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Interviews (17)

San Francisco Chronicle (US) October 24 2009, pg. E1, by: Peter Hartlaub, "Melrose Hunk Got Serious About Acting and Got a Series"
New York Times (US) August 3 2008, pg. AR-20, by: Kathryn Shattrock, "Back to The 70's To Find Relief From The 90's"
TV Guide (US) June 30 2008, Vol. 56, Iss. 27, pg. 40, by: Mike Flaherty, "The SHow Must Go On"
USA Today (US) January 30 2007, pg. 1-d, by: William Keck, "Hollywood's Closet Still Closed Tight"
Chicago Tribune (US) January 19 2005, pg. 41, by: Miki Turner, "Show Time: Melrose Place Alum Makes A Comeback"
Houston Chronicle (US) August 17 2001, pg. H-3, by: Everett Evans, "Former Melrose Place Actor Enjoys Experience on Alley Stage"
News & Observer (US) January 25 2000, pg. E-1, by: Suzanne Brown, "Show Must Go On"
People (US) December 20 1999, pg. 77-78, by: Dan Jewel, Sharon Cotliar, "Showtime"
Winston-Salem Journal (US) May 31 1998, pg. D-2, by: Janice Gaston, "No Soap: Actor Is Ready For A Different Kind of Role"
Chicago Tribune (US) September 24 1996, pg. T-4, by: Bob Thomas, "Grant Show Tries Something New"
Long Beach Press Telegram (US) April 12 1996, by: John Wooland, "It's Show Time"
USA Today (US) February 13 1995, pg. 3-D, by: Jefferson Graham, "Grant Show: From Melrose to The Mob"
Chicago Tribune (US) September 9 1993, pg. T-15, by: Marla Hunt, "On Screen Chemistry: Grant Show Provides Maturity for Melrose Place"
The Times Picayune (US) March 28 1993, pg. T-50, by: Charles Masson, "HIV Melrose Episode A Show Case"
Sun Sentinel (US) August 23 1992, pg. T-4, by: Stephanie Dubois, "Everyone Notices Show's Move on TV"
Hartford Courant (US) August 9 1992, pg. G-1, by: James Endrst, "Melrose Place Actors Say Show Isn't Totally About Sex, Good Looks"
The Virginian Pilot (US) August 5 1992, pg. B-2, by: Larry Bonko, "Melrose Hunk A Modest One"

Articles (17)

TV Guide (US) September 21 2009, Vol. 57, Iss. 38, pg. 51, by: Damian Holbook, "Show And Tell"
Orlando Sentinel (US) March 30 2008, pg. H-8, by: Ruth Ryon, Los Angeles Times, "Melrose Place Star Show To Sell Home in Beverly Hills"
Boston Herald (US) January 18 2005, by: Amy Amatanjelo, "After A Hit Series, Show Must Go On"
Grand Rapids Press (US) January 23 2004, pg. c10, by: Ruth Butler, "Grant Show Gives Boost to 'Strong Medicine'"
TV Guide (US) June 14 2003, Vol. 51, Iss. 24, pg. 6, by: Robin Honig, "Whatever Happened To...Grant Show?"
Boston Herald (US) June 24 2000, by: Laura Raposa, "Grant Show's New Side in Nantucket"
Salut! Magazine (FR) July 1995, pg. 10-11, "Grant Show: Ne Me Comparez Pas a' Luke ou Jason!"
Who (AU) August 22 1994, pg. 76-77, by: Heather Keets, "Show Down at the Alamo"
Entertainment Weekly (US) May 20 1994, Iss. 223, pg. 12-20, by: Alan Carter, "Himbos: The Hard-Bodied Men of Melrose Place"
TV Week (US) February 2 1994, pg. 12-14, by: Jenny Cooney, "The Melrose Men"
Sun-Sentinel (US) July 7 1993, pg. 4-E, by: Stacy Jenel Smith, "Grant Show Heats Up Melrose Place on TV"
New York Times (US) July 26 1992, pg. Sec II p. 23, by: Betty Sharkey, "Up And Coming Gran Show: The Blue Collar Sex Symbol of Melrose Place"
Boston Herald (US) July 8 1992, by: Erik Knuttzen, "Next Hunk of the 90's Steps Into 'Place'"
TV Guide (CA) July 4 1992, Vol. 16, Iss. 809, pg. 8-11, by: Diane Bailey, "A Ready-Made Heartthrob Who Can Act"
TV Guide (US) June 6 1992, Vol. 40, Iss. 23, pg. 18-20, by: Deborah Starr Seibel, "It's Show Time"
USA Today (US) April 23 1992, pg. 1-D, by: Jefferson Graham, "Fox Fans A New Flame - Grant Show"
Soap Set (US) December 1986, Vol. 1, Iss. 4, pg. 49-50, "Grant Show is Singing a New Tune...I Love New York"

Pictorials (2)

Playboy (US) December 1992, Vol. 39, Iss. 12, pg. 164-169, by: Hollis Wayne, "Slicked Up On Melrose Place"
Entertainment Weekly (US) October 1992, Iss. 177, pg. 46, "Grant Show"

Magazine Covers (13)

Salut! (FR) July 1995
Entertainment Weekly (US) May 20 1994, Iss. 223
TV Week (AU) April 2 1994
Hitkrant (NL) October 2 1993, Iss. 39
Hitkrant (NL) April 3 1993, Iss. 13
Hitkrant (NL) January 30 1993, Iss. 4
Us Weekly (US) October 1992, Iss. 177
Entertainment Weekly (US) July 31 1992, Iss. 129
The New York Times Magazine (US) July 5 1992
TV Guide (CA) July 4 1992, Vol. 16, Iss. 809
TV Guide (US) June 6 1992, Vol. 40, Iss. 23
People Weekly (US) May 18 1992, Vol. 37, Iss. 19
Soap Set (US) December 1986, Vol. 1, Iss. 4

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