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Movie Review – Lucky (2017)

Lucky, 2017

Directed by John Carroll Lynch.

Starring Harry Dean Stanton, David Lynch, James Darren, Tom Skerritt and Ed Begley Jr.


Lucky is elderly and lives alone. When he collapses at home, he realises he has to face up to his inevitable decline and accept it

Harry Dean Stanton’s penultimate film is also his swan song, one that’s released in the UK just a day short of the first anniversary of his death. The fact that he’s gone lingers like a delicate shadow over Lucky as we walk hand in hand with the elderly man of the title who takes a journey of self-discovery as he comes to terms with his own mortality.

He’s alone but, as he stresses, he’s not lonely. He’s never married, has no children – that he knows of – but admits he’s been in love during his life. He has friends,
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Lucky – Review

Harry Dean Stanton says farewell in the movie Lucky, which turned out to be the beloved actor’s last. Not much happens in Lucky and its slow, unhurried style may not appeal to everyone, but this movie has a big heart and a moving performance by Stanton that acts as a summary of his long and extraordinary career.

Lucky follows Lucky (Stanton) and his friends and neighbors who live in the dusty desert town of Cave Creek, Arizona. Lucky is 90 years old but fiercely independent, rejecting any idea of assisted living. The film follows his routines over a few days of his life. Lucky smokes, takes a sponge bath, gets dressed, listens to Spanish-language music, does yoga, and smokes some more. Lucky’s interactions with others consists of eating at a diner run by his friend Joe (Barry Shabaka Henley) where he does his crossword puzzles, and a daily stop at the local watering hole.
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Interview, Audio: John Carroll Lynch Directs an Elegy for Harry Dean Stanton in ‘Lucky’

Chicago – He is a familiar character actor, having a long career with roles in TV and film as diverse as “Fargo,” “The Drew Carey Show,” “Gran Torino,” “The Americans.” and the recent “Jackie” and “The Founder.” He is actor John Carroll Lynch, and he has made his directorial debut in the wonderfully essential “Lucky,” whose title character is portrayed by Harry Dean Stanton. The film is a perfect elegy for the actor, who passed away last month at the age of 91.

Lucky” was voted in as the Audience Choice favorite at the 5th annual Chicago Critics Film Festival in May of this year, and has a nationwide release on October 6th, 2017. It features Harry Dean as Lucky, a 90-year-old self described atheist who is seeking spiritual enlightenment through the fellow travelers in his small and dusty Arizona town. He’s outlived his contemporaries, and seeks to outdo and out smoke
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Destination Star Trek heading to Germany in 2018

It has been announced today that Destination Star Trek, Europe’s Official Convention for Star Trek fans, will return to Germany on 27th to 29th April 2018 at The Messe Westfallenhallen in Dortmund to celebrate over 50 years of the franchise.

Destination Star Trek is a fully immersive experience where fans can meet their heroes from the show, have photos with them and get autographs, listen to their amazing stories and even step foot on the Bridge of the star ship Enterprise itself.

Star Trek legend, William ‘Captain Kirk’ Shatner will be headlining the whole weekend, meeting fans, posing for photos and signing autographs. He will be joined by a reunion of many of the main cast from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, which celebrates its 25th Anniversary in 2018 – due to appear so far is Nana Visitor, Rene Auberjonois, Terry Farrell, Nicole De Boer, Max Grodenchik, Aron Eisenberg, Jeffrey Combs, Casey Biggs,
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Review: ‘Lucky’ is a Superb Punctuation Mark to a Remarkable Career

Having lost Harry Dean Stanton a mere two weeks ago, the wound still seems too fresh to speak of. Indeed, as I write this review, it’s a bit like sprinkling salt on the cut — nay, laceration. While the legendary man’s passing is more than heartbreaking, his final film, Lucky, stands as a glowing testament to his capabilities as an actor. Along with a towering performance in a career full of towering performances (no matter how small the part), the film feels fitting for the final work of Stanton, and one, I would imagine, he would feel is a superb punctuation mark to a remarkable career.

The plot is simple: a man faces his existence after having lived what can only be imagined as a full and eventful 90-year life. Stanton commands the film in a quiet way, something which most Hollywood actors can only dream of accomplishing during the length of their careers.
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'Lucky' Review: Harry Dean Stanton Gets the Goodbye He Deserves

'Lucky' Review: Harry Dean Stanton Gets the Goodbye He Deserves
What can you say about Harry Dean Stanton, who died at 91 on September 15th? That he was one of the best actors in the business? You've seen Repo Man – that's a given. The good news for Stanton enthusiasts, and we are legion, is that he's going out at the top of his game with a starring role in this melancholy indie. John Carroll Lynch, a character actor (Fargo, Zodiac) in the great Stanton tradition, makes his directing debut with this character study and his affection for his star fills every frame.
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Wamg Interview: Actor John Carroll Lynch – Director of Lucky

Actor John Carroll Lynch first caught the attention of moviegoers in 1996 when he played Frances McDormand’s husband in Fargo (“People don’t much use the three-cent stamp”). A native of Boulder, Colorado, Lynch spent the next decade popping up in supporting roles in a variety of films including Volcano, Face/Off, and Gothika. It was his chilling, scene-stealing turn in David Fincher’s Zodiac in 2007 that made moviegoers really take notice and when he went from being ‘that Norm Gunderson guy’ to ‘John Carroll Lynch, – dynamic character actor’. Lynch continued to impress in roles on the big screen in films like Gran Torino, Shutter Island, Jackie (where he played Lyndon Johnson), and The Founder, where he played one of the McDonald brothers. On the small screen he’s entertained audiences as John Wayne Gacy on American Horror Story and even had his own stand-alone episode of The Walking Dead.
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From Lollobrigida to Gidget: Romance and Heartache in Italy

Here's a brief look – to be expanded – at Turner Classic Movies' June 2017 European Vacation Movie Series this evening, June 23. Tonight's destination of choice is Italy. Starring Suzanne Pleshette and Troy Donahue as the opposite of Ugly Americans who find romance and heartbreak in the Italian capital, Delmer Daves' Rome Adventure (1962) was one of the key romantic movies of the 1960s. Angie Dickinson and Rossano Brazzi co-star. In all, Rome Adventure is the sort of movie that should please fans of Daves' Technicolor melodramas like A Summer Place, Parrish, and Susan Slade. Fans of his poetic Westerns – e.g., 3:10 to Yuma, The Hanging Tree – may (or may not) be disappointed with this particular Daves effort. As an aside, Rome Adventure was, for whatever reason, a sizable hit in … Brazil. Who knows, maybe that's why Rome Adventure co-star Brazzi would find himself playing a Brazilian – a macho, traditionalist coffee plantation owner,
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Film Acquisition Rundown: Kino Lorber Picks Up ‘Dawson City,’ Magnolia Buys ‘Lucky‘ and More

Film Acquisition Rundown: Kino Lorber Picks Up ‘Dawson City,’ Magnolia Buys ‘Lucky‘ and More
Keep up with the wild and wooly world of indie film acquisitions with our weekly Rundown of everything that’s been picked up around the globe. Check out last week’s Rundown here.

Kino Lorber has acquired the North American rights to Bill Morrison’s “Dawson City: Frozen Time,” about the true history of a collection of 533 reels of film (representing 372 titles) dating from the 1910s to 1920s, which were lost for over 50 years until being discovered buried in a sub-arctic swimming pool deep in the Yukon Territory. The film tells the unique history of a Canadian gold rush town and how cinema, capitalism and history intersect.

“Dawson City” had its world premiere at the 73rd Venice Film Festival and North American premiere at 2016 New York Film Festival. The film also played at the BFI/London Film Festival and the 2017 Rotterdam International Film Festival, and screened Thursday at the TCM
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Harry Dean Stanton, David Lynch Reteam for ‘Lucky’

Harry Dean Stanton, David Lynch Reteam for ‘Lucky’
Harry Dean Stanton and David Lynch are re-teaming at last, this time in front of the camera to co-star in actor-turned-director John Carroll Lynch‘s indie directorial debut, “Lucky.” The film, currently shooting in Los Angeles, also stars Ed Begley Jr., Ron Livingston, Tom Skerritt, Barry Shabaka Henley, Beth Grant, Yvonne Huff Lee, Hugo Armstrong, and James Darren. Logan Sparks and Drago Sumonja wrote the script specifically for Stanton, who plays a 90-year-old atheist living in an off-the-map desert town filled with quirky characters. Having out-lived and out-smoked all his contemporaries, the fiercely independent man finds himself at the precipice of life,
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Harry Dean Stanton and David Lynch Reteam For ‘Lucky’

After working together on The Straight Story, Inland Empire, Wild at Heart, and the undervalued Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (as well as Showtime’s 2017-bound continuation), Harry Dean Stanton and David Lynch are reteaming for a new project. However, they’ll both be in front of the camera this time.

They’ll be starring in Lucky, the directorial debut of John Carroll Lynch (Zodiac, The Invitation), which has already started production. Also featuring Ed Begley Jr., Ron Livingston, Tom Skerritt, Barry Shabaka Henley, Beth Grant, Yvonne Huff Lee, Hugo Armstrong, and James Darren, it follows Stanton as a 90-year-old atheist who embarks on a spiritual journey in his desert town.

“I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work with Harry Dean Stanton,” John Carroll Lynch tells Variety. “‘Lucky tells the story of the journey we are all on; coming to terms with the fragility of life and,
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Harry Dean Stanton To Topline John Carroll Lynch’s Indie ‘Lucky’

Harry Dean Stanton To Topline John Carroll Lynch’s Indie ‘Lucky’
Harry Dean Stanton has been set to topline Lucky, the indie pic from newbie Superlative Films that will mark the directing debut of John Carroll Lynch. Logan Sparks and Drago Sumonja penned the script with their longtime friend Stanton in mind. Ed Begley Jr, Ron Livingston, Tom Skerritt and David Lynch co-star alongside Barry Shabaka Henley, Beth Grant, Yvonne Huff Lee, Hugo Armstrong, and James Darren. Lucky centers on the spiritual journey of a 90-year-old atheist…
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Venus in Furs (1969) review

Reviewed by Kevin Scott, MoreHorror.com

Venus in Furs (1969)

Written by: Jess Franco, Malvin Wald, Milo G. Cuccia, Carlo Fadda, Bruno Leder.

Directed by Jess Franco

Cast: James Darren (Jimmy Logan), Maria Rohm (Wanda Reed), Klaus Kinski (Ahmed Kortobawi), Margaret Lee (Olga), Barbara McNair (Rita)

This may be the oldest film that I have reviewed thus far for More Horror. I had almost forgotten that in was in my Netflix roster, and through some celluloid serendipity, or more specifically, me forgetting about updating my snail mail DVD queue, Venus in Furs comes in the mail. There are two names attached to this surreal piece of erotic horror. Jess Franco which is quite expected, and then James Darren. What? I only remember him from the Shatner show “T.J. Hooker”, but I think my mom really liked him. She might have even considered him “dreamy”. I looked him up and sure enough,
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Gunman’s Walk, Land Raiders & A Man Called Sledge

Germany's Explosive Media company has a serious itch for American westerns, and they have a trio of new releases. One is a minor Hollywood classic with major graces, from the late 1950s. A second sees an American producer based in England filming in Italy with a rising international star, and for the third an established American star goes European  to stay in the game. The best thing for Yankee buyers? The discs are Region-free.

Gunman's Walk, Land Raiders, A Man Called Sledge Three Westerns from Explosive Media Blu-ray Separate Releases 1958-1970 / Color Starring Van Heflin, Tab Hunter; George Maharis, Telly Savalas; James Garner

Reviewed by Glenn Erickson

The majority of American studios now choose not to market their libraries for digital disc, and license them out instead. Collectors unwilling to settle for whatever's on Netflix or concerned about the permanence of Cloud Cinema, find themselves increasingly tempted by discs from Europe,
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'Star Trek' Cruise Sets Sail in 2017 with William Shatner

'Star Trek' Cruise Sets Sail in 2017 with William Shatner
You read that headline right! The very first official Star Trek Cruise is coming.The voyage will set sail on January 2017 and promises to be a completely immersive experience for everyone who has ever loved the television shows or films, or both. What is in store for 2,200 lucky fans? Star Trek: The Cruise will take over a private island in the Caribbean and rename it the coastal resort of Suraya Bay on the pleasure planet Risa. A specially-designed ship will feature places seen in Star Trek films and shows including a Quarks Bar, 602 Club and Ten Forward.

There will be performances from the stars of Star Trek, with William Shatner hosting an "Evening with William Shatner". Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis are collaborating on "Love Letters." That's not all! Denise Crosby is tap dancing, James Darren will lead a concert, and Robert Picardo will play Star Trek Family Feud.
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That Star Trek cruise you were dreaming of is actually genuinely happening

That Star Trek cruise you were dreaming of is actually genuinely happening
It's been fifty years since Gene Roddenberry's seminal science fiction series Star Trek first hit TV screens, so why not celebrate by joining William Shatner and company on a boat around the gulf of Mexico?

No, really.

Officially authorised under license by CBS Consumer Products, this 100% genuine holiday of a lifetime priced at $995 will see 2,200 die-hard Trekkies enjoy a variety of incredible on-board events, including:

William Shatner's "Evening with William Shatner."

Jonathan Frakes (Next Generation's Commander Riker) and Marina Sirtis (Counsellor Deanna Troi) collaborating on "Love Letters" (whatever that happens to be)

Denise Crosby (Next Generation's Security Chief Tasha Yar / Commander Sela) tap dancing

James Darren (Deep Space Nine's Vic Fontaine) leading a concert

Robert Picardo (Voyager's The Doctor) playing Star Trek Family Feud

John de Lancie (Q) hosting Q's Masquerade Ball

If you're planning on going, expect to see recreations of Quarks Bar, 602 Club and Ten Forward,
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Indie Spotlight

We’re back with another edition of the Indie Spotlight, highlighting recent independent horror news sent our way. Today’s feature includes the Blood Widow trailer and release details, Vengeance Fest lineup details, multiple trailers, and more:

Photos, Release Details, and Trailer for Blood Widow: “One of America’s foremost homes for horror, Midnight Releasing has picked up the highly anticipated fright-flick Blood Widow. The Jeremiah Buckhalt-directed slasher will be available on – among other outlets – Redbox on June 3rd, 2014.

A bloody, creepy cocktail that blends the wickedness of A Nightmare on Elm Street with the dark, macabre seasoning of Candyman, Blood Widow introduces us to horror’s next major slasher icon – and she’s not going away anytime soon!

Danielle Lilley, Brandon Kyle Peters, Christopher de Padua, Jose Miguel Vasquez, and Kelly Kilgore star in a Jeremiah Buckhalt film.

After buying a nice house in the country, Laurie and Hugh,
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Long Before Indie Blockbuster Billy Jack, Laughlin Had Trouble on the Set of Altman's First Feature Film

Tom Laughlin: ‘Billy Jack’ actor-filmmaker who died last week helped to revolutionize film distribution patterns in North America (photo: Tom Laughlin in ‘Billy Jack’) Tom Laughlin, best known for the Billy Jack movies he wrote, directed, and starred in opposite his wife Delores Taylor (since 1954), died of complications from pneumonia last Thursday, December 12, 2013, at Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center in Thousand Oaks, northwest of Los Angeles County. Tom Laughlin (born on August 10, 1931, in Minneapolis) was 82; in the last dozen years or so, he suffered from a number of ailments, including cancer and a series of strokes. Tom Laughlin movies: ‘The Delinquents’ and fighting with Robert Altman In the mid-’50s, after acting in college plays and in his own stock company while attending university in Wisconsin, Tom Laughlin began landing small roles on television, e.g., Climax!, Navy Log, The Millionaire. At that time, he was also cast
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Gregory Peck from ‘Duel in the Sun’ to ‘How the West Was Won’: TCM schedule (Pt) on August 15 (photo: Gregory Peck in ‘Duel in the Sun’) See previous post: “Gregory Peck Movies: Memorable Miscasting Tonight on Turner Classic Movies.” 3:00 Am Days Of Glory (1944). Director: Jacques Tourneur. Cast: Gregory Peck, Lowell Gilmore, Maria Palmer. Bw-86 mins. 4:30 Am Pork Chop Hill (1959). Director: Lewis Milestone. Cast: Gregory Peck, Harry Guardino, Rip Torn. Bw-98 mins. Letterbox Format. 6:15 Am The Valley Of Decision (1945). Director: Tay Garnett. Cast: Greer Garson, Gregory Peck, Donald Crisp. Bw-119 mins. 8:15 Am Spellbound (1945). Director: Alfred Hitchcock. Cast: Ingrid Bergman, Gregory Peck, Michael Chekhov, Leo G. Carroll, Rhonda Fleming, Bill Goodwin, Norman Lloyd, Steve Geray, John Emery, Donald Curtis, Art Baker, Wallace Ford, Regis Toomey, Paul Harvey, Jean Acker, Irving Bacon, Jacqueline deWit, Edward Fielding, Matt Moore, Addison Richards, Erskine Sanford, Constance Purdy. Bw-111 mins. 10:15 Am Designing Woman (1957). Director: Vincente Minnelli.
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Chance to Check Out Heston Directing Self in 'Man" Remake

Charlton Heston movies: ‘A Man for All Seasons’ remake, ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told’ (photo: Charlton Heston as Ben-Hur) (See previous post: “Charlton Heston: Moses Minus Staff Plus Chariot Equals Ben-Hur.”) I’ve yet to watch Irving Rapper’s melo Bad for Each Other (1954), co-starring the sultry Lizabeth Scott — always a good enough reason to check out any movie, regardless of plot or leading man. A major curiosity is the 1988 made-for-tv version of A Man for All Seasons, with Charlton Heston in the Oscar-winning Paul Scofield role (Sir Thomas More) and on Fred Zinnemann’s director’s chair. Vanessa Redgrave, who plays Thomas More’s wife in the TV movie (Wendy Hiller in the original) had a cameo as Anne Boleyn in the 1966 film. According to the IMDb, Robert Bolt, who wrote the Oscar-winning 1966 movie (and the original play), is credited for the 1988 version’s screenplay as well. Also of note,
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