Gould (as "Al Klein") was replaced before opening. Produced by James Conley. Associate Producer: Paul Levine.
  • 2001: Radio commercial - The Gordon Flesch Company (Milwaukee, WI).
  • (June 23, 1978) Guested on the daytime talk show "The Stanley Siegel Show" also appearing B.B. King.
  • (April 15, 1985) Guest on "Live on Five" promoting his series "E/R".
  • (April 18, 1985) Guest on "CBS Morning News".
  • (2011) Documentary called "Vladimir Komarov: The Soyuz Conspiracy." Narrated by Elliott Gould

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