'Strangeland II: Disciple' to Begin Lensing in the Next 90 Days?

Although rumored to be filming on several other occasions, a report over at News Net 5 indicated that Dee Snider may finally be getting behind the camera for the long-delayed Strangeland sequel, Strangeland II: Disciple. "The state of Ohio has approved the applications for three projects to be filmed in Northeast Ohio using the Film Tax Credit," they report adding one of the films is Strangeland 2! How soon will they shoot? "The films will all begin preproduction in the next 90 days." Written by Twisted Sister frontman Dee SNider, and directed by John Pieplow, the 1998 film was about a sadomasochistic predator who surfs the internet looking for on-line female victims.
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Snider Gives Strangeland Sequel Details

For the contingent out there who have been dying for more information on Strangeland: Disciple, the sequel we last told you about last week, Dee Snider has dropped all sorts of information about it in the laps of Fangoria, and we’re sharing it with you.

The sequel takes place in an underground society where freaks party their lives away in a place called The Torture Garden. Captain Howdy is still very much alive, as is his nemesis Jackson Roth, who will again be played by Robert Englund. “I came up with a convincing way to bring Captain Howdy back that’s not a cheat,” Snider told the mag. ”His new look—multiple burns, mismatched tattooed flesh from skin grafts—is totally horrific. Since the original Strangeland came out and inspired the likes of Saw and the whole torture porn craze, I really have to up the ante.”

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Dee Snider reveals Strangeland sequel details

Dee Snider, frontman of legendary heavy metal legend band Twisted Sister and Fangoria Radio host, is finally set to begin production on the long-mooted Strangeland: Disciple this fall. Filming will take place in Ohio on the sequel to Strangeland (pictured), which returns Snider’s body modification guru/serial killer Carleton Hendricks/Captain Howdy to the silver screen over a decade after the singer wrote and starred in the first film.

Best of all, Snider’s partners in the project, Nehst Studios, have put out an open casting call through to fill out roles in the film, which will again co-star Robert Englund as Howdy nemesis Jackson Roth. “We are conducting a national casting call to find actors and extras to be in the film with Dee,” explains Nehst chief Larry Meistrich, whose previous company The Shooting Gallery produced Strangeland in 1998. “This is the best way for people to audition.
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Dee Snider to Get His Captain Howdy On Again in Strangeland: Disciple

Scoring an astonishing 7% on Rottentomatoes, Dee Snider’s Strangeland is still somehow a cult film amongst certain nooks and crannies of the horror community, and not just die-hard fans of Snider’s band Twisted Sister. Perhaps these fans have been swigging the Kool-Aid that star, screenwriter, producer and, according to the title, owner Dee Snider has been handing out. According to him, the first film could have been saved had director John Pieplow not had final cut (not to mention first re-edit cut, a clause I’ve never heard of before).

“…I had a deal for an extended DVD release of the first Strangeland with Lionsgate, and then the frigging director who fucked it up the first time wielded his Director’s Guild right to first re-edit. We wanted to do an extended DVD and call it the Dee-rector’s cut, but I won’t let the guy near it”

Things have changed now,
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