Sexy trailer for Vicente Aranda's Sultry Moon (Luna Caliente)

Argentina is on a total roll today. Hot on the heels of the trailer for Marcelo Piñeyro's new film comes another literary adaptation this time from an award winning novella about a man whose life is turned upside down on a night of a full moon.

Mempo Giardinelli's “Sultry Moon” is apparently quite the read but what caught my attention was this steamy trailer for Vicente Aranda's adaptation of the story which also happens to be titled Luna Caliente (“Sultry Moon”). The film stars Eduard Fernández as Ramiro, a man returning to his small Argentine town to start his career as a law professor, and the gorgeous Thaïs Blume as the young woman who becomes his victim. Ramiro's entire life changes within the span of a few hours when the moon is full and he becomes a rapist, murderer and fugitive.

The trailer is pretty risqué and
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