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  • Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • Very Warm for May (1939). Musical comedy. Music by Jerome Kern. Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II. Music arranged by Russell Bennett. Book by Oscar Hammerstein II. Music orchestrated by Russell Bennett. Musical Director: Robert Emmett Dolan. Choreographed by Albertina Rasch and Harry Losee. Scenic Design by Vincente Minnelli. Costume Design by Vincente Minnelli. Book directed by Oscar Hammerstein II. Directed by Vincente Minnelli. Alvin Theatre: 17 Nov 1939- 6 Jan 1940 (59 performances). Cast: June Allyson (as "June"), Dolores Anderson (as "Dolores"), Eve Arden (as "Winnie Spofford"), Maxine Barrat (as "Honey"), Seldon Bennett (as "Schlesinger"), Beulah Blake (as "Beulah"), Helen Bliss (as "Helen"), Donald Brian (as "William Graham"), Virginia Card (as "Miss Wasserman"), Peter Chambers (as "Mr. Magee"), Andre Charise (as "Andre"), William Collins (as "Bill"), Sally Craven (as "Sally"), Milton DeLugg (as "O'Cedar/Accordion"), Helen Donovan (as "Helen II"), Eleanor Eberle (as "Eleanor"), Frank Egan (as "Mr. Pratt"), Vera-Ellen (as "Susan"), Bruce Evans (as "Electrician"), Marshal Fisher (as "Marshal/Guitar"), Miriam Franklyn (as "Miriam"), Kate Friedlich (as "Sylvia"), Ralph Hansell (as "Ralph/Drums"), Claire Harvey (as "Claire"), Louis Hightower (as "Louis"), Avon Long (as "Jackson"), Walter Long (as "Walter"), Don Loper (as "Smoothy Watson"), Ethel Lynn (as "Ethel"), Matt Malneck (as "Alvin/Violin"), Charles Marlowe (as "Homer/Trumpet"), Ray Mayer (as "Kenny"), Grace McDonald (as "May Graham"), Len Mence (as "Beamish"), Frances Mercer (as "Liz Spofford") [Broadway debut], Rudy Miller (as "Rudy"), Russ Morhoff (as "Russ/Bass"), Kay Picture (as "Miss Hyde"), Jean Plummer (as "Jean/Piano"), Marie Louise Quevli (as "Alice"), Richard Quine (as "Sonny Spofford"), Joseph Quintile (as "Joseph/Harp"), Pamela Randell (as "Pam"), Jack Seymour (as "Jack"), Robert Shackleton (as "Raymond Sibley"), Hollace Shaw (as "Carroll"), Hiram Sherman (as "Ogdon Quiler"), Max Showalter (as "Lowell Pennyfeather"), Ralph Stuart (as "Charles"), Evelyn Thawl (as "Jane"), Webb Tilton (as "Webb"), William Torpey (as "Jethro Hancock"), Jack Whiting (as "Johnny Graham"), Jack Wilson (as "Peter"), Billie Wirth (as "Billie"). Produced by Max Gordon.
  • Something for the Boys (1943). Musical comedy. Music by Cole Porter. Book by Herbert Fields and Dorothy Fields. Lyrics by Cole Porter. Choral arrangements by William Parson. Music orchestrated by Hans Spialek, Robert Russell Bennett, Don Walker and Ted Royal. Scenic Design by Howard Bay. Costume Design by Billy Livingston. Assistant to Mr. Bay: Albert A. Ostrander. Assistant to Mr. Livingston: Grace Houston. Lighting Design by Hassard Short. Choreographed by Jack Cole. Book directed by Herbert Fields. Additional Numbers Staged by Lew Kessler. Directed by Hassard Short. Alvin Theatre: 7 Jan 1943- 8 Jan 1944 (422 performances). Cast: Ethel Merman (as "Blossom Hart"), Jimmy Allison (as "Singer"), Anita Alvarez (as "Micheala"), Alice Anthony (as "Dancer"), The Barnes Twins (as "Lois & Lucille"), Joseph Bell (as "Singer"), May Block (as "Dancer"), Betty Bruce (as "Betty-Jean"), William Callahan (as "Corp. Burns"), Stanley Catron (as "Dancer"), Madeline Clive [credited as Madeleine Clive] (as "Mrs. Grubbs"), Jean Coyne (as "Dancer"), Bob Davis (as "Dancer"), Betty Deane (as "Dancer"), Patricia Deering (as "Dancer"), Benny DeSio (as "Dancer"), Alan Fleming (as "Singer"), Jerry Florio (as "Dancer"), Albert Gaeta (as "Dancer"), Betty Garrett (as "Mary-Frances"), Aaron Gobetz (as "Dancer"), Ruth Godfrey (as "Dancer"), Dolores Goodman (as "Dancer"), Ray Harrison (as "Dancer"), Jack Hartley (as "Lt. Col. S.D. Grubbs"), Richard Harvey (as "Singer"), Betty Heather (as "Dancer"), Buddy Irving (as "Singer"), Margie Jackson (as "Dancer"), Allen Jenkins (as "Harry Hart"), Bill Johnson (as "Staff Sgt. Rocky Fulton"), Jeanne Jones (as "Dancer"), Art Lambert (as "Singer"), Stuart Langley (as "Sgt. Laddie Green"), Paula Laurence (as "Chiquita Hart"), Bruce Lord (as "Singer"), William Lynn (as "Mr. Tobias Twitch"), David Mann (as "Dancer"), Paul Mario (as "Singer"), Remi Martell (as "Sgt. Carter/Dancer"), Paul Martin (as "Dancer"), John Mayo (as "Singer"), Frances Mercer (as "Melanie Walker") [final Broadway role], Joseph Monte (as "Singer"), Duncan Noble (as "Dancer"), Jean Owens (as "Dancer"), Jed Prouty (as "Roger Calhoun"), Ricky Riccardi (as "Dancer"), Walter Rinner (as "Burke/Singer"), Leslie Shannon (as "Dancer"), Ethel Sherman (as "Dancer"), Puddy Smith (as "Dancer"), Nina Starkey (as "Dancer"), William Vaux (as "Dancer"), Joe Viggiano (as "Dancer"), Murvyn Vye (as "Singer"), William Weber (as "Dancer"), Patricia Welles (as "Dancer"), Helen Wenzel (as "Dancer"), June Wieting (as "Dancer"), Lou Wills Jr. (as "Dancer"), Parker Wilson (as "Dancer"). Understudy: Betty Garrett (as "Blossom Hart"). Replacement actors: Leon Anthony (as "Dancer"), Tom Barrigan (as "Singer"), Dick Beard (as "Dancer"), Forrest Bonshire (as "Dancer"), Gloria Brooks (as "Dancer"), Betty Bruce (as "Chiquita Hart"), Edward Cassell (as "Singer"), Clarissa (as "Micheala"), Muriel Cole (as "Dancer"), William Drew (as "Dancer"), Charles Flynn (as "Singer"), Jack Foley (as "Dancer"), Charles Howard (as "Mr. Tobias Twitch"), Frank Hyers (as "Harry Hart"), George Lambrose (as "Singer"), Roma Leigh (as "Dancer"), Brayton Lewis (as "Singer"), June MacLaren (as "Dancer"), Jack Malis (as "Dancer"), Jerry Meilan (as "Dancer"), Mavis Mims (as "Betty-Jean"), Willamae Montur (as "Maid"), Ben Murphy (as "M.P./Singer"), Mischa Pompianov (as "Dancer"), Nancy Porter (as "Mary-Frances"), Bobby Preist (as "Dancer"), Dale Preist (as "Dancer"), Jules Racine (as "Dancer"), Gordon Richards (as "Singer"), Bob Roland (as "Singer"), Herbert Ross (as "Dancer"), Ruth Ryder (as "Dancer"), George Sabo (as "Dancer"), Shirl Thomas (as "Melanie Walker"), Terry Towne (as "Dancer"), Milton Watson (as "Sgt. Laddie Green"). Produced by Mike Todd.

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