Tiff Review: ‘Nobadi’ is an Arbitrarily Brutal Odd Couple Drama

Heinrich Senft (Heinz Trixner) is alone on his little patch of land within a gated senior citizen community, his pension sustaining ready-made meals and the care for his dog Argus. When the latter passes away suddenly in the night, Heinrich has nowhere to project his grief but the veterinarian who sold him the vitamins he’s quick to blame for the pet’s demise. Unable to afford to have her pick the body up, he decides to bury it in the backyard despite being ninety years old with nobody capable around to help if something goes awry. Lucky for him, the only damage caused by a fall after hooking his pickaxe to an old tree stump’s roots is to his wallet. Eight Euros for a new handle is a rip-off.

It’s an oddly funny start to Karl Markovics’ Nobadi—this frustrated and ornery old man shaking his fist
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