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  • (1908 - 1933) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1908) Stage Play: The Mimic World. Musical revue. Music by Ben M. Jerome and Seymour Furth. Book by Edgar Smith. Lyrics by Edward Madden and Addison Burkhardt. Featuring "Mary Carey" by Benjamin Hapgood Burt and John B. Lovitz. Music for "When Johnny Comes March Home (From College) Again" and "Rag Man, Music Man" by Louis A. Hirsch. Music for "My Lady Wine" by Carl Rehman. Orchestra under the direction of Oscar Radin. Scenic Design by H. Robert Law and Arthur Voegtlin. Costume Design by William H. Matthews, Mme. Freisinger and Mme. Ripley. Musical numbers conceived and executed by Ned Wayburn. Directed by James C. Huffman. Casino Theatre (moved to The Grand Opera House on 29 Sep 1908 to close): 9 Jul 1908- 3 Oct 1908 (100 performances). Cast: Roy Atwell (as "Lord Dundreary, a ghost from the humorous past"), Irene Bentley, William Bonelli, Vernon Castle (as "Mrs. Guilford, a society leader"), Harry Corson Clark, Lotta Faust, Seymour Felix (as "George Cohan, a pop-up clip-up"), Charles King, Walter Lawrence, Dave Lewis, George W. Monroe, Grace Tyson, Theresa Bercien, Doris Cameron, Gladys Claire, Sam Collins, Marjorie Cortland, Dorothy Davidson, Miss V. Earl, Etta Franklin, Lottie Franklin, Louis Franklin, Miss P. Franklin, Bert French (as "Henri Montmarty"), Elizabeth Gardner, Ada Gordon, Jack Gordon, Lillian Graham, Joe Hadley, Marian Hartman, Mazie King, Nellie King, Jack Laughlin, Hattie Lorraine, Frank Mayne (as "Richard Thief, a worthy gentleman"), Arthur McWaters, Gladys Moore (as "Salome/American Daisy"), William Moore, George C. Pierce, Miss H. Pillard, Grace Shannon, Charles Sharp, Sam Sidman, Bessie Stevens, Frank Thomas, Grace Van Studdiford, Bert Von Klein, Will West, Ellen Worth. Produced by Sam Shubert, Lee Shubert and Lew Fields.
  • (1923) Stage Play: Sun Showers. Musical comedy. Music by Harry Delf. Book by Harry Delf. Lyrics by Harry Delf. Musical Director: Fred T. Fleming. Choreographed by Seymour Felix and Larry Ceballos. Costume Design by Mabel Johnstone. Scenic Design by H. Robert Law and Vitolo-Pearson Studios. Directed by Frederick Stanhope. Astor Theatre: 5 Feb 1923- 17 Mar 1923 (48 performances). Cast: Frank Anderson (as "Francois"), Gerry Bachelor (as "Ensemble"), George Berlow (as "Gaston"), John Boswell (as "Pierre"), Betty Broughton (as "Ensemble"), Sylvia Carol (as "Ensemble"), Grace Cassidy (as "Ensemble"), Ina Cassidy (as "Ensemble"), Patsy Delaney (as "Specialty Dancer"), Harry Delf (as "Jerry Jackson"), Tom Dingle (as "Tommy Dugan/Specialty Dancer"), Bertha Donn (as "May Worthy"), May Rena Grady (as "Ensemble"), Claire Grenville (as "Mrs. Thompson"), Lee Houston (as "Louis"), Helen Jackson (as "Ensemble"), Jack Kennedy (as "Ralph White"), Allyn King (as "Alice Worthy"), Harriette Lee (as "Minnie Silver"), Beatrice O'Connor (as "Ensemble"), Tom O'Hare (as "Mike Rockwell"), Phyllis Reynolds (as "Ensemble"), William Schutt (as "John Black"), Douglas Stevenson (as "Bobby Brown"), Ethelyn Tillman (as "Ensemble"), Julia Warren (as "Ensemble"), Mack Wells (as "William Blue"), Gene West (as "Ensemble"), Eddie Winthrop (as "Joseph Green"). Produced by Lew Cantor.
  • (1928) Stage Play: Rosalie. Musical. Music by George Gershwin and Sigmund Romberg. Material by William Anthony McGuire and Guy Bolton. Lyrics by P.G. Wodehouse and Ira Gershwin. Vocal arrangements by Arthur Johnston. Music orchestrated by Emil Gerstenberger, William Daly, Maurice De Packh, Hans Spialek, Max Steiner and Hilding Andersson. Choreographed by Seymour Felix. Directed by William Anthony McGuire. New Amsterdam Theatre: 10 Jan 1928- 27 Oct 1928 (335 performances). Cast included: Joan Adaire, Bobbe Arnst, Frank Atwell, Jeanne Audree, Colette Ayers, Mabel Baade, Berkman Bauer, Jack Bauer, Elsie Behrens, Marion Benda, Joey Benton, Caryl Bergman, Claudia Dell, A.P. Kaye, David Labris, Frank Morgan, Marion Young. Produced by Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.
  • Hit the Deck (1927). Musical comedy.
  • Peggy-Ann (1926). Musical comedy.
  • Gay Paree [1926]
  • Hello, Lola (1926). Musical comedy. Music by William Kernell. Material by Dorothy Donnelly. From "Seventeen" by Booth Tarkington. Lyrics by Dorothy Donnelly. Musical Director: Charles Sieger. Based on the stage adaptation of "Seventeen" by Hugh Stanislaus Stange and Stannard Mears. Directed by Seymour Felix. Eltinge 42nd Street Theatre: (moved to Maxine Elliott's Theatre from 8 Feb 1926 to close): 12 Jan 1926- 20 Feb 1926 (47 performances). Cast: Avis Adair, Earl Atkinson, Edythe Baker, Sylvia Carol, Dorothy Casey, Kittye Casey, Lillian Clerke, Cullen Clewis, Elisha Cook Jr. (as "Joe Bullitt"), George Crouch, Don DeFrancis, Nanette Flack, Jay C. Flippen (as "Genesis"), Ben Franklin, Bert Gardner, Ben Hendricks, Richard Keene, Constance Lahleet, Nancy Lea, Frances Mildern, Albert Miller, Betty Noi, Dorothy Palmer, Virginia Ray, Diddie Read, Beatrice Reiss, Wyn Richmond, Howard Shea, Cora Stephens, Wally Stewart, Georgie Stone, Margaret Brooke Sullivan, Larry Vale, Katherine Vercelle, Louise Vercelle, Marjorie White, Harry Wood, Emma Wyche. Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • June Days (1925). Musical comedy. Music by J. Fred Coots. Book by Cyrus Wood. Lyrics by Clifford Grey Based on a comedy by Robert Milton and Alice Duer Miller. Musical Director: John L. McManus. Featuring songs by Alfred Goodman, Maurice Ruebens and Richard Rodgers. Featuring songs with lyrics by Lorenz Hart. Choreographed by Seymour Felix. Production Supervised by J.J. Shubert. Astor Theatre (moved to The Central Theatre (7 Sep 1925- close): 6 Aug 1925- 17 Oct 1925 (84 performances). Cast: Winifred Beck, Isabelle Brown, Adelaide Candee, Sylvia Carol, Willa De Brauw, Dorothy Deeder, George Dobbs, Bertha Donn (as "Sally Boyd"), Helen Doyle, Frances Ebert, Jay C. Flippen (as "Johnson"), Ethel Fuller, Claire Grenville, Shirley Gustin, Winifred Harris (as "Mrs. Rolles"), Elizabeth Hines, Maurice Holland, Millie James, Lee Kohlmar (as "Herman Van Zandt"), Joan Lyons, Aileen Meehan, Mabel Olsen, Jacqueline Paige, Bobbie Perkins, Ralph Reader (as "Butler"), Roy Royston, Bebe Stanton, Gladys Walton, Flora Watson, Beatrice Wendell, June Zimmerman. Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • Sky High (1925). Musical.
  • (1926) Stage Play: Big Boy. Musical comedy. Music by James F. Hanley and Joseph Meyer. Book by Harold Atteridge. Lyrics by Buddy G. DeSylva. Mr. Jolson's Orchestrations by Alfred Goodman. Music orchestrated by Emil Gerstenberger. Dances and Ensembles Arranged by Seymour Felix and Larry Ceballos. Directed by J.C. Huffman. Dialogue Directed by Alexander Leftwich. Winter Garden Theatre: 7 Jan 1925- 14 Mar 1925 (56 performances). Cast: Al Jolson (as "Gus"), George Andre(as "Dancer"), Marion Andre (as "Show Girls"), Wyn Ayres (as "Show Girls"), Edythe Baker (as "Phyllis Carter"), Hugh Banks (as "Joe Warren"), Franklyn Batie (as "Jim Redding/Tucker"), Frank Beaston (as "Jack Bedford"), Adolphe Beck (as "Men"), Peggy Bernier (as "Dancer"), May Birt (as "Show Girls"), Freddie Bond (as "Show Girls"), William Bonelli (as "Legrande"), Bobbie Brandeis (as "Men"), Colin Campbell (as "Steve Leslie"), Elsie Carroll (as "Dancer"), Nancy Carroll (as "Show Girls"), Terry Carroll (as "Show Girls"), Irving Carter (as "Danny/Men"), Al Clair (as "Men"), Lee Cutler (as "Dancer"), Jewel Dalores (as "Dancer"), Clifford Daly (as "Men"), Leo Donnelly (as "Doc Wilbur"), Helen Doyle (as "Dancer"), Minnie Dupree (as "Dancer"), William C. Elkins (as "Jubilee Singer"), Flo Evers (as "Show Girls"), Albert Ford (as "Men"), Ethel Fuller (as "Dancer"), Rose Gallagher (as "Show Girls"), George Gilday (as "Judkins"), Peggy Gillespie (as "Dancer"), Janice Glenn (as "Dancer"), Maude Turner Gordon (as "Mrs. Bedford"), Walter A. Gray (as "Jubilee Singer"), Mabel Grete (as "Dancer"), Patti Harrold (as "Annabelle Bedford"), Louise Hersey (as "Show Girls"), Alma Hookey (as "Dancer"), Wilbert B. Howard (as "Jubilee Singer"), George E. Jackson (as "Jubilee Singer"), Frankie James (as "Dolly Graham"), Naoe Kondo (as "Dancer"), Harry Lake (as "Men"), Lewis Laub (as "Men"), Flo Lewis (as "Tessie Forbes"), Madge Lorraine (as "Show Girls"), Walter Lowery (as "Men"), Dotty Mae (as "Dancer"), Charles Moran (as "Mr. Gray/Tout"), Dinky Ozmont (as "Dancer"), Arthur H. Payne (as "Jubilee Singer"), Mary Phillips (as "Show Girls"), Jack Ray (as "Men"), Ralph Reader (as "Men"), Thelma Robinson (as "Dancer"), Mose R. Ross (as "Jubilee Singer"), Dorothy Rudac (as "Dancer"), Ruth Savoy (as "Dancer"), Edith Scott (as "Caroline Purdy"), Arthur S. Shaw (as "Jubilee Singer"), L.C. Sherman (as "Manager"), Madeline Smith (as "Show Girls"), George Spelvin [actor who wished to remain anonymous] (as "Silent Ransom"), Rose Stone (as "Dancer"), Esther Tanney (as "Dancer"), Kelly Thompson (as "Jubilee Singer"), William L. Thorne (as "Bully John Bagby/Wainwright"), Helen Wallace (as "Dancer"), Walter Wandell (as "Men"), Dorothy Wegman (as "Show Girls"), Carl D. White (as "Jubilee Singer"), Minnie White (as "Dancer"), Ralph Whitehead (as "Coley Reid"), Casco Williams (as "Jubilee Singer"). Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • Artists and Models (1924). Musical revue.
  • (1924) Stage Play: The Passing Show of 1924. Musical revue. Music by Sigmund Romberg and Jean Schwartz. Book by Harold Atteridge. Lyrics by Harold Atteridge. Additional lyrics by Alex Gerber. Musical Director: Alfred Goodman. Choreographed by Max Scheck, Seymour Felix and Mr. Kotchetovski. Directed by J.C. Huffman. Winter Garden Theatre: 3 Sep 1924- 22 Nov 1924 (106 performances). Cast: Herbert Ashton, Virginia Banks, Barbette, Julia Barker, James Barton, Alice Blain, Adrienne Bono, Dorothy Bruce, Anna Buckley, Louise Carlworth, Dolly Casher, Helen Claire, Olga Cook [final Broadway role], Nancy Corrigan, Marian Davis, Jane Dobbin, Doris Downes, Helen Doyle, Ben Franklin, Harriet Gustin, The Harrington Sisters, George Hassell, Cathleen Healy, Dorothy Janice, Andy Jochim, Aime LaMar, Joan Crawford [credited as Lucille Le Sueur] (final Broadway role), Nathalie Lederer, Robert Lee, Rose Lee, Fern LeRoy, Marie LeViness, The Lockfords, Marcia Mack, Lulu McConnell, Alice McCormick, Harry McNaughton, Carol Miller, Gypsy Mooney, Dolly Moray, May Mulhearn, Helen Murray, Bonna O'Dear, Vi Patterson, Alice Perry, Edith Pierce, Allan Prior, Jack Rose, Mary Saxon, Mildred Schneider, Helen Seymore, Grant Simpson, William Simpson, Tania Smirnova, Madeline Smith, Doris Snibbe, Charlotte Sprague, Betty St. Clair, James Steiger, Kay Sutton, Esther Tanney, Tracy and Hay, The Trado Twins, Zena Trott, Jeanne Van Vliet, Rose Velour, Alice Whalen, Joyce White, Eleanor Willems, Gay Worrell. Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • Top-Hole (1924). Musical comedy. Music by Jay Gorney and Robert Braine. Book by Eugene Conrad and George Dill. Revised by Gladys Unger. Lyrics by Owen Murphy and Eugene Conrad. Musical Director: Hilding Andersson. Additional numbers by Harry Richman. Choreographed by David Bennett and Seymour Felix. Scenic Design by Rollo Wayne. Directed by William Caryl. Fulton Theatre (moved to The Knickerbocker Theatre from 10 Oct 1924- 2 Nov 1924, then moved to The Liberty Theatre from 3 Nov 1924- 29 Nov 1924, then moved to The New Colonial Theatre from 22 Nov 1924 to close): 1 Sep 1924- 3 Jan 1925 (120 performances). Cast: Charles Brown, Madeline Calkins, Lillian Carmody, Sylvia Carol, Teddy Dauer, Frieda Dixon, Lila Dixon, Ernest Glendinning (as "Robert Corcoran"), Mary Grace, Nellie Graham-Dent, Eva Marie Gray, Billy Kelly, Ann Milburn, Mildred Morgan, John Daly Murphy (as "Aloysious Blunt"), Mabel Olsen, John Park, Nina Penn, Brandon Peters, Earl Redding, Clare Stratton, Richard Temple, Walter Walker, Jean Watson, Leah Winslow, Betty Wright. Produced by William Caryl.
  • (1928) Stage Play: Whoopee! Musical comedy. Material adaption by William Anthony McGuire. Based on "The Nervous Wreck" by Owen Davis. Music by Walter Donaldson. Lyrics by Gus Kahn. Musical Director: Gustave Salzer. Dialogue directed by William Anthony McGuire. Dances and Ensembles Staged by Seymour Felix. Directed by Seymour Felix. New Amsterdam Theatre: 4 Dec 1928- 23 Nov 1929 (407 performances). Cast included: Eddie Cantor, Jean Ackerman, Josephine Adair, Sylvia Adam, Colette Ayers, Agnes Ayres, Mabel Baade, Peggy Bancroft, Elsie Behrens, Olive Brady, Ann Brown, Dorothy Brown, Sam Bunin, Katherine Burke, Spencer Charters, Chief Caupolican, Frank Colletti, Marie Conway, Mary Coyle, Myrna Darby, Ruth Downey, Betty Dumbris, Madeline Dunbar, Buddy Ebsen, Bill Erickson, Ruth Etting, Harold Ettos, Muriel Flood, Hazel Forbes, Bob Forte, Tamara Geva, Jack Gifford, Gladys Glad, Betty Gray, Muriel Gray, Paul Gregory, Edouard Grobe, Francis Guinan, Albert Hackett (as "Chester Underwood"), Vivian Hall, James P. Houston, Meredith Howard, Don Hudson, Tom Hughes, Yvonne Hughes, Elenor Hunt, George Huntington, Jack James, Mary Jane, Louise Joyce, Lillian Knight, David Labris, Wynne Lark, Helen Lehigh, Tom Leventhal, Jack Lewis, Olga Loft, Elaine Mann, Chas. Mayon, Freda Mierse, Frieda Mierse, Gwendolyn Milne, Joe Minitello, Louis Morrell, Catherine Moylan, Edward Nadeau, Pat O'Day, Agnes O'Laughlin, Lillian Ostrum, Connie Owens, Dorothy Paterson, Dorothy Patterson, Charles Pettinger, Will H. Philbrick, Valerie Raemier, Pauline Ray, Bob Rice, Rita Riecker, Marion Roberts, Waldo Roberts, Jerry Rogers, Irving Ross, Jack Rutherford, Jack Shaw, Ethel Shutta, Adele Smith, Frances Upton, Helen Walsh, Matt Webster, Bobbe Weeks, Bobbie Wellsley, Gil White. Produced by Florenz Ziegfeld Jr..
  • (1930) Stage Play: Simple Simon. Musical comedy. Music by Richard Rodgers. Material by Ed Wynn and Guy Bolton. Lyrics by Lorenz Hart. Choreographed by Seymour Felix. Directed by E.B. 'Zeke' Colvan. Ziegfeld Theatre: 18 Feb 1930- 14 Jun 1930 (135 performances). Cast: Will Ahern, Pirko Ahlquist, Bobbe Arnst, Mabel Baade, Elsie Behrens, Hugh Cameron (as "Otto Prince"), Ben Carswell, Marie Conwal, Mary Coyle, Frank DeWitt, Marion Dodge, Alan Edwards, Caja Eric, William J. Ferry, Hazel Forbes, Agnes Franey, Dolores Grant, Harriet Hoctor, Anthony Hughes, Mildred Ivory, Alfred P. James, Pete La Della, Doree Leslie, Neva Lynn, Elaine Mann, Virginia McNaughton, Frieda Mierse, Villi Milli, Lee Morse, Patsy O'Day, Master George Offerman, Dorothy Patterson, Lennox Pawle, Georgia Payne, Lois Peck, Gladys Pender, Clementine Rigeau, Blanche Satchell, Joseph Schrode, Douglas Stanbury, Paul Stanton, Helen Walsh (as "Jewel Pearce"), Gil White, Ed Wynn (as "Simon"). Produced by Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.
  • (1933) Stage Play: Strike Me Pink. Musical revue. Sketches by Lew Brown and Ray Henderson. Additional dialogue by Mack Gordon, Jack McGowan and Richard Jerome. Lyrics by Lew Brown. Music by Ray Henderson. Musical Director: Al Goodman. Music orchestrated by Edward Powell. Entire production supervised by Ray Henderson and Lew Brown. Sketches directed by Jack McGowan. Dances and ensembles staged by Seymour Felix. Majestic Theatre: 4 Mar 1933- 10 Jun 1933 (122 performances). Cast: Aber Twins, Mary Ann, Claiborne Arms, Roy Atwell, Gracie Barrie, Emmy Bock, Helane Brown, James Brown, Norma Butler, Barbara Caswell, Mary Chappelle, Hal Clyne, Frank Conlon, Wilma Cox, Dorothy Dare (as "Son's Wife"), Marguerite De Coursey, Ruth Dod, Dorothy Dodge, Bill Douglas, Johnny Downs (as "The Duncans' Son/ Speed -- Roy Atwell Explains/Pat Ultra Modern/"Strike Me Pink" Performer "I Hate to Think..." Performer), Elsie Duffy, George Duke, Jimmy Durante (as "An Old Hollywood Custom" Performer/Mr. Duncan, Speed -- Roy Atwell Explains/"A Bit of Temperment" Performer/"Dinner at Ten" Performer/Professor/Techno-Crazy/Otto/Design for Loving "Ooh, I'm Thinking" Performer/Husband in "External Triangle" "Hollywood, Park Avenue and Broadway" Performer/"On Any Street" Performer), Geraldine Dvorak, Mabel Ellis, Louise Estes, Peggy Fish, Alex Fisher, Peggy Gallimore, Eleanor Garden, Eddie Garr, Ruth Grady, Lula Gray, Jack Harcourt, Pearl Harris, Ruth Harrison, David Johns, Daniel Johnson, Charlotte Joslin, Leoda Knapp, Leslie Laurence, Charles Lawrence, Hal Le Roy (as "Bobby"), Betty Lee, Clark Leston, Phyllis Lynd, Diana Lynn (as "Dancer"), Barbara MacDonald, Mary Joan Martin, Earl Mason, Rosalie McCallion, June McNulty, Jack Moore, Mary Moore, Jewel Morse, George Murray, Ricky Newell, Carolyn Nolte, Olaf Olson, Lillian Pertka, Leonore Pettit, Jack Ross, Jean Ryan, Jimmy Ryan, Ted Schultz, Louise Sheldon, Jackie Sherman, Madeline Southworth, Lupe Velez, Matthew Vodnoy, George Dewey Washington, Davenie Watson, Milton Watson, George Weeden, Roberta West, Gil White, Marguerite Wiley, Hope Williams. Produced by Ray Henderson, Lew Brown and Waxey Gordon.

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