Nintendo scraps Metroid Prime 4 development, starting afresh with Retro Studios

At E3 of 2017, just a few short months after the launch of the Switch, Nintendo announced that Metroid Prime 4 was in development for the system. This announcement in itself came ten years after the release of Metroid Prime 3 : Corruption back in 2007. The fourth installment has been heavily anticipated since the announcement, with many speculating that the game would be a major pillar in Nintendo’s 2019 line-up for the Switch.

However, Nintendo announced today via an apologetic video on their YouTube channel featuring Shinya Takahashi, General Manager of Nintendo’s Entertainment Planning & Development Division, that the game in its current state does not live up to the standards set by the series, nor Nintendo’s expectations for what the game should be. As a result, the decision has been made to scrap the current development of the game, and producer Kensuke Tanabe will now be working with Retro Studios, developers
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Pokemon and Metroid Prime 4 in development for the Nintendo Switch

During Nintendo’s livestream presentation at E3 it was announced that Nintendo Switch gamers will soon have two fan favourite titles to look forward to. Both Metroid Prime 4 and a new Pokemon game were announced as currently in development, however there’s no title for the Pokemon game as yet, nor is there any hint to what the game may be. The Metroid Prime 4 title did get a very teasing trailer though, which you can see below…

The news for the Pokemon game from Tsunekazu Ishihara of The Pokemon Company who stated that Game Freak (the developers behind the Pokemon games on the 3Ds) were working on it and that we may not see it hit the shelves for over a year. Nintendo’s Shinya Takahashi followed the announcement with “What kind of Pokemon game will we be able to play on Nintendo Switch? I’m looking forward to trying it myself”.

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Metroid Prime 4: Release Date, Trailer, and News

Matthew Byrd Feb 3, 2020

Everything we know about Metroid Prime 4, including latest news, release date, trailer, and much more!

Nintendo has rebooted Metroid Prime 4 and placed series developer Retro Studios in charge of the title's ongoing development. 

"The current development status is very challenged, and we had to make a difficult decision as a development team," Nintendo's Shinya Takahashi said in a stunning new video announcement. "We did not make this decision lightly. This change will essentially mean restarting development from the beginning, so the completion of the game will be delayed from our initial internal plan...We strongly recognise that this delay will come as a disappointment to the many fans who have been looking forward to the launch of Metroid Prime 4."

Why would Nintendo just restart the development of one of its most anticipated new games? The company didn't share all of the details, but it indicated during the
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No Metroid Prime sequel for Wii U says series producer

In the wake of Nintendo's E3 Digital presentation, Metroid Prime's producer has said a full sequel "would likely now be on Nx"...

It's fair to say that, when word got round that Nintendo would be unveiling a Metroid sequel as part of its E3 presentation, fans were expecting something a little bit more dramatic than Metroid Prime: Federation Force.

A multiplayer shooter being developed exclusively for the 3Ds, Federation Force isn't necessarily a bad game,  but it certainly isn't the major, full-blown sequel many were hoping for. And given that it's a full five years since the release of the spin-off Metroid: Other M, and nearly eight years since the release of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, it's fair to say that fans of the franchise have been waiting for a long time already.

According to Metroid Prime producer Kensuke Tanabe, a sequel to his hit series isn't due anytime soon,
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‘Federation Force’ may be the closest we get to Metroid for a while

During its Digital Event yesterday Nintendo announced Metroid Prime: Federation Force, a 3Ds online multiplayer shooter set in the Metroid universe. Players control someone not named Samus in a mech suit, and head out on co-op missions to clear up the universe’s alien monstrosities. Afterwards, these hardened Galactic Federation troops can unwind with a game of three-on-three Blast Ball, a soccer-like diversion included with the game and featured during a round of the Nintendo World Championships.

Many have been clamoring for a sequel in the critically acclaimed Prime series, with hopes that perhaps Retro’s long-rumored project would be revealed this year to be exactly that. But according to an interview in Eurogamer with series producer Kensuke Tanabe, this will probably be the closest anyone gets to 3D Metroid at least until Nintendo’s next console, codenamed Nx, which won’t be discussed until next year. Tanabe states that
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New Metroid Prime Console Game “Likely” To Be Released For Nintendo Nx

Before E3 2015 kicked off in earnest, the We Got This Covered team hunkered down to pinpoint the games we wanted to see announced during the course of this year’s trade show. Among the usual suspects – read: Red Dead Redemption 2 and Half-Life 3 – was an all-new entry in the Metroid Prime series. Since the tepid release of Other M, fans of the esteemed franchise have been left wanting for a bona fide console experience set in the sci-fi universe.

With the Wii U effectively on life support, Series Producer Kensuke Tanabe hinted that the latest installment in the Metroid series may be released for the still-unrevealed Nintendo Nx console.

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Speaking to Eurogamer, here’s what Tanabe had to share on the matter:

If we started for Wii U now, it would likely take three years or so. So it would likely now be on Nintendo’s Nx console.
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Sooooo What's going On With 'Metroid'?

While Nintendo decidedly played it safe with their versus E3 Nintendo Direct announcements, one game in particular seemed to be missing -- "Metroid."

Of course Retro -- the masterminds behind the amazing "Prime" trilogy -- is the "no duh" dev for orchestrating a new Samus adventure. One problem though; they're currently deep in development for "Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze."  When asked if there were any plans for a new "Metroid" game they told IGN:

"Well, we love Metroid. We love Metroid Prime and we always will. It was a big part of our studio, the culture of the studio. The majority of that team is still at Retro," Kelbaugh said. "When we finished with Dk, we still had a lot of really cool ideas. That, in combination with what the Wii U could do, we really wanted to continue with that. Again, Retro Studios loves Metroid. We might do another one someday.
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'Super Mario Bros. 2' Interview Reveals A Strange, Vertical-Only Prototype

Most gamers are familiar with the saga of the North American release for "Super Mario Bros. 2." The game was originally released in Japan under the title "Yume Kojo: Doki Doki Panic" with a different cast of characters, a crew that was eventually re-skinned with Shigeru Miyamoto's beloved characters when it came out here in the United States. A new interview with Kensuke Tanabe offers further insight into the development of the original game, and the key piece of advice that came down from Miyamoto which ultimately led to the bizarre release that we know as "Super Mario Bros. 2."

"The idea was that you would have people vertically ascending, and you would have items and blocks that you could pile up to go higher, or you could grab your friend that you were playing with and throw them to try and continue to ascend," Tanabe said of his original design
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Nintendo: 'No plans for Dkc Returns 2'

Nintendo producer Kensuke Tanabe has said that the firm has no plans for a sequel to Donkey Kong Country Returns. Speaking at Gdc, the exec refused to rule out a follow-up to the hit Wii title, but revealed that nothing is in the pipeline at present. "I wouldn't say we won't do a sequel [for Donkey Kong Country Returns], but we don't have anything planned at this time," he told Game Informer. However, Tanabe cited the (more)
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Nintendo: 'Metroid Prime could return'

Nintendo has said that there could be more games in the Metroid Prime franchise. Series producer Kensuke Tanabe would not rule out the reappearance of the franchise for the DS console. "We are always planning to make new games in the Metroid Prime series," he told Official Nintendo Magazine. "Depending on the timing and the situation, we cannot deny the possibility (more)
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Next 'Metroid Prime' Game May Appear On DS/DSi

Producer Kensuke Tanabe already stated that Retro Studios' "Metroid Prime" series may not be over, but now that their trilogy on the Wii is complete they could be focusing on a return to the Nintendo DS. Such a project would be well timed for the DS Xl's arrival in North America.

"We are always planning to make new games in the 'Metroid Prime' series," Tanabe told Official Nintendo Magazine. "Depending on the timing and the situation, we cannot deny the possibility of realising it on DS or DSi."

The DS Xl is scheduled for a Q1 2010 release in the U.S., and that new 4.2-inch screen would be nicely suited for a first-person "Metroid Prime" game. Nintendo will obviously want some graphically impressive titles ready to role out next year to show off the system's capabilities, and such an established in-house franchise would be a logical fit.

Tanabe didn't commit to anything in his statement,
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'Metroid Prime' Series May Not Be Over

Nintendo tied up its "Metroid Prime" franchise nicely with their recent "Trilogy" boxed set, and the company currently has its sights set on "Metroid: Other M," a 2D-ish return to classic "Metroid" gameplay. That project left the "Prime" games' developers at Retro behind to partner with Tecmo. Certain word choices by developers in a recent interview, however, seem to to indicate that future "Prime" games may still be possible down the pipe.

"As all I take part in is the 'Prime' series, I am not capable of commenting on the whole 'Metroid' series," Retro Studios producer Kensuke Tanabe told Kotaku. "But we will keep considering multiplayer for the 'Prime' series. For instance, I think I can come up with some unique ideas using the Morph Ball, which is a specific skill of Samus'."

That's a lot of thought for a game series currently without an announced sequel. It could be
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