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French Director Cyril Morin Recreates New York 1984 with Love and Sadness

French Director Cyril Morin Recreates New York 1984 with Love and Sadness
NY84” will have a gala opening and theatrical release this October 14 at the Arena Theater in Hollywood.

A unique venue for a unique film written and directed by Cyril Morin and starring Sam Quartin, Chris Schellenger and Davy J. Marr, “NY84” follows the adventures of three young artists in the downtown New York art scene in the early 1980s. Young and carefree, Kate, Anton, and Keith party, photograph, paint, sing, and play their way through the clubs and lofts of Alphabet City.

The party ends in 1984 when Anton and Keith contract a mysterious illness known as the “gay cancer.” We gain an intimate glimpse into their creative and emotional lives as the three lose their youth and innocence.

Cyril Morin

This is a lyrical poetic paen to those times some of us were lucky enough to have lived through. The sexual revolution and its sexual freedom in effect then for the newly liberated homosexual community, also opened the way for Kate to express herself. And it opened a door for transexuals, women and the whole diversity of humanity to assert itself today.
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The Marché du Film and Cinando Award Best Seller Pitches at Cannes

This Cannes, the Marché du Film and Cinando handed out their first-ever prize: the Cinando Best Seller Award.

Thirteen sales agents from all horizons were invited to participate in a pitching contest that took place on May 17th at the Marché du Film. Selected pitchers were given details of a real project, “Codename Madeleine”, inspired by historical events, from an original idea by Pan Nalin, its director. They then had 48 hours to prepare a 5-minute pitch that would convince the Cinando Awards jury composed of three distributors: Norio Hatano from Longride (Japan), Ira von Gienanth from Prokino (Germany), Dylan Leiner from Sony Pictures Classics (USA) and producer-sales agent Raphaël Berdugo from Cité Films (France).

The jury announced the contest winners at an event at the Plage des Palmes on May 18th, alongside Jérôme Paillard, Market exec director, Nicolas Brigaud-Robert from Films Distribution and John Hopewell from Variety.

Awardees were announced as follows:

- Winners Ex aequo: Chantal Chateauneuf, Mongrel International (Canada) and Georgia Poivre, Films Distribution (France)

- Second Prize: Rahmat Adam, Creative Content Malaysia (Malaysia)

- Honorable Mention: Emmanuel Pisarra, Doc & Film International (France)

The 2 top winners got their portrait and interview in Variety.

Here their profiles written by John Hopewell.

Georgia Poivre, Films Distribution, France

From a an internship in acquisitions with Wild Bunch, based out of New York over 2012-13, to a gig in the home entertainment marketing department at Paris-h.Q.-ed Studiocanal in 2014, to international sales manager at Wide in 2015, Poivre has come a long way fast. She joined Paris-based Films Distribution – one of Europe’s highest-profile sale companies with subsids or affiliates in Berlin, Brussels and now London – as international sales manager in April.

Pitching, Poivre said Wednesday, “I tried to do what I’ve seen [Films Distribution partners] Nicolas [Brigaud-Robert] and Francois [Yon] do: Get to the passion of the story, its essence, the characters. Without motivation, there’s no character, no conflict, no story.” She was one of the only sales agents to key into what really – in part – might have driven Khan: Her desire to be an Indian “superhero,” in Poivre’s words, serving Britain in WWII so that Britain would serve India’s interests, granting it independence.

Also, her Jewish fiance was deported. “Sometimes, romantic motivation can be above all the rest,” Poivre said. “Dynamic,” in one juror’s words, the ex-Boston U alum, majoring in film and TV, was born and raised in Paris. She was also one of the only sales agents to give ‘Codename: Madeleine’ an industrial context.

“She talked about the timeline, when delivery would be, which kind of festivals the film was suited for,” said Gienanth.

“I try to get very passionate about what I’m selling, communicate not only the story but my excitement about it,” Poivre said.

“She takes pride and joy in getting people to agree with her, convincing a buyer to see a movie or buy it. By the same token, she’s kind and gentle, she doesn’t bully her buyer. If you push people too much, they get scared. It’s like hunting,” said Brigaud-Robert.

Chantal Chateauneuf, Mongrel International

“A good seller is not the person that tells you the entire story but is a person who tells you enough in order for you to want to engage with the story,” Leiner argued.

Chateauneuf was a case in point. With “a flow in her pitch,” said Gienanth, she captured the essence of the story concisely in very few minutes, no easy task.

“It important the sales agent knows about the director they’re pitching,” Gienanth added. Here Chateauneuf was in her element, Mongrel Intl. having sold “Codename: Madeleine’s” director Pan Nalin’s latest film, “Angry Indian Goddesses”: “He looks at women in India with a fresh, contemporary lens, focusing on the average woman, who is moderately educated, dealing with real female problems: Work-life balance, sexuality,” Chateauneuf enthused.

Like Poivre, Chateauneuf also keyed in what deep motivation” “Part of it is her father’s influence, her religious inclination, which inspired her to fight injustice around the world.”

Very together, Chateauneuf studied at Montreal’s McGill U, started at Mongrel as sales coordinator in 2014 and, when it launched an international sales division under Charlotte Mickie, moved to a sales position. “She’s efficient, astute and passionate. An amazing combination! We’re so lucky to have her on our team,” a proud Mickie glowed.
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NY Indian Film Fest 2016 Review: Parched Pleads For Peace And Equality In The Face Of Violence

It is dangerous to be a woman in India these days. While I sincerely hate to paint an entire country with such broad strokes, this is the story I'm told over and over again by the news of deadly gang rapes, infrequent honor killings, tribal marriage pacts made against women's wills, and even friends on the ground in the world's largest democracy. One of the great potential equalizers in the battle for women's rights these days is representation and culture; if you show the problem in a film, people are more likely to believe its real. As a result, the last few years have seen some of the finest women-centric films in the world, from big budget affairs like Kangana Ranaut's Queen to Pan Nalin's...

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Indian Film Fest La 2016 Review: Angry Indian Goddesses, India's Women Are Docile No More

India, like every other film industry in the world, suffers from a significant shortage of films featuring women in leading roles. I'm not talking about women's films, chick flicks, or other films that celebrate women by exaggerating feminity to conform with male fantasies. I'm just talking about regular old movies with leading women who don't have any men to answer to. Even those films that do exist -- think Sex & the City, Bridesmaids, etc... -- largely predicate their existance upon how the women involved relate to men. Thankfully, Pan Nalin's new film Angry Indian Goddesses largely ignores the preset rules about what women's films should be and delivers a film in which women are characters instead of archetypes interacting with one another. The film...

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Us Briefs: Iffla unveils 2016 programme

  • ScreenDaily
Us Briefs: Iffla unveils 2016 programme
Plus: Production underway on Paramount’s Baywatch; and more…

Pan Nalin’s Angry Indian Goddesses will open the Indian Film Festival Of Los Angeles (Iffla) on April 6. Anu Menon’s Waiting will close the 14th annual event on April 10.

“India’s independent filmmakers are taking bold risks, defying convention, and responding to injustice in each of these visionary films, and the results are breathtaking,” said director of programming Mike Dougherty.

“I’m extremely excited for our Los Angeles audience to experience these films, which have garnered raves from around the world, or are making their world premiere with us.” For further details about the line-up click here.

Melanie Miller has joined Samuel Goldwyn Films as evp and will be responsible for distribution strategy, marketing and PR. The former vp of acquisitions and marketing will work with Peter Goldwyn to expand episodic and feature-length activities.Paramount Pictures has begun principal photography on Baywatch starring Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron
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International producers discuss challenges at Screen's Efm panel

  • ScreenDaily
At Screen International’s Efm panel at the Gropius Mirror restaurant, four international producers shared their tips for success and survival in the modern film landscape.

In an open and frank discussion, Sol Bondy of Germany’s One Two Films, Guneet Monga of India’s Sikhya Entertainment, Agnes Johansen from Iceland’s Rvk Studios (Baltasar Kormakur’s company) and Natasha Dack from the UK’s Tigerlily Productions shared their experiences on protecting producer’s fees, setting up international co-productions and managing cash flows better in order to navigate the lean times.

The panel, moderated by Screen contributing editor Wendy Mitchell, all agreed that surviving as an independent producer poses continual challenges but passion keeps them going.

Bondy, who co-produced Tom Shoval’s Youth (Berlinale Panorama 2013) and Pan Nalin’s Angry Indian Goddesses via One Two Films, was the only panellist who works exclusively in film. He credits the company’s angel investor and a focus on international
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Reflections 2015: The Best Indie and Festival Films of 2015

By Katherine Matthews and Rumnique Nannar

One of the most frustrating aspects of covering festival and indie films has been the limited access for a wider audience – very often review comments run along the lines of: “Tell me where I can see this!” 2015 was a year that finally saw some great shifts in this, with a number of festival films finally getting a theatrical release – some of them films that had been on the festival circuit for a couple of years, some of them hot off the 2015 festival rounds. Audiences for both festival and indie films are small, but they’re growing, and access to this year’s “best of” selection should be easier for interested viewers. 2015 was, indeed, a great year for these films – enjoy our choices for Festival and Indie Bests!


A TIFF2013 film that finally saw its theatrical release this past year, Qissa (“Folktale”), set in post-partition India,
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‘Angry Indian Goddesses’ Is A Masterpiece On Women – A Subhash K Jha review

Starring Sara Jane Dias, Tannishtha Chatterjee, Sandhya Mridul, Anushka Manchanda, Pavleen Gujral, Amrit Maghera, Rajshri Deshpande

Written & Directed by Pan Nalin

For all the perverts out there who think it’s their birthright to peer up women’s skirts, here’s a film that peers right into women’s souls…seven of them, all so grandly scripted they seem to have walked into the film from our lives.

Every one of the seven female protagonists played, let me tell you, by actresses who were born to be their characters, is so sharply written, I came away thinking of them as people whose lives I’d like to know more about. (Ah, us prying Indians, whether it’s skirts or lives, we just love to intrude.) Sadly by the time Pan Nalin’s exceedingly persuasive film ended, one of the ladies was no longer with us. Such is life.

The temptation
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Kary Arora On the Angry Indian Goddesses song ‘Tinko Ke Sahare’

The forthcoming film Angry Indian Goddesses, features the song ‘Tinko Ke Sahare’, which has been composed by DJ/Music composer Kary Arora. Kary is known as India’s first female DJ and she has featured in the Limca Book of Records. I recently had a catch up with Kary, and she shared with us details of how her journey in the Bollywood music industry began, and also how she landed the part of a composer for Angry Indian Goddesses.

Read on to find out more from the talented Kary Arora!

Tell us your journey so far, within the Bollywood music industry.

My journey started when I moved to Mumbai in 2011 with the intentions of exploring the field of music composing in Bollywood. At first it was difficult to understand the technicalities like who pays, who decides creative inputs, whats legal and illegal like copyright, credit and contract issues as the
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Mongrel's 'Goddesses' lure deals

  • ScreenDaily
Exclusive: Mongrel International has closed key territories on Pan Nalin’s recent Rome audience award winner Angry Indian Goddesses heading into Sunday’s market premiere screening.

Rights have gone to California Filmes for Latin America, Outsider Films for Portugal and Alter Ego Pictures for Poland.

Producer Gaurav Dhingra of Jungle Book Entertainment, producer Sol Bondy of One Two Films and Mongrel International president Charlotte Mickie also announced that AA Distribution will handle wide release in India.

Mongrel has licensed Angry Indian Goddesses in more than 40 territories including France (Arp Selection), Benelux (ABC Cinemien), Spain (Karma), Germany/Austria (Nfp marketing and distribution), Middle East (Italia Film) and Switzerland (Filmcoopi).

The film premiered in Toronto — where it was runner up for the audience award — and centres on a fashion photographer who summons her unsuspecting friends to Goa for a riotous bachelorette party before matters take a more serious turn.
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Watch: Exclusive 'Angry Indian Goddesses' Clip Wants to Change How Women are Treated in the Indian Film Industry

  • Indiewire
Watch: Exclusive 'Angry Indian Goddesses' Clip Wants to Change How Women are Treated in the Indian Film Industry
Read More: Watch: Pan Nalin's 'Angry Indian Goddesses' Find Their Powers of Destruction in Exclusive Clip In the new female buddy film "Angry Indian Goddesses," women are standing up for their artistic rights in the Indian film industry. The movie marks writer-director Pan Nalin's mainstream Hindi cinema debut. After being screened in the Special Presentations section of the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival and finishing second in the voting for the People's Choice Award, the drama will be released in over 40 countries in 2016.  The official synopsis reads: "In the scenic beachside state of Goa, Frieda (Sarah Jane Dias), a strong-willed and celebrated photographer gathers her closest friends on the eve of her nuptials. The diverse (and often hilarious) group is a snapshot of modern Indian society: Su (Sandhya Mridul), a businesswoman and mother; the engaging Nargis; Jo (Amrit Maghera), an aspiring Bollywood actress; Pammy (Pavleen Gujral),...
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Black Nights unveils Works in Progress titles

Black Nights unveils Works in Progress titles
Eight projects in production or post-production will compete at this year’s festival.

The 19th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (Nov 13-29) has unveiled the eight projects that will be featured in its Works in Progress programme this year.

The titles selected represent a variety of countries deliberately chosen for being outside of the mainstream, including a project from Krygystan and co-productions from Latvia-Japan-Estonia and Egypt-France.

The Latvia-Japan-Estonia co-production Magic Kimono comes from director Maris Martinsons, whose 2008 film Loss was submitted by Lithuania to the Academy Award’s foreign language pool.

Freedom, the Germany-Slovakia co-pro, is produced by Sol Bondy, who was named by Screen as a future leader at Cannes 2013, and Jamila Wenske; the pair were both co-producers on Pan Nalin’s comedy drama Angry Indian Goddesses.

The film is directed by Jan Speckenbach, whose Reported Missing was nominated for a European Film Award in 2012.

Mohamed Hefzy, also a Screen future leader in 2013, produces Sherif Elbendary’s Ali
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Rome wrap: 'Angry Indian Goddesses' wins top prize

Streamlined Rome Film Fest sees inevitable drop in box office and attendance but puts on a good show; Mia launches with scope for content growth.

The Rome International Film Festival’s 10th edition concluded on Saturday (Oct 24) with Pan Nalin’s female “buddy” movie Angry Indian Goddesses winning the sole prize of the event - The Bnl People’s Choice Award.

The director, who also made India’s highest-grossing documentary, Ayurveda: Art of Being, continued his successful festival run after securing second place for Toronto International Film Festival’s People’s Choice Award, behind Lenny Abrahamson’s Room.

Both films were once again pitted against each other in the eternal city, with the heartwarming Goa-based drama this time winning out.

Piera Detassis, president of the Fondazione Cinema per Roma, said: “I am pleased that a courageous and revealing film that sheds light on the condition of women in India, choosing a genre that is traditionally about male bonding
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Germany's One Two Films to co-produce Laura Dern-starrer 'The Tale'

  • ScreenDaily
Berlin-based One Two Films is making its first foray into Stateside production as the co-producer on Jennifer Fox’s fiction feature debut The Tale, which begins shooting at locations in Louisiana today (Oct 20).

The $3.5m investigative thriller is being produced by Blackbird Films and A Luminous Mind Productions, with Lawrence Inglee and Laura Rister as producers and Oren Moverman serving as executive producer.

The autobiographical story has a cast headed up by Laura Dern, with Ellen Burstyn, Isabelle Nélisse, Elizabeth Debicki and Jason Ritter.

One Two FilmsSol Bondy - who was a Screen Future Leader at Cannes 2013 - told ScreenDaily he had been introduced to The Tale as a project when he and Fox took part in the 2013/14 edition of the Transatlantic Film Partners programme.

He subsequently brought public broadcaster Zdf and Arte to the project which is being handled internationally by Mongrel International and is set to wrap principal photography in December.

From Helsinki
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Stockholm unveils 2015 line-up; Ai Weiwei to attend

  • ScreenDaily
Stockholm unveils 2015 line-up; Ai Weiwei to attend
Full line-up of the Stockholm film festival includes feature and documentary competition line-ups.Scroll down for full line-up

The Stockholm International Film Festival (Nov 11-22) has unveiled the line-up for its 26th edition, comprising more than 190 films from over 70 countries.

The Stockholm Xxvi Competition includes Marielle Heller’s Us title The Diary of a Teenage Girl and László Nemes’ Holocaust drama Son Of Saul.

It marks the first time Stockholm has a greater number of women than men competing for the Bronze Horse – the festival’s top prize.

The documentary competition includes Amy Berg’s An Open Secret, an investigation into accusations of teenagers being sexually abused within the film industry; and Cosima Spender’s Palio, centred on the annual horse race in Siena, Italy.

Announcing the programme, festival director Git Scheynius also revealed that Chinese artist Ai Weiwei will visit Stockholm for the first time as chairman of the jury for the first Stockholm Impact Award, which
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Tannishtha Chatterjee On UnIndian, Angry Indian Goddesses, Parched and more!

Tannishtha Chatterjee is a film festival veteran, but the success of her films at the Toronto Film Festival or at the Venice Film Festival consistently surprise her. Chatterjee appeared in two films at Tiff: Pan Nalin’s Angry Indian Goddesses, which is India’s first female buddy film that won the first runner up prize at the Grolsch People Choice Awards at Tiff, and in Leena Yadav’s Parched, which follows three women in rural Rajasthan as they disrupt patriarchal customs. These films won critical acclaim at the festival, which speaks to the amazing female-oriented cinema she’s gravitated towards. In her new film UnIndian, in which she stars opposite cricketer Brett Lee, Chatterjee tries her hand at comedy, and this is one we can’t wait to see. We caught up with Chatterjee to talk festival life, UnIndian, and roles for women in Indian cinema.

How do you decide
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Asian movies awarded at the Toronto International Film Festival

Two Asian films were awarded during the Toronto International Film Festival (Tiff).

The second place for the Audience Award was for “Angry Indian Goddesses” by Pan Nalin, director of the excellent movie “Samsara” (2001).

Freida (Sarah Jane Dias) invites her close group of friends to the city Goa where she tells them that she will marry soon but they are in for a surprise she don’t tell them who is the betrothed. The news shock so much the group that soon everyone starts to play different strategies to find out the truth. Dialogues touches very different topics such as career, sex life, genre issues and sexism. With this movie Nalin shows a snapshot of modern Indian society.

The other film awarded was “The Whispering Star” who got the Netpac Award for World or International Asian Film Premiere.

The movie directed by Sion Sono tells the story of Yoko (Megumi Kagurazaka
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"Room" Wins People's Choice Awards at 2015 Tiff! See the Complete List of Winners!

A big congrats to Lenny Abrahamson's "Room" for winning the Grolsch's People's Choice Awards at the recently concluded 40th Toronto International Film Festival! It's safe to say that "Room" will see a future at the Academy Awards. Previous winners that went on to grab the Best Picture Oscar were "Slumdog Millionaire," "The King's Speech," and "12 Years A Slave."

Here's the complete winners and press release from Tiff:

The Toronto International Film Festival® today announced award winners from the 40th Festival, which wraps up this evening. See a free screening of Room, the winner of the Grolsch People's Choice Award, Sunday, September 20 at 8pm.

The short film awards below were selected by a jury comprised of the head of the shorts program and creations unit at Canal+ France, Pascale Faure, film writer John Anderson (The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times), and actor Rizwan Manji (Outsourced, The Wolf of Wall Street
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Tiff Interview: Pan Nalin

Director Pan Nalin is ecstatic about the response to his latest film, Angry Indian Goddesses, a female buddy movie that won the first runner up prize at Tiff’s Grolsch People’s Choice Awards. He’s taking in all the sights of Toronto, and has been shooting a music video for the film with his seven goddesses for the week. We caught up with Nalin before his world premiere to chat about feminism, funding the film, and his goddesses.

Was this film something that was gestating with you for a while?

Earlier when I did Samsara, and Valley of the Flowers, I did have strong female characters. I did write a couple of story lines, but it wasn’t fully developed. But very soon I realized that in India that it was very nearly impossible to raise any funds. You couldn’t even speak, because they [producers] would say, “Decades ago
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Room wins People's Choice Award at Toronto International Film Festival

Room wins People's Choice Award at Toronto International Film Festival
Room has been awarded the People's Choice Award at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Directed by Lenny Abrahamson, the film is based on Emma Donoghue's 2010 best-selling novel about a woman who was kidnapped.

Room follows the woman, Mia, as she tries to raise her son Jack in the one small room that they are being held captive in and keep him happy and safe until there is an opportunity for them to escape.

The film stars Brie Larson, Joan Allen, William H Macy and 8-year-old Jacob Tremblay as Jack.

This year's second runner-up for the People's Choice Award was Tom McCarthy's Spotlight, while first runner-up went to Pan Nalin's Angry Indian Goddesses.

Previous recipients of the award - Slumdog Millionaire, The King's Speech and 12 Years a Slave - have all gone on to win Best Picture at the Oscars.

Watch the trailer for Room below:
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