‘Mmm-Mmm Bad!’ Dem Congressman Uses Campbell’s Soup To Explain Gop’s Health Care Plan

Members of Congress are allowed the occasional rhetorical flourish in their floor speeches, but sometimes they tend to go just a little too far into the absurd. In an attempt to mock the Republicans holding yet another vote (so far they're up to 33) to repeal the Affordable Care Act, Democratic congressman Joe Crowley got on the floor of the House of Representatives today and basically said the Gop's health care alternative is Campbell's chicken noodle soup.
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How the Gop Can Take Anthony Weiner's Seat

People assume that New York City is uniformly Democratic. But as Michael Tomasky points out, Anthony Weiner's district is now in danger of tipping toward the Republicans.

Just as conventional wisdom was starting to conclude that the Democrats might have a serious chance of winning back the House in 2012, Nancy Pelosi gets hit with the Anthony Weiner revelations. She immediately called for an ethics investigation because she had to-she was staring at days of stories in which she'd be asked why she hadn't made such a demand (an experience she lived through with regard to Charlie Rangel). But Pelosi has another potential problem that no one has yet focused on: holding on to Weiner's district.

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That's right. Everyone hears "New York City congressional district" and thinks automatically that it has to be solidly Democratic. Most of them are.
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