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  • (1902) Stage: Appeared (Broadway debut; credited as Max Aronson) in "Life", produced on Broadway. Drama. Written by Anson Pond. Garden Theatre: 31 Mar 1902-Apr 1902 (closing date unknown/7 performances). Cast included: Sydney Booth, Minnie Dupree, Stanley Jessup, Kate Lester. Produced by Rich & Harris.
  • (1907) Stage: Co-produced (w/Lee Shubert, J.;J. Shubert) "The Auto Race" on Broadway. Musical/ballet [joint production with "The Battle of Port Arthur"]. Music composed / directed by Manuel Klein. Story / lyrics by Edward P. Temple. Dances arranged by Vincenzo Romeo. Arranged and directed by Edward P. Temple. Hippodrome Theatre: 25 Nov 1907-23 May 1908 (312 performances).
  • (1919) Stage: Produced "Just Around the Corner" on Broadway. Written by George V. Hobart and Herbert Hall Winslow. Longacre Theatre: 5 Feb 1919-Feb 1919 (closing date unknown/13 performances). Cast: Glenn Anders, Lorin Baker, Eugenie Blair, Roy Briant, Marie Bryar, Marie Cahill, Margaret Hoffman, Clara Mackin, George MacQuarrie, Lulu McGuire, Charles Morrison, Wallace Owen, Wilson Reynolds.
  • (1918) Stage: Produced (w/L. Lawrence Weber) "Nothing But Lies" on Broadway. Written by Aaron Hoffman. Longacre Theatre: 8 Oct 1918-Feb 1919 (closing date unknown/135 performances). Cast: Jane Blake, Malcolm Bradley, James Bryson, Gordon Burby, William Collier Sr., Harry Cowley, Florence Enright, Riley Hatch [credited as William Riley Hatch], Rapley Holmes, Frank Monroe, Clyde North, Robert Strange, Grant Stewart, Olive Wyndham.
  • (1917) Stage: Produced / directed (credited as G.M. Anderson; w/L. Lawrence Weber) "Yes or No" on Broadway. Written by Arthur Goodrich. 48th Street Theatre (moved to The Longacre Theatre from 21 Jan 1918 to close): 21 Dec 1917-Apr 1918 (closing date unknown/147 performances). Cast: John Adair [Broadway debut], Lois Bartlett, Byron Beasley, Halbert Brown, John A. Butler, Malcolm Duncan, Eva Francis, Robert Kelly, Willette Kershaw [final Broadway role], Margaret Lytle, Kalman Matus, Emilie Polini, William Read, Walter Regan, Frank Wilcox, Marjorie Wood. er.
  • (1917) Stage: Produced (w/L. Lawrence Weber) "The Very Idea" on Broadway. Written by William LeBaron. Astor Theatre: 9 Aug 1917-Aug 1917 (closing date unknown/15 performances). Cast: Mabel Allan, Richard Bennett, William Probert Carleton, Ruth Collins, Josephine Drake, Dorothy Mackaye, Florence Oakley, Purnell Pratt (as "George Green"), Ernest Truex (as "Gilbert Goodhue"). NOTE: Filmed as The Very Idea (1929).
  • (1917) Stage: Produced (w/'L. Lawrence Weber) "His Little Widows" on Broadway. Musical comedy. Music by William Schroeder. Book / lyrics by Rida Johnson Young and William Carey Duncan. Musical Director / Music Orchestrated by Silvio Hein. Additional music by Malvin M. Franklin. Additional lyrics by Thomas J. Gray. Choreographed by David Bennett. Directed by Frank Stammers. Astor Theatre: 30 Apr 1917-30 Jun 1917 (72 performances). Cast: Frank Aberwald (as "Ensemble"), James Brannon (as "Ensemble"), Hattie Burke (as "Murilla Lloyd"), Frances Cameron (as "Blanche Hale"), Wallace Camp (as "Officiating Elder"), Evelyn Cavanaugh (as "Dance Specialty"), Mae Clark (as "Ensemble"), Walter Coupe (as "Ensemble"), Dwight Dana (as "Hotel Manager"), Carter DeHaven (as "Pete Lloyd"), Harry Dempsey (as "Ensemble"), Richard Dore (as "Dance Specialty"), Bernard Druce (as "Ensemble"), Lillian Galer (as "Ensemble"), Carl Gordon (as "Ensemble"), Virginia Gunther (as "Ensemble"), Bernice Haley (as "Dahlia"), Grace Haley (as "Lily"), Lucille Haley (as "Tulip"), Mabel Haley (as "Rose"), Fifi Hansworth (as "Ensemble"), Helen Hastings (as "Ensemble"), Irene Held (as "Ensemble"), Robert Emmett Keane (as "Jack Grayson"), Frank Lalor (as "Abijah Smith"), Virginia Lillard (as "Ensemble"), Doris Lloyd (as "Ensemble"), May Manning (as "Ensemble"), Rena Manning (as "Ensemble"), James Nichols (as "Ensemble"), Flora Parker (as "Annabelle Lloyd"), Alma Pickard (as "Pansy"), Charles Prince (as "Harry Jolson"), Julia Ralph (as "Lucinda Lloyd"), John Robb (as "Sandy Barr"), Walter Rowley (as "Guard"), Wilfred Shepard (as "Ensemble"), Ivy Sherer (as "Ensemble"), Sol Solomon (as "Ensemble"), Louis Strangard (as "Ensemble"), Violet Strathmore (as "Mignonette"), Harry Tighe (as "Bif Hale"), Jeanne Voltaire (as "Ensemble"), Irma Von Nagy (as "Narcissus"), Frank Young (as "Guard"), Lucile Zintheo (as "Hyacinthe").
  • (1916) Stage: Appeared (credited as Max Aronson) in "The Big Show" on Broadway. Musical. Music by / Musical director: Raymond Hubbell. Book by / directed by R.H. Burnside. Lyrics by John Golden. Additional music by Frank Leighton, Bert Leighton, Max Darewski and Julius Einodshofer. Additional lyrics by Ren Shields and C.H. Bovill. Hippodrome Theatre: 31 Aug 1916-5 May 1917 (425 performances). Cast: Charles Ahearn, Mr. Bain, Jack Bart, Enzo Bozano, Paul Briant, Walter Briant, Mlle. Brunova, Mlle. Butzova, Miss Caine, James Carty, Addie Clark, Mlle. Collinet, J.P. Coombs, Marie Corty, Natalie Dagwell, Ellen Dallerup, Emil Davis, George Davis, Johnny Davis, Dippy Diers, Mlle. Doganova, M. Domislavski, Elm City Four, Stanley Ferguson, Hanny Frick, Rosa Gebauer, Miss Georges, Dixie Gerard, James Graham, Mlle. Grassova, Fred Gregory, Mlle. Griffova, Robert Gross, Bobbie Hale, George Hermann, M. Hubart, David Irwin, Miss Johnson, Mat Keefe, George Kerner, Emma Kiyo, Miss. Kollhofer, Peter Ladella, Tony Ladella, W.G. Ladella, Mlle. Leggierova, Bert Leighton, Frank Leighton, Mlle. Lindovskaja, Emanuel List, Mariette Lorette, Adelaide Lorrett, William Lorrimer, James Mack, Blanche Marci, Georges Marck, William Maxwell, Miss Meerest, Miss Melville, Una Merkel, Albert Metzetti, Charles Metzetti, Leon Metzetti, Otto Metzetti, Richard Talmadge (credited as Sylvester Metzetti), Happy Milke, Beverly Miller, John Miller, Phyllis Miller, Messr. Montes, Miss Moore, Miss Moran, Mlle. Moskvina, Miss Mullar, Mlle. Myersa, Walter Nelson, Howard Nichols, Millard Nichols, Norman Nichols, Miss Norman, Margaret ONeil, B.K. Okita, Mr. Oliveroff, Marion O'Neil, Haru Onuki, Miss Overlack, Mr. Parker, Joseph Parsons, Anna Pavlova, Stefa S. Plaskovietyka, Cathleen Pope, Mr. Poppelow, Frances Pritchard, J.R. Proctor, Gus Proppe, Charles Ravel, Bob Reano, William C. Reid, Robert Rosaire, Dave Rosen, Hilda Ruckerts, Eddie Russell, Frank Scalish, Barbara Schaefer, Katie Schmidt, Mlle. Shelton, Al Silverman, Mlle. Smallers, W.G. Stewart, Mlle. Stuart, Miss Sully, Fred Sweeney, Mlle. Tastova, Henry Taylor, The El Rey Sisters, The Four Singers, The Six Brown Brothers, Toto, John Tweedley, M. Vajinski, Mlle. Verins, Mr. Veseloff, Alexandere Volinine, Austin Walsh, Miss. Walters, Harry Wardell, Martha Weidemann, C. Weikusat, M. Weikusat, Miss. Welden, Gus Wicke, George Wilson, Billy Woolfe, Miss Worm, Miss Wruck, Letty Yorke, Yoshie and Nobu, Messr. Zalewski. Produced by Charles B. Dillingham.
  • (1919) Stage: Produced "I Love You" on Broadway. Written by William LeBaron. Booth Theatre (moved to The 48th Street Theatre from 2 Jun 1919-close): 28 Apr 1919-unknown (56 performances). Cast: Richard Dix, Gilbert Douglas, Doris Mitchell, Gypsy O'Brien, Diantha Pattison, Robert Strange, Ruth Terry, John Westley.
  • (1920) Stage: Produced / co-choreographed (final Broadway role) "Frivolities of 1920" on Broadway. Musical revue. Music by / lyrics by / musical staging by William B. Friedlander. Book by / directed by William Anthony McGuire. Additional music by Harry Auracher (also musical director) and Tom Johnstone. Featuring songs by Albert Gumble, Andrew B. Sterling, Henry Lewis, Dave Dreyer and Carl Eckert. Featuring songs with lyrics by Andrew B. Sterling, Henry Lewis, Jack Yellen and Dave Dreyer. Co-choreographed by Edward P. Bower and Allan K. Foster. James C. Huffman. 44th Street Theatre: 8 Jan 1920-28 Feb 1920 (61 performances). Cast: Florenz Ames, Dolly Best, Richard Bold, Miriam Breen, Billy Bryant, Thelma Carlton, Colin Chase, Margaret Clayton, Muriel Cort, Helen Crewe, Delle Darnell, Frank Davis, Irene Delroy, Merdedes Demordant, Doraldina, Evelyn Downing, Rae Fields, John Flynn, Bernice Frank, Fay Franklin, Agnes Frawley, Edward Gallagher, Alfred Girard, Will Goodawl, Marie Grenville, The Fat Lady Stripper, 'Merle Hartwell, Carol Haydon', Helen Jackson, Adele Kane, Mildred Kay, May Keefe, Irma King, Sara Kouns, Ruth Kraft, Alice Lawlor, Grace Lee, Henry Lewis, Doris Lloyd, May Lockwood, Josie McRae, Marie Messier, Moss & Fry, Helen Neary, Anita Nenci, Frances Ney, Tom Nip, Fletcher Norton, Charles O'Brien, Dorothy Parker, Emily Proctor, Peggy Purtell, Mabel Roberts, Joseph Rolley, Zelda Santley, Marie Stafford, The Barr Twins, Peggy Van, Jeanne Voltaire, Victorine Voltaire, Vesta Wallace, Vivian West, Alice Winters, Adelaide Winthrop, Betty Wright.

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