Blu-Ray Reviews: ‘Sharpe’s Challenge,’ ‘Sharpe’s Peril’ Are Our Delight

Chicago – Sean Bean is an actor who naturally exudes menace. His dark squinting eyes always seem to be up to something, and surely assisted him in getting cast as the bad guy in a variety of blockbusters. While American moviegoers know him primarily for roles such as Jack Ryan’s adversary in “Patriot Games,” British audiences view Bean as their equivalent to a heroic Jack Ryan-type everyman, thanks to his portrayal of swashbuckling soldier Richard Sharpe.

Based on Bernard Cornwell’s series of historical fiction novels, the “Sharpe” film saga was originally broadcast in the mid-90s, consisting of no less than fourteen installments. Sharpe starts out as a British sergeant who receives a promotion after saving the life of the future Duke of Wellington. The books, and their subsequent television adaptations, chronicle Sharpe’s adventures in the Napoleonic Wars, climaxing at the Battle of Waterloo. Two more “Sharpe” films were shot a decade later,
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