Melville at 100: Playing through August 13 at Grauman’s Egyptian in L.A.

Melville at 100: Playing through August 13 at Grauman’s Egyptian in L.A.
Born 1917, as Jean-Pierre Grumbach, son of Alsatian Jews, Jean-Pierre adopted the name Melville as his nom de guerre in 1940 when France fell to the German Nazis and he joined the French Resistance. He kept it as his stage name when he returned to France and began making films.

Melville at 100 at the American Cinematheque in Hollywood is showcasing eight of his films made from 1949 to to 1972 to honor the 100th year since his birth.

Americn Cinemtheque’s historic Egyptian Theater in Hollywood

The American Cinematheque has grown tremendously sophisticated since its early days creating the 1960 dream of “The Two Garys” (for those who remember). Still staffed by stalwarts Barbara Smith, Gwen Deglise, Margot Gerber and Tom Harris, and with a Board of Directors of Hollywood heavy hitters, it has also been renovated by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association which has spent more than $500,000 restoring its infrastructure and repainting its famous murals.
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It Came From 1980… Xtro!!!

Now that I’ve fully recovered from Italian Horror Week, it’s time to get back to 1980′s America… but not today. Today we’re going to the United Kingdom to discuss a video nasty from the 1980′s. I’m a newbie to Xtro, but that doesn’t mean that I love this picture any less. I’m a huge fan (and I’ve seen it exactly once). I’m not going to tell you that the special effects are amazing or that there are actors in this movie that have earned themselves an academy award for their performance, but Xtro is a camp classic. It’s the kind of gorefest that It Came From 1980X specializes in. Let’s get more familiar with this sci-fi/horror hybrid. I didn’t get this one from a VHS source be it Vhsps or actual tape, but it’s the cover art
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