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  • (1931 - 1949) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1931) Stage Play: Technique.
  • (1933) Stage Play: She Loves Me Not" on Broadway. Comedy. Written / directed by Howard Lindsay. Based on a novel by Edward Hope. 46th Street Theatre: 20 Nov 1933- Oct 1934 (closing date unknown/360 performances). Cast: Allan Allen, Andy Anderson, John Beal, Harry Bellaver (as "Mugg Schnitzel"), Robert Bentzen, Frances Brandt, Charles O. Brown, Jane Buchanan, Helen Buck, Jack Byrne, Delancey Cleveland, Jerome Daley, John T. Dwyer, Edward M. Favor, Harold P. Flick, John M. Kline, Ralph J. Locke (as "J.B."), Burgess Meredith (as "Buzz Jones"), Caroline Morrison, 'Philip Ober' (as "Henry Broughton"), Maude Odell, Randall O'Neill, Florence Rice, Frederic Voight, Polly Walters, Nelson West, Gerrie Worthing. Produced by Dwight Wiman and Tom Weatherly.
  • (1934) Stage Play: Personal Appearance. Comedy. Written by Lawrence Riley. Directed by Antoinette Perry and Brock Pemberton. Henry Miller's Theatre: 17 Oct 1934- Dec 1935 (closing date unknown/501 performances). Cast: Gladys George (as "Cecily Carewe, played by Carole Arden in the film "Drifting Lady" Appeared in film sequence only/Carole Arden"), Eula Guy (as "Aunt Kate Barnaby"), Otto Hulett (as "Gene Tuttle"), Dorrit Kelton (as "Jessie"), Philip Ober (as "Chester Norton/Bud"), Merna Pace, Leonard Penn, Minna Phillips (as "Mrs. Struthers/Addie"), John Robb, Florence Robinson (as "Gladys Kelcey"), Don Shelton. Produced by Brock Pemberton.
  • (1936) Stage Play: Spring Dance. Comedy. Written by Philip Barry. Based on the play by Eloise Barrangon and Eleanor Golden [final Broadway credit]. Directed by Jed Harris (I)'. Empire Theatre: 25 Aug 1936- Sep 1936 (closing date unknown/24 performances). Cast: Brooks Bowman (as "Buck Buchanan"), Marie Bruce (as "Miss Ritchie"), 'José Ferrer' (as "The Lippincot"), Martha Hodge (as "Sally Prescott"), Tookie Hunter (as "Mady Platt"), Richard Kendrick (as "Sam Thatcher"), Ruth Matteson (as "Kate McKim"), Tom Neal (as "Doc Boyd"), Philip Ober (as "Walter Beckett"), Peggy O'Donnell (as "Frances Fenn"), Louise Platt (as "Alex Benson"), Jack Warren (as "John Hatton"), Mary Wickes (as "Mildred") [Broadway debut]. Produced by Jed Harris. Note: Filmed by MGM as Spring Madness (1938).
  • (1937) Stage Play: Without Warning. Drama.
  • (1938) Stage Play: The Hill Between. Drama. Written by Lula Vollmer. Directed by Elizabeth Hull. Little Theatre: 11 Mar 1938- Mar 1938 (closing date unknown/11 performances). Cast: Roberta Bellinger (as "Guest"), Bill Benner (as "Dolph Collins"), Fred Bowman (as "Guest"), Henry Brown (as "Tobe Carter"), Eugenie Carson (as "Bessie Pea"), William W. Crimans (as "Grandpaw Sanders"), Robert Dryden (as "Tobias Allen"), Mildred Dunnock (as "Agnes Riddle"), Richard Ellington (as "Gil Winters"), Gilbert Fates (as "Cale Stubbs"), Philip Faversham (as "Larz"), Sara Haden (as "Julie"), Nell Harrison (as "Aunt Frone"), W.O. McWatters (as "Paw Robbins"), Philip Ober (as "Brent"), Dorothy Patten (as "Anna"), Jim Robertson (as "Wash Bitters"), Joan Vanderwall (as "Martha Litt"), Margaret Winkler (as "Guest"), Therese Wittler (as "Lucy Wallis"), Lili Zehner (as "Ellen"). Produced by Robert Porterfield.
  • (1938) Stage Play: Eye On the Sparrow. Comedy.
  • (1938) Stage Play: Kiss the Boys Good-Bye. Comedy. Written by Clare Boothe Luce [credited as Clare Boothe]. Scenic Design by John Root. Directed by Antoinette Perry. Henry Miller's Theatre: 28 Sep 1938- Jun 1939 (closing date unknown/286 performances). Cast: John Alexander (as "Madison Breed"), Ollie Burgoyne (as "Maimie"), Helen Claire (as "Cindy Lou Bethany"), Wyman Holmes (as "Conductor"), Sheldon Leonard (as "Herbert Z. Harner"), Lex Lindsay (as "Oscar"), Hugh Marlowe (as "Top Rumson"), Millard Mitchell (as "Lloyd Lloyd"), Philip Ober (as "Horace Rand"), Benay Venuta (as "Myra Stanhope"), Carmel White (as "Leslie Rand"), Frank H. Wilson [credited as Frank Wilson] (as "George"). Produced by Brock Pemberton.
  • (1940) Stage Play: Out From Under. Comedy.
  • (1941) Stage Play: Mr. and Mrs. North. Written by Owen Davis, from the stories by Frances Lockridge and Richard Lockridge. Scenic Design by Jo Mielziner. Directed by Alfred De Liagre Jr. Belasco Theatre: 12 Jan 1941- 31 May 1941 (163 performances). Cast: Wylie Adams, William Barry, Carter Blake, Peggy Conklin (as "Mrs. North"), Horace Cooper (as "Fuller Brush Man"), Owen Davis Jr., Gordon Duff, Harold Grau, Albert Hackett (as "Mr. North"), Don Haggerty, Stanley Jessup (as "Inspector O'Malley"), Catherine Lawrence, Lex Lindsay, Joan Marlowe, Lewis Martin, Millard Mitchell (as "Detective Mullins"), Philip Ober (as "Lt. Weigand"), Tito Vuolo, Fank Wilcox, Barbara Woodell. Produced by Alfred De Liagre Jr.
  • (1941) Stage Play: Junior Miss. Comedy. Written by Jerome Chodorov and Joseph Fields. Based on the stories by Sally Benson. Stage Manager: Henry Ephron. Directed by Moss Hart. Lyceum Theatre (moved to The 46th Street Theatre from 26 Dec 1941- 28 Mar 1943, then moved to The Majestic Theatre from 28 Mar 1943 to close): 18 Nov 1941- 24 Jul 1943 (unknown performances). Cast: Matt Briggs, Francesca Bruning, Walter Collins, John Cushman, James Elliot, Kenneth Forbes, Jack Geer, John Hudson, Alexander Kirkland, Paula Laurence, Lenore Lonergan, Jack Manning, Joan Newton, Philip Ober (as "Harry Graves"), Patricia Peardon, William Redfield (as "Haskell Cummings") [credited as Billy Redfield], Barbara Robbins, Peter Scott, Robert Willey. Produced by Max Gordon.
  • (1943) Stage Play: Another Love Story. Comedy. Written and directed by Frederick Lonsdale. Fulton Theatre: 12 Oct 1943- 8 Jan 1944 (104 performances). Produced by Louis A. Lotito.
  • (1943) Stage Play: Doctors Disagree.
  • (1947) Stage Play: Craig's Wife. Drama (revival).
  • (1948) Stage Play: Light Up the Sky. Comedy.

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