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  • (1936) Stage: Appeared (as "Joan Haviland"; Broadway debut) in "A Room in Red and White" on Broadway. Drama. Written by Roy Hargrave, in collaboration with Laura Adair and Thomas Hargrave. Scenic Design by Jo Mielziner. Directed by Joshua Logan (also in cast as "Robert Humphreys"). 48th Street Theatre: 18 Jan 1936-Feb 1936 (closing date unknown/25 performances). Cast: Leslie Adams, Brenda Dahlen, Chrystal Herne (as "Beatrice Crandall"), Tenen Holtz (as "Peter Mansky"), Richard Kendrick (as "Lawrence Crandall"), William Sanders, Karl Stall (as "John Mellon"), Ivy Troutman (as "Marion Mellon"). Produced by Dwight Wiman and George Kondolf.
  • (1936) Stage: Appeared (as "Alex Benson") in "Spring Dance" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by Philip Barry. Based on the play by Eloise Barrangon and Eleanor Golden [final Broadway credit]. Directed / produced by Jed Harris. Empire Theatre: 25 Aug 1936-Sep 1936 (closing date unknown/24 performances). Cast: Brooks Bowman (as "Buck Buchanan"), Marie Bruce (as "Miss Ritchie"), 'José Ferrer' (as "The Lippincot"), Martha Hodge (as "Sally Prescott"), Tookie Hunter (as "Mady Platt"), Richard Kendrick (as "Sam Thatcher"), Ruth Matteson (as "Kate McKim"), Tom Neal (as "Doc Boyd"), Philip Ober (as "Walter Beckett"), Peggy O'Donnell (as "Frances Fenn"), Jack Warren (as "John Hatton"), Mary Wickes (as "Mildred"; Broadway debut). NOTE: Filmed as Spring Madness (1938).
  • (1936) Stage: Appeared (as "Solange") in "Promise" on Broadway. Drama. Written by H.M. Harwood. Translated by Henri Bernstein. Directed / produced by Gilbert Miller. Little Theatre: 30 Dec 1936-unknown (29 performances). Cast: Irene Browne (as "Therese Delbar"), Thomas Collins (as "Toni Flammery"), Jean Forbes-Robertson (as "Catherine"), Cedric Hardwicke (as "Emile Delbar"; Broadway debut), Frank Lawton (as "Thierry Keller"), Henry Vincent (as "Gustave").
  • (1937) Stage: Appeared (as "Mary Jane Walker") in "In Clover" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by Allan Scott. Directed by Bretaigne Windust. Vanderbilt Theatre: 13 Oct 1937-Oct 1937 (closing date unknown/3 performances). Cast included: Pete Barker, Albert Bergh (as "Dr. Brewer"), Robert Crane, Zamah Cunningham (as "Electa Hornblower"), José Ferrer, Sally Gabler, Carmen Lewis, Joan Macomber, Don McClure, Myron McCormick, Dennie Moore (as "Polly LaVarre Brewer"), Claudia Morgan, Helen Strickland, Joseph Sweeney, Bertram Thorn. Produced by John Krimsky and Jerrold Krimsky.
  • (1941) Stage: Appeared (as "Brooke March") in "Five Alarm Waltz" on Broadway. Written by Lucille S. Prumbs. Directed by Robert Lewis. Playhouse Theatre: 13 Mar 1941-15 Mar 1941 (4 performances). Cast: Roman Bohnen (as "Dave Dorham"), Curt Conway (as "Young Man"), Howard Freeman (as "Theodore"), Elia Kazan (as "Adam Boguris"), Harold Lui (as "Boy"), Robert Shayne (as "Jerry Manning"), Ann Thomas (as "May"), Helen Zelinskaya (as "Mme. Constantina"). Produced by Everett Wile.
  • (1948) Stage: Appeared (as "Mary Boleyn") in "Anne of the Thousand Days" on Broadway. Historical drama. Written by Maxwell Anderson. Lighting Design / Scenic Design by Jo Mielziner. Incidental music by Lehman Engel. Directed by H.C. Potter. Shubert Theatre: 8 Dec 1948-8 Oct 1949 (288 performances). Cast: Rex Harrison, Joyce Redman, Terence Anderson, Kathleen Bolton, Cecil Clovelly (as "Servant" / "Prior Houghton"; final Broadway role), Donald Conrad, Fred A. Cotton, Robert Duke, Charles Ellis, Charles Francis, Russell Gaige, Margaret Garland (as "Madge Shelton"), Harry Irvine (as "Bishop Fisher"), Viola Keats (as "Elizabeth Boleyn"), Monica Lang (as "Jane Seymour"), Richard Leone (as "Singer"), Ludlow Maury (as "Servant"), Harold McGee (as "Bailiff" / "Musician" / "Royal Servant"), John Merivale (as "Mark Smeaton"), Frank Myers (as "Singer"), Wendell K. Phillips (as "Thomas Cromwell"), Harry Selby, Allan Stevenson (as "Henry Norris"), Percy Waram (as "Cardinal Wolsey"), Malcolm Wells, John Williams (as "Duke of Norfolk"). Replacement actors: Francis Bethencourt (as "Royal Servant"), George Collier (as "Prior Houghton"), Walter Matthau (as "Royal Servant" / "Servant"; Broadway debut), Polly Rowles (as "Mary Boleyn"). Produced by The Playwrights' Company and Leland Hayward. NOTE: Filmed as Anne of the Thousand Days (1969).
  • (1949) Stage: Appeared (as "Jane Bailey"; final Broadway role) in "The Traitor" on Broadway. Melodrama. Written by Herman Wouk. Scenic Design by Raymond Sovey. Costume Design by Joseph Fretwell III. Directed / produced by Jed Harris. 48th Street Theatre; 31 Mar 1949-26 May 1949 (67 performances). Cast: Michael Abbott, Wesley Addy (as "Prof. Allen Carr"), Gene Blakely, Philip Coolidge (as "A Man"), James Davidson, Richard Derr, Don Doherty, Michael Dreyfuss, Jean Hagen (as "Eva McKeon"), Walter Hampden (as "Prof. Tobias Emanuel"), Maurice Manson, Larry Sherman, Georgia Simmons, William Thunhurst Jr., Lee Tracy (as "Capt. Gallagher"), James Van Dyk, John Wengraf (as "Another Man").
  • (1941) Stage: Appeared (as "Belinda") in "Johnny Belinda" on Broadwy. Also in cast: Jean Platt.

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