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Academy Awards Film Series: Scorsese's Spielbergian Biopic Comes Crashing Down Each Time After Take-Off

'The Aviator' movie with Leonardo DiCaprio as bizarre billionaire Howard Hughes: Bloated biopic. 'The Aviator' movie review: What's not good for the Spruce Goose… Imagine Citizen Kane directed by the Steven Spielberg of The Color Purple, Schindler's List, Amistad, and Saving Private Ryan. The final result would look something like a Barry Levinson film – for instance, the superficial and phony Bugsy. Or, an even more appropriate example, the superficial, phony, and bloated The Aviator. Except, of course, that Levinson is not the man responsible for the 2004 mega-production starring Leonardo DiCaprio as the eccentric, billionaire ladies' man Howard Hughes. Strangely enough, that man is Martin Scorsese, the director of hard-hitting films such as Taxi Driver, Goodfellas, and Gangs of New York. Scorsese, a fan of Old Hollywood, apparently wanted to have some fun with the reported $110 million budget (approx. $138 million in 2016) made available to him. The director no doubt had a ball while making The Aviator,
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Call Me Fitz

Network: DirecTV

Episodes: 48 (half-hour)

Seasons: Four

TV show dates: April 21, 2011 -- December 4, 2013

Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Jason Priestley, Ernie Grunwald, Peter MacNeill, Kathleen Munroe, Tracy Dawson, Donavon Stinson, Brooke Nevin, Huse Madhavji, Shaun Shetty, Jonathan Torrens, and Amy Sloan.

TV show description:

Richard "Fitz" Fitzpatrick (Jason Priestley) is a morally bankrupt yet charismatic, used-car salesman. A handsome, substance-abusing scoundrel, Fitz torments his naive co-workers, stoops to shameful lows to get the best of the competition, and will sleep with any woman (as long as she has a pulse).

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Watch Thomas Ikimi's Nostradamus Now!

We brought word earlier this week of Thomas Ikimi's short thriller Nostradamus as we shared a short excerpt from the film and now we are proud to present the full film here on Twitch. A recruit to a prototype military drone program, arrives at a remote diner, and is faced with an unexpected chain of events.Austin Nichols, Amy Sloan, Tessa Auberjonois, Joe Holt and Chloe Bennett star in this latest effort from the director of Limbo and Legacy. Take a look below....

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Film Review: A Single Shot (2013): Authenticity + Consequences Collide

  A Single Shot (2013) Film Review, a movie directed by David M. Rosenthal and starring Sam Rockwell, William H. Macy, Ted Levine, Kelly ReillyJason Isaacs, Joe Anderson, Jeffrey Wright, Ophelia Lovibond, Melissa Leo, Amy Sloan, W. Earl Brown, Heather Lind, Christie Burke, Jenica Bergere, and Lana Giacose. The very [...]

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David M. Rosenthal’s A Single Shot, Starring Sam Rockwell, Jason Isaacs and William H. Macy, Will Premiere at Berlinale Festival

Director David M. Rosenthal's new crime thriller adaptation A Single Shot is set to premiere at the Berlinale Festival in Germany later this month.  The film, written by author Matthew Jones in an adaptation of his 2011 novel, stars Sam Rockwell (Moon) as a deer hunter whose one mistake spirals out of control and lands him in a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a pack of backwoods criminals.  Hit the jump to read the full synopsis. A Single Shot also stars Jeffrey Wright, Kelly Reilly, Jason Isaacs, Joe Anderson, Ophelia Lovibond, Ted LevineWilliam H. Macy, Amy Sloan, Heather Lind, W. Earl Brown and Jenica Bergere. Here's the synopsis for A Single Shot: A Single Shot revolves around a simple man, John Moon, a tragic accident, his despair and the need for immediate redemption. Moon, while stalking a deer out of season, accidentally shoots and kills a teenage girl.
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