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Print Biographies (16)

Paul McCartney. Paintings. Bullard Press, 2000.
Hunter Davies. The Beatles. 1968.
Garry McGee. Band on the Run: A History of Paul McCartney and Wings. Austin, TX: Taylor Trade Publishing, 2003. ISBN 0878333045
Chet Flippo. Yesterday: The Unauthorized Biography of Paul McCartney. New York: Doubleday, 1988.
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Chris Salewicz. McCartney. New York: St. Martin's Press, 1986.
Paul McCartney: On Stage, Off Stage and Backstage. Chronicle Books, 2004.
Edward Gross. Paul McCartney: 20 Years On His Own. Pioneer Books, 1990.
Andru J. Reeve. Turn Me On, Dead Man: The Complete Story of the Paul McCartney Death Hoax. Ann Arbor, MI: Popular Culture Ink., 1994. ISBN 1560750359
Christopher Sandford. McCartney. London: Century, 2006. ISBN 1844136027
Sounes, Howard. Fab: An Intimate Life of Paul McCartney. Cambridge, MA: Da Capo Press, 2010. ISBN 0306817837
Peter Ames Carlin. Paul McCartney - A Life. London: JR Books Ltd, 2009. ISBN 1906779643
Tom Doyle. Man on the Run: Paul McCartney in the 1970s. New York: Ballantine Books, 2014. ISBN 080417914X
Philip Norman. Paul McCartney - The Biography. London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2016. ISBN 0297870750
Barry Miles. Paul McCartney: Many Years From Now. Secker & Warburg, Vintage, 1997-1998. ISBN 0805052496

Film Biographies (2)

Portrayals (9)

Interviews (25)

The New York Times (US) February 15 2013, by: Dave Itzkoff, "A Grammy-Winning Formula for Paul McCartney: Don't Show Up"
The Sunday Times (GB) December 14 2008, by: Maurice Chittenden, "I beat Lennon to the barricades"
The Sunday Times (GB) November 23 2008, by: Mark Edmonds, "Sir Paul McCartney confronts the ghosts of his past"
The Observer (GB) June 29 2008, by: Tim Lewis, "Paul McCartney: 'I'm a sport wimp and proud of it'"
The Times (GB) December 14 2007, "Paul McCartney's other break-up"
The New Yorker (US) June 4 2007, pg. 58-67, by: John Colapinto, "When I'm Sixty-four"
The Observer (GB) April 29 2007, by: Nigel Slater, "When the McCartneys came for lunch"
Mojo (GB) July 2006, Iss. 152, pg. 86 - 88, by: Danny Eccleston, "Am I A Beatles Fan Or What?!"
The Observer (GB) September 18 2005, by: Sean O'Hagan, "Macca beyond"
Independent (GB) December 2 2004, by: Editors, "Sir Paul McCartney: You Ask The Questions"
Uncut (GB) July 2004, Iss. 86, pg. 42 - 66, by: Jon Wilde, "Tomorrow Never Knows"
Le Monde (FR) June 25 2004, Iss. 18479, pg. 34, by: Bruno Lesprit, "Paul McCartney, l'éternel retour aux sources"
The Guardian (GB) June 11 2004, by: John Harris, "I'm still standing"
To allo vima (GR) March 23 2003, pg. 13, by: Sakis Dimitrakopoulos, "Pezi me ti doxa kai to hrima"
Q (GB) July 2002, Iss. 192, pg. 74-76, "Paul McCartney's tour diary"
Mojo (GB) March 2002, Iss. 100, pg. 52-53, "'Respect!': Paul McCartney - Hero: John Lennon"
TV Guide (US) May 5 2001, Vol. 49-18, Iss. 2510, pg. 16-18+20+22+24+55- 56, by: Lisa Bernhard and Sreven Reddicliffe, "Listen to What the Man Says"
Mojo (GB) October 2000, Iss. 83, pg. 76-79, by: Derek Taylor, "" I Want To Tell You.": Derek & Paul"
Guitar World (US) February 1997, Vol. 17, Iss. 2, pg. 28-42, by: Garbarini, Vic, ""The Long & Winding Road""
Rolling Stone (US) November 5 1987, Iss. 512, pg. 39-44, by: Anthony DeCurtis, "Paul McCartney"
Rolling Stone (US) September 11 1986, Iss. 482, pg. 46-48+100-103, by: Kurt Loder, "'The Rolling Stone Interview': Paul McCartney"
Playboy (US) December 1984, "Paul & Linda McCartney's Whole Story"
Creem (US) August 1978, pg. 50-53+76-77, by: Roy Carr, "Paul McCartney: Is this man guilty of power pop?"
Viva (US) January 1974, Vol. 1, Iss. 4, by: Fred Robbins, "Interview with Linda and Paul McCartney"
Melody Maker (GB) November 1971, by: Anonymous, "McCartney in Melody Maker"

Articles (69)

New York Post (US) June 16 2018, Vol. 217, Iss. 213, pg. 54, by: Michael Starr, "PAUL RIGHT: How Corden snared McCartney for 'Carpool Karaoke'"
The Sunday Times Magazine (GB) May 6 2017, pg. 14-18, by: Deborah Ross (words) Robert Wilson (portraits), "My Date With the McCartneys"
Tampa Bay Times (US) May 12 2015, pg. 1A+6A, by: Jay Cridlin, "Sir Paul? Let's rock! A Tampa event band gets an unusual request from a member of a graduation party. Yes, Paul McCartney, you can jam with us."
Sunday Independent Life (IE) November 10 2013, pg. 10-12, 14, by: Miranda Sawyer (words) Mary McCartney (portrait), "The Big Macca"
The Telegraph (GB) February 26 2013, "Paul McCartney: I wish I could spend more time with my mother"
AD Rotterdams Dagblad (NL) June 15 2012, by: Tom Tates, "AVRO viert 70 jaar Paul McCartney"
Asbury Park Press (US) December 9 2010, Vol. 131, Iss. 294, pg. A13, by: Jason Method, "Gov Apologizes to McCartney"
The Washington Post (US) December 5 2010, Vol. 133, Iss. 365, pg. E6, by: J. Freedom duLac, "The policeman stuck bullets in his ears"
The Observer Food Monthly (GB) July 2010, Iss. 110, pg. 64 - 65, by: Gareth Grundy (words) 'Mary McCartney' (qv) (photograph), "Frozen in Time"
Rolling Stone (US) May 20 2010, by: Kevin O'Donnell, "Paul McCartney Talks Wings Reissue, White House Gig in Chat"
The New York Times (US) November 17 2009, Vol. 159, Iss. 54,862, pg. C2, by: Larry Rohter, "A Gershwin Prize for McCartney"
The Washington Post (US) July 30 2009, Vol. 132, Iss. 237, pg. C1+C5, by: Paul Farhi, "Live and Let Live": SIR PAUL"
Asbury Park Press (US) July 19 2009, Vol. 131, Iss. 9, pg. A10, by: The Associated Press, "McCartney Plays First Concert Ever at Citi Field"
Telegraph Magazine (GB) June 27 2009, pg. 20 - 21 + 23 + 25 - 26, by: Tamsin Blanchard (text) Mary McCartney (photograph + cover), "Maccas On a Mission"
Newsday (US) January 26 2009, by: Joseph Mallia, "Paul McCartney's Girlfriend Free to Marry"
The Times (GB) December 19 2008, by: Pete Paphides, "Paul McCartney, the Fireman and the smokescreen"
Contra Costa Times (US) December 15 2008, by: The Associated Press, "Report: McCartney Says He's the Political Beatle"
The Western Mail (GB) December 15 2008, by: Darren Devine, "Welshman changed the Beatles, says McCartney"
Chicago Tribune (US) December 15 2008, by: Associated Press, "Paul McCartney Says He, Not John Lennon, Was the Revolutionary Beatle"
The Sunday Times (GB) December 14 2008, by: Maurice Chittenden, "Sir Paul McCartney: I was the anti-war Beatle"
The Sun (GB) November 28 2008, by: Simon Cosyns, "Paul McCartney: I love birds"
The New York Times (US) November 24 2008, Vol. 158, Iss. 54,504, pg. C1 & C4, by: Jon Pareles, "McCartney Communes With His Inner Hippie"
The Sunday Times (GB) November 23 2008, by: Mark Edmonds, "Sir Paul McCartney confronts the ghosts of his past"
The Sunday Times (GB) November 23 2008, by: Mark Edwards, "The Fireman: Electric Arguments - the Sunday Times review"
The New York Times (US) November 17 2008, Vol. 158, Iss. 54,497, pg. C2, by: Stephen McElroy, "These Guitars Are Not Gently Weeping"
The Independent (GB) September 27 2008, Iss. 6850, pg. 12 - 13, by: Donald Macintyre, "My Magical Mystery Tour"
The Orlando Sentinel (US) August 25 2008, by: Associated Press, "Ex-Beatle Paul McCartney to Perform in Tel Aviv 40 Years After Ban on Band"
The Daily Telegraph (GB) June 26 2008, by: Anonymous, "Sir Paul McCartney portrait"
The Times Magazine (GB) May 31 2008, pg. 24-29, by: Tony Turnbull (interview) Mary McCartney & Steven Fisher (photographs), "Come Together"
The New York Times (US) May 27 2008, Vol. 157, Iss. 54,323, pg. E2, by: Steven McElroy, "At Yale, Another Honorific for Sir Paul"
St. Paul Pioneer Press (US) May 27 2008, by: Associated Press, "Maybe He's Amazed: McCartney Honored"
Contra Costa Times (US) May 27 2008, by: The Associated Press, "Yale Gives Paul McCartney Honorary Degree"
The New York Times (US) April 26 2008, Vol. 157, Iss. 54,292, pg. B8, by: Peter Edidin, "McCartney to Play Kiev"
The New York Times (US) March 18 2008, Vol. 157, Iss. 54,253, pg. E2, by: Sarah Lyall, "McCartney-Mills Divorce Settlement"
Contra Costa Times (US) March 18 2008, by: Jill Lawless, "Heather Mills Awarded $48.6M from McCartney"
The Daily Telegraph (GB) March 15 2008, by: Andrew Pierce, "Paul McCartney 'Must Pay Heather Mills £25m'"
The Daily Telegraph (GB) March 12 2008, by: Nick Squires, "Paul McCartney Joins Kangaroo Cull Protest"
The Daily Telegraph (GB) February 26 2008, by: Nick Allen, "Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills Gagged"
The Daily Telegraph (GB) February 26 2008, by: Nick Allen, "Heather Mills 'Screens Paparazzi Video in Court'"
Associated Press (US) January 28 2008, by: Associated Press, "Israel: No Apology for Beatles Snub"
The Jerusalem Post (IL) January 28 2008, by: Jonny Paul, AP, "43 years after Fab Four ban Israel tells Beatles, 'We Can Work it Out'"
The Times (GB) January 2 2008, by: Veronica Schmidt, "Sir Paul McCartney underwent 'secret' heart surgery"
San Jose Mercury News (US) March 17 2007, by: Jill Lawless, "Heather Mills Awarded $48.6 Million from Paul McCartney in Divorce Settlement"
arte Magazin (DE) November 2006, Iss. 11, pg. 7-9, by: Christiane Rebmann, "Beatle für die Ewigkeit"
The Independent (GB) August 10 2006, by: Terry Kirby, "Celebrity divorce: Team Macca vs Team Mills"
Chicago Tribune (US) August 2 2006, by: Cristi Kempf, "McCartney A Latin Lover"
The New York Times (US) June 17 2006, by: Sam Roberts, "So Paul McCartney Is 64. Now What?"
AARP: The Magazine (US) May 2006, Vol. 49, Iss. 3C, pg. 42-45, by: Anthony DeCurtis, "You Say It's My Birthday?"
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (US) September 22 2005, Vol. 57, Iss. 265, pg. E7, by: Nick Marino, "McCartney's simple message comes packed in nostalgia"
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (US) September 20 2005, Vol. 57, Iss. 263, pg. E1+E5, by: Phil Kloer, "Will we still need him? McCartney and peers still rockin' for the ages"
The Sun-Herald (AU) February 7 2005, by: AFP, "McCartney hits back at slurs against wife"
The Daily Telegraph (GB) November 23 2004, Iss. 46486, pg. 13, by: Marcus Warren, "Super Bowl plays safe with Sir Paul"
The Daily Express (GB) November 1 2004, pg. 39, by: Kathryn Spencer, Julie Carpenter & Kate Bohdanowicz, "Future of Fab Four found on film"
The Daily Express (GB) March 24 2004, pg. 25, by: Tony Brooks, "New Mop Top snaps on show"
The New York Times (US) March 24 2004, Vol. 157, Iss. 54,259, pg. C4, by: Victoria Young, "Outburst in McCartney's Divorce, as Evoked by the Press"
The Washington Post (US) August 17 2002, Vol. 125, Iss. 255, pg. C1, by: David Segal, "Paul McCartney Bows Out of Kennedy Center Honors"
Mojo (GB) July 2002, Iss. 104, pg. 151, "More words of wisdom: Macca confirms 'nude' reissue."
People Weekly (US) April 22 2002, pg. 56-58, "Band on the Road"
The Washington Post (US) March 31 2002, pg. G01, by: Richard Harrington, "He Can Work It Out: Paul McCartney's Late Passage"
Story (HU) September 27 2001, Vol. 4, Iss. 39, pg. 34-35, "Anyja halála korán felnõtté tette"
People (US) August 13 2001, Vol. 56, Iss. 7, pg. 87, "Ticket To Bride"
New Zealand TV Guide (NZ) May 12 2001, pg. 16, by: Kate Craig, "McCartney tops rich list"
People Weekly (US) April 3 2000, Vol. 53, Iss. 13, pg. 106-112, by: Jill Smolowe, Pete Norman, Nina Biddle, Natasha Stoynoff, Sue Miller, "Starting Over"
Us (US) November 5 1984, Vol. 8, Iss. 23, pg. 16-19, by: Michael Cable, "Give my regards to cannabis, says Paul McCartneuy, explaining his multiple marijuana busts"
Oui (US) January 1977, Vol. 6, Iss. 1, pg. 150-151, by: n/a, "The McCartneys; love on an F-stop"
Penthouse (US) November 1972, Vol. 4, Iss. 3, pg. 56-59, by: Francie Schwartz, "He Loved Me, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah"
Life (US) November 7 1969, by: Dorothy Bacon, "The Case of the 'Missing' Beatle: Paul is Still With Us"
Mademoiselle Age Tendre (FR) August 1965, Iss. 10, pg. 34-35, by: Paul McCartney, ""Quatre filles pour les Beatles" : Paul aime Jane"
Mademoiselle Age Tendre (FR) May 1965, Iss. 7, pg. 85, "Des Anglais dans le vent"

Pictorials (4)

AD Rotterdams Dagblad (NL) June 15 2012, "AVRO viert 70 jaar Paul McCartney"
Spits (NL) January 14 2010
The Independent (GB) September 27 2008, Iss. 6850, pg. 12 - 13, "My Magical Mystery Tour"
Mademoiselle Age Tendre (FR) October 1965, Iss. 12, pg. 52-53, by: Danièle Abitan, "On les a rencontrés"

Magazine Covers (46)

The Big Issue Japan (JP) May 15 2018
The Sunday Times Magazine (GB) May 6 2017
Record Collectors (JP) September 15 2015
Monthly SkyPerfecTV! (JP) June 24 2015
Player (JP) April 2 2015
Telegraph magazine (GB) January 25 2014
Rockin' On (JP) December 2013
Strange Days (JP) December 2013
The Big Issue Japan (JP) November 1 2013
Billboard (BR) March 2012, Iss. 28
The Observer Food Monthly (GB) July 2010, Iss. 110
Rolling Stone (JP) November 2009, Vol. 25
Telegraph Magazine (GB) June 27 2009
The Times Magazine (GB) May 31 2008
Mojo (GB) March 2007, Iss. 160
arte Magazin (DE) November 2006, Iss. 11
AARP: The Magazine (US) May 2006, Vol. 49, Iss. 3C
The Big Issue Japan (JP) November 15 2005
TV Guide (US) August 14 2005, Vol. 53, Iss. 33
Uncut (GB) July 2004, Iss. 86
Reader's Digest (CA) August 2001
TV Guide (US) May 5 2001, Vol. 49-18, Iss. 2510
Uncut (GB) November 2000, Iss. 42
Mojo (GB) August 2000, Iss. 81
People Weekly (US) April 3 2000, Vol. 53, Iss. 13
Modern Maturity (US) April 2000
Veronica (NL) September 18 1993, Iss. 38
Rolling Stone (US) February 8 1990
Radio Times (GB) March 25 1989
Rolling Stone (US) September 11 1986, Iss. 482
Nieuwe Revu (NL) June 8 1984, Iss. 24
Rolling Stone (US) February 16 1984
Veronica (NL) May 12 1979, Iss. 19
Musik Express (XWG) November 1978
Story (NL) August 21 1976, Iss. 34
Rolling Stone (US) July 15 1976
Time (US) May 31 1976
Oor (NL) April 7 1976, Iss. 7
Music Life (JP) January 1976
Oor (NL) October 8 1975, Iss. 20
Music Life (JP) March 1975
Panorama (NL) August 30 1974, Iss. 35
Veronica (NL) January 20 1973, Iss. 3
Nieuwe Revu (NL) July 11 1970, Iss. 28
Life (US) November 7 1969
The International Times (GB) January 16 1967, Iss. 6

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