Jason Reitman: 'Growing up sucks, doesn't it?'

The director of Juno and Up in the Air tells Catherine Shoard why his latest film, Young Adult, about an alcoholic, embittered ghostwriter, is far darker than his previous movies

Jason Reitman knows he needs to work on his drinking problem. Specifically: develop one. It's a long road ahead. He was an abstemious teen, an undebauched student. At 34, he's yet to try a gin and tonic – "two things I haven't been able to get my mouth around" – but thinks he maybe should. "I'm a total cliche – the compensating for growing up a rich kid in Beverly Hills, the compensating for being the son of a famous director [Ghostbusters' Ivan]. The one break is I don't have an alcohol or drug addiction. Then I would be the complete picture. And I think it's beautiful that we're all cliches, I really do."

He's been making progress. "Three years ago, I started drinking, and I
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