Close Encounters Re-Release Trailer: The Classic Is Returning to Theaters

Close Encounters Re-Release Trailer: The Classic Is Returning to Theaters
Earlier this week, the Sony Pictures Entertainment YouTube released a bizarre new video entitled "This Means Something," with the video and the YouTube description also including the URL The website doesn't feature any content other than a form to fill out to receive updates on "UFO sightings," but shortly after the video debuted, a new report revealed that the video is actually a teaser for a theatrical re-release of Close Encounters Of the Third Kind, the sci-fi classic that celebrates its 40th Anniversary this year. Sony Pictures has not yet confirmed what this video really is, but there is some evidence that shows it's connected to Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

The video opens with text that reads, "Every day, air traffic control tracks thousands of planes. But, every so often, they see something... that cannot be explained." The video then goes on to show an air traffic control grid,
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Human Bodies are Fed to Vultures in This Tibetan Funeral Rite

  • FEARnet
The ancient tradition of “Sky Burial,” upheld mainly by Buddhists of Tibet and parts of Mongolia, involves a macabre ritual in which the bodies of the recently deceased are left on a mountaintop to be eaten by vultures and other scavengers... and that tradition is still in practice today. [Warning: graphic images ahead] Photo: John Hill The practice may have originated with the religious order of Drigung Kagyu, which teaches that a dead body should not be preserved but returned to nature. It also stems from a more practical concern: the harsh climate and rocky terrain of the high mountains makes burial or cremation difficult. Photo: FishOil at en.wikipedia As documented in the 12th century Tibetan Book of the Dead, the ritual indicates how the deceased should be prepared for sky burial: religious officials known as “body-breakers” carve the corpse up in a specific manner, then place it at dawn on a specially
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Missing Calif. Boy's Teen Brother Arrested on Murder Charge

A 16-year-old family member was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of murder in the case of a missing 11-year-old autistic boy in Southern California, police said Wednesday. A body that matched the description of Terry Dewayne Smith Jr. was found partially exposed in a shallow grave on the family property, Menifee police Chief John Hill said at a news conference. The body has not yet been positively identified, Hill said, adding that the death was the result of "a domestic issue" at the house. Terry has a 16-year-old half brother who authorities have said was the last person to see the boy.
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Donald Trump Jr. welcomes baby number four with wife Vanessa

  • Pop2it
The Trump family now has a new apprentice. Donald Trump Jr. and his wife Vanessa are the proud parents of newborn son Spencer Frederick Trump, the couple confirms to People.

Born on Sunday (Oct. 21), the littlest Trump weighs in at 7 lbs. and 15 oz. His middle name, Frederick, is in honor of "The Celebrity Apprentice" host Donald Trump Sr.'s father.

"I'm thrilled," Trump, 34, says. "The baby is healthy and beautiful."

This is the fourth child for the Trumps. Baby Spencer joins Kai Madison, 5, Donnie John Hill, 3 1/2 and Tristan Milos, 1.
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Hive Production Fund lifted to $800,000

Screen Australia has chipped in $200,000 to lift this year.s Hive Production Fund to $800,000.

The funding announcement - which adds to equal installments by the Adelaide Film Festival, the Australia Council for the Arts, and ABC Television - was made last night by South Australian Minister for the Arts, John Hill, at the Melbourne Festival. Screen Australia previously supported the initiaitive through development funding for script workshops.

The Hive Production Fund was inspired by the Hive Lab, which brings filmmakers and artists together in a creative environment. The artists at this year.s lab include Bill Henson, Dr Brenda Croft, Eddie Perfect, Sam Haren, Daniel Koerner, Rachael Swain, Cat Jones, Lally Katz and Sean Riley; filmmakers Samantha Lang, Sophie Raymond, Sascha Ettinger Epstein, Paola Morabito, Nassiem Valamanesh, Eddie White, Natasha Pincus and Lucinda Clutterbuck; and artist and filmmaker John Gillies.

Last year.s inaugural $600,000 Hive Production Fund supported three projects
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Sa government sweetens payroll tax exemption to attract film and TV projects

The South Australian government will grant producers upfront payroll tax exemptions for film and television projects made in the state.

The new policy will allow producers to immediately apply for the tax exemption rather than carrying the tax liability through to the end production, when the exemption is currently claimed.

Minister for the Arts John Hill said the new arrangements were unique to South Australia and would make the state a more attractive destination for film and television production.

.This approach won.t cost the government any more money, but could save major productions hundreds of thousands of dollars that they would otherwise have to claim back after payment,. he said in a statement.

The exemption applies automatically to films and television programs made wholly in South Australia and can also be granted to those that film 75 per cent of the production in the state.

The government recently funded the
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Shadow Dancer – review

James Marsh's gripping thriller takes us deep into the bitterly divided world of 90s Northern Ireland

The director of the gripping Belfast-set thriller Shadow Dancer, James Marsh, and its screenwriter, Tom Bradby, both have one foot in fact and the other in fiction. Marsh is best known for his imaginative feature-length documentaries, Man on Wire, which won an Oscar in 2009, and Project Nim, as well as his TV film Red Riding: 1980. The TV journalist and novelist Bradby reported from Northern Ireland for ITN in the 1990s, the setting of Shadow Dancer, the first of his six thrillers. Their film centres on the perennially interesting relationship between the spy or informer or undercover agent and the person in authority who controls them. The characters are trapped between the complicated moral realities around them and the fictions that fate imposes on them, and the situation goes back at least as far
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Santigold Gets Real On Master Of My Make-Believe

New album is about 'accepting that your fantasy is actually your reality,' Santi tells MTV News.

By James Montgomery


When it came time for Santigold to begin work on the follow-up to her breakout self-titled debut, she had to change more than just her name; she had to readjust her entire view on reality.

"I really had to get a grasp on what the process was for this record ... and what I was experiencing. And, really, the process for me of making this record was mastering my make-believe," she said. "It was really about navigating through my own reality; navigating through my mind, my emotions and realizing that I was in control. I had to trust my vision and my creativity and really own the art I was making and own my experience in life, and claim it. I really do believe that our view on the world
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Rihanna debuts new 'Talk That Talk' single 'You Da One' - listen

Rihanna debuts new 'Talk That Talk' single 'You Da One' - listen
Rihanna has debuted her new single. The singer will release 'You Da One' as the second cut to be lifted from her sixth studio album Talk That Talk. The track heads up the star's new LP and was produced by Dr Luke and co-written between herself, Ester Dean and John Hill. 'You Da One' follows Rihanna's recent global hit 'We Found Love', which has reached number one in the Us and UK. Talk That Talk will be released on November 21 and features a cameo from (more)
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Portugal. The Man Make The Leap On New Album

Band's first major-label effort, In the Mountain in the Cloud, is a big thing, borne of even bigger tensions.

By James Montgomery

Portugal. The Man

Photo: MTV News

Portugal. The Man have released six albums in six years (plus a completely re-recorded acoustic record too), but they've never made anything like In the Mountain in the Cloud, their latest swirling, psychedelic effort. Mainly because it almost killed them.

"To be perfectly honest, we wrote the album, did pre-production and then everything fell apart," singer/songwriter/guitarist John Gourley told MTV News. "And I think it was the fact that this had all fallen apart that it actually came together so well in the end. I think we spent seven months, eight months on the album, and it was just going into the studio, messing everything up, leaving the studio, crying about it for a month on tour, then trying again.
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