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Sebastian Cordero, Arturo Yepez Set ‘Floresta’ as Touché Films Targets Premium TV (Exclusive)

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Sebastian Cordero, Arturo Yepez Set ‘Floresta’ as Touché Films Targets Premium TV (Exclusive)
Pamplona, Spain — Ecuador’s Sebastián Cordero, director of the Guillermo del Toro-produced “Rage” and acclaimed low budget sci-fi thriller “Europa Report,” is teaming with his longtime producer Arturo Yépez to make “Floresta,” a 10 half-hour dramedy which marks Cordero’s move into TV series.

Told in the tone of tragicomedy, and inspired loosely by the back story of lead actor Andrés Crespo, star of “Cordero’s “Pescador,” “Floresta” depicts the desperate attempt of Crespo, playing himself to a certain degree, to get back together with his family, both his new one with a foreign anthropologist girlfriend and an older one with his ex-wife and 20-year old daughter.

But he constantly messes up in a series which depicts the uphill battle of a man to assume the responsibilities of fatherhood in a new more gender equal world.

Cordero is currently writing the series with Ecuadorian writers and will most probably look
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85 countries will be competing for Best Foreign Language Feature nominations at the Oscars

Yesterday afternoon, the long list of countries submitting films for contention in Best Foreign Language Feature at the Oscars was revealed. With 85 movies in play, this is a record breaking group. Honestly, from what I could see, only three snubs seemed to be here, which was Belgium not choosing The Unknown Girl, Korea not choosing The Handmaiden, and Romania not choosing Graduation. Aside from those, all of the expected suspects are here for consideration. That gives us the first bit of information in trying to narrow down what will be nominated. My predictions will have to be updated (look for that either at the end of this week or next week), but that will be taken care of. For now, we just know the players. What you’ll see below are more contenders than ever before. Among the higher profile titles are Canada’s It’s Only the End of the World from Xavier Dolan,
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Desierto, The Salesman, Under the Shadow Among The 85 Films Vying For The Foreign Language Oscar

Eighty-five countries have submitted films for consideration in the Foreign Language Film category for the 89th Academy Awards. Yemen is a first-time entrant.

The 2016 submissions are:

Albania, “Chromium,” Bujar Alimani, director;

Algeria, “The Well,” Lotfi Bouchouchi, director;

Argentina, “The Distinguished Citizen,” Mariano Cohn, Gastón Duprat, directors;

Australia, “Tanna,” Bentley Dean, Martin Butler, directors;

Austria, “Stefan Zweig: Farewell to Europe,” Maria Schrader, director;

Bangladesh, “link=tt5510934 auto]The Unnamed[/link],” Tauquir Ahmed, director;

Belgium, “The Ardennes,” Robin Pront, director;

Bolivia, “Sealed Cargo,” Julia Vargas Weise, director;

Bosnia and Herzegovina, “Death in Sarajevo,” Danis Tanovic, director;

Brazil, “Little Secret,” David Schurmann, director;

Bulgaria, “Losers,” Ivaylo Hristov, director;

Cambodia, “Before the Fall,” Ian White, director;

Canada, “It’s Only the End of the World,” Xavier Dolan, director;

Chile, “Neruda,” Pablo Larraín, director;

China, “Xuan Zang,” Huo Jianqi, director;

Colombia, “Alias Maria,” José Luis Rugeles, director;

Costa Rica, “About Us,” Hernán Jiménez, director;

Croatia, “On the Other Side,
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85 in foreign language Oscar race

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Eighty-five countries have submitted a film for consideration in the 60th anniversary year of the foreign language film category.

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Science said on Tuesday that this season also marks the first time Yemen has submitted a film, Khadija Al-Salami’s I Am Nojoom, Age 10 And Divorced.

The 89th Oscars will take place on February 26, 2017, at the Dolby Theatre at Hollywood & Highland Center in Hollywood. László Nemes’ Hungarian entry Son Of Saul won the award last February.

Foreign-language Academy Award Submissions

(Country, Title, director)

Albania, Chromium, dir Bujar Alimani;

Algeria, The Well, Lotfi Bouchouchi;

Argentina, The Distinguished Citizen, Mariano Cohn, Gastón Duprat;

Australia, Tanna, Bentley Dean, Martin Butler;

Austria, Stefan Zweig: Farewell To Europe, Maria Schrader;

Bangladesh, The Unnamed, Tauquir Ahmed;

Belgium, The Ardennes, Robin Pront;

Bolivia, Sealed Cargo, Julia Vargas Weise;

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Death In Sarajevo, Danis Tanovic;

Brazil, Little Secret, David Schurmann.

Bulgaria, Losers, [link
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10 Reasons to Celebrate the Rise of Ecuadorian Cinema

Read More: 5 Must-See Latin American Films When Ecuadorian filmmaker Diego Araujo was growing up in the eighties and nineties, his country would produce around one good movie a year. More recently, however, that figure has risen to at least a dozen. This week's inaugural edition of the Ecuadorian Film Festival in New York (Effny) provides a window into that emerging renaissance. Ecuadorian cinema has been on the rise in the last decade and a half. This surge can perhaps be traced to the breakout hit, "Ratas, ratones, rateros," the 1999 directorial debut of Sebastián Cordero — the country's most famous filmmaker — and Edoc, the all-documentary film festival that just completed its 14th edition in May. When it started in 2002, Edoc screened only four Ecuadorian films; the 2015 edition contained 13, along with a record attendance of 15,730 guests in Quito. The Effny opens with Dario Aguirre's touching documentary "César's...
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RioFest unveils Focus Mexico

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RioFest unveils Focus Mexico
Top brass at the festival, set to run from September 24-October 8, have announced the selections in Focus Mexico.

The films are as follows:

Focus Mexico

The Obscure Spring (Las Oscuras Primaveras)

Ernesto Contreras

Manuela Jankovic’s War (La Guerra De Manuela Jankovic)

Diana Cardozo


Christian Díaz Pardo


Marcelo Tobar

The Absent (Los Ausentes)

Nicolás Pereda


Gabriel Nuncio

We Are Mari Pepa (Somos Mari Pepa)

Samuel Kishi

The Well (Manto Acuífero)

Michael Rowe


Alonso Ruizpalacios


Sebastian del Amo

Los Angeles

Damian John Harper

The Amazing Catfish (Los Insólitos Peces Gato)

Claudia Sainte-Luce

The Empty Hours (Las Horas Muertas)

Aaron Fernandez.

Panorama section

Words With Gods (Palabras Con Dioses)

Guillermo Arriaga, Héctor Babenco, Warwick Thornton, Mira Nair, Hideo Nakata, Amos Gitai, Álex de la Iglesia, Emir Kusturica, Bahman Ghobadi

Short Plays

Daniel Gruener, Carlos Reygadas, Fernando Eimbcke, Felipe Gómez, Alejandro Valle, Karim Aïnouz, Marcelo Gomes, Pablo Fendrik, Pablo Stoll, [link
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LatinoBuzz: Fenix Iberoamerican Cinema Awards Are Announced by Cinema23

Recently during the 67th Edition of the Cannes Film Festival, Cinema23, an association created in 2012 to promote Latin American, Spanish and Portuguese film culture, announced the Fénix Film Awards (Premio Iberoamericano de Cine Fénix). This unique event will take place for the first time in Mexico City in October 2014.

The Mexican actor, director and producer Gael García Bernal (in absentia because of his duties on the jury for Cannes Competition), Portuguese director and actress Maria de Medeiros, Brazilian actress Alice Braga, Spanish actress Paz Vega and Mexican actress Ana de la Reguera, presented the Fénix Film Awards to the international media as one of the key strategies of Cinema23 to provide visibility and recognition of the cinema made in the region.

“There is great variety in our region´s cinema with different forms and languages that in many cases reflect part of who we are. However we are not always able to enjoy it in our own countries, much less worldwide. The activities carried out by Cinema23 aim to develop a closer engagement between the filmmakers and their audiences. It is extremely important to have more visibility in order to gain recognition for the diversity of cinema. This is the premise under which we organized the Fénix Film Awards, commented Ricardo Giraldo, Director of Cinema23.

Ana de la Reguera added: “We have great talent in the region, but it is barely known outside film festivals; it’s important to find another way to reach a broader audience and I believe the Fénix Film Awards is a great strategy and opportunity to achieve it.”

“It is very important for us to get together, allowing us to get closer to the work of our colleagues in order to discover, meet and recognize the voices that make us so different. A celebration like this one opens up a space for us to meet and get to know each other. More importantly it will set the basis for a more profound way for us to share our ideas, create, and cooperate”, added Alice Braga.

María de Medeiros also mentioned: “We are creating a film community that has not existed till now. A community that aims to be inclusive by integrating not only those who make films but also those who study, promote, teach, distribute and exhibit films; so that we all help, support and communicate with each another, allowing our work to be shared both within and outside the region.”

Paz Vega commented: “Collaboration provides an opportunity for creative exchange that strengthens and nourishes our film culture. This collaboration and integration allows our industries to grow without losing their identity and create better opportunities. In the end, difference is what unites us.”

For the past two years, Cinema23 has been shaping a diverse film community from the 22 countries of the region and those who work closely with the region’s filmmaking. The tasks of this community include movie promotion, study, reviews, festivals, distribution, exhibition and filmmaking. The editorial project Cinema23 Notebooks, the conferences during festivals and the student program Classroom Cinema are developed throughout the year, seeking a creative, cultural and knowledge exchange between the different film cultures. These strategies are complemented and strengthened for the general audience through the Fénix Film Awards.

The Fénix Film Awards granted by more than 350 film professionals from Mexico, Latin America, USA, Europe and Canada, will award 12 categories and 4 special recognitions.

It is worth noting that the members of Cinema23 all have an active role in the selection, nomination and voting process for the Fénix Film Awards. Members include:

Karim Ainouz, Elena Anaya, José Carlos Avellar, Héctor Babenco, Luiz Carlos Barreto, Alice Braga, Brigitte Broch, Demián Bichir, Eugenio Caballero, Javier Cámara, Sebastián Cordero, Enrique Chediak, Alfonso Cuarón, Jonás Cuarón, María de Medeiros, Guillermo del Toro, Amat Escalante, Dolores Fonzi, Gael García Bernal, Daniel Giménez Cacho, Iván Giroud, Alejandro González Iñárritu, Salma Hayek, Carlos F. Heredero, Dolores Heredia, Pablo Larraín, Juan de Dios Larraín, Sebastián Lelio, Fernando León de Aranoa, Mónica Lozano, Emmanuel Lubezki, Diego Luna, Fernando Meirelles, Daniela Michel, Luis Miñarro, Wagner Moura, Bertha Navarro, Luis Ospina, Fito Páez, Marisa Paredes, Rodrigo Plá, Alejandro Ramírez, Édgar Ramírez, José Luis Rebordinos, Ana de la Reguera, Carlos Reygadas, José María Riba, Erica Rivas, Catalina Sandino, Ilda Santiago, Rodrigo Santoro, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Albert Serra, Juan Carlos Tabío, Paz Vega, Maribel Verdú & Monika Wagenberg.

Other international members that participate in the various activities of the association include:

Cameron Bailey (Artistic Director Toronto International Film Festival), Frederic Boyer (Artistic Director Tribeca Film Festival), Klaus Eder (President Fipresci), Robert Koehler (Film Critic), Claudia Landsberger (Vice-President Eye Film Institute) and Sydney Levine (Indiewire Blog Sydneys Buzz).

The award ceremony will be held in October 2014 in Mexico City and will be broadcast live on E! Entertainment Television to over 200 million people worldwide with the support of Mexico City’s Government.

To view Cinema23’s promotional video, click on the following link:

To find out more about Cinema23 and the Fénix Film Awards please visit:

About Cinema23

Cinema23 is an association created in 2012 to promote, support and raise awareness for the Latin American, Spanish and Portuguese film culture. It is formed by a diverse group of people with outstanding career trajectories from the film community mainly from the 22 countries of the region and those who work closely with the region’s filmmaking: directors, producers, actors, screenwriters, cinematographers, editors, art directors, sound designers, music composers, costume designers, festival directors and programmers, critics, researchers, distributors and film exhibitors.

Cinema23 seeks a more participative community amongst it members and provides a forum for creative and cultural exchange and cooperation among filmmakers from the region. Its yearly strategies and projects aim to promote and safeguard contemporary Ibero-American film culture, reaching new audiences, sharing ideas and enhancing the visibility and fostering the work of those who make films in Ibero-America.

About the Premio iberoamericano de cine Fénix®, (Fénix Film Awards)

The Fénix Film Awards is the key strategy to further Cinema23’s aims. It celebrates and emphasizes the work of film professionals, provides international visibility and strengthens bonds from the region’s film industry besides captivating and reaching a broader audience.

The first Fénix Film Awards’ gala will award 12 categories and 4 special recognitions. It will be held in October 2014 in Mexico City and will be broadcasted live on E! Entertainment Television to over 200 million people worldwide with the support of Mexico City’s Government.
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Sick of the Oscars? Here are 9 Horror Alternatives

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Sick of the Oscars? Here are 9 Horror Alternatives
The Academy Award nominations have been announced and cinephiles are scrambling to catch up on the Best Picture honorees before the big ceremony. Not everyone is a fan of Oscar, though. Perhaps you are already sick of hearing about the Wolf of Wall Street controversy or Matthew McConaughey's weight loss. If you prefer something a little more scary, silly, and/or gory than what the Academy Awards has to offer, here are nine comparable alternatives for horror fans.

Instead of: Gravity

Watch: Europa Report (2013)

While Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity is arguably a horror movie itself (and a gorgeous one at that), it was not the only critically-acclaimed space-terror film of last year. Sebastián Cordero directed an international cast of actors in this tense sci-fi/horror about a space crew seeking alien life on Jupiter's moon.  Just when we were all sick of found footage, Europa Report proved there is still life in the subgenre.
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Blu-Ray Review: Europa Report

Genre: Horror | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Directors: Sebastián Cordero

Writer: Philip Gelatt (screenplay)

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Run Time: 90 minutes


When unmanned probes suggest that a hidden ocean could exist underneath Europa’s icy surface and may contain single-celled life, Europa Ventures, a privately funded space exploration company, sends six of the best astronauts from around the world to confirm the data and explore the revolutionary discovery. After a near-catastrophic technical failure that leads to loss of communication with Earth and the tragic death of a crew member, the surviving astronauts must overcome the psychological and physical toll of deep space travel, and survive a discovery on Europa more profound than they had ever imagined.

I’m always a little bit timid around space thrillers like Europa Report, because I find the idea of space and its lack of gravity and replenish-able sustenance thrilling (in a scary way) enough. When you take
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Giveaway: Win the Sci-Fi Thriller ‘Europa Report’ On Blu-ray

Arriving on Blu-ray/DVD this week is Sebastián Cordero‘s found-footage sci-fi thriller Europa Report and to celebrate, we’ve teamed with Magnet Releasing to give away one (1) Blu-ray copy. Featuring Christian Camargo, Embeth Davidtz and Sharlto Copley on a mission to find life on Jupiter’s moon Europa, see how to enter below and all entries must be received [...]
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'Gravity', Jr. = 'Europa Report'

Just saw Gravity (Warner Bros. Worldwide) in 3D at the Arclight Hollywood, having missed its Gala Premiere in Toronto where the line to see even the Press and Industry screening wound around corners on the street, up stairs and around the theater interior like a snake. So glad to have seen it in the comfort of my own favorite theater. (Though Laemmle on Santa Monica in West L.A. is beginning to feel like home again too.)

It occurred to me how similar Europa Report (Isa: Sierra Affinity, U.S. Magnolia) was, although Gravity was like a water ballet in space and Europa Report was all inside the space ship. And Gravity had A list American actors while Europa Report had A list international thespians. You can read my blog on Europa Report at LatinoBuzz: Europa Report 31 July 2013 12:30 Pm, Pdt | Sydney's Buzz on Indiewire or on IMDbPro under Europa Report/ News Releases.

You can read the earlier L.A. Times articles on Europa Report here: Comic-Con: Modest ‘Europa Report’ gets San Diego’s biggest stage published on July 19, 2013 and here: Review: 'Europa Report' gets good mileage from low-budget sci-fi by Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times Film Critic.

Europa Report has just been issued in the home entertainment markets today according to L.A. Times by Magnolia on DVD for $26.98 or Blu-ray for $29.98 after opening theatrically August 2, 2013 in Los Angeles at the Sundance Sunset in West Hollywood, D.C. at the E Street Cinema and New York at the Cinema Village followed by a national roll-out. See playdates here.

L.A. Times Capsule Review:

Another example of the innovative, intelligent sci-fi films that have become blessedly frequent in recent years, director Sebastián Cordero's half-mockumentary/ half-found-footage work reconstructs a doomed space mission using "news reports," "interviews" and "on-ship surveillance recordings." The result feels a little drier than the typical interstellar thriller, but "Europa Report" also achieves a rare verisimilitude with its documentary re-creations. Even though it features recognizable actors (including Sharlto Copley, Michael Nyqvist and Embeth Davidtz), it looks like a real mission, which only adds to the drama when things start to go very wrong. The DVD and Blu-ray add deleted scenes and a featurette about the film's special effects.

Gravity opened this weekend and grossed $55,785,112 at 3,575 locations. Opening weekend for The Europa Report was $22,243 in 3 theaters. It grossed $125,475 in 9.4 weeks.

Really of interest to me however, is the genealogy of the two films. Alfonso Cuaron and Sebastian Cordero are joined like George Clooney and Sandra Bullock on these two very similar films.

Sebastián, an Ecuadorian whose two films, the 2004 Cronicas was produced by Alfonso Cuarón, Guillermo del Toro, Isabel Dávalos, and Bertha Navarro, and Rabia, produced by Guillermo del Toro, have created their own exclusive cult fan clubs. The 2004 film Cronicas caused quite a stir among the acquisitions community and the cognoscenti of genre-art house films. It won the Sundance/ Nhk International Filmmakers Award in 2002, premiered in Cannes' Un Certain Regard, played Toronto, San Sebastian, Sundance and Rotterdam, sold worldwide and was picked up for U.S. by Chris Blackwell's Palm Pictures, thus confirming its cult status.

Rabia (Isa:Wild Bunch), a Spanish-Colombian coproduction premiered in 2009 at the Toronto Film Festival. His earlier film Ratas, Ratones, Rateros premiered in Venice in 1999, received over 12 international awards and played in more than 50 film festivals and Pescador, a Colombian-Ecuadorian coproduction won acting and directing awards at the Guadalajara Film Festival in 2012.

This was his first English language film in Hollywood. His cinematographer, Enrique Chediak, and production designer, Eugenio Caballero, have worked with him on three of his films. The production designer was excited to design a realistic space ship. Enrique liked the found footage idea which was still high tech, it did not have the degraded handheld effect you see in the current run of horror films. He liked the idea of working with limitations. He built a 360 degree set with eight cameras shooting continuously. It was very immersive. The cinematographer also liked the challenge.

The Production Designer, Eugenio Caballero, won the Academy Award for his work on Pan's Labyrinth. Enrique Chediak was named on Daily Variety's "10 Cinemagraphers to Watch" in 1999 and has not disappointed with his credits which include Danny Boyle's 127 Hours and was Cordero's cinematographer on Rabia.

As Guillermo del Toro and Alfonso Cuaron mentor Sebastian Cordero, he too is exploring the No. American terrain for movie making, though not at the major studio level. Cordero is creating a larger area, a newer terrain, combining Latin American talent with European talent with his own USC Film School mentality.

Gravity was a huge art film, combining a perspective on its side, upside down, spinning, slow motion on short stop-watched time lines, everything possible going wrong and survived by only one tough woman. So too in The Europa Report everything went wrong and only one woman survived. The Europa Report was the low budget version of Gravity, or Gravity, Jr. Both were told with a quietude and calmness that defies Hollywood High Tech Special Effects.
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Toronto After Dark Pre-Festival Spotlight: ‘Europa Report’

Europa Report

Written by Philip Gelatt

Directed by Sebastián Cordero

USA, 2013

The world’s collective attitude and passion towards deep space exploration has petered out in the last few decades, and nobody, it seems, is more peeved about this than the makers of Europa Report. With grandiose talk of profound discoveries and changing the context in which humanity perceives itself, the sci-fi found footage film clearly has a polemic in mind, but what it has to say, and how Europa Report says it, sometimes makes for a messy story.

The narrative itself centers around a group of six astronauts (Daniel Wu, Anamaria Marinca, Christian Camargo, Karolina Wydra, Sharlto Copley, and Michael Nyqvist) on board a mission to a moon in Jupiter’s orbit called Europa, hoping to find signs of life. Told through closed circuit cameras and personal camcorder footage found on the ship, which are interlaced with post-mission testimonials
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New projects hit San Sebastian

  • ScreenDaily
San Sebastian director details “personal obsession” to enhance industry days.

José Luis Rebordinos, director of the San Sebastián Film Festival, has revealed his “personal obsession” with establishing its industry strand a landmark event for the sector.

His statement of intent follows the launch of its industry days on Friday and marks the start of San Sebastian’s Films in Progress section. The strand will feature six unfinished Latin American films seeking finance that will be showcased to international players.

Also launching is the festival’s Co-Production Forum, where 16 projects are introduced to a wide range of producers, sales agents and distributors.

For the first time, both strands have been launched on the same day in a bid to give them a higher profile and an estimated 1,180 industry members have requested accreditation - a boost of more than 10% on 2012.

Bridge to South America

Both industry strands aim to provide a bridge between Europe and Latin America.

Films in Progress
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Soundtrack Review: Europa Report (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Music Composed and Produced by: Bear McCreary

Release Date: August 2, 2013

Formats: CD and Digital Download

Number of Discs: 1 (14 tracks, approx. 56 minutes)

Label: Sparks & Shadows


About the Composer:

Bear McCreary‘s unique combination of atypical instrumental background (he is a professional accordionist) with rigorous classical training prepared him to compose for disparate genres. By the age of 24, McCreary was launched into pop culture history with his groundbreaking score to Syfy’s hit series Battlestar Galactica, for which he composed “the most innovative music on TV today” (Variety). It “fits the action so perfectly, it’s almost devastating: a sci-fi score like no other” (NPR). declared Bear McCreary one of the Ten Best Science Fiction Composers of all time, listing him alongside legends John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith and Bernard Herrmann.

McCreary, who recently earned his second Emmy nomination for Da Vinci’s Demons, continues to write for the television show The Walking Dead.
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Discussing 'Europa Report' & Sci-Fi with Director Sebastián Cordero

"All these worlds are yours, except Europa. Attempt no landing there." There is a sci-fi film playing now that's one of the best in a long time. Similar to the upcoming Gravity, it's a film that might not even deserve the science fiction classification because it's much more science reality. The film is titled Europa Report, directed by Ecuadorian filmmaker Sebastián Cordero, and it involves a two-year long manned mission to Europa, Jupiter's sixth moon where many have theorized life might exist underneath miles of ice covering the surface. It's an excellent film that I've already seen multiple times and can't wait to watch again. Luckily, I was able to meet with Sebastián Cordero in person for a 17 minute chat about sci-fi and making this film. From a screenplay by Philip Gelatt, Europa Report features Christian Camargo, Anamaria Marinca, Michael Nyqvist, Daniel Wu, Karolina Wydra & Sharlto Copley as a six-man
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Match Factory strikes deals for Locarno films

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Match Factory strikes deals for Locarno films
Exclusive: The Match Factory has signed a raft of deals for Sam Garbarski’s Vijay And I and David Wnendt’s Wetlands ahead of their world premieres in Locarno.

Garbarski’s romantic comedy, starring Patricia Arquette, Moritz Bleibtreu and Danny Pudi, has been sold to the Cis and Baltic states (Project Manometr) and Taiwan (Encore Film), with negotiations currently underway for “a number of territories“, including Italy and Korea.

The world premiere of the Belgium-Luxembourg-Germany co-production is due to be held on Locarno’s Piazza Grande open-air venue on Thursday evening (Aug 8) after the presentation of a Pardo alla carriera to Italian actor-director Sergio Castellitto, who starred in Vijay And I co-producer Pandora Film’s Mostly Martha which premiered on the Piazza Grande in 2001.

In addition, sales have been finalised on Wnendt’s Wetlands to Switzerland (Filmcoopi), Austria (Filmladen) and for a pan-Scandinavian deal (Future Film), with further deals under negotiation.

The adaptation
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Spoiler Interview: Europa Report Director Sebastián Cordero (Part 2)

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Spoiler Interview: Europa Report Director Sebastián Cordero (Part 2)
Warning: This portion of the interview is All spoilers. Do not continue on if you have not seen “Europa Report!” Now that you’ve gotten loads of development and production details from part one of our interview with director Sebastián Cordero and have seen his film, “Europa Report,” it’s time to unveil the portion of our chat during which Cordero delves into the nitty gritty of putting together that big, bold ending. No use in offering up a synopsis of the film here because if you’ve made it this far, you better have seen it, so without further ado, check out what Cordero had to say about committing to the chosen [ Read More ]

The post Spoiler Interview: Europa Report Director Sebastián Cordero (Part 2) appeared first on
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Europa Report Movie Review

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Europa Report Movie Review
Title: Europa Report Directed By: Sebastián Cordero Starring: Michael Nyqvist, Sharlto Copley, Embeth Davidtz, Daniel Wu, Christian Camargo, Karolina Wydra, Anamaria MarincaEuropa Report” is a highly effective documentary-style piece that puts you in the heart of a deep space mission, letting you feel the thrill and then, ultimately, the utter terror. The film focuses on Europa Ventures’ privately funded mission to the Jupiter moon. The company recruits a team of six astronauts and tasks them with documenting the existence of single-celled life beneath Europa’s icy surface. All goes well during the lengthy deep space trek, but upon their arrival, a string of severe calamities puts the crew’s discoveries and [ Read More ]

The post Europa Report Movie Review appeared first on
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'Europa Report' Is the Best Sci-fi Movie of the Summer

The year 2013 has been a surprisingly bad one for intelligent science fiction, save for one stellar exception. Sure, it's been an alright year for action movies tinged with sci-fi. If all you want are people talking into ear pieces between explosions, Star Trek Into Darkness, After Earth, Iron Man 3, Pacific Rim and Elysium certainly get that job done. If you want some actual science in your science fiction, though, the only 2013 movie (so far; Gravity is still coming) that delivers is Europa Report. And oh how it does deliver. Directed by Sebastián Cordero written by Philip Gelatt, and featuring a standout cast including Sharlto CopleyMichael NyqvistChristian Camargo,Embeth Davidtz and Anamaria MarincaEuropa Report...

Read More
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Review: 'Europa Report' Starring Sharlto Copley

With the pressure to deliver on big time thrills and eye-popping CGI set pieces, multiplex sci-fi offerings frequently appear nearly brainless. While Sebastián Cordero’s “Europa Report” is far from flawless, this contained sci-fi thriller is shot through with a devotion to realism and a sense of wonder largely missing in films that overshadow it in terms of scale. Smartly utilizing found footage, here broadcast by a team of astronauts who have landed on Europa, one of the moons orbiting Jupiter, the film includes talking heads that hint ominously at the mission having gone wrong. Stemming from a discovery of water below the icy surface of the moon, the privately funded enterprise sees the team blast off to where no man has gone in hopes of uncovering basic forms of extraterrestrial life. However, when communications go out and strand the crew on a frozen rock with no earthly guidance, the
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