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Interview: Actress Ann Jillian on The Twilight Zone Season Four Episode, ‘Mute’

Actress Ann Jillian remembers her earliest role in The Twilight Zone episode “Mute”. If you’re a serious, all-consuming fan of Rod Serling’s powerful and influential TV series The Twilight Zone (1959 – 1964, CBS) then you feel – as I do – that there were no bad episodes in its 5 season run. Certainly, some…

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StreamFix: Pixar favorites, 'Kingpin,' more streaming gems

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StreamFix: Pixar favorites, 'Kingpin,' more streaming gems
StreamFix is your weekly update on the best and weirdest streams happening on Netflix, Crackle, Amazon, and Hulu. You dig it? Check out these happenin' spectacles now. Netflix "Kingpin" This is just a reminder that Bill Murray was up to some weird stuff in the middle to late '90s. "Kingpin" is raucous and watchable, but God, remember "Larger Than Life"? Elephant humor, folks! What about "The Man Who Knew Too Little"? Or "Wild Things"? Or -- oh yes -- "Space Jam"? Thank God he gave us "Rushmore" because that filmography was getting grim. "Babes in Toyland" I command you to embrace the holiday spirit and revisit this 1961 classic with Ray Bolger and Annette Funicello. No, it's not the Laurel and Hardy version, but it features Ann Jillian of the perfect '80s sitcom "It's a Living" as Bo Peep. "Doug Benson: Doug Dynasty" And now, ladies and gentlemen, my
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Wood TCM Movie Schedule: Her Years as a Top Star

Natalie Wood: Hot Hollywood star in the ’60s - TCM schedule on August 18, 2013 See previous post: “Natalie Wood Movies: From loving Warren Beatty to stripping like Gypsy Rose Lee.” 3:00 Am The Star (1952). Director: Stuart Heisler. Cast: Bette Davis, Sterling Hayden, Natalie Wood, Warner Anderson, Minor Watson, June Travis, Paul Frees, Robert Warrick, Barbara Lawrence, Fay Baker, Herb Vigran, Marie Blake, Sam Harris, Marcia Mae Jones. Bw-90 mins. 4:30 Am A Cry In The Night (1956). Director: Frank Tuttle. Cast: Edmond O’Brien, Brian Donlevy, Natalie Wood. Bw-75 mins. 6:00 Am West Side Story (1961). Director: Robert Wise. Cast: Natalie Wood, Richard Beymer, Russ Tamblyn, Rita Moreno, George Chakiris, Simon Oakland, Ned Glass, William Bramley, Tucker Smith, Tony Mordente, David Winters, Eliot Feld, John Bert Michaels, David Bean, Robert Banas, Anthony ‘Scooter’ Teague, Harvey Evans aka Harvey Hohnecker, Tommy Abbott, Susan Oakes, Gina Trikonis, Carole D’Andrea, Jose De Vega, Jay Norman,
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Rihanna -- Shines Bright Like a Blonde!

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Even with no signs of her d-bag ex Chris Brown, Rihanna still wigged out in New York City last night.The sexy 25-year-old pop diva showed off her new interesting look ... by rockin' a synthetic platinum Ann Jillian 'do as she arrived to her Manhattan hotel on Monday. Doesn't it just make you want to throw up?Now that she and Chris have broken up for the time being, Rihanna is going to prove that
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Briefs: George Takei Is An Inspiration, Sharon Needles Haunts Us, and "Glee" Sings Us A "Love Song"

Birthday shoutouts go to Justin Hartley (above), who is 36, Greg Louganis is 53, Sara Gilbert is 38, Oprah is 59, and Ann Jillian is 63. We're just barely into the season, but Showtime has already renewed its Sunday lineup of Shameless, House Of Lies, and Californication. Top Chef: Just Desserts winner Yigit Pura has unveiled a new line of wedding cakes and pastries for same-sex couples. Well, of course it was too good to be true.Liza remembers Cabaret Sports Illustrated readers will get a surprise this month on Page 48.

Below you can see the Nsfw music video for "This Club Is A Haunted House" by Sharon Needles.

Via Towleroad comes this lovely video celebrating The Place in Modesto, CA.

Below you can see Anderson talk with high school student Jacob Rudolph about coming out, and his inspirational hero George Takei. You can guess what happens next.

Below you can listen to Rachel, Quinn
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Briefs: Doctor Who Sets The Date, "Glee" Ties One On, And Ryan Gosling's Dream World

Glee returns tomorrow! And this happens.

Birthday shoutouts go to Mariska Hargitay, who is 49, and Anita Pointer is 65. Here is The Pointer Sisters' most underrated song, which peaked at #11 in September 1985.

Fox has pulled Ben and Kate from the schedule effective immediately and may burn off the remaining episodes at a later time. Why does this sound familiar? In ratings news, The New Normal hit another season low. BBC America has announced that Doctor Who will return on Supernatural Saturday, March 30th.In case you didn't know ... we're too powerful to need judicial protection. Ryan Gosling on the minefield of fame. Anderson: "It's Beyonce's world and we're just living in it."

Via Towleroad comes the must-see video of the day.

Below you can see the promos for Adam Levine's appearance on Saturday Night Live this weekend.

Here's your Daily Matt Bomer™. From last night's White Collar.

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Nearly Everything's Coming Up Roses For "Gypsy"

"I had a dream, a dream about you, baby."

If you’ve ever been near a theater, you know what a theater mom is. It’s a woman like Rose Hovick (Rosalind Russell). She was born too early and started too late for vaudeville, so she pushes her daughters June (Morgan Brittany/Ann Jillian) and Louise (Diane Pace/Natalie Wood) in her place. She gets these dreams about their destiny, which typically includes a cow and a musical number. Things go fine (so long as she doesn’t pay the chorus boys), but, as luck would have it, a depression and talking pictures just about does in vaudeville. How does Rose respond? She never gives up. She never quits. Everything’s coming up roses and daffodils for her and her girls (and almost-hubby/manager Herbie (Karl Malden). That tends to increasingly lose any relation to reality as her sheepish daughter goes from back-up,
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Sealab 2020: Win the Complete Series on DVD!

"This is the year two thousand and twenty. The place is the Challenger Sea Mount, the top of an underwater mountain, a complex beneath the sea. Two hundred and fifty men, women and children live here. Each of them, a scientist pioneer. For this is our last frontier, a hostile environment which may hold the key to tomorrow. Each day, these oceanauts meet new challenges as they build their city beneath the sea. This is Sealab 2020."

These words set the stage for the Saturday morning TV series known as Sealab 2020. The oceanauts of Sealab face seaquakes, sharks and falling satellites -- while finding the time to serve up lessons on environmentalism and teamwork. Featuring the voices of actors like John Stephenson, Ross Martin, Jerry Dexter, Pamelyn Ferdin and Ann Jillian, the TV show ran for just 13 episodes and one season on NBC.
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Review: Sealab 2020

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“This is the year two thousand and twenty. The place is the Challenger Sea Mount, the top of an underwater mountain, a complex beneath the sea. Two hundred and fifty men, women and children live here. Each of them, a scientist pioneer. For this is our last frontier, a hostile environment which may hold the key to tomorrow. Each day, these oceanauts meet new challenges as they build their city beneath the sea. This is Sealab 2020.”

Hanna-Barbera had to change with the times and as the 1970s dawned, kids and adults alike were tuning into the difficulties planet Earth was facing. Ecology and Earth Day were on everyone’s lips. At the same time, parents’ groups were insisting Saturday morning cartoon shows do more than shill cereal and have characters hit one another.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Their answer was Sealab 2020, which lasted a mere season comprising just 13 episodes.
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10 More Celebrities Who Fell Off the Radar … and Where They Landed

A few months ago we tracked down ten of our favorite celebrities from years past to see what they we're up to. We were in the mood to reminisce further, so today we're happy to bring you ten more!

Adrian Zmed

Famous for his roles in Bachelor Party, Grease 2 (maybe that’s infamous?) and TV’s Tj Hooker and hosting Dance Fever, Zmed hasn’t had many acting credits in recent years. Now 58, he’s lately concentrated on theater work and appearing on board Princess Cruise ships in a singing and dancing review.

Randy Harrison

The erstwhile Justin Taylor from Showtime’s Queer as Folk (2000-2005) will be featured in a small role as a waiter in the upcoming comedy Gayby and is currently half of a two-actor cast starring in a touring production of the play Red, which recently ran at the Cleveland Play House. The out Harrison
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AfterElton Briefs: Welcome Out Douglas Spain, Brad Goreski Learns The Bravo Rules, and Happy Birthday Adam Lambert!

Here is last week's caption pic winner. This week's caption pic is at the bottom of the page.

Thanks to everyone for participating! The winner is ...

"Oh wonderful; Rocky Horror Picture Show will have a special Easter tribute for the freakishly horrid Playboy Club.."

Thanks to David for this week's winning caption!

Weekend Birthdays! (Note: Birthday shoutouts are for out entertainers, allies, or for any celeb that seems to have a following on Ae). Justin Hartley (above) is 35, Keith Olbermann is 53, Alan Cumming is 47, Mo Rocca is 43, Elijah Wood is 31, Ariel Winter is 14, Ann Jillian is 62, Oprah is 58, Sara Gilbert is 37, Greg Louganis is 52, and Adam Lambert is 30. With only one album, a top five might be difficult, but here are my picks: 5. "For Your Entertainment." 4. "If I Can't Have You" (From American Idol), 3. "Better Than I Know Myself," 2. "Time For Miracles," 1. "Mad World" (From American Idol).

Bon Voyage to Ed Kennedy,
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Exploring The Twilight Zone #107: Mute

With the entire original run of The Twilight Zone available to watch instantly, we’re partnering with Twitch Film to cover all of the show’s 156 episodes. Are you brave enough to watch them all with us? The Twilight Zone (Episode #107): “Mute” (airdate 1/31/63) The Plot: A little girl is treated like dog feces because she has a special gift. The Goods: When Ilse (Ann Jillian) was born, her parents decided to do a little experiment. Instead of talking to her like a normal child, they deprived her of language in order to exercise her natural psychic abilities. As a result, she became incredibly strong at speaking telepathically with the other children in a school where such a thing was the norm. Sadly, the school wasn’t run by a bald guy in a wheelchair, and when her parents die in a fire, she’s sent to the United States with a new set of parents. Her
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Blu-Ray Review: ‘The Twilight Zone: Season 4’ Rocks Classic TV Fans

Chicago – I know that we’re starting to sound like a broken record here. If you check our coverage of the previous three season sets of “The Twilight Zone,” you’ll see that they’re among the highest-praised ever covered on this site. Guess what? The fourth season doesn’t break the pattern.

Blu-ray Rating: 5.0/5.0

I will say this — the fourth season of “The Twilight Zone” was definitely not the program’s best. Oh, there are certainly some highlights but, taken as a whole, it’s not as strong as any of the first three seasons. There’s your bit of criticism. It will end here.

Season four ran from January to May of 1963 and definitely features a few highlights, if not as many as previous seasons. Notable episodes include “He’s Alive,” “Mute,” and “No Time Like the Past.” One may immediately notice that this season features half the
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June Havoc Dies

June Havoc, best known as the younger sister of stripper Gypsy Rose Lee, died Sunday of natural causes at her home in Stamford, Conn. She was believed to be 97. The original 1959 stage production of Gypsy had music by Jule Styne, lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and book by Arthur Laurents. Ethel Merman starred as the indefatigable mother of June Havoc ("Baby June"; later, "Dainty June") and Gypsy Rose Lee, from the time Baby June was the family’s star to Gypsy’s rise to fame as an adult performer. Directed by Mervyn LeRoy, the 1962 movie version starred Rosalind Russell as Mama Rose and Natalie Wood as the adult Gypsy. Morgan Brittany played Baby June and Ann Jillian [...]
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Shuffle Off to 'Buffalo'

Between 1981 and 2002, few TV seasons passed without Susan Sullivan appearing in the opening credits of a popular program. First she logged more than 200 episodes of the CBS prime-time soap Falcon Crest, playing Maggie Gioberti, a long-suffering, do-gooder wife forever caught in the crosshairs of a diabolical clan of vintners. Then a new generation of tube watchers came to know Sullivan as Kitty Montgomery, the comic personification of nose-turned-upward snobbishness, on more than 100 episodes of ABC's Dharma & Greg. Few actors enjoy more than one hit TV show; fewer still get the chance to shift genres so profoundly. That Sullivan also kept busy between series-regular gigs — playing Cameron Diaz's mother in My Best Friend's Wedding; a 12-year run as Tylenol spokeswoman — proves her not just industrious but keen at getting cast. As it is for so many actors, her overnight success was nearly 20 years in the making. A Long Island native,
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