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E.W. Hammons (1882–1962)

Kelvin Harrison Jr. Schools Himself With His Watchlist

Kelvin Harrison Jr., the star of the new movie Waves, is getting a master class from these shows and movies.

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Fargo Express Miscellaneous Crew
Sunset Murder Case Miscellaneous Crew
Whistlin' Dan Miscellaneous Crew
Titans of the Deep Miscellaneous Crew


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 1942 Our Girl Shirley (presenter)
 1941 Hands of Destiny (Short) (presenter)
 1939 Ride 'em, Cowgirl (presenter)
 1938 Sunset Murder Case (presenter)
 1938 Titans of the Deep (presenter)
 1938 On the Great White Trail (presenter)
 1938 Jitterbugs (Short) (presenter - as EWHammons)
 1938 Money on Your Life (Short) (presenter)
 1938 Cute Crime (Short) (presenter)
 1938 Sing for Sweetie (Short) (presenter)
 1938 Beautiful, But Dummies (Short) (presenter)
 1938 Topa Topa (presenter)
 1938 Love and Onions (Short) (presenter)
 1938 Uncle Sol Solves It (Short) (presenter)
 1938 Getting an Eyeful (Short) (presenter - as EWHammons)
 1938 Air Parade (Short) (presenter - as E W Hammons)
 1938 Hi-Ho Hollywood (Short) (presenter)
 1938 The Lion Hunt (Short) (presenter)
 1938 Love Goes West (Short) (presenter)
 1937 Dates and Nuts (Short) (presenter)
 1937 Trailer Paradise (Short) (presenter)
 1937 Dime a Dance (Short) (presenter)
 1937 The Bashful Buckaroo (Short) (presenter)
 1937 Playboy Number One (Short) (presenter)
 1937 Calling All Crooners (Short) (presenter)
 1937 Hurray for Hooligan (Short) (presenter)
 1937 Rhythm Saves the Day (Short) (presenter)
 1937 The Smart Way (Short) (presenter)
 1937 Silly Night (Short) (presenter)
 1937 Going, Going, Gone! (Short) (presenter)
 1937 The Timid Ghost (Short) (presenter)
 1937 Bashful Ballerina (Short) (presenter)
 1937 The Big Apple (Short) (presenter)
 1937 Will You Stop! (Short) (presenter - as EWHammons)
 1937 Play! Girls (Short) (presenter)
 1937 Montague the Magnificent (Short) (presenter)
 1937 The Affairs of Pierre (Short) (presenter)
 1937 Hamlet and Eggs (Short) (presenter)
 1937 Love in Arms (Short) (presenter)
 1937 Her Accidental Hero (Short) (presenter)
 1937 Holding the Bag (Short) (presenter)
 1937 Freshies (Short) (presenter)
 1937 His Pest Girl (Short) (presenter)
 1937 Hi-Ya Doc! (Short) (presenter)
 1937 Melody Girl (Short) (presenter)
 1937 Comic Artist's Home Life (Short) (presenter)
 1937 Pixilated (Short) (presenter)
 1937 Ready to Serve (Short) (presenter)
 1937 Off the Horses (Short) (presenter)
 1937 Dental Follies (Short) (presenter)
 1937 Man to Man (Short) (presenter)
 1937 The Big Courtship (Short) (presenter)
 1937 Fun's Fun (Short) (presenter)
 1937 Hold It! (Short) (presenter)
 1937 See Uncle Sol (Short) (presenter)
 1937 Practically Perfect (Short) (presenter)
 1937 Jail Bait (Short) (presenter - as E.W.Hammons)
 1937 High-C Honeymoon (Short) (presenter)
 1936 Transatlantic Love (Short) (presenter)
 1936 The Screen Test (Short) (presenter)
 1936 Strike! You're Out (Short) (presenter)
 1936 Just the Type (Short) (presenter)
 1936 El carnaval del diablo (presenter)
 1936 Amuse Yourself (Short) (presenter)
 1936 Modern Home (Short) (presenter)
 1936 Any Old Port (Short) (presenter)
 1936 Spring Is Here (Short) (presenter)
 1936 Rah! Rah! Rhythm (Short) (presenter)
 1936 Krazi-Inventions (Short) (presenter)
 1936 The Chemist (Short) (presenter)
 1936 Whose Baby Are You? (Short) (presenter)
 1936 Gags and Gals (Short) (presenter)
 1936 The Wacky Family (Short) (presenter)
 1936 Going Native (Short) (presenter)
 1936 Blue Blazes (Short) (presenter)
 1936 The Ring Goes 'Round (Short) (presenter)
 1936 Boy, Oh Boy (Short) (presenter)
 1936 The Queen's Birthday (Short) (presenter)
 1936 Bashful Buddies (Short) (presenter)
 1936 Alpine Rendezvous (Short) (presenter)
 1936 Happy Heels (Short) (presenter)
 1936 Peaceful Relations (Short) (presenter)
 1936 Home on the Range (Short) (presenter)
 1936 Rail Birds (Short) (presenter)
 1936 It Happened All Right (Short) (presenter)
 1936 Sleepless Hollow (Short) (presenter - uncredited)
 1936 Fresh from the Fleet (Short) (presenter)
 1936 Spooks (Short) (presenter)
 1936 Where Is Wall Street (Short) (presenter)
 1936 Triple Trouble (Short) (presenter)
 1936 The White Hope (Short) (presenter)
 1936 Gold Bricks (Short) (presenter)
 1936 Just Plain Folks (Short) (presenter)
 1936 Love in September (Short) (presenter)
 1936 Grand Slam Opera (Short) (presenter)
 1936 Giv'im Air (Short) (presenter)
 1936 Beware of Blondes (Short) (presenter)
 1936 Thanks, Mr. Cupid (Short) (presenter)
 1936 Mixed Policies (Short) (presenter)
 1936 Three on a Limb (Short) (presenter)
 1935 Aladdin's Lamp (Short) (presenter)
 1935 Way Up Thar (Short) (presenter)
 1935 Moonlight and Melody (Short) (presenter)
 1935 All for One (Short) (presenter)
 1935 Taming the Wild (Documentary short) (presenter)
 1935 Grooms in Gloom (Short) (presenter)
 1935 Tars and Stripes (Short) (presenter)
 1935 The Life of the Party (Short) (presenter)
 1935 Five Puplets (Short) (presenter)
 1935 A Nose for News (Short) (presenter)
 1935 Hayseed Romance (Short) (presenter)
 1935 The Old Camp Ground (Short) (presenter)
 1935 An Ear for Music (Short) (presenter)
 1935 One Run Elmer (Short) (presenter)
 1935 Moon Over Manhattan (Short) (presenter)
 1935 Easy Money (Short) (presenter)
 1935 The Bull Fight (Short) (presenter)
 1935 The Song Plugger (Short) (presenter)
 1935 Mr. Widget (Short) (presenter)
 1935 How Am I Doing (Short) (presenter)
 1934 The Expectant Father (Short) (presenter)
 1934 Three Cheers for Love (Short) (presenter)
 1934 Second Hand Husband (Short) (presenter)
 1934 Nifty Nurses (Short) (presenter)
 1934 Domestic Bliss-ters (Short) (presenter)
 1934 Dog-gone Babies (Short) (presenter)
 1934 She's My Lilly, I'm Her Willie (Short) (presenter)
 1934 Then Came the Yawn (Short) (presenter)
 1934 Good Luck - Best Wishes (Short) (presenter)
 1934 Bosom Friends (Short) (presenter)
 1934 Going Spanish (Short) (presenter)
 1934 Managed Money (Short) (presenter)
 1934 The Inventors (Short) (presenter)
 1934 Pardon My Pups (Short) (presenter)
 1934 Trimmed in Furs (Short) (presenter)
 1933 Pop's Pal (Short) (presenter)
 1933 Air Maniacs (Short) (presenter)
 1933 Poppin' the Cork (Short) (presenter)
 1933 The Good Bad Man (Short) (presenter)
 1933 What's to Do? (Short) (presenter)
 1933 Fargo Express (presenter)
 1933 Million Dollar Melody (Short) (presenter)
 1933 Across the Sea (Documentary short) (presenter)
 1933 Static (Short) (presenter)
 1933 Dora's Dunking Doughnuts (Short) (presenter)
 1933 Aces Wild (Short) (presenter)
 1933 The Big Squeal (Short) (presenter)
 1933 A Study in Scarlet (presenter - as EWHammons)
 1933 The Lone Avenger (presenter)
 1933 Feeling Rosy (Short) (presenter)
 1933 Krakatoa (Documentary short) (presenter)
 1933 Who Killed Cock-Robin (Short) (presenter)
 1933 Techno-Crazy (Short) (presenter)
 1933 Phantom Thunderbolt (presenter)
 1933 Artist's Muddles (Short) (presenter)
 1933 Drum Taps (presenter)
 1933 Tired Feet (Short) (presenter)
 1932 Broadway Gossip No. 3 (Short) (presenter)
 1932 Tombstone Canyon (presenter)
 1932 Hollywood Runaround (Short) (presenter)
 1932 Broadway Gossip No. 2 (Short) (presenter)
 1932 The Death Kiss (presenter)
 1932 Uptown New York (presenter)
 1932 The Big Flash (Short) (presenter)
 1932 Honeymoon Beach (Short) (presenter)
 1932 Between Fighting Men (presenter)
 1932 Trailing the Killer (presenter)
 1932 False Faces (presenter)
 1932 The Crooked Circle (presenter)
 1932 Young Onions (Short) (presenter)
 1932 Come On, Tarzan (presenter)
 1932 Those We Love (presenter)
 1932 Farmer Al Falfa's Ape Girl (Short) (presenter)
 1932 The Flirty Sleepwalker (Short) (presenter)
 1932 Whistlin' Dan (presenter)
 1932 Keep Laughing (Short) (presenter)
 1931 For the Love of Fanny (Short) (presenter)
 1931 Smart Work (Short) (presenter)
 1931 The Tamale Vendor (Short) (presenter)
 1931 Queenie of Hollywood (Short) (presenter)
 1931 The Fainting Lover (Short) (presenter)
 1931 By the Sea (Short) (presenter)
 1931 Movie-Town (Short) (presenter)
 1931 A College Racket (Short) (presenter)
 1931 Ghost Parade (Short) (presenter)
 1931 Clowning (Short) (presenter)
 1931 Crashing Hollywood (Short) (presenter)
 1931 Come to Papa! (Short) (presenter)
 1931 The College Vamp (Short) (presenter)
 1931 One Yard to Go (Short) (presenter)
 1931 Girls Will Be Boys (Short) (presenter)
 1930 College Cuties (Short) (presenter)
 1930 A Hollywood Theme Song (Short) (presenter)
 1930 Vacation Loves (Short) (presenter)
 1930 Johnny's Week End (Short) (presenter)
 1930 Prize Puppies (Short) (presenter)
 1930 Good Morning Sheriff (Short) (presenter)
 1930 Bitter Friends (Short) (presenter)
 1930 Match Play (Short) (presenter)
 1930 Sugar Plum Papa (Short) (presenter)
 1929 Uppercut O'Brien (Short) (presenter)
 1929 The New Half Back (Short) (presenter)
 1929 The Golfers (Short) (presenter)
 1929 Prince Gabby (Short) (presenter)
 1929 The Lunkhead (Short) (presenter)
 1929 Hot Sports (Short) (presenter)
 1929 The Eligible Mr. Bangs (Short) (presenter)
 1928 Roaming Romeo (Short) (presenter)
 1928 Fandango (Short) (presenter)
 1928 There It Is (Short) (presenter)
 1927 Meet the Folks (Short) (presenter)
 1927 Sax Appeal (Short) (presenter)
 1927 Icy Eyes (Short) (presenter)
 1926 Shell Socked (Short) (presenter)
 1926 Hold Still (Short) (presenter)
 1926 The Humdinger (Short) (presenter)
 1926 Pink Elephants (Short) (presenter)
 1926 Kiss Me Kate (Short) (presenter)
 1926 Wife Shy (Short) (presenter)
 1926 Jolly Tars (Short) (presenter)
 1926 Kiss Papa (Short) (presenter)
 1926 Two-Lip Time (Short) (presenter)
 1926 Dummy Love (Short) (presenter)
 1926 Open House (Short) (presenter)
 1926 The Daffy Dill (Short) (presenter)
 1926 Don't Miss (Short) (presenter)
 1926 Solid Gold (Short) (presenter)
 1926 Move Along (Short) (presenter)
 1926 Squirrel Food (Short) (presenter)
 1926 Who Hit Me? (Short) (presenter)
 1926 Hanging Fire (Short) (presenter)
 1926 Mister Wife (Short) (presenter)
 1926 Here Comes Charlie (Short) (presenter)
 1926 Who's My Wife? (Short) (presenter)
 1926 Till We Eat Again (Short) (presenter)
 1926 Creeps (Short) (presenter)
 1926 Papa's Pest (Short) (presenter)
 1926 Bear Cats (Short) (presenter)
 1926 His Private Life (Short) (presenter)
 1926 Going Crazy (Short) (presenter)
 1926 Fresh Faces (Short) (presenter)
 1926 Felix the Cat Uses His Head (Short) (presenter)
 1926 Nobody's Business (Short) (presenter)
 1926 Fool's Luck (Short) (presenter - as EW Hammons)
 1926 A Wireless Lizzie (Short) (presenter)
 1926 Felix the Cat Laughs It Off (Short) (presenter)
 1926 My Stars (Short) (presenter)
 1925 Fair But Foolish (Short) (presenter)
 1925 The Movies (Short) (presenter)
 1925 Felix the Cat Trips Thru Toyland (Short) (presenter)
 1925 Curses! (Short) (presenter - as EW Hammons)
 1925 Dynamite Doggie (Short) (presenter)
 1924 Kid Speed (Short) (presenter)
 1924/I Fast and Furious (Short) (presenter)
 1924 Her Boy Friend (Short) (presenter)
 1924 Air Pockets (Short) (presenter)
 1923 Cold Chills (Short) (presenter)
 1921 The Crater of Mt. Katmai (Documentary short) (presenter)
 1920 The Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes (Documentary short) (presenter)
 1920 A Fresh Start (Short) (presenter)
 1919 A Day and Night at Coney Island (Documentary short) (presenter)
 1919 The Eagle and the Fawn (Short) (presenter)
 1919 The Passing of the Crow (Short) (presenter)
 1919 An Indian Love Story (Short) (presenter)
 1919 Indian Life (Documentary short) (presenter)
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