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  • (1925 - 1953) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1925) Stage Play: One of the Family. Comedy.
  • (1927) Stage Play: Saturday's Children. Comedy. Written by Maxwell Anderson. Directed by Guthrie McClintic. Booth Theatre (moved to The Forrest Theatre from 9 Apr 1928- close): 26 Jan 1927- Apr 1928 (closng date unknown/328 performances). Cast: Richard Barbee (as "Willie Sands"), Humphrey Bogart (as "Rims O'Neil"), Beulah Bondi (as "Mrs. Gorlik"), Ruth Gordon (as "Bobby"), Ruth Hammond, Grace Roth Henderson, Lucia Moore, Frederick Perry (as "Mr. Halevy"), Roger Pryor, Anne Tonetti. Produced by The Actors Theatre.
  • (1927) Stage Play: Mariners. Drama. Written by Clemence Dane. Directed by Guthrie McClintic. Plymouth Theatre: 28 Mar 1927- Apr 1927 (closing date unknown/16 performances). Cast: Beulah Bondi (as "Miss Pym"), Gilbert Douglas (as "Sir James Fowler"), George Fitzgerald George Shepperley"), Ethel Griffies (as "Mrs. Bewley"), Evelyn Walsh Hall (as "Lady Sara Shepperley"), Emily Hammond (as "Violet Bewley"), Mary Kennedy (as "Joan Shepperley"), Geraldine Koerpel (as "Flo Sanders"), Pauline Lord (as "Lilly Cobb"), Thomas Wigney Percyval (as "Dr. Ludlow Bell"), Hugh Sinclair, Arthur Wontner (as "Reverend Benjamin Cobb"), Haidee Wright (as "Miss Ann Shepperley"). Produced by The Actors Theatre.
  • (1928) Stage Play: Cock Robin. Comedy/drama. Written by Philip Barry and Elmer Rice. Directed by Guthrie McClintic. 48th Street Theatre: 12 Jan 1928- Apr 1928 (closing date unknown/100 performances). Cast: Beulah Bondi (as "Maria Scott"), Edward Ellis (as "George McAuliffe"), Howard Freeman (as "Clarke Torrance"), Beatrice Herford (as "Alice Montgomery"), Moffat Johnston (as "Julian Cleveland"), Desmond Kelley (as "Helen Maxwell"), Muriel Kirkland (as "Carlotta Maxwell"), Wright Kramer (as "Dr. Edgar Grace"), Jo Milward (as "Henry Briggs"), Henry D. Southard (as "Hancock Robinson"), Richard Stevenson (as "Richard Lane"), James Toff (as "John Jessup"). Produced by Guthrie McClintic.
  • (1929) Stage Play: Street Scene. Written by Elmer Rice. Scenic Design by Jo Mielziner. Directed by Elmer Rice. Playhouse Theatre: 10 Jan 1929- Jun 1930 (closing date unknown/601 performances). Cast: Astrid Allwyn (as "College Girl/Nursemaid"), Joseph Baird, Beulah Bondi (as "Emma Jones"), Samuel S. Bonnell (as "Ice Man/Interne/Passer-By"), Horace Braham (as "Samuel Kaplan"), Hilda Bruce, Leo Bulgakov (as "Abraham Kaplan"), John Cambridge, Joe Cogert, Josephine Coghlan, Jane Corcoran, Glenn Coulter, John Crump, Edward Downes, Mary Emerson, Otto Frederick, Frederica Going, Francis F. Golden, Elizabeth Goodyear, Millicent Green (as "Mae Jones"), Russell Griffin, Emily Hamill, George Humbert, Ellsworth Jones, John Kelly, Robert Kelly, Anna Kostant, Joseph Lee, Rose Lerner, Alexander Lewis, Herbert Lindholm, Robert Mack, T.H. Manning, Ed A. McHugh, Matt McHugh (as "Vincent Jones"), Carl C. Milter, Nelly Neil, Erin O'Brien-Moore, Anthony Pawley, Edward Pawley, John Qualen (as "Carl Olsen"), Ruth Randolph, Mary Servoss (as "Anna Moran"), Jean Sidney, Eileen Smith, Jean Sydney, Benn Trivers, Conway Washburne, Eleanor Wesselhoeft, Ralph Willard. Replacement actors: Bobby Jordan (as "Charlie Hildebrand") [Broadway debut], Sam Levene (as "Forrest") [from ? Jun 1930- ?]. Produced by William A. Brady, Ltd. Note: Filmed as Street Scene (1931).
  • (1930) Stage Play: Milestones. Comedy (revival).
  • (1932) Stage Play: Distant Drums. Drama. Written by Dan Totheroh. Directed by Guthrie McClintic. Belasco Theatre: 18 Jan 1932- Feb 1932 (closing date unknown/40 performances). Cast: Beulah Bondi (as "Mrs. Pike"), Mabel Colcord (as "Mrs. Shaw"), Richard Cubitt, Leo Curley, Edward Ellis (as "Quincey Briddleman"), Thomas B. Findlay, Eda Heinemann (as "Mrs. Sawyer"), Arthur Hohl (as "Harris Wolfhill"), James P. Houston, Charles Kuhn, William Lawson, Pauline Lord, Maurice McRae, Mary Michael, Kate Morgan, Edward Pawley, Edward Potter, John Ravold, Margherita Sargent. Produced by Guthrie McClintic.
  • (1932) Stage Play: The Late Christopher Bean. Comedy.
  • (1934) Stage Play: Mother Lode. Drama. Written by Dan Totheroh and George O'Neil. Directed by Melvyn Douglas. Cort Theatre: 22 Dec 1934- Dec 1934 (closing date unknown/9 performances). Cast: Ivan Arbuckle (as "Yank"), Frank Baer (as "Ensemble"), Dorothy Bayley (as "Ensemble"), Louise Beaudet (as "Mrs. Schiller"), Beulah Bondi (as "Mrs. Kate Hawkins "), Roland Bottomley (as "Lord Berkeley Beresfield"), Barbara Brown (as "Ensemble"), Orrin Burke (as "Irish Johnnie "), Dorothea Cadwallader (as "Ensemble"), Frank Camp (as "Thomas Carter"), Thomas Chalmers (as "Frank O'Malley"), Cynthia Dane (as "Ensemble"), Clifford Dempsey (as "Whiskey Truman, Later, Senator Truman"), Melvyn Douglas (as "Carey Ried "), Alice Dowd (as "Ensemble"), Willis Duncan (as "Ensemble"), Edythe Elliott (as "Mrs. Thomas Carter"), Gertrude Flynn (as "Julia Musette"), William Franklin (as "Cassius, A Sailor"), Helen Freeman (as "Madame Lorska") [final Broadway role], Helen Gahagan (as "Hannah Hawkins") Al Guin (as "Ensemble"), Carolyn Hun (as "Ensemble"), J. James (as "Ensemble"), Lida Kane(as "Mother O'Brien"), Robert Kellard (as "A Young Man/Slim"), George Lamar (as "Curley/Dick Condon"), Frank Lambert (as "Ensemble"), Lenore Lonergan (as "Clarissa Ried"), Lester Lonergan III (as "Little Breeches"), Booth Ried/A Man"), Jean Marwood (as "Ensemble"), Barbara O'Neil (as "A Woman"), Arvid Paulson (as "Sing"), Paul Porter (as "Ensemble"), Franklin Reber (as "Ensemble"), Mary Reilly (as "Ensemble"), Tex Ritter (as "Red Dog/Another Man"), C. Russell Sage (as "Speed Jake/Mike"), Robert Shayne (as "Horace Fields"), Einar Svalbe (as "Swede, A Lieutenant"), Valerie Tempest (as "Ensemble"), Robert Thorne (as "Pious Pete"), John Troughton (as "Brutus"), Rosalie Van der Stucken (as "Ensemble"), Lillian Walker (as "A Young Woman/Another Woman"), Kate Warriner (as "Evelyn"), Sam Worth (as "Ensemble"). Produced by George Bushar and John Tuerk.
  • (1950) Stage Play: Hilda Crane. Drama.
  • (1953) Stage Play: On Borrowed Time. Comedy (revival). Written by Paul Osborn. Based on the novel by Lawrence Edward Watkin. Directed by Marshall Jamison. 48th Street Theatre: 10 Feb 1953- 18 Apr 1953 (78 performances). Cast: Victor Moore (as "Julian Northrup/Gramps"), Beulah Bondi (as "Nellie/Granny") [final Broadway role], Leo G. Carroll (as "Mr. Brink"), Larry Barton (as "Sheriff"), Kay Hammond (as "Demetria Riffle"), Russell Hicks (as "Mr. Pilbeam"), Michael Jeffrey (as "Mr. Grimes"), Robert Kaline (as "Boy in Tree"), Melinda Markey (as "Marcia Giles"), Gerald Milton (as "Workman"), Thayer Roberts (as "Dr. Evans"), David John Stollery (as "Pud"). Produced by Richard W. Krakauer and Randolph Hale. Produced in association with William G. Costin Jr.

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