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  • (1948-50) Stage: Appeared (as "Stanley Kowalski") in national tour of "A Streetcar Named Desire", replacing Anthony Quinn.
  • (1965) Stage: Appeared in "Man of La Mancha" on Broadway.
  • (1953) Stage Play: Kismet. Musical. With Music From Alexander Borodin. Musical Adaptation by Robert Wright and George Forrest. Lyrics by Robert Wright and George Forrest. Book by Charles Lederer and Luther Davis. From the play by Edward Knoblock. Music orchestrated by Arthur Kay. Choral arrangements by Arthur Kay. Musical Director: Louis Adrian. Scenic Design and Costume Design by Lemuel Ayers. Dances and Musical Numbers Staged by Jack Cole. Directed by Albert Marre. Ziegfeld Theatre: 3 Dec 1953- 23 Apr 1955 (583 performances). Cast: Alfred Drake (as "Public Poet, later called Hajj"), Henry Calvin (as "The Wazir of Police"), Joan Diener (as "Lalume"), Richard Kiley (as "The Caliph"), Doretta Morrow (as "Marsinah, Haji's Daughter"), Neile Adams (as "Diwan Dancer/Dancer"), Lucy Andonian (as "Ayah to Zubbediya"), Gerald Cardoni (as "Muezzin/Singer"), Tom Charlesworth (as "Chief Policeman"), Philip Coolidge (as "Omar"), Anita Coulter (as "Singer"), Patricia Dale (as "Dancer"), Thelma Dare (as "Ayah to Samaris/Singer"), Jack Dodds (as "Dervish/Akbar/Diwan Dancer"), Patricia Dunn (as "Princess of Ababu"), Bonnie Evans (as "Princess of Ababu"), Stephen Ferry (as "Wazir's Guard"), Truman Gaige (as "Jawan"), Hal Hackett (as "Hassan-Ben/Second Policeman"), Lila Jackson (as "Slave Girl/Singer"), Devra Kline (as "Dancer"), Beatrice Kraft (as "Princess Samaris of Bangalore"), Mario Lamm (as "Attendant"), Robert Lamont (as "Second Beggar/Singer"), Florence Lessing (as "Street Dancer/Princess Zubbediya of Damascus"), Earle MacVeigh (as "First Beggar/A Peddler/Prosecutor"), Jack Mei Ling (as "Doorman"), Jo Ann O'Connell (as "Street Woman/Singer"), Carol Ohmart (as "Slave Girl"), Richard Oneto (as "Imam of the Mosque/The Bangle Man/Singer"), Joyce Palmer (as "Slave Girl"), Louis Polacek (as "Muezzin/Singer"), Steve Reeves (as "Wazir's Guard") [Broadway debut], Ania Romaine (as "Dancer"), George E. Romaine (as "Dancer"), Reiko Sato (as "Princess of Ababu"), Rodolfo Silva (as "Third Beggar"), Barbara Slate (as "The Widow Yussef/Singer"), Kirby Smith (as "Muezzin/A Merchant/Singer"), Vida Ann Solomon (as "Dancer"), Sandra Stahl (as "Slave Girl"), Roberta Stevenson (as "Dancer"), Ralph Strane (as "Muezzin/Singer"), Lynne Stuart (as "Street Woman/Singer"), Erica Twiford (as "Singer"), Richard Vine (as "A Servant/Singer"), John Weidemann (as "Attendant"), Marc Wilder (as "Dervish/Assiz/Diwan Dancer"), George Yarick (as "Singer"). Understudies: Earle MacVeigh (as "Public Poet, later called Hajj"), Jo Ann O'Connell (as "Marsinah"), Roberta Stevenson (as "Princess of Ababu") and Richard Vine (as "Omar"). Replacement actors: Neile Adams (as "Princess of Ababu"), Carmen Austin (as "Singer/Slave Girl"), Gerald Cardoni (as "Imam of the Mosque/The Bangle Man"), Francis Compton (as "Omar"), Loren Driscoll (as "Singer/The Bangle Man"), Clifford Fearl (as "Hassan-Ben/Singer"), Ronnie Field (as "Assiz/Third Beggar/Doorman"), Ann Flood (as "Slave Girl"), April Gaskins (as "Dancer"), Phyllis Gehrig (as "Dancer"), Arthur Hammond (as "Muezzin/Singer"), Stuart Hodes (as "Akbar/Doorman"), William Johnson (as "Public Poet, later called Hajj"), Ingeborg Kjeldsen (as "Singer/Slave Girl"), Ingeborg Kjellsen (as "Slave Girl"), Mario Lamm (as "Wazir's Guard"), Nancy Lynch (as "Dancer"), Bruce MacKay (as "Second Policeman"), Elaine Malbin (as "Marsinah/Haji's Daughter"), Ethel Martin (as "Street Dancer"), George Martin (as "Dervish"), Richard Oneto (as "The Caliph"), Steve Reeves (as "Attendant"), Don Rogers (as "Muezzin/Singer"), Alan Smith (as "Wazir's Guard"), Kirby Smith (as "Chief Policeman"), Joanne Spiller (as "Singer/Slave Girl"), Sandra Stahl (as "Singer/The Widow Yussef"), Edward Thuren (as "Attendant"), Ted Thurston (as "Singer/Taman [role originally called "The Merchant"]/The Caliph"), Erica Twiford (as "The Widow Yussef"), Prue Ward (as "Princess of Ababu"), Don Weissmuller (as "Dervish"), Jeane Williams (as "Slave Girl"), Julie Wilson (as "Lalume"), Doris Yarick (as "Singer"). Understudies: Neile Adams (as "Princess of Ababu"), Gerald Cardoni (as "Hassan-Ben"), Clifford Fearl (as "Second Policeman"), Arthur Hammond (as "The Caliph"), Earle MacVeigh (as "The Wazir of Police"), Ethel Martin (as "Princess Samaris of Bangalore"), Carol Ohmart (as "Lalume"), Richard Oneto (as "The Caliph"), Kirby Smith (as "Jawan/The Wazir of Police/Public Poet, later called Hajj"), Joanne Spiller (as "Lalume"), Ted Thurston (as "A Peddler/Chief Policeman/First Beggar/Muezzin/Prosecutor"), Don Weissmuller (as "Akbar/Assiz/Doorman/Third Beggar"), Doris Yarick (as "Ayah to Zubbediya"). Produced by Charles Lederer. Note: Filmed by MGM (which paid $125,000 for the rights to the play) as Kismet (1955).
  • Stage: Appeared in "Time Limit" on Broadway.
  • (1959) Stage: Appeared (as "Tom Baxter") in "Redhead" on Broadway. Musical comedy. Book by Herbert Fields, Dorothy Fields (also lyrics), Sidney Sheldon and David Shaw. Music by Albert Hague. Music orchestrated by Philip J. Lang and Robert Russell Bennett. Musical Director / vocal arrangements by Jay Blackton. Dance arrangements by Roger Adams. Directed / Choreographed by Bob Fosse. 46th Street Theatre: 5 Feb 1959-19 Mar 1960 (452 performances). Cast: Gwen Verdon (as "Essie Whimple"), John Aristedes (as "Dancer"), Margery Beddow, Kevin Carlisle, Shirley de Burgh, Mame Dennis, Bob Dixon, Joan Fagan, Clifford Fearl, Pat Ferrier, Lydia Fredericks, David Gold, Bette Graham, Dee Harless, Harvey Evans (billed as Harvey Hohnecker), Patrick Horgan, Reby Howells, Janie Janvier, Patti Karr, Elizabeth Kerr, Elaine King, Kasimir Kokich, Lee Krieger, John Lankston, Cynthia Latham, William LeMassena, Buzz Miller, Larry Mitchell, Dale Moreda, Joy Nichols, Stan Page, Noel Parenti, Liane Plane, Doris Rich, Shev Rodgers, Alton Ruff, Kelley Stephens, Leonard Stone (as "George Poppett"), Ralph Sumpter, Dean Taliaferro. Produced by Robert Fryer and Lawrence Carr. Associate Producer: Theatrical Interests Plan, Inc.
  • (1962) Stage: Appeared (as "David Jordan") in "No Strings" on Broadway. Musical. Book by Samuel Taylor. Music / lyrics by Richard Rodgers (also producer). Musical Director / Dance arrangements by Peter Matz. Directed / Choreographed by Joe Layton. Associate Choreographer: Buddy Schwab. 54th Street Theatre (moved to The Broadhurst Theatre from 1 Oct 1962-close): 15 Mar 1962-3 Aug 1963 (580 performances + 1 preview on 14 Mar 1962). Cast: Diahann Carroll (as "Barbara Woodruff"), Noëlle Adam (as "Jeanette Valmy"), Don Chastain (as "Mike Robinson"), Alvin Epstein (as "Luc Delbert"), Mitchell Gregg (as "Louis dePourtal"), Bernice Massi (as "Comfort O'Connell"), Polly Rowles (as "Mollie Plummer"), Paul Cambeilh (as "Marcello Agnolotti"), Susanne Cansino (as "Dancer"), Julie Drake (as "Dancer"), Jean Eliot (as "Dancer"), Ginny Gan (as "Dancer"), Gene GeBauer (as "Dancer"), Ellen Graff (as "Dancer"), Ann Hodges (as "Gabrielle Bertin / Dancer"), Diana Hrubetz (as "Dancer"), Kay Hudson (as "Dancer"), Scott Hunter (as "Dancer"), Alan Johnson (as "Dancer"), Sandy Leeds (as "Dancer"), Michael Maurer (as "Dancer"), Larry Merritt (as "Dancer"), Anna Marie Moylan (as "Dancer"), David Neuman (as "Dancer"), Patti Pappathatos (as "Dancer"), Janet Paxton (as "Dancer"), Wakefield Poole (as "Dancer"), Dellas Rennie (as "Dancer"), Bea Salten (as "Dancer"), Carol Sherman (as "Dancer"), Calvin von Reinhold Dancer"), Mary Zahn (as "Dancer"). Produced in association with Samuel Taylor.
  • (1976) Stage: Appeared (as "Dr. Sloper") in "The Heiress" by Ruth Goetz and Augustus Goetz on Broadway. Based on Henry James' "Washington Square". Revival. Square"
  • (1987) Stage: Appeared (as "Joe Keller") in "All My Sons" by Arthur Miller on Broadway (revival).
  • (1953) Stage Play: Misalliance. Comedy (revival). Written by George Bernard Shaw. Production Supervised by Lemuel Ayers. Scenic Design by John Boyt. Directed by Cyril Ritchard. Ethel Barrymore Theatre: 6 Mar 1953- 27 Jun 1953 (130 performances). Cast: Tamara Geva (as "Lina Szczepanowska") [final Broadway role], Barry Jones (as "John Tarleton"), Richard Kiley (as "Joey Percival, an aviator"), Roddy McDowall (as "Bentley Summerhays"), Dorothy Sands (as "Mrs. Tarleton"), William Redfield (as "Johnny Tarleton"), Jan Farrand (as "Hypatia Tarleton"), Jerome Kilty (as "Gunner"), Richard Purdy (as "Lord Summerhays"). Replacement cast: Bramwell Fletcher (as "Lord Summerhays"). Produced by New York City Drama Company (Albert Marre: Artistic Director).
  • (1972) Stage: Appeared (as "Miguel de Cervantes" / "Don Quixote") in "Man of La Mancha" on Broadway. Revival.
  • (1958) Unsold pilot: Starred in a pilot for a dramatic series called "Indemnity" about an insurance investigator.
  • Voices (1972). Written by Richard Lortz. Original music by Peggy Stuart Coolidge. Scenic Design by Jo Mielziner. Lighting Design by Jo Mielziner. Directed by Gilbert Cates. Ethel Barrymore Theatre: 3 Apr 1972- 8 Apr 1972 (8 performances + 8 previews that began on 27 Mar 1972). Cast: Julie Harris (as "Claire"), Richard Kiley (as "Robert"), Lisa Essary (as "Jessica"), Scott Firestone (as "John"), Patricia Wheel (as "Mother"). Standbys: Laurie Franks (as "Claire"), Robert Stattel (as "Robert"). Produced by Jerry Schlossberg, Jerry Hammer and Adela Holzer. Note: Filmed as Voices (1974).
  • Absurd Person Singular (1974). Comedy. Written by Alan Ayckbourn. Directed by Eric Thompson. Music Box Theatre: 8 Oct 1974- 6 Mar 1976 (591 performances + 7 previews that began on 1 Oct 1974). Cast: Larry Blyden (as "Sidney") [died during production run and replaced by Paul Shyre], Sandy Dennis (as "Eva"), Richard Kiley(as "Ronald"), Geraldine Page (as "Marion"), Tony Roberts (as "Geoffrey "), Carole Shelley (as "Jane"). Standbys: Wayne Carson (as "Geoffrey/Ronald/Sidney"), Marilyn Clark (as "Eva/Jane /Marion"). Replacement actors during production run: Marilyn Clark (as "Jane") [from 4 Aug 1975-?], Curt Dawson (as "Geoffrey") [from 12 May 1975-?], Dalton Dearborn (as "Ronald") [from 4 Aug 1975-?] (as "Sidney") [from 24 Oct 1975- ?], Carol Lynley (as "Eva") [from 26 Jun 1975- ?], Sheila MacRae (as "Marion") [from 25 Aug 1975- ?], Paul Shyre (as "Sidney") [from 19 May 1975- ?], Betsy von Furstenberg (as "Eva") [from 12 Jan 1976-?], Fritz Weaver (as "Ronald") [from 10 Mar 1975-?]. Standbys: Dalton Dearborn (as "Ronald"), Martha Randall (as "Marion"), Naomi Riordan (as "Eva / Jane"). Produced by The Theatre Guild (Philip Langner and Armina Marshall) and The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Produced in association with Michael Codron. Note: Music Box Theatre owned and operated by Irving Berlin [who had no direct involvement in this production] and Select Theatres Corporation.
  • The Incomparable Max (1971). Written by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee. Based on stories by Max Beerbohm. Directed by Gerald Freedman. Royale Theatre: 19 Oct 1971- 6 Nov 1971 (23 performances + 10 previews that began on 9 Oct 1971). Cast: Clive Revill (as "Max Beerbohm"), Martyn Green (as "The Man/Col. Elbourne"), Constance Carpenter (as "Mrs. Elbourne"), Michael Egan (as "William Rothenstein"), John Fitzgibbon (as "Library Clerk/Young Man"), Fionnula Flanagan (as "Girl Library Attendant/Usher/Mrs. Blake"), Christina Gillespie (as "Usher/Girl-in-a-Hurry/Maid"), Claude Horton (as "Theatergoer"), Richard Kiley (as "Enoch Soames/A.V. Laider"), Donald Marye (as "Hotel Clerk/Uncle Sydney"), Betty Sinclair (as "Theatergoer's wife"), Rex Thompson (as "Mr. Blake"), Louis Turenne (as "Lewis, a waiter/Frenchman"). Produced by Michael Abbott, Rocky Aoki and Jerry Hammer. Associate Producer: Donald Sheff.
  • (1977) Stage: Appeared (as "Miguel de Cervantes" / "Don Quixote") in "Man of La Mancha" on Broadway. Revival.
  • (1960) Stage Play: Advise and Consent. Drama. Written by Loring Mandel. Based on the Pulitzer Prize Novel by Allen Drury. Directed by Franklin J. Schaffner. Cort Theatre: 17 Nov 1960- 20 Jun 1961 (212 performances). Cast included: Ed Begley, Henry Jones (as "Seab Cooley"), Richard Kiley (as "Brig Anderson"), Kevin McCarthy, Chester Morris, Staats Cotsworth, Barnard Hughes, Sally Kemp, Judson Laire, Woodrow Parfrey, Tom Shirley, Joan Wetmore (as "Calire Munson"), Conrad Bain (as "Winthrop, Senator from Massachusetts"), John Boyd. Note: Filmed as Advise & Consent (1962).
  • (January 10, 1979) Guested on the TV program "A.M. New York".
  • (1976) He acted in Noel Coward's play, "Noel Coward in Two Keys," at the Cape Playhouse in Dennis, Massachusetts with Teresa Wright in the cast.
  • (May 2, 1983) He performed in the revue, "Parade of Stars," at the Palace Theatre on Broadway in New York CIty, New York for the Actors' Fund Benefit with Eddie Albert, Debbie Allen, Edward Asner, Lauren Bacall, Harry Belafonte, Milton Berle, George Burns, David Cassidy, Dick Cavett, Carol Channing, Pam Dawber, Sandy Duncan, Bonnie Franklin, Jack Gilford, Gregory Hines, Ann Jillian, Larry Kert, Jack Klugman, Linda Lavin, Michele Lee, Rich Little, Dorothy Loudon, Lee Meredith, Jeanne Moreau, Ann Reinking, Dinah Shore, Jean Stapleton, Gwen Verndon, Fred Waring, James Whitmore, Shelley Winters, and MIchael York in the cast. Hildy Parks was the writer. John Kander and Fred Ebb were composers. Michael Frayn wrote the book. Robert Randolph was set designer. Alvin Colt was costume designer. Elliott Lawrence was musical director. Albert Stephenson was special musical stager. Clark Jones was director. Alexander H. Cohen was producer.
  • (1962) He acted in Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein's musical, "No Strings," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio with Diahaan Carroll in the cast.
  • (July 1983) He acted in Bill C. Davis' play, "Mass Appeal," at the Ogunquit Playhouse in Ogunquit, Maine.
  • (1987) He acted in Arthur Miller's play, "All My Sons" on Broadway in New York City with Jamey Sheridan in the cast.
  • (Summer 1951) He acted in Tennessee Williams' play, "A Streetcar Named Desire," in a Kenley Players production in Lakewood Park Theatre in Barnesville, Pennsylvania. John Kenley was artistic director.

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