Tom Brokaw Apologizes Following Offensive Remarks on Hispanics

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Tom Brokaw Apologizes Following Offensive Remarks on Hispanics
Tom Brokaw is offering a half-ass apology for going on national TV and expressing some pretty xenophobic thoughts on the Hispanic community. The iconic news anchor was on "Meet the Press" Sunday with a group of panelists, who were discussing what it would take to unite the country at this point. The convo weirdly went from the U.S. standing up to Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro to Brokaw offering his take on how the Gop
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Fox Business Host Slams Jim Carrey and Sean Penn: ‘Being Cool Is Like Heroin for Some of Those People’

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Fox Business host Lisa Kennedy Montgomery are taking Hollywood celebrities to task for promoting socialism. In a monologue Thursday, Kennedy said that stars like Sean Penn and Jim Carrey embracing left-wing politics was comparable to drug addiction.

“Everyone wants to be liked. It’s a basic human impulse for some of you and that explains the turn-on-a-dime hypocrisy from people Jim Carrey and Sean Penn,” said Kennedy.

“Being cool is like heroin for some of those people and once you get high you spend the rest of your life chasing that fleeting feeling. And what’s cooler than pretending you hate money and giving away someone else’s stuff under the guise of fairness?”

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Kennedy, a former MTV VJ who now hosts her own program on Fox Business, also took out her knives for Bill Maher
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Bill Maher Says He’s ‘Hoping for’ a Recession to ‘Get Rid of Trump’

Bill Maher Says He’s ‘Hoping for’ a Recession to ‘Get Rid of Trump’
Bill Maher is willing to go to just about any lengths to rid the U.S. of President Donald Trump — including economic collapse.

“I feel like the bottom has to fall out at some point. And by the way, I’m hoping for it,” Maher said on the Friday edition of HBO’s “Real Time.”

“Because I think one you get rid of Trump is a crashing economy. So please, bring on the recession,” he said. “Sorry if that hurts people, but it’s either root for a recession or you lose your democracy.”

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The HBO host and longtime critic of Trump made his remarks after noting, “This economy is going pretty well.”

Maher’s guest and political analyst Shermichael Singleton acknowledged, “It is going well — for now.”

Another Maher guest,
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Emmys Hated Donald Trump, Loved 'Jeb!'

Emmys Hated Donald Trump, Loved 'Jeb!'
From Jimmy Kimmel's opening monologue to Julia Louis-Dreyfus' acceptance speech, Trump jokes were all the rage at the 2016 Emmys on Sunday night. Kimmel, who served as host of the awards show, got the ball rolling by singling out The Apprentice producer Mark Burnett as the man who created the monster. "Many have asked, 'Who is to blame for Donald Trump, the Donald Trump phenomenon?' I'll tell you who, because he's sitting right there. Mark Burnett, the man who brought us Celebrity Apprentice. "Thanks to Mark Burnett, we don't have to watch reality shows anymore because we're living in one,
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Redline Entertainment Signs Foreign Sales Agreements for 3 Independent Films

Nexia Holdings, Inc.’s newly formed foreign sales distribution company named Redline Entertainment, Inc. (Redline) has secured foreign distribution rights on 3 independent films. Redline in conjunction with Highland Film Group (Hfg) now plans to pursue foreign distribution for the following films: Dr. Limptooth, Love and Mary, and Pirates of the Great Salt Lake.

Richard Surber, CEO of Nexia, commented,

“Redline is off to good start. Nexia’s newly formed subsidiary was only formed a few months ago and we have already secured certain rights to distribute 3 independent films, excluding The Kane Files. Redline has the potential to generate significant revenues by assisting small film makers in obtaining distribution for their films. I encourage everyone to check out some of the trailers that are available online by clicking on the links below. I am excited about the additional streams of potential revenue Redline may bring to the table in 2011.”

The unofficial
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Josie And John James: What Happened Next? to air on Five

Big Brother stars Josie Gibson and John James Parton have landed their own TV show.

Although the pair shot to fame on Channel 4, Channel Five will air the fly on the wall show next week and it will include footage of their fiery, up and down relationship.

Executive producer Brent Baker told the Daily Star: “Although the programme is more about Josie, John James’s story is an incredible one because he spent more time in the Big Brother House than he had previously spent in this country.”

Viewers will see the pair move into their love nest in Chelsea and watch as they row over their different decorative tastes.

John James hangs a giant poster of his football idol David Beckham but Josie is having none of it. After he leaves the room, she draws a large willy on it causing the Australian hunk to “hit the roof
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