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Horror Highlights: Fantaspoa 2019’s Final Wave of Films, Hell House LLC III: Lake Of Fire, Acid Pit Stop

In addition to the bevy of films screening at this year's Fantaspoa, the festival has some really rad events planned, including an Alice in Wonderland-themed costume party. Also in today's Horror Highlights: production and release details for Hell House LLC III: Lake of Fire and a trailer for Acid Pit Stop.

Fantaspoa Announces Final Wave of Films: "Brazil's Fantaspoa, the largest genre film festival in Latin America, is proud to unveil its final wave of films selected for their upcoming fifteenth edition, running from May 16th through June 2nd. This announcement completes the fest's full 2019 line-up, consisting of more than 100 films.

The festival's live events will kick-off with an Alice in Wonderland-themed costume party, followed by a concert featuring, among others, Demian Rugna's band, Pasco 637. As they did last year, the festival will celebrate its closing night party, a masquerade ball, aboard a boat on the Guaiba River,
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Dead By Dawn Fest Announces Line-up [Festival]

With a stellar line-up of the best in new independent and international horror features and shorts, Scotland's premiere horror film festival - Dead by Dawn - returns to Edinburgh's Film House this April 18th-21st. Our own Simon Read will be in attendance, providing coverage and reviews.

The line-up this year includes the UK premiers of G Patrick Condon's meta-horror Incredible Violence, Rasmus Kloster Bro's claustrophobic Cutterhead and Juuso Laatio & Jukka Vidgren's deadpan metal-head comedy Heavy Trip.

From Germany, Tilman Singer's bizarro demonic chiller Luz will be screening, and from France director Quarxx's ferociously dark Tous Les Dieux du Ciel. Brett Simmons' Summer camp nightmare flick You Might be the Killer - starring Cabin in
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February 5th Blu-ray & DVD Releases Include The Cloverfield Paradox, Mermaid: Lake Of The Dead, You Might Be The Killer

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Nearly a year after its surprising drop on Netflix after the Super Bowl, The Cloverfield Paradox arrives on both Blu-ray and DVD this week, making it just one of the highlights of this week’s batch of home media releases. The horror comedy You Might Be the Killer also arrives on both formats this Tuesday, and Scream Factory has Mermaid: Lake of the Dead on tap this week as well.

Other notable releases for February 5th include a Special Edition version of The Possessed from Arrow Video, Black Magic, Nazi Overlord, American Poltergeist: The Curse of Lilith Ratchet, and The Cloverfield 3-Movie Collection.

The Cloverfield Paradox

Producer J.J. Abrams takes you deeper into the Cloverfield universe than ever before with this mysterious sci-fi thriller. Orbiting Earth on the brink of a devastating energy war, scientists prepare to test a device that could provide unlimited power or trap them in a terrifying alternate reality.
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Review: You Might Be The Killer is an extremely fun Whedon-esque horror-comedy

While Kevin Smith has the distinction for creating Tusk from one of his podcasts, You Might Be the Killer, now streaming on Shudder, is probably the first horror-comedy to be born from a Twitter coversation. Indeed, it was a Twitter exchange in the summer of 2017 between best-selling writers Chuck Wendig and Sam Sykes (Aeons’ Gate Trilogy) that planted the seeds for this film co-written and directed by Brett Simmons. Probably the biggest selling point of You Might Be the Killer is the (quite coincidental) casting of Joss Whedon alumni Fran Kranz and Alyson Hannigan (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) in the lead roles. Utilyzing a non-linear narrative, You Might Be the Killer kicks off in the climax of a typical...

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You Might be the Killer Turns the Tables on the Slasher Film Genre

Tagline: "It's Summer Camp. What Did You Expect?" A trailer for You Might be the Killer released this week. The film focuses on character Sam, after he wakes up next to a pile of bodies. He wonders what happened. But, he also wonders if he might be a murderer. A meta look at the slasher film genre, this horror comedy also stars Alyson Hannigan, from "Buffy the Vampire Killer" fame. Directed by Brett Simmons, this is the first script from writer Covis Berzyone to be put to screen. Now, You Might be the Killer is available on Shudder, for fans of horror. You Might be the Killer premiered earlier this year. This title showed at Fantastic Fest, in Austin, Texas. As well, the film was part of the After Dark Film Festival, in Toronto. You Might be the Killer may have been snubbed at the awards ceremonies. However, the film
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Poster and trailer for slasher comedy You Might Be the Killer starring Alyson Hannigan and Fran Kranz

Coinciding with its release, a poster and trailer have arrived online for director Brett Simmons’ slasher horror-comedy You Might Be the Killer which stars Fran Kranz and Alyson Hannigan; check them out here…

Camp counselor (Fran Kranz) suffering from blackouts finds himself surrounded by murder victims. He turns to his horror movie enthusiast friend for advice, and to contend with the idea he may be the killer.

You Might Be the Killer is out now.

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Amusing Trailer for Meta Horror Comedy Film 'You Might Be the Killer'

"How does knowing who it is help me not die?" Screen Media Films has debuted the full trailer for an indie horror comedy titled You Might Be the Killer, which premiered at Fantastic Fest and Toronto After Dark earlier this fall. This "hidden festival gem" is a meta horror about a camp counselor, played by Fran Kranz (from the other meta horror The Cabin in the Woods), who blacks out and wakes up with bodies all around him. He reaches out to his friend, a slasher movie expert, to help him survive the night only to discover he might be the killer after all! What a fun concept, and as long as it's as good as it sounds, this should be a nice horror treat. The film also stars Alyson Hannigan and Brittany S. Hall. Looks like a bloody good time. Here's the official trailer (+ poster) for Brett Simmons' You Might Be the Killer,
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Irreverent Horror Comedy You Might Be The Killer Premieres on Syfy This Saturday!

One of my favorite films from 2018’s Fantastic Fest is the irreverent, meta-horror comedy You Might Be the Killer, directed by Brett Simmons from a script he co-scribed with Thomas P. Vitale. Based on the viral Twitter thread between Chuck Wendig and Sam Sykes, the film stars […]

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Toronto After Dark 2018: Overlord, You Might Be The Killer and The Return of I Am A Hero

Toronto After Dark have announced the final films on this year's roster. Leading the pack is the Canadian Premiere of Julius Avery's WWII horror flick Overlord.    There is also an impressive amount of Canadian films in this back half. Justin McConnell's Lifechanger, Chad Archibald's I'll Take Your Dead, the World Premiere of Ray Xue's Extracurricular and Corey Stanton's Robbery are all local films made by local people.    Justin P. Lange's debut feature film The Dark is coming to town. The closing gala this year will be Brett Simmons' You Might Be The Killer. And returning to Toronto one more time is Sato Shinsuke's tremendous zombie flick I Am A Hero.    All the film write up follow...   Overlord (USA) Canadian Premiere Director...

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‘Halloween’ and ‘Suspiria’ Aren’t the Only Genre Films Worth Celebrating This Season — Fantastic Fest Report

‘Halloween’ and ‘Suspiria’ Aren’t the Only Genre Films Worth Celebrating This Season — Fantastic Fest Report
Austin-based genre festival Fantastic Fest is accustomed to the big guns of genre cinema — both M. Night Shyamalan and Guillermo del Toro have made appearances — and this year, two iconic women of horror showed up to promote their new films (and old ones). Jamie Lee Curtis flipped off the audience and yucked it up for the Texas premiere of “Halloween,” while Jessica Harper surprised a stunned theater of Dario Argento superfans who anticipated the event’s secret screening would be Luca Guadagnino’s reimagining of “Suspiria.” It was, and god, was it dazzling. While these big-ticket guests and films are always a draw, the best of the fest lay in the scrappy, bizarre pics fighting tooth and nail to find their audiences.

Some of the films have already seen their world premieres at Sundance, Venice, Cannes or Tiff, but they’re no longer competing for audiences against the big mainstream
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Fantastic Fest 2018 Review: You Might Be The Killer is Silly Slasher Fun

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I’m pretty much an easy mark for slasher movies, especially ones that take place at a summer camp. There’s something so wholesome and retro about counselors getting picked off by a masked killer that it always warms my heart. And because I love the slasher genre so dearly, any film that dares to offer a deconstruction on the subgenre piques my curiosity. And I’m here to tell you that in spite of the humor mostly falling a little flat for me, the slasher stuff in You Might Be the Killer works like gangbusters with some crunchy, wet practical kills that keep the blood flowing throughout.

Based in part on a hilarious Twitter thread (what a time to be alive) between genre writers Sam Sykes and Chuck Wendig, You Might Be the Killer follows Sam, played by Fran Kranz, who is the owner of the summer camp where
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‘You Might Be the Killer’ Review: The Meta Slasher is Splattery and Wildly Witty [Fantastic Fest]

‘You Might Be the Killer’ Review: The Meta Slasher is Splattery and Wildly Witty  [Fantastic Fest]
Brett Simmons’ You Might Be The Killer is not Cabin In The Woods 2.0, but that doesn’t stop stay-up-late genre manipulation from scoring uptempo playground thrills. Remember Fran Kranz? Drew Goddard’s lovable cabin stoner with an extendable, collapsing bong? Travel seven years into our future (from the 2011 release), and he’s lambasting horror norms once […]

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‘I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore’ Filmmaker Macon Blair Turns His Talents Behind the Camera — Sundance Springboard

‘I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore’ Filmmaker Macon Blair Turns His Talents Behind the Camera — Sundance Springboard
IndieWire’s Springboard column profiles up-and-comers in the film industry worthy of your attention.

You know Macon Blair’s face. The Virginia native frequently pops up in childhood pal Jeremy Saulnier’s films — including recent offerings like “Blue Ruin” and “Green Room” — and he even has the requisite “Law and Order” credit under his belt (he appeared on “Svu” back in 2008), but these days, Blair is eager for film fans to check out something different: His directorial debut. The new feature, “I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore,” will open this year’s Sundance Film Festival as one of its slew of “Day One” offerings, before popping up on Netflix just a few weeks later.

For fans of Blair’s acting in Saulnier’s films and those familiar with his writing work on offerings like Brett Simmons’ horror feature “The Monkey’s Paw,” the new feature should
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Exclusive: Writer/Director George Nevada’s The Musk Carves Up a Teaser Trailer

Scarecrow horror flicks: There are a few of them out there, but rarely does anyone truly nail it. Brett SimmonsHusk wasn’t bad, and William Wesley’s Scarecrows remains sorely underrated. That said, very few people have used scarecrows in an… Continue Reading →

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February 17th Blu-ray & DVD Releases Include V/H/S: Viral, The Phantom of the Opera

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For the third week of February, Scream Factory is delivering a double dose of terror in their releases of the recent indie horror flick Animal as well as the 1989 cult classic adaptation of The Phantom of the Opera starring Robert Englund and Jill Schoelen.

Magnolia is also bringing us V/H/S: Viral, the latest edition of their popular horror anthology series, home on Blu-ray, DVD and VHS (which is awesome!), and indie genre fans have tons of new titles to look forward to. And for you Game of Thrones fans out there, season four is making its way on Blu and DVD this Tuesday too.

Animal (Scream Factory, Blu-ray/DVD)

When plans for a weekend getaway hit a dead end, a group of close-knit friends finds themselves stranded in unfamiliar territory, pursued by a menacing, bloodthirsty predator. Holed up in an isolated cabin, they turn on one another as
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Animal Chiller Original Film’s Highly Acclaimed Movie Shelves Feb

There’s a part of the wilderness you haven’t explored yet. The deeper you go, the darker it gets. Something ominous is lurking and ready to plumb the weakness of the human psyche. On February 17, 2015, Scream Factory™ will unleash director Brett Simmons’ suspenseful creature thriller Animal on Blu-ray™ and DVD. Executive produced by Flower Films, Animal features a generous dose of suspense terror and follows a group of close-knit friends finding themselves … Continue reading →
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25 Best Horror Films of 2014 (Part 1)

We here at Sound On Sight believe horror transcends explicit gore, jump scares or supernatural content, which is why you’ll soon notice our list ranges from independent art films to psychological thrillers to parodies, satire and more. Surprisingly, vampires lead the pack this year, along with found footage flicks, but there are a few comedies, one remake and even some strange love stories as well.

Every other year, I’ve published the list of best horror films based solely on my picks, but this year, Sound On Sight editor Justine Smith and Sos contributor Felix Vasquez Jr. also participated. Since we couldn’t agree with what is the best horror film of 2014, we decided to publish the list in alphabetical order. That said, here are our individual picks:

Ricky D- Under the Skin

Justine Smith – Cybernatural

Felix Vasquez Jr. - The Babadook


This list is in alphabetical order

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The Monkey’s Paw (2013) review

Reviewed by Kevin Scott

The Monkey’s Paw (2013)

Written by: W.W. Jacobs (short novel), Macon Blair (screenplay)

Directed by: Brett Simmons

Cast: C.J. Thomason (Jake), Stephen Lang (Tony Cobb), Daniel Hugh Kelly (Gillespie), Michelle Pierce (Olivia), Corbin Bleu (Catfish), Charles S. Dutton (Detective Margolis), James Minor III (Cory Cobb), Andy Favreau (Kevin)

Anyone that is familiar with the short story “The Monkey’s Paw” knows where the premise of this flick from Chiller Films is headed. It’s a pretty respectable premise though. Horror has always had a cautionary tale basis at its deepest foundations, and this is a timeless morality story that has been given a contemporary spin. Not the first time it’s been done for sure, but if it’s done well, I can definitely roll with it. This version takes place in New Orleans, which happens to be one of my favorite locales for a horror film anyway,
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On TV: Chiller TV's 5 States Of Fear, Touring America One Fear At A Time

Well. This is an unexpected surprise. Chiller TV's second Chilling Visions anthology 5 States of Fear, the follow-up to last year's 5 Senses of Fear, shows a remarkable improvement in the quality of filmmaking and storytelling. Any preconceived notions I had before watching this anthology, no doubt set by the lackluster 5 Senses last year, were quickly dismissed by the time I was into the second short. The idea behind the anthology series is that each short is based on a human fear. This time around the fears are Ego Death, Separation, Mutilation, Extinction and Loss of Autonomy. Sandy, by Brett Simmons (Husk and Monkey's Paw) is the quickest of all the shorts. An unfaithful husband's past comes back to exact revenge upon him. It may be...

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Animal Review

As far as creature features go, Animal is about as generically crafted as they come, but that might be serviceable enough for some of you (no judgement!). A group of hikers venture into a heavily wooded area and get caught stumbling around after sundown, some type of murderous creature pursues on foot, and a playful excursion turns into a fight for survival. People die, blood is spilled, and a monster roams free – but Chiller’s animalistic horror movie doesn’t do a darn thing to differentiate itself. Instead of finding myself cringing in fear at the very sight of these monsters, my first thought was “Oh look, they copied the Feast monsters!” I’ll admit, Animal is quick and relatively painless, but with a presence so duplicative, is all the running, screaming, and dying actually worthwhile?

While soaking in nature’s beauty during a nostalgic trip, five friends end up
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