Beast: The Chronicles Of Parker (Coming Soon) – A Samuels/ Jefferson Film

Starring: Marco Johnson, David Luptak, Kimberly Bowden, Anthony Scanish, John Legrand

Directed by: Robert Samuels

Written & Produced by: Robert Jefferson

executive producers: Alan Goldberg, John Deblasio

Stunt and Fight Choreography by: Manny Ayala

R4 Films in association with Action Magazine

A Samuels/ Jefferson Film

Beast: The Chronicles Of Parker, is simply a 17 minute rollarcoaster of a ride. From the opening credits, we get some heart thumping music mixed with fantastic fight choreography until the last second. Beast centers around the character “Parker” (Marco Johnson) and “Osiris”, played by Kimberly Bowden.

They are searching for “Mr.David” (David Luptak), who may be holding a dangerous toxin and time is starting to run out. So Parker and Osiris track him and his fighers down and with help 15 minutes away, Parkour is in no mood to wait.

Marco Johnson is Parker


Agent Robert Parker is hot on the heels of a
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Italians Sing Nirvana, As Kurt Cobain Rock N’ Rolls Over In His Grave

Yesterday, we fell in love with Marco Mengoni, the winner of Italian X Factor last season, whose combination of Bruno looks and mediocre singing ability combined with his ambiguously hot sexuality is what Italian reality shows are made of. But a new season has begun! And who do you think they’ve gotten to replace the oh so delectable Marco? This. thing. named Nevruz. Here he is singing Nirvana‘s “Lithium.” Nirvana with an Italian accent is my new drug of choice. My other? Judge with a mustache, of course. ps Dear Italy, Please stop butchering American classics. Thanks to Kekkoz for bringing this to my attention.
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“X Factor: Italy” Winner Is Hot, Hilarious, And Terrible

America has been at a loss, picking up the pieces since it was announced a couple of months ago that Simon Cowell would not be returning to American Idol, but rather as a judge on another UK import called X Factor. X Factor is a show kind of like Idol, only with a lot more props and unattractive people. Anybody can make it on X Factor. The humbles. The poors. The unbreastimplanted. Susan Boyle. And the adorable and very crushable Matt Cardle. But what you may not have realized is that America is one of the last countries to get their very own X Factor. In fact, 27 countries have already beaten us to the punch. One of those countries being Italy, a land known mainly for their pasta and mustaches. Italy’s X Factor is the stuff that dreams are made of. Not only do the judges have really fun
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X Factor 2010: We Finally get to see Abbey and Lisa’s punch up (Video)

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Tonight we finally got the chance to watch the much anticipated X Factor punch up, that we have been waiting weeks to see.

Best friends Abbey and Lisa showed up in Birmingham to audition for Simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole, Louis Walsh and Natalie Imbruglia. But their shot at fame turned sour and just a few hours later, Lisa had a black eye and the pair were sworn enemies.

As they took to the stage, Lisa exclaimed:

“Oh my god it’s Louis. Oh my god it’s Cheryl. (To Louis) She (Abbey) was saying you were really fit earlier Louis. And I said he’s an old man, sorry! I said you could be the same age as my granddad.”

They were soon booed by the crowd and didn’t take the criticism well, in fact before they even began to sing, Abbey and Lisa had stormed off the stage.
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X Factor 2010: Abbey Johnston punched pal Lisa Parker on the face!

The X Factor got dangerous when pals Lisa Parker and Abbey Johnston took to the stage earlier this year.

The pair showed up to the Birmingham auditions and sang Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey and Shayne Ward’s That’s My Goal. Their renditions were so bad that Simon Cowell branded it “the worst audition in history”.

Before turning on each other, the duo went on to upset fellow judges Louis Walsh and Natalie Imbruglia. Lisa told Louis

“Abbey fancies you but you’re old enough to be my grandad.”

They then launched an attack on Australian popstar Natalie shouting:

“Who are you?”

When the panel refused to put them through to bootcamp, Abbey turned to Lisa and punched her square in the face.

“All of a sudden I felt ­something across my head,” Lisa told The Mirror.

“I just remember being hit and then having a headache. I
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Strictly Come Dancing 2010: Claudia Winkleman to fron Sunday night results show

Claudia Winkleman has been lined up to present this year’s Strictly Come Dancing results show, after Bruce Forsythe said the extra appearance tires him too much.

Claudia already fronts the show’s spin off ‘It Takes Two’ and will now join Tess Daly on BBC One, to record the weekly results show straight after the main show airs.

Bruce told BBC bosses that he would be unable to front both installments, as he then ends up so tired that he spends his entire Sunday in bed.

An insider told The Sun: “Claudia is the perfect choice as she already has a history with Strictly.

“It will be all about girl power with Tess at the helm as well.”

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