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  • (1905) Stage: Musical director for "Tom, Dick and Harry" on Broadway (only Broadway credit). Musical comedy. Book lyrics by Aaron Hoffman and Harry Williams. Music by Egbert Van Alstyne. Featuring songs by Max S. Witte. Featuring songs with lyrics by George Broadhurst. Musical numbers staged by Gertrude Hoffman. Directed by A.H. Woods (also producer) and Will N. Drew. American Theatre (moved to Haverly's 14th Street Theatre from 20 Nov 1905-25 Nov 1905, then moved to The West End Theatre from 27 Nov 1905-2 Dec 1905, then moved to The American Theatre from 15 Jan 1906-close): 25 Sep 1905-20 Jan 1906 (33 performances). Cast: George L. Bickel (as "Tom, Late Flipper Brothers Circus"), Harry Bond (as "Col. Bluff, commander U.S.A."), Jeannette LaBeau (as "Senorita Richarado, Spanish Spy"), Dorothy LaMar (as "Mrs. Ella Noyes, a widow"), Frank Thorndyke (as "Lt. Manley, second in command, U.S.A."), Harry Watson Jr. (as "Dick, Late Flipper Brothers Circus"), Ed Lee Wrothe (as "Harry, Late Flipper Brothers Circus"), Marion Armstrong (as "Showgirl"), Robert Athon (as "Don Garcia, President of the Port O'Domingo"), Miss Baldwin (as "Yearling"), Frank Bernard (as "The Great Mogul" / "Cadet and Turk"), George Blair (as "Cadet and Turk"), Miss. Brown (as "Yearling"), Mary Clayton (as "Showgirl"), Bessie Clifford (as "Lillian Bluff, Colonel's daughter"), Miss Dawn (as "Yearling"), Grace Falk (as "Yearling"), Miss Fitzgerald (as "Yearling"), Miss Frank (as "Yearling"), Mr. Grasser (as "Cadet and Turk"), B. Hawkins (as "Yearling"), Kitty Hawkins (as "Yearling"), V. Hawkins (as "Yearling"), Miss Hay (as "Showgirl"), John Henry (as "Malto, Spanish Spy disguised as musician"), Ida Hoppe (as "Showgirl"), Edna Hunter (as "Showgirl"), Miss Leigh (as "Yearling"), Miss Leroy (as "Showgirl"), James Lichter (as "Carson, a waiter/Cadet and Turk"), Regina McAvoy (as "Yearling"), Mr. McCarty (as "Cadet and Turk"), Frank McCue (as "I'm a Trailer"), Janet Melville (as "Yearling"), Tom O'Brien (as "Gallic, Spanish Spy disguised as musician"), M. Price (as "Cadet and Turk"), Clay Price (as "Reverse, Spanish Spy disguised as musician"), Charles Purdy (as "Cadet and Turk"), Miss Ranney (as "Yearling"), B. Raymond (as "Yearling"), Julia Raymond (as "Yearling"), Edna Richardson (as "Showgirl"), Miss Spaeth (as "Yearling"), Bebe Stanley (as "Showgirl"), Frank Stapleton (as "Congo, the President's servant"), Mr. Young (as "Cadet and Turk").

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