'Defiance': Everything You Need To Know

'Defiance': Everything You Need To Know
War is never pretty, especially if it involves an alien invasion.

After a far-off solar system is destroyed, several remaining extraterrestrial races, collectively known as Votans, venture to Earth seeking a fresh start. Unsympathetic to their plight, the planet's nations turn them away, sparking a devastating battle that leaves the globe and environment drastically changed forever. Thirty-four years later, the two sides have called a ceasefire and are trying to coexist in this hostile new frontier. That's the premise behind the ambitious sci-fi drama "Defiance" (premiering April 15 on Showcase and SyFy).

The series finds anti-hero Joshua Nolan (Grant Bowler, "Ugly Betty"), a reluctant lawkeeper, attempting to keep the peace in the small town of Defiance, where cultures clash and internal, as well as external, conflicts jeopardize their existence. To make matters worse, a tremendous amount of technology has been lost. There's still functioning electricity, but no satellites, internet or air travel.
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