Film Review: ‘Budapest Noir’

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Film Review: ‘Budapest Noir’
Some period films come across as homages to classics of the past, while others play perilously on the edge of imitation. “Budapest Noir” definitely falls in the latter category, channeling any number of noir films, including “Chinatown,” with the usual stock figures: hard-boiled investigative reporter, femme fatale, corrupt officials, sleazy underbelly, and an urban landscape used as if it’s one of the main characters. It’s a tried-and-true formula, but to make it work there needs to be more than an ounce of originality, which editor-turned-director Éva Gárdos (“An American Rhapsody”) has a hard time locating in either András Szekér’s script or her own direction. Instead, the movie feels like the pilot for a period detective series, which might not be far from the truth since Vilmos Kondor’s novel launched fictional newshound Zsigmond Gordon as a recurring character.

As a fairly anodyne mystery, the film can be
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Strangled review – brutal, murderous story of postwar Hungary

Director Árpád Sopsits finds a queasy political dimension to the Martfü murders in 1957, for which the wrong man was jailed

Here is a bleak, brutal, dispiriting serial killer drama, based on a real-life case from postwar Hungary: the Martfü murders, in which the film finds a queasy political dimension. In 1957, in the provincial town of Martfü in eastern Hungary, a young woman is found brutally killed. Her boyfriend confesses to the crime, but after he has been in prison for some years, more women are murdered and it appears the real culprit is still at large, and the convicted man may have had his confession beaten out of him, or confessed due to a complex, deep-seated guilt about something other than the crime itself.

Gábor Jászberényi is Réti, the innocent man; Zsolt Anger is Bóta, the anguished cop who got it wrong and Péter Bárnai is Szirmai, the fierce new
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