Kate Walsh, Joey King and Josh Close Added to Cast of FX's Fargo TV Series

Earlier this year, FX greenlit a TV miniseries based on the Coen Brothers’ 1996 acclaimed wintery crime thriller Fargo. The 10-episode series will be written by Noah Hawley (Bones, The Unusuals) and executive produced by the Coens themselves. In recent months names of attached actors have been trickling in, and today Deadline has reported that Kate Walsh, Joey King and John Close have all joined the cast....
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No 'Star Trek 2' For William Shatner, 'Hobbit' Gets 'Lost'

No 'Star Trek 2' For William Shatner, 'Hobbit' Gets 'Lost'
For those of you waiting with bated breath to see if William Shatner would make a cameo appearance in the upcoming "Star Trek 2," the former Capt. Kirk shot down those hopes over the weekend at a fan expo. Over and out.

Trek Movie was reporting from the Calgary Expo in Canada when a fan asked Shatner whether we would finally see him reprise the Kirk role in the upcoming "Star Trek" film. "I've become an acquaintance of J.J. [Abrams] of late," he answered, "but, I'm afraid no, no, I will not be in 'Star Trek 2'." But maybe if some sort of event triggers an alternate universe from our own, there might be a chance. (Hey, a girl can dream!)

After the jump, find out about which "Lost" star has joined "The Hobbit," who has joined Paul Thomas Anderson's "The Master," and what new film Channing Tatum is producing and starring in.
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Peter Mullan's Neds heads London film festival's most-awaited list

The Scottish virtuoso makes a welcome return after eight years but a remastered David Lean classic is stealing the spotlight

This year's London film festival saw the most keenly anticipated comeback in British cinema – perhaps only the next movie by Lynne Ramsay is as impatiently awaited. Peter Mullan is the Scottish film-maker and actor whose 1997 debut picture, Orphans, was a film of intestine-tangling emotional power. Following that, The Magdalene Sisters – about the institutionalised abuse in Ireland's notorious Magdalene laundries – was a tremendous triumph, winning the Golden Lion at the Venice film festival and confirming Mullan as a directorial heavyweight.

That was back in 2002. Since then, his admirers have been left wondering when his next film would arrive, with Mullan reportedly experienced some frustration getting backing for the films he wanted to make. In the meantime, he gave some great acting performances in works such as 2006's Children Of Men and the Red Riding TV trilogy,
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